CW Network’s 2011 Upfront Red Carpet

Posted on May 20, 2011

Someone high up at the CW Network must have sent out a strongly worded directive. The stars all showed up for the network’s 2011 Upfronts at Lincoln Center in New York and none of them look disastrous. That’s statistically unlikely at best, when you have that many d-listers in one room.  Someone cracked the style whip. Of course, bitches that we are, we’ll always find something to criticize. Walk with us.

PinAnnaLynne McCord in Alice + Olivia

We think it would be cuter if the skirt was mid-length and if she wasn’t intent on showing us the results of her intensive ab work.

PinBrittany Robertson in Alice + Olivia

We neither love nor hate the dress. It’s fine, although the bodice looks like wallpaper. It’s the gardening shoes that make us shriek.

PinBrittani Kline

Cute enough. That wouldn’t have been the necklace we would have chosen for her.

She needs to stop the Pilates posing.

PinCress Williams

Fine, but the belt is too loose.

PinGale Harold

A little sloppy and a little “Wall Street guy at happy hour” but he looks okay.

PinIan Somerhalder

When you go all-black, all you are is a shape. That jacket’s not giving him the best shape. And the shoes look cheap.

PinJaime King

We’re disinclined to like blue lace and ankle straps, but we actually think she looks kind of cute here.

PinJessica Parker Kennedy

It’s fine. A little “dance club” but fine.

PinKaylee Defer

That’s not a great color and it’s not a very flattering shape. The shoes are awful. Go home and try something else.

PinLyndsy Fonseca

“Executive Wonder Woman.”

PinMaggie Q

Well done. Maybe a bit too matchy when you get down to the black nails.

PinMario Lopez

Looks like he’s at his cousin’s wedding.

PinNatasha Henstridge

That is not a flattering shape. And her shoes are practically nonexistent, they’re so bland.

PinNina Dobrev in Jay Godfrey

Cute dress; Payless shoes.

PinPaul Wesley

It’s a bit too “organized crime” on him, but he looks good. A colored shirt would have been a better idea.


PinRachel Bilson in Chanel Couture

If she’s got to suffer the indignity of ice cream commercials directed by Karl Lagerfeld, at least she’s being smart about it and scoring some couture for an event where no one is wearing couture.

PinSarah Michelle Gellar in Rebecca Taylor

This isn’t working for us. She’s got this bland little party dress with a business-like blazer over it. It’s like she did the walk of shame on a workday.

PinScott Porter

Cute. Presentable. Wholesome.

PinShane West

Oh thank GOD. SOMEONE had the presence of mind to show up looking like a meth addict. Everyone’s so appropriately dressed we feel like we’re giving red carpet commentary for a Christian youth group. We bet everyone talked about him all night. Even then, he looks fairly clean and put together. It’s just in comparison to the Osmond family reunion going on in the rest of the room, he looks like a criminal.

PinShenae Grimes

You heard it hear first, ladies. Velvet mini-caftans. With fringe. The next big thing. Be sure to pair them with ugly giant cartoon shoes.

PinThomas Dekker

Oh man, if the guylebrities start adopting the knock-knee’d, gotta-pee pose on the RC, that is going to make our job so much more fun.

The boots need to be sent back to Middle Earth pronto.

PinTristan Wilds

He looks adorable. We’re not entirely sold on the disco shoes, but we  give him major props for breaking them out for the occasion.

PinTyra Banks

Satan’s pants. Send them back to the pit, Tyra. They’re evil.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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