RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 1 Episode 6

Posted on March 11, 2009


Darlings, something TERRIBLE has happened! We’re taking this show SERIOUSLY!

Those little bitches. What started out as a fun satire of reality TV competitions has now reached the point where we’re freaking invested in the drama. No longer can we sit back and watch the show with a drink and a quip at hand. No, now we’re all hunched forward in our seats giving the evil eye when someone we don’t like opens her mouth or cheering someone on who overcomes diversity (or gets the loser edit), to even yelling at Miss Ru for her judging mistakes.

Because kittens? There is NO fucking WAY she should have picked Rebecca for the vogue-off.


Nina and Shannel OWNED that one and as much as Miss Shannel may sometimes grate, we have to admit, her self-immolation on the runway later this episode was a little understandable. Just what the hell is it about Rebecca that has Ru so enamored?

The good news is, Nina won the vogue-off, as she should have. She’s become our new favorite.

We still love Bebe, but lately there’s been an awful lot of shade coming from that tree, if you know what we mean.

Nina’s just so earnest and sincere and wants to jump in on everything. She’s been low-drama in a reality TV competition about drag queens. That alone qualifies her for a Nobel.

Besides, she took to Charo like she’d found her long lost mommy. How cute was that?

You gotta fucking love the guest appearances on this show. If there’s ever a season 2, they’re going to have to get Cher, Madonna, AND the dug-up corpse of Judy Garland to outdo themselves.

Cute. Would do him.

Now let’s take a look at the EXTRAVAGANZA ELEGANZA!

She looks cute. We’ve seen the outfit before (for the Oprah challenge) but it looks better with this wig.

The dress is a little dowdy, but we’re amazed at Nina’s versatility when it comes to looks.

Remember! This is the “pretty” one!

Y’know, we wouldn’t mind Rebecca so much (not even the trash-talking), it’s just that we don’t GET IT. We don’t get why she gets complimented so much. We don’t love this look.

Here’s the problem with Shannel. She has terrible style instincts. This was clearly a look she never would have chosen for herself and yet, we don’t think she ever looked better on the show. We get the whole “showgirl” aesthetic, but the fact is, she just looks better when she tones it down. Screw that, she looks BEAUTIFUL.

And we had to laugh at her “statement,” since all it was was a minute and a half of her telling everyone how much she loves herself. Shannel honey, we all knew that already. Everyone does.

Swimsuit time:

It’s alright. Not setting us on fire.

We thought Nina knocked this one out of the park.

What the hell is this? Is she TRYING to look like she’s 50? There’s nothing modern about this at all. Way too Priscilla Presley.



Bebe’s look was nicely done. That was quite the loser edit she was getting. Nina looks fantastic. Stylish and elegant. Rebecca’s is just weird and tacky and WHAT THE HELL, SHANNEL?!

Why does she insist on aging herself so much? This look is not fabulous, honey! It’s just not!

We don’t like Rebecca’s look at all (or Rebecca for that matter), but Shannel looks like Ethel Merman standing next to her.

As for Shannel’s meltdown, bitch just gave up. She really couldn’t see why the judges had a problem with her, which was just pure ego talking and she was frustrated by the judges always seeming to give Rebecca more than she deserves (which we tend to agree with).

In the end, this is a competition about who can replicate RuPaul’s style the most and drag queens like Tammie Brown or Pork Chop (who are more old school, comedy-inspired queens) had a hard time fitting in. The same goes for the juggling showgirl style of Shannel here. The only reason she lasted as long as she did is because she’s so attractive, but in terms of style, she’s miles away from RuPaul.

This makes us fear for Nina.

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