Met Gala 2016: Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein

Posted on May 03, 2016

Lupita Nyong’o attends the “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.


Miss Lady L’s hair is taking no prisoners:

Lupita-Nyong'o-2016-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Calvin-Klein-Tiffany-Co-Jimmy-Choo-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

And it is truly SPECTACULAR.


Lupita-Nyong'o-2016-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Calvin-Klein-Tiffany-Co-Jimmy-Choo-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

Gaze upon the magnificence.

Although – risking a lightning bolt from the sky here – isn’t it a little … crooked? Granted, the fact that it’s upright at all is something of a miracle. Did they slide her on her back into an ambulance to get there? Was she lowered by helicopter? It matters not, really. Because in the end, she (and her team) created such a memorable red carpet moment that this look will be talked about for years among the fashionista set. Which is ironic…

Lupita-Nyong'o-2016-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Calvin-Klein-Tiffany-Co-Jimmy-Choo-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Lupita-Nyong'o-2016-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Calvin-Klein-Tiffany-Co-Jimmy-Choo-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

Lupita-Nyong'o-2016-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Calvin-Klein-Tiffany-Co-Jimmy-Choo-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)

Lupita-Nyong'o-2016-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Calvin-Klein-Tiffany-Co-Jimmy-Choo-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (6)

Lupita-Nyong'o-2016-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Calvin-Klein-Tiffany-Co-Jimmy-Choo-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (7)

Lupita-Nyong'o-2016-Met-Gala-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Calvin-Klein-Tiffany-Co-Jimmy-Choo-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (8)

Because the dress is a big ol’ nothing, really. It’s fine from the straps down to the waist (if a little dull), but the progressively sheer skirt doesn’t work. The top half of the look has so much structure to it. Why pair it with a dull, unstructured design that gets flimsier the further down you go?


Style Credits:
Calvin Klein Jade Sequined Dress Featuring Velvet Straps and Sheer Tulle Train
Tiffany & Co. Jewelry
Jimmy Choo Sandals

[Photo Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

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  • I love how she looks in this, but it is a pretty dull dress. Great hair, good choice of shoes. Disappointingly safe.

    • Jessica Freeman

      All I could think was…well it’s better than that OTHER green dress she tried a few years ago. The Prada Abomination.

      • SO much better than that!

    • Coleen

      Yes, THIS. I loved it at first glance, but upon reflection, it’s kind of a meh. Plus she did green already at the Met.

    • steph

      I do love the color and the sparkle it has.

    • Kent Roby

      Queen Lupita was pissed when she found out that the theme was not, in fact, “Topiary”.

  • SophiaPehawkins

    She’s the kind of lady that makes a dress. On its own that dress isn’t much, but on her it really shines. That green really pops against her beautiful skin tone.

    • Rhonda Shore

      She’s working that progressively sheer skirt! Let’s face it, she is the textbook definition of divine.

      • Chickadeep

        Right? On almost anyone else I would be bored with the perfectly pretty color and sheerness effect but on her it makes it look like she’s floating or emerging from a pool of green water or something.

  • Karen B

    Miss Cindy Lou Who is expecting a royalty check… and creating new life goals.

    • GorgeousThings

      All the Whos down in Whoville liked galas a lot
      But the Grinch, who lived just above Whoville, did not…

      • I thought the same thing and did a quick scan for “Whoville” before I repeated the sentiment. I don’t always get T&Lo’s love for Lupita.

    • Momma_2_5

      Yep straight out of the Lorax.

      • Karen B

        No. Grinch.

  • Tee

    Great hair and at least the dress is a color. She looks STUNNING.

    • Trent

      SO agree. Honestly, I thought I’d come here and find unanimous love for the whole look. LOVE the gravity-defying hair, love the metallic green against her skin and love the way she seems to be rising from a shimmering, emerald tidal pool. It’s a WERQ for me.

      • Tee

        I too thought there would be more love for this look.

        • Meri

          Another one who loves it. The sheer works for making it seem like she’s emerging from some ethereal water, like Aphrodite.

