Pop Style Opinionfest: The Legacy of Prince and The Laughs of Kimmy Schmidt

Posted on April 22, 2016

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S2

Is it wrong that we want Kimmy’s shirt?

Darlings, for this week’s word-burble, we go in for a deep dive on season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, from our favorite guest stars and songs (because there were a TON of songs) to our least favorite character arcs and the show’s somewhat eyebrow-raising approach to race.

But before we get to that, we still had plenty of things to say about the death of Prince, even though we blurted out a few words of memorial yesterday. We spend a good amount of time talking not just about his music and his style, but his entire cultural legacy, especially as an unapologetically sexual and androgynous straight black man at the height of the AIDS crisis.

Plus, the usual amount of opinion-spewing over this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race (visual aids to follow).


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  • I just finished episode 5 in S2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and I’m really looking forward to the more serious stuff in the latter half of the season.

    As for the racial issues you brought up: I’m really cautious about getting offended on behalf of another group. If it doesn’t concern me, I try to step back and listen to those who were actually affected have to say.

    But I really wish she hadn’t used as a punchline a man’s dying words (as he was being choked to death for a misdemeanor, an act that is part of the very raw legacy of deadly racism in our country, and which the general public is not yet taking as seriously as we ought to).

  • Fat White Cat

    As much as I love Tina Fey, I find her racial ‘humor’ to be wildly off key. I try to be understanding of comics feeling stifled, but there’s so much other funny fodder in the world, as 30 Rock proved.

    • anyess

      You’re right. It always makes its way into whatever she’s writing, and there are a billion other ways to be funny yet she persists. Season one was full of examples where this happened, and it was really off-putting. It isn’t “stifling” a comic if you ask that they simply try to find humour in stuff that doesn’t make a harmful reality so much worse for those living in it.

  • Ramon Figueroa

    What the heck happened to Thorgy? That was the very definition of a brain fart. Derrick is lucky he got paired with Bob. I think Bob brought out the best in him. And I would have clocked Naomi for copying Raven’s outfit. Kim Chi, as always, is a visual orgasm.

    • That’s Raven’s corset – she borrowed it.

      • Ramon Figueroa

        I didn’t know. Still shows a lack of imagination, just as I dislike it when drag queens do drag queens in The Snatch Game. Raven did that look to perfection anyway.

  • boweryboy

    As much as I love Thorgy and was hoping for her to make the final three, I was totally ok with her sashay away. She was becoming really bitter and angry that she wasn’t winning challenges or getting the recognition she felt she deserved. She got way too into her head and fucked it up for herself. Now, it’s time for Derrick to go. I’m so over him and his one note drag. I predict Bob the Drag Queen, Naomi Smalls, and KimChi as the finalist. Unless Bob makes a major misstep he’s a shoe in, and as much as I love ChiChi I don’t think she’s polished enough to go all the way to the final three. I will be sad to see her go but who knows, Ru may surprise me..

    • Ramon Figueroa

      It pains me no end to say this, but if Kim Chi ends in the bottom next week, he will be gone. Everybody else is a fierce lipsyncher. This will be particularly awful if he has to go against Derrick.

    • Unless they pull out Styx Mr Roboto as the lip sync. Bet Kim Chi would nail that.

      • Kent Roby

        Oh, the shade; the li-berry is apparently still open!

    • Eric Stott

      I think that those dreadlocks were hampering Thorgy as each week it was getting pretty obvious that she had to have a big wig or a big hat to stuff them into. Did we ever see them down?

      • julnyes

        Yep, during episode 2 for the “Bitch Perfect” performance.

    • PinkyAndNoBrain

      I think Thorgy imploded the same way Katya did, and have to empathize as another high-anxiety perfectionist. I appreciate them showing us that Thorgy was only human instead of a perfect angel…makes me think the producers are learning a lesson from last season’s death threats.

      • boweryboy

        I simultaneously felt bad and embarrassed for her during Untucked. It was almost too uncomfortable to watch as she was packing up her stuff and playing up to the camera.

