Paz de la Huerta in Her Own Little World

Posted on July 28, 2011

Precious gift from God Paz de la Huerta felt it was time to remind the world that girls have a bagina.

Paz de la Huerta attends the New York premiere of “The Devil’s Double” at SVA Theater.

Somewhere, Olivia Newton-John is crying.

Darlings, the gays never felt a need to come up with an opposite for “WERQ!” but if we had, it would have been something along the lines of “Please stop existing in my line of sight.”

Let’s ignore the impulses and mental tics that caused her to choose this outfit – mainly because they’re incomprehensible to people whose eyes are still wired to their brains (“Let’s see… cute top, cute shoes…I know! Horrifically ugly PANTS!”). Let’s choose instead to ask how she could leave the house knowing that there was a big ol’ gap in the fly with her belly skin showing through. And let’s wonder how she didn’t notice that her white spandex jeans made her hips and ass look roughly 3 or 4 times their natural size. And finally, let’s marvel at the fact that she’s posing like an attendee at the Adult Video Awards. Oh, Paz. You are a special little snowflake. With cameltoe.

Oh, and if you’d like to try Paz’s … um… unique makeup style, here’s what you do: Get a pillow and put it on a table or other flat surface. Get out all your makeup. All of it. Dump, sprinkle, and smear your makeup all over the pillow. Then slam your face into the pillow as hard as you can. Several times. There. You’re ready to hit the town and face the paparazzi, darling.

[Photo Credit: WENN]

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