In or Out: Kim Kardashian in Gucci

Posted on June 09, 2011

Such is the state of this week’s red carpet scene that we find ourselves once again faced with more than one “IN or OUT” post for today. Minions are instructed to stay on alert. There’s just too much coming down the pike that requires your judgment. Darlings, our cups runneth over with Fashion WTFery! And speaking of cups running over…

Kim Kardashian launches her new fragrance, Across The Pond, at Debenhams in London, in Gucci.

Gucci Spring 2011 Collection/Model: Joan Smalls

Suede and glossed-python sandals by Gucci

You know, we really love this outfit for its total in-your-face “Yeah, I’m a straight up gold-digger” qualities and in that respect, what dress could be more perfect for Kim Kardashian, who is doing her best to uphold a millennia-long tradition of tacky gold diggers? Seriously, the Real Housewives of Sumeria would have knowingly nodded at this outfit and muttered “You go, girl” in whatever language they spoke in Sumeria thousands of years ago. The thing is, we also liked this outfit when we saw it on January Jones and Jennifer Lawrence. We’re getting a bit tired of it by now, especially since everyone is determined to wear this look exactly as it appeared on the runway without much in the way of styling.

But Kim, bless her, did manage some new things. The gigantic gold belt just wasn’t blingy enough for her, so she had to go and hang tassles off it. Because this is such a plain outfit and really needs jazzing up, if you’re Kim Kardashian. And while we really love those shoes and love (in theory) the idea that your shoes are an opportunity to add a color to your outfit, we don’t really think this look required additional colors.  And it needs to be said: this is not an outfit for a curvy girl. The strong shoulders, in-your-face-boobs, flared hips on the skirt and exposed belly (which looks like it’s aching to break free) are too many elements for a gal whose body has enough going on that it doesn’t need enhancing. Sorry, Kimmy. Your body is amazing and adding all this foofaraw to it doesn’t flatter it so much as make it look like a bouquet of over-inflated balloons.


IN! She’s a double-scoop sherbet sundae of FABULOUS!

OUT! She looks like a belly dancing attorney!

The Minion Opinion on Demi Moore’s boobtastic dress and slightly new hair was a weak IN, although some bitter kittens seemed to base their opinion on the quality of her plastic surgery.

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