        • PinkyAndNoBrain

          I thought she was rather charming during her goodbye. That “Fall in love with us, because we fell in love with each other” line made me tear up. As for Untucked, she seemed a little bit drunk . . . which I can’t really blame her for.

  • eclare

    I’m so torn about Kimmy Schmidt because for the most part I really enjoy the show and love the characters themselves, but the racial stuff is very problematic. The geisha episode was especially frustrating because it felt like the show was not only doubling down on racial issues generally, but specifically on its portrayal of Asians. And while I understand that it may have been trying to make a separate point about Internet outrage, the problem is that the race related criticisms about the show are entirely legitimate. If you want to make fun of anonymous Internet commenters working themselves into a lather, then pick a topic that’s actually mock-worthy.

    • tessa

      really? I don’t understand watching the geisha episode and feeling like they were being racist against asians. You can argue that they weren’t really responding to the criticisms, but I don’t think the portrayal of a geisha is actually indicative of the issues they may or may not have with race.

      • eclare

        Titus as a geisha is not in and of itself the problem, in my view. My problem is that they used legitimate outrage over Asian stereotypes as the butt of a joke. There was a lot of criticism from the Asian community and others about the use of Asian stereotypes in Season 1. Given that the show’s portrayal of Asians was one of the major complaints about Season 1, it seems particularly tasteless for the show to have an entire episode in Season 2 about Asians complaining about Asian stereotypes. A little too on the nose, particularly when the criticisms of Season 1 were legit.

        • tessa

          But again, it feels like that misses the point of the joke. They could have had Titus pretend to be anyone, and it would have had haters on the internet, because unrelated to legitimate complaints, the internet gets angry at shit just because they want to be angry. It would have been more realistic if the people complaining about the geisha were a bunch of white guys instead of Asians. I just think the show’s portrayal of dong and the choice to make one of titus’ past lives to be a Japanese geisha are two separate things

          • eclare

            Yes, they could have Titus pretend to be anyone, and it would have had haters on the Internet. What they chose to do was have him pretend to be a member of a group that they had already offended, and then portray those who were offended as ignorant and unreasonable. I’m willing to give the show benefit of the doubt that it was not intentional, but best case scenario, it was incredibly tone deaf, and shows that they aren’t taking seriously some of the legitimate criticisms against them. I don’t think Tina Fey is a malicious racist who hates Asians, but I do think she often takes the lazy route when it comes to race and comedy and she would do well to stop and reflect a bit before green-lighting certain jokes.

  • Luca

    I remember how after two episodes I said I couldn’t see how Betty, Bob and Thorgy wouldn’t end in the top 3, and I was pretty convinced of it. Now I must say that both Betty and Thorgy’s sashay were deserved. I think they are two queens that were mostly beaten by themselves more than by the competition. Betty melted in her last two episodes, and Thorgy was a different person from the bubbly first episodes, becoming bitter and turning inward.
    Even if I see many comments around wondering how it could be that they are gone and Derrick is still there, but for how things turned out to be, every decision Ru made after the lipsynch was correct. I’m still hoping to see Derrick go next week, of course.

    I have also seen comparisons between Bianca-Courtney-Adore of season 6 with Bob-Derrick-ChiChi. I don’t agree: Derrick is a much more limited performer than Courtney and Chi Chi hasn’t shown the growth Adore had during the competition. I still prefer Bianca to Bob, even if he is clearly a shoo-in for the victory.
    If Derrick is leaving next week, I have no idea who’ll leave as fourth. Kim seems the most at risk, but it’ll depend on the challenges.

    • PinkyAndNoBrain

      I’m still a Bitter Betty about Acid’s sashay, so i have to disagree (especially thinking about how she would’ve destroyed the Oz challenge; considering Robbie’s track record and SG performance compared to Acid’s, I would’ve saved Acid and chucked her in the bottom 2); but I’m thrilled about how Naomi turned it out, because she’s so much fiercer and more creative than I’d ever imagined.