    • Nancy Arseneault-Heald

      Agreed. I think a bolder dress would have fought with the hair. If you are making a hair statement like this, the dress needs to be toned down a little.

  • I like the dress. It’s green–my favorite color, a sparkly metallic–which kinda fits the theme, and that shot with train spread out behind her is just lovely.

  • Jessica Freeman

    The skirt and train was a missed opportunity. Imagine if it went into a deeper green. But, such is the ability of Miss Lupita to sell the whole ensemble…and with decent shoes to boot.

    • luludexter

      agrre – really green just sings on her, and a deeper richer green would have really put this over the top as well a grounded the look visually.

  • PlethoraofBooks

    She is the reason I like it – she beams and exudes charm. But it is Dr. Seuss hair.

    • Lizzy

      That was my first thought… Cindy Lou Hoo hair.

    • luludexter

      It is Dr. Seuss hair and I am totally here for that.

  • Phoe

    The dress makes her look very short and with the hair she looks like an RPG dwarf.

  • StrictTime

    I can’t love this, because I know that’s just a wig towering on top of her head. And the dress is bad. That sheer! I don’t understand the thought process behind any of it.

  • BKagainwiththesweatpants

    That is African queen (not the film) hair is what that is. Stunning!

  • sarcasmfont

    For me, this is a total WERQ…maybe it’s just because it’s Lupita, but the dress and hair and shoes are just perfection!

    • 3boysful

      Finally, some inoffensive shoes!

  • JasmineAM

    in regards to how she was transported: my girl just levitated all the way from her hotel to the gala. like prince in the chappelle skit.

  • Cara

    From head on the dress makes her look like she’s rising out of water which I think may have been part of the choice.

    • Sophie

      That makes me like it better. The shade of green does work with that interpretation.

  • SketchyCat

    She’s the most gorgeous, glamorous Who in Whoville, and I am HERE for it!!!

  • suzinrva

    Cindy Lou Who. A gorgeous Seussian but a Seussian.

    • SketchyCat

      Ha! BK Mind Meld. ;0)

    • Heather

      Yes, it’s very Seussian, isn’t it?

      Am I the only one who wants more sparkle in her makeup?

  • jenno1013

    I love the dress! She’s like a nymph rising from the water, transparency taking form. I didn’t say it fit the theme, but that’s the story it’s telling me.

    • Michele

      I wish I’d read through the comments before I made mine. I said Aphrodite, you said nymph. I like yours, better. : )

  • OrangeChia

    A lovely dress which should have been worn to a movie opening. The hair is the only thing that possibly even fits the theme here, and yes it is crooked.

  • SewingSiren

    The hair-do is everything. But the dress works as a nice backdrop for it. I’m not opposed to the sheer parts either, it is so very tasteful.

  • GemFemme

    Aphrodite rising from a wave on the sea.

  • Nicholas

    I think this was the most admirable attempt to go with the theme of the gala. The outfits are supposed to be slightly weird, and who doesn’t love Lupita doing fashun.

  • Lizzy

    Bummer for the person sitting behind her….

  • Belle239

    I dunno. Love the dress color and fabric, otherwise meh. The hair being off-kilter is an eye twitch and it’s ok, but only because of that glowing face below it.

  • Little_Olive

    The train on that skirt is everything. A wee bit more substance and this would have been the WERK of WERKs.

  • majorbedhead

    She must have a team of tiny little elves who polish her skin every night. I don’t see any marks or blemishes or even a pore.

    As said below, the hair is very Seussian.

  • MsCool

    The hair is a little too topiary for me. Or maybe that was the intent? It would explain the green dress.

    • Gatita

      The biggest problem I have with the hair is it’s not elegant. Topiary is the correct description.

  • elleg929

    This is her go-to neckline and it’s just boring now.

  • Danielle West

    I’m sorry, but no. She looks like a character from Whoville. Straight up from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

  • Jangle57

    I guess I’ll be in the minority here; from a distance the hair is striking but up close, it looks more like a hair hat cause it doesn’t look like it ‘s really integrated with her own hair very well. The dress is striking until you get to the lower half where it starts morphing into sheerness. She, of course, is luminous regardless. ,

  • Lauren

    If we’re looking at the gown from the way it’s structured at the top to how it deconstructs into the sheer train on the way down, doesn’t the real structure begin at the very top with her hair? Iow, isn’t her hair the most structured part of the look, not the bodice?

