In or Out: Elle Fanning in Marc Jacobs

Posted on June 17, 2011

The Fanning publicity train keeps chugging along and Elle’s not giving up one second of her coming out party. If you’re Fanning’d out, make it more fun by picturing this week as an extended flashback sequence in a Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?-style drama that shows just why the two aging Fanning sisters hate each other so very much. We’ll leave it up to you which one’s Blanche and which one’s Baby Jane.

Elle Fanning attends the The 2011 Crystal + Lucy Awards
in Beverly Hills in a Marc Jacobs dress.

Marc Jacobs Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Julia Nobis

Aw, she was so fun and adventurous with her hippy dippy look at her premiere last week. This is just… bleh. It’s a really gorgeous dress, no doubt about that. But the more we look at it, the more we’re convinced it’s not her dress. The color really doesn’t suit her at all. The dress itself is a bit fussy and probably requires someone a bit older who’ll know how to wear it to its best advantage. It’s not really shape-flattering either. Her waist just disappeared the moment she put it on. The shoes are a bit mature-looking and we question any stylist who would pair coral shoes with a seafoam dress. Sure, the dress is a bit retro, put pairing those shoes with it is too literal. And finally, we appreciate that she’s 13 and wants to look fresh-faced on the RC rather than made up like Cleopatra. But this ensemble requires a little work north of the neck no matter how young the wearer. This isn’t some Juniors department sale item; this is a multi-thousand-dollar Marc Jacobs dress being worn to a public event. A little more effort on the hair, something to mask all the facial shininess and even out her skin tone, and at least some lip gloss or something to make it look a little more polished, please.


IN! Shut up, T Lo! She’s a precious princess!

OUT! Right on, T Lo. You gotta put the work in if you want to wear a Marc Jacobs dress, honey!

The Minion Opinion on Carey Mulligan’s adorable dress was IN, bien sur.

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