Pairs Division: Holmes and Cruise

Posted on May 09, 2011

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise attend the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Annual National Tribute Dinner honoring Tom Cruise in Beverly Hills. There’s an annual Tom Cruise dinner? Like he doesn’t get fluffed enough?
PinKatie wore a Dolce & Gabanna dress.



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He: Looks polished and put together, which is no surprise. Premiere of his wife’s new cable mini-series? Dress like a mechanic. Dinner honoring himself? Dress like a movie star. Granted, it’s a little difficult to screw up the formal black suit with black tie. We’d sniff at the askew tie, but it’s probably just a momentary thing due to posing. We’re sure he primped himself right back to perfection the first chance he got. And speaking of primping, the one thing that’s going to get us to subtract points from this near-perfect look is that ridiculous hair on top of his head. Aging gentlemen, here’s a little tip from us: women can continue to dye their hair brown well into their 60s and even their 70s. Men can’t really get away with it by the time they’re 50. You know why? Makeup. Women can color and contour their face and men can’t. So a man whose face is succumbing to time and gravity sporting an incongruously dark mop of hair on top only winds up looking older than if he’d just allowed the grey to take over. Cruise never really did it for us, but he would be so much more attractive if he’s just let his hair go Clooney. Score: 8/10.

She: We really don’t understand this dress. The basic proportions and silhouette are fine; it’s the detailing that’s weird. Who would want to put a bright green, focus-pulling strip of satin around their waist? What’s with the weird, ruffled placket running down the front? Two details that ruined a perfectly good dress. Two details that look like they were ripped off other dresses and stapled onto this one. Hair and makeup look good, and we like the accessories. Score: 7/10.

Combined score: 7.5/10, which is pretty good. Cruise: do something about the hair, we implore you.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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