      As for the comparison to S6…it’s weird to compare any top 3 imo, especially because it’s all so subjective (like I think Adore should’ve gone home episode 3 and never think she really earned that top spot), but I feel like Cheech’s performance in the book ball might change your mind about her growth. She showed herself to be creative and glamorous, with charm coming out every orifice.

      • Luca

        Chi Chi was very good in the book ball outfit!

        I really think Betty self-sabotaged herself at a certain moment in the competition, she became basically invisible.

        • PinkyAndNoBrain

          Might just be because she caught my heart and so I kept looking for her, so I never noticed that. I do think she was trying really hard to enjoy the competition but didn’t; seeing her post-DR stuff, there’s a giddiness and a weirdness that wasn’t shown on the show except for a few seconds after her entrance. Not sure if she was trying to play a cool character a la Fame in the beginning, or if the stress just got to her, but she’s much more fun off the show. She and Thorgy both seem to be high stress perfectionists though, so it makes sense if they fucked themselves the same way.

          • Luca

            I’m sure several of the queen are very different inside and outside the competition (plus, heavy editing). Yes, I think stress plays a big role in RPDR.

          • PinkyAndNoBrain

            I’d be a monster on that show; I get ill-tempered if I haven’t eaten in 3 hours. XD

  • Anniegolightly

    Loved this season of Kimmy Schmidt. Had to watch it with subtitles the second time through, because I missed so many throwaway good lines.

    • Anniegolightly

      As for the racial issues, I love that the black and white thing isn’t even considered an issue for Titus and Mikey.

  • LJCdoc

    I’m gonna have to listen carefully, I’ve been too swamped to even begin Kimmy yet, and I don’t want to be spoiled. The rest of the podcast sounds great though!

  • Lenora Dody

    I was watching a lot of the stuff about Prince last night and his biographer Toure was talking about the fact that Prince supposedly wrote a song a day so there is potentially a lot of music that we haven’t heard.

    • anyess

      I’ve heard many of the musicians/engineers/etc. who worked with him say the same thing. There is so much that has never been released but has been recorded. We’ll be hearing new Prince stuff for many years.

      • ArchaicSmile

        Months ago I watched a Youtube clip of Kevin Smith (filmmaker, actor, writer) doing a Q&A at a university somewhere. He spoke at length about working with Prince on a documentary and how one of Prince’s staff mentioned a “Vault” where the artist kept a large catalogue of fully produced and unreleased music, music videos, films, etc. I sincerely hope the custodians of that vault release its contents to the public; and in a respectful way that best honors his legacy.

        • Gatita

          That Kevin Smith clip is long and I watched every bit of it just two weeks ago. It was hilarious but it’s too bad Kevin couldn’t just let himself go with the Prince flow. I feel like he missed out on something.

  • Pamdela

    I’m so glad you drew some parallel lines between David Bowie and Prince. They had so much in common, from their outsize musical genius to their gender fearlessness to their incredible style. They were so playful, so dynamic, so damn smart. And so generous with all of us. The era of mass cultural influence from pop stars seems to have passed… we were just lucky enough to live through it with giants like them. 2016 — year of epic mic drops.

    • EveEve

      Elton John. I was hoping there’d be at least a passing mention in the podcast of his influence on 70s and 80s pop style, but he must have been overlooked. He was/is much more than just a flamboyant gay man prancing around in garish stageware. A brilliant song writer, a great stage act (at least back in the day) and and a true champion of AIDS awareness. Even if he hasn’t aged as well as other pop icons, and it’s easy to dismiss him because his songs were mostly pretty fluffy, but he did help pave the way.

      • Pamdela

        He definitely was/is a huge talent, principled activist and great entertainer. But I don’t know if you could call him a world shaking culture-changer in the same way as Bowie and Prince. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t part of their podcast discussion.