  • beckly

    Given the avalanche of half-baked, trite cosplay insanity heading this way, I”m perfectly fine with this dress. The colour is fabulous on her, it catches the light and the train balances that HAIR.

    • Saturnine

      Yup– for reals: with a few exceptions, “avalanche of half-baked, trite cosplay insanity” perfectly nails it.

  • Love that colour! She looks amazing.

  • Anna

    I was so ready to scream, “YAAAAAS, QUEEN!” upon reading the words Lupita and MET Gala, but the dress is kind of a let down and not particularly flattering. I love the view from the back when she’s on the steps, but it’s stumpifying from the front.

  • largishbearishAtlish

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!!!! until you get to the bottom….then wtf? (I love a rich green) but the bottom kills it,sigh.

  • KateM

    I like the dress more than the hair, actually.

  • VoicOff

    The dress is pretty but bland, and the hair is crazy, but too silly. And they clash with each other instead of balancing each other out.
    A rare misstep from miss N’yongo.

  • Ramon Figueroa

    How did she get there in that hairdo you ask? She descended from the heavens amidst the sounding of trumpets.

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    shes so lovely.

  • nosniveling

    would love to see her on GoT!

  • Saturnine

    I can’t speak for how Miss Lupita achieved her architectural hair, but you can get that whoville ‘do by placing an evian bottle on your head, pulling your hair around it, and securing it with a hair tie. Low tech, but it works. We did “Seussical” a few years back in my daughter’s elementary school. . .

    God, she’s beautiful. I love that icy green.

  • In_Stitches

    I love how she wore the same green two years in a row. You didn’t like it last year? BAM. How about this time?

    I’m not sure about the Marge Simpson by way of Lashauwn Beyond hair, but at least it’s dramatic and playful on a night that calls for such things.

  • Fred Vaughn

    In motion, it looked epic… but that’s just my opinion.

  • Trixie A. Cooper

    Ten million Hershey Kiss wrappers died to make that dress.

  • SimpleSoothing

    She is so beautiful….that skin, those arms, that FACE but even she is struggling to pull off topiary hair. The green is beautiful and that shot of her with dress fanned out is gorgeous but I wish she’d change up the neckline a bit.

  • Diane

    Fantastic hair moment, but I don’t get how the dress correlates to the theme.

  • Michele

    I could seriously hate this woman. : ) Okay, not really, she’s too adorable. But who among us could pull off that hair? Incredible. The dress is pretty, although I can accept the “boring” label. Maybe Aphrodite rising from the sea?

  • Mathilde

    She’s like a Cindy Lou Who mermaid! It makes my inner four-year-old very happy.

  • I don’t think the dress is dull at all. And if you look at it from the bottom up – she gets more and more structured, up to the top of her spectacular ‘do – the architecture of which really fits the theme – how was that done???

  • holla

    maybe she is wearing the Matrix code.

  • marlie

    The dress is very pretty (if plain), but I really don’t like the topiary hair.

  • evave2

    The Met Gala is my favorite fashion event of the year. “I” like the dress too, I love the pale green color. She wanted the hair to tell ‘her story’ last night.

  • lifeisastory

    I love the dress from the waist down and the way it transitions to sheer. It’s nice. Not what I expected given the usual hype about her though. And apparently has nothing to do with the theme.

  • MilaXX

    I like this overall look. I think the hair is so stunning you don’t want a dress that ‘s fighting for attention. I gotta find out her tips for getting around with that hair. Whenever I pin my hair up I’m hitting it on the car door all the time.

  • The most stumpifiying dress in all of history. An abomination from the knees down.

  • ANWrootbeers

    I’m just imagining what the limo she rode in looked like as it went down the street with that hair poking out of the sunroof.

  • mmebam

    I wish the dress was as fantastical as her hair. A friend of mine mentioned that she was probably channeling an older picture of Nina Simone, which is lovely, but athematic.

