Ashley Olsen in Tribeca

Posted on July 06, 2011

Kittens, the red carpets of the world have been boring the crap out of us for weeks now. We started the “Man on the Street” posts because we felt it was the only place you could find celebrity males wearing anything worth talking about. We weren’t keen on doing a ladies version because internet commentary on candid female celebrity pictures tends to get a little nasty, with a lot of shrieking because a woman dared to leave her house without makeup or wearing something less-than perfect. Only our fairy blogsisters, The Fug Girls, have ever managed to do candid commentary without being cruel about it.

But like we said, the red carpets aren’t really doing it for us and we figured we’d start featuring candid lady shots, but only so long as we’ve got something interesting to say; not just to rip some starlet for going to Starbucks in cutoffs and flip-flops. As with the MOTS posts, the critiques are going to be fairly mild. Chances are, no stylist was involved and no clothes were lent.

So, hit it, MK whichever freaking Olsen you are:

Mary-Kate ASHLEY Olsen walks her dog in Tribeca.

EDIT: We’re LOLing here. The press agency from which we got the pics had her ID’d as Mary-Kate. Poor dears. This probably happens a lot. No wonder they usually go out together.

First off… <6-year-old girl> SHRIIIIEEEK!!!! That DOG is aDORable! Want! WAAAAAAANNNNNT!!!!</6-year-old-girl>

Now, she and her littermate get dinged quite a bit for dressing like old ladies, and while it’s true this look is a skosh mature for a 25-year-old, it’s also quite fab. If you’re a Manhattan rich bitch, this entire ensemble is practically a uniform, so we can’t exactly praise it for originality. In certain neighborhoods, you can’t swing a Birkin without hitting a gal who looks quite a bit like this. Still, we love the skirt, sandals, and bag, but what we really want to talk about are her sunglasses, which are the “Minimal Baroque” pair from Prada’s spring 2011 collection:

How freaking fabulous are they? We’re a little jealous. Of course, we could try and work a pair like these ourselves, but somehow, we doubt we could pull them off.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews,]

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