  • MilaXX

    I actually remember Prince in the late 70’s. I forget the magazine but it was Prince with a HUGE afro and no shirt. I think it was the cover of the I wanna be your Lover album. However Prince owned the 80’s. The thing I liked was that his look and persona made it okay for weird, black kids like me to be ourselves. I don’t think the sexuality aspect of his personality even registered with me until I was in college. I don’t think anyone who didn’t live in the 80/early days of the AIDs crisis can fully understand.
    My top 3: Bob, Naomie & one of the Chi Chi’s.
    I’m okay with the Jane K’s character, but glad to see Dong go. The Dong character was lazy and unfunny. As for racism and comedy. Despite internet fury I do find that comedians sometimes can and do cross the line. The “I can’t breathe” joke was one of those instances. I recall Tina made a joke about Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy online somewhere. I can’t even remember the exact joke, but I do remember thinking if that was a white kid no one would have made that joke. It was tasteless.

    • DJ Angel

      Your comments on Prince and the impact of living through that period of time are spot on!

    • Anna M

      I don’t know if this is what you’re referring to, but there was a Blue Ivy/R Kelly joke on the show “Difficult People” (Amy Poehler produced). It was gross anyway, but additionally disturbing in that (like you pointed out) no one would make a joke like that about, say, Gwyneth Paltrow’s kids. If they did they wouldn’t get away with it. Evident double standards.

      • oneWEIRDword

        Tho Suri Cruise jokes. But I agree, celeb kids should be totally off limits.

        • Anna M

          Oh absolutely! but just to clarify, this particular joke was basically a pedo joke involving Blue Ivy. The point being there’s a discrepancy between where the limits of taste lie for hollywood royalty vs hiphop royalty. I would argue there’s def a racial element at play there that shouldn’t be ignored.

          • oneWEIRDword

            Ugh. That takes it from tacky to horrifying. Totally with you.

      • MilaXX

        That’s the joke.

    • Gatita

      Same here, Prince was the spirit animal for my geeky, weird group of black and Puerto Rican friends. As for the AIDS aspect, I worked at Bloomingdales in the late 80s and we had men leaving work to go home and die during that time period. It was horrifying. So for people like Prince and Madonna to be so aggressively and joyfully sexual in that climate was a big deal. For me the sex was a huge part of the whole thing and really shaped my sexual identity.

  • PFFFFT Who compares Adam Lambert to PRINCE? Adam Lambert looks just like George Michael.

    • MilaXX

      A lot of Lambert fans are a bit batshit so I can easily see them deluded themselves into thinking this.

      • I had to google Adam Lambert to remind myself exactly what he looks like and thats when I made the connection to George Michael, with a splash of Hot Topic emo goth.

        Meanwhile, for all of his colorful chameleonism, I have an excellent picture in my head of Prince. There’s just no comparison.

        • ArchaicSmile

          When I look at Lambert I see a cross between a young Gary Glitter and Adam Ant.

        • Gatita

          “Splash of Hot Topic emo goth” = accurate

  • Derrick looked just like Anna Camp when she was on True Blood as Sarah Newlin, but as a brunette. I appreciated it.

  • Aeryn

    I completely agree with you guys on Jane Krakowski’s character. Her being so clearly white is part of the joke and it wouldn’t work with a Native American actress. Native Americans are not the punchline here – Jacqueline’s adorable, funny parents illustrate that – Jacqueline and how Native Americans are perceived is the joke. I’m totally fine with it.

    And Dong was a bit lazy. At first I thought they were going to turn things on its head when Dong made fun of Kimmy’s name before she could really make fun of his, but it didn’t quite work. And I see what they were getting at in the third episode of this season, though that didn’t entirely work either. But I don’t mind that they tried. I think race should stay on the table in comedy, because it keeps us talking about it. But it is a high wire act and tough to pull off.

    I just hope you’re wrong about Mikey, because I do adore him and what he brings out in Titus. Good point about how Fey didn’t let people really evolve on 30 Rock (at least until the final seasons), but I feel like Kimmy’s a little different. While 30 Rock was a showbiz comedy, this is a black comedy about people trying to escape their horrible past and/or find their place in the world. And they really allowed Kimmy to learn some hard lessons and grow this season. I don’t think she (or Titus) will get a complete reset next season. Besides, Fey and Carlock seem to like Mikey. I read a brief interview with the actor who plays him in EW and he said that after his appearance in season one, Carlock told him they liked him and his character, and were trying to think of a way to bring him back. Then when they did call him back for season two, it was initially for only two episodes, but he ended up appearing in about half of the episodes this season. I don’t think it will be all smooth sailing with Titus, but I think Mikey will be back for at least a little while. And come on – a guy who airbrushed “hot chick” Tilda Swinton onto his truck in an effort to pass as straight and has a puppet grandma belongs in the Kimmy universe.