  • boingboing

    That magnificent hair needs Katy Perry-level drama to do it justice. This is just sort of garden lawn party. But the color is great on her.

  • julnyes

    It appears she is wearing a great pair of shoes!

  • Lily

    Thank you for that. I was really underwhelmed with the dress last night, especially knowing Lupita and some of her previous carpet outings. But that hair was FANTASTIC.

  • cocohall

    I love this – so many of the ladies (and men) defaulted to silver – because we ALL KNOW MACHINES ARE MADE OF SILVER METALS. People – look at your Apple products – there are other choices! But this look is all about the Dr. Seuss tree hair and I love it love it love it. And she looks great in green.

  • B_C_J

    I am not on board with the hair. It looks ridiculous.


  • MissMariRose

    I love the idea of the hair but her people didn’t even try to blend the wig in from the back, plus it’s crooked. As for the dress, meh.
    Still, though, she’s awesome for even making the attempt as something truly different.

  • ashtangajunkie

    Her makeup and hair here are just spectacular and I love the metallic green on her.

  • Chickadeep

    The dress is giving me serious Matrix vibes – the cascading green data visuals. Anyone else?

  • Polterwang

    This is the dress from the end of the little mermaid, isn’t it?

  • tessa

    Love this unequivocally. For me this is a total WERQ. She looks like a futuristic Dr Seuss character

  • Suzanne JPaul

    Topiary chic. The color is the stuff of dreams.

  • Greg

    Nice enough dress. Flawless makeup. But by far the worst hair of the night.

  • minnye

    I don’t like the sheer over her legs or on the ground… but Lupita is magnificent in that green and the hairdo is amazing.

  • Ssquared1105

    It reminds me just a touch of the Josephine Baker-esque Prada she wore to the Met Gala in 2014.

  • Judy_J

    Green truly is a glorious color on her. And I love her Dr. Seuss hair.

  • VCR1

    I don’t mind the gown, it’s pretty on her but it doesn’t seem to go exactly with the theme. Her hair is amazing. I can’t imagine how it was done and how uncomfortable it must have been.
    Maybe she arrived by a very slow moving convertible?

  • Terri Terri

    She’s looking like one of Captain Kirk’s alien space conquests in the original version. Where’s William Shatner??

  • I like the dress and her entire look. Now, I am off to buy topiaries for my garden.

  • Daisy Walker

    I’m seeing “Attendee at the concert in The Fifth Element” Realness. And I am here for it!

  • Shouldercat

    Hmm, no, not feeling the look at all. Between the green dress and fancy shrubbery hair she looks like a walking garden.

  • AnnaFalacksis

    I like the dress. There is ALOT to be said for a structured top.

  • Akemi

    I love that color on her, but overall the dress is only okay.

  • Anna Cabe

    Only the power of Lupita makes that pretty nothing of a dress magnificent. Also, DAT HAIR.

  • TamiSeattle

    I like the dress a lot. It gives the illusion that as she rose up she took all the shimmer with her. Plus I’m a big fan of mercury glass and it reminds me of that.

  • ServoCrow

    She was AMAZING on the red carpet. I agree, the dress itself is just OK, but on HER, with the hair, it all adds up to awesomeness.

  • JauntyJohn

    Far be it from me to tell a Sister how to wear her hair, but I would have liked an embellishment, an adornment, on the second-from-top tier. A cuff or something. Other than that, she is a Force (no Star Wars puns intended).

  • poggi

    I wish the dress and hair related in some way. I get that the hair is the showstopper but then the gown should serve the whole look better.

    • myristica_fragrans

      she should’ve worn zac’s dress and then she could’ve stuck fiber optics in her hair!

  • SomeWankerSaid

    I don’t know, I loved it.
    The dress skirt has that gossamer almost comic/cartoon effect (not cheesy comic books, but the really good ones) that shows more of the body underneath as it slips away … that’s what i saw anyway.
    The color is gorgeous, the hair is stunning, and her face is perfect. one of my favorites of the night.

