In or Out: Katie Holmes in Holmes & Yang

Posted on May 24, 2011

Well, that answers that. The world finally has an answer to the eternal question “What would Laura Ingalls wear to her prom?”

Katie Holmes attended the 56th annual Drama Desk awards at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City in Holmes & Yang.  H&Y is her vanity line, in collaboration with celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang.

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Oh for God’s sake, enough with the damn smirking. Xenu is not amused. When the contract expires and she gets to walk away with steamer trunks full of money, the inevitable PR campaign to change her image should include getting diamond caps on all her teeth. Imagine the headlines the first time she flashes them to the paparazzi. Katie, call us in a couple of years. We’ll set it up.

Anyway, the dress. It’s pretty shitty, right? It’s like a bridesmaid’s dress for a polygamy cult wedding. Shiny, satiny pink for the sister-wife with a sense of glamour. And it’s got all this crap going on. Way too many elements, which is what happens when someone with no design training is in control of a clothing line. To us, this is a very clear OUT, but our precious unborn fawns have been known to surprise us with their unsanctioned opinions before. You make the call, bitches.


IN! There’s nothing wrong with looking demure, you judgmental whores!

OUT! What the hell kind of cult is that? “Pussy Bows for Jesus?”

The Minion Opinion on Lucy Liu’s quicker picker-upper dress was OUT, although many rallied to her defense.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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