    On drag race – poor Thorgy. He just couldn’t quite pull everything into focus. At this point I’m almost willing to pay to have Derrick eliminated. He’s boring, delusional, and way too defensive and negative to be entertaining. I think the top three will be Bob, Chi Chi and Naomi, provided they just don’t keep Derrick around because he’s the closest they have to a villain this season and he slips into the top three a la Phi Phi and Roxxy. Let him go out in fourth place like they did with Darienne Lake in season six (I’d prefer that Derrick leave before Kim Chi, but Ru seems to be hanging on to him for a reason).

    I’m still too bummed out about Prince.

  • tessa

    I don’t think there’s a dearth of flamboyance in pop culture, I just think we’re at a point of cultural saturation where not much is shocking anymore. You said it yourselves, adam lambert isn’t shocking because in 2016 nobody is shocked by guys in eyeliner anymore. I think part of the reason why prince and david bowie had such impacts is precisely because of the time periods they were big in. Nowadays I would argue that being sexual isn’t that shocking- i mean we’ve seen so much sheerness and nudity on the red carpet recently that’s its actually becoming exhausting. Nobody was scandlised by Beyonce’s met gala dress last year, we were just tired. it seems that with artists taking strong racial and political stands, with the rise of transgenderism and gender fluidity, as well as sexual fluidity things just appear less shocking than they did

    • Prince didn’t just wear eyeliner. He paraded around on stage in a thong and thigh patent-leather boots.

      • tessa

        Yeah i’m aware of that. my point is that you stated you want to see more men wearing eyeliner, but that its also not that shocking these days. If a male artist wore a thong and thigh high leather boots today it would raise eyebrows but I don’t know if it would be as outrageous now, partly BECAUSE of Prince. I just think that possibly part of the reason why artists today seem less unique is because it’s hard to find something new. I mean, it’s not as if lady gaga still shocks anybody

        • Gatita

          You have a point but I think a straight man dressing the way Prince did would be pretty shocking today nevertheless. Adam Lambert as an openly gay man isn’t really a good example. Prince made his debut TV performance at age 21 on the Midnight Special wearing zebra patterned panties and filmy vest along with thigh high boots and pressed and feathered hair. Can you imagine Justin Bieber or the One Direction kids dressing like that? The culture has actually gotten more rigid on that score.

          Which brings me to something else I’ve been thinking about: I’ve seen some people online labeling Prince as gender queer which I don’t think is really correct. I doubt Prince saw himself that way. He was a man. A man who loved to dress in heels and lace and wear makeup. Which is really interesting. Sometimes I think that in an effort to be inclusive we’re actually confining people to narrow boxes that don’t really fit.

          • tessa

            I think it depends on what kinds of artists you’re looking at. One direction are 100% establishment- they’re not trying to be shocking or break any rules. They’re basically a boy band. And to be fair Justin beiber has worn some truly ridiculously insane things to the point where I can’t even work out what items of clothing he’s actually wearing. I think artists are still pushing boundaries, it just takes a different form. A lot of artists today might not be as flamboyant as artists in the past but I don’t know if they’re not longer unique. Because what would you have to do to be as shocking as prince?

          • kerryev

            You’re right, Prince did not identify that way. I liked TLo’s description of him (on the tribute post) as possessing an undeniably heterosexual androgyny. I saw a few articles referring to Prince as mixed-race as well — mostly in an effort to identify with him — and he was not.
            Maybe it’s laziness, maybe misinformation, but I feel like on some level the attempt to repackage Prince is part of an effort to come to grips with/ignore his weirdness. Some people just have a hard time processing that a black, heterosexual man very deliberately dressed, danced, and talked like Prince. It’s as thorough a way as I can think of to ignore/deny his genius as well.