  • EEKstl

    This gown actually worked for me – I am not typically a fan of the sheer but this gradation worked for me, and the color is fabulous on her – and of course the hair is spectacular.

  • Lurker

    The dress represents the interest it garners in proportion to the SPECTACULAR hair. By the time you get to the dress’ lower half, the eye immediately goes back to the hair.

  • I used to be fashionble

    She is beautiful, but the look is Hoo from Hooville.

  • Lashawn Beyond Apocolopolipse realness!

  • OffToSeeHim

    She looks like Dr. Seuss did her hair! SICK of the automatic pass for Lupita!!

  • MaggieMae

    I like the low key lip.

  • Kaonashi

    I loved this so much! I wish she put a bunch of lights in her hair; it would have been cute and on theme.

  • DrMomLovesLife

    The fact that she pulls this off adds to the mounting pile of evidence that Lupita is indeed a goddess, and not human.

  • Markatha

    I think the dress is beautiful. Hate the hair.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Fabulous hair, another Meh dress

  • Tatiana Luján

    The dress makes her look like she emerged from the sea, I love her take on the mermaid aesthetic

  • Patty Frost

    I was expecting an outfit as breathtaking as the hair.

  • Scarlet39

    Neck up is fabulous. Neck down is creature from the black lagoon.

  • alyce1213

    See, I like the dress — the magic is in the fabric and color. However, I think the hair’s a bit gimmicky. With no relation to the dress or theme. Why are there no little jewels or lights stuck into it?

  • PastryGoddess

    She finally got the shoes right!

  • sweet-tart

    Am I the only one who really actually likes the dress? (Though I admit not just anyone could wear it.) It makes me think of The Lady in the Lake and other Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Damn, Lupita is totally #fashiongoals for me.

  • quiltrx

    I actually like the dress bottom…the progressively sheer-er effect is the only interesting part for me. The bodice is boring and kinda droopy.

  • CatLady

    I love it. That metallic green really suits her. Her hair, makeup, and jewelry are wonderful. The sheer skirt is done in a classy way.

  • Kimberlini

    Add a red bead necklace and we have the futuristic Marge Simpson.

  • sgac37

    Yeah, I find that dress really disappointing. Not that it’s in any way bad. There’s just no wow factor.

  • Jessica O

    Her hair confuses me. I understand if this is just me being an ignorant white-ish girl with mostly straight hair but… either hers stretches much longer than everyone else’s that I have every known or she has some crazy hair pieces that attach remarkably well in a way that I cannot at all figure out. Help? Apologies if I truly just seem ignorant here (which, with the real definition I truly am because I don’t know what’s going on), but I just can’t figure out how her people managed to do her hair!

  • Cynjok

    The hairstyle I saw in the thumbnail made me hope for a better dress to complement it.

  • Freynika

    I’d be impressed if that topiary weren’t a wig that was styled likely nowhere near Lupita’s own body. If it were her own real hair, that would be impressive, but it’s so obviously not. I’m more impressed by how the stylist blended the topiary hair to her own hair. The dress is fantastic, but the bodice needed a re-think. Such an embellished dress shouldn’t hang from tiny straps.

  • LOVE the sheer skirt. Makes me think of Matrix-y style 01010101/coding/computer…stuff…happening. The hair is Lady Dilbert DuJour, but…I’ll take it.

  • Mojone

    The leaning tower of Lupita.

  • Glammie

    Okay, wasn’t going to comment because this is days later, but Dr. Suess couture–it just needs to be said.

  • Martha Anderson

    she looks like a sea goddess and the
    dress illustrates perfectly the meeting of wave and shore

  • kim bunchalastnames

    1. O MAH GAH. BOW DOWN. 2. finally, a sheer dress i actually like. i LOVE the way it sort of mimics the “matrix” green code — great tech reference.

    • kim bunchalastnames

      replying to my own comment because i just actually read your post and realized i was out of synch. lol. i can’t take it back, though. i feel that way. i think it’s great and very clever, and my, oh my, lady is SO very buff!

  • JynxTheCat

    I LOVE this dress unabashed. But that hair needs one band of something at the first bump.