  • Claudine

    Re Prince’s style, maybe he was part of a longer tradition of flamboyantly costumed African-American male artists (Earth Wind and Fire, George Clinton/Parliament Funkadelic come to mind)? Which is not to deny his huge impact, especially considering he became a massive mainstream artist.

    • Gatita

      He is part of that tradition but he also subverted it. The other bands you mentioned were flamboyant but they weren’t messing with gender norms in the way that Prince was. The closest example I can think of was the disco star Sylvester, but he was an openly gay man while Prince was very heterosexual.

  • After reading Bossypants, I think you’re right that Tina Fey doesn’t want anything taken off of the comedy table as being an untouchable topic. I suspect the backlash against how the show tackled race last season made her double down in her commitment to not shine away from it as a topic this season.

    Gil Birmingham and Sheri Foster had a lot of moments to shine this season, the writing seemed better for them, and they ran with it, so I’m glad Jacqueline and Tina revisited them.

  • shoebee

    I loved S2 and I liked everyone’s arc. They were able to move each character forward, gave each a little more development. How hard to do this and stay funny, but they did it. I agree that episode 5 is where the S2 took off and the music was incredible. And I loved the Dizeplen (sp?) episode as well. You guys didn’t mention Amy Sedaris, whose character I thought was not very developed. That was my only disappointment.

  • fananafanafophalec

    awww poor Lo. you did an admirable job keeping up with T’s switching pronouns.

  • AnotherG

    “No fats, no fems, no Asians…and I’m all three!” That’s what kept Kim Chi out of the bottom two, in addition to his phenomenal looks. I’m still betting he’s Miss Congeniality this season rather than top 3, but I thought Thorgy was going to be top 3 too, and he’s gone. Bob has this season, though, unless he implodes/they edit him to implode. Bob, Naomi, and Chi-Chi — top three, I’m thinking.

  • LeelaST

    Re Prince’s flamboyance/Adam Lambert: Disclaimer – huge Adam Lambert fan – however – when Adam came on the scene a few years ago he fought two HUGE battles. One with the gay community – some found his makeup a turnoff, I remember one post (on another site) from a gay man saying he would love to “do him” (or words to that effect) if only to push his face into a pillow and rub his makeup off, i.e. the poster “hated the makeup.” Secondly, many female fans hating any of Adam’s fashion that didn’t showcase his “bulge,” i.e. the “Hammer Pants” or any outfit I would term “Fashion” (with capital F”) like the green suit with shorter hemmed pants, etc. Adam has a fashion sense but often misses the mark – droopy collared shirts, pants hemmed for specific shoes that don’t work with others, etc. For all his flamboyance and LOVE of all things Bowie/Prince/MJ etc. I for one would wish he would just “go there” in his everyday look as he does with his stageware but fear his rabid female fanbase & the gay community (in the broadest sense) has stifled him to some extent.

  • Ritchie Nolasco

    As much as I love Kimmy Schmidt, I think Crazy Ex-Girlfriend treats race in a more nuisanced way. Like what TLo said in the podcast, Dong’s character was just a mixture of recognizable Asian tropes. It wasn’t really Vietnamese. In Crazy Ex-GF, however, it is obvious that the writers took great lengths in defining the Filipino characters and not just their being Asian.

    • Claudine

      One of the many great things about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is that the casting is diverse but not self-consciously so–this is what California looks like and it’s natural, for example, that the the leading man is Filipino.

  • BarbWoodruff

    Thank you for persuading to keep going with Kimmy Schmidt. I had thought I would try to watch the season before I listened to you talk about it, but I only made it half-way through the second episode before I started to feel like it just didn’t have the spark of Season 1. Now I feel better and will go back and do the whole thing.

  • Sandee

    I laughed so hard I cried during Titus’ audition when he was ill, “outside bones, outside bones…”

  • GemFemme

    When I was a young teenager I was blasting Prince’s song Controversy (still my favorite Prince song) in my bedroom when my dad burst into the room yelling at me to turn off “that filthy crap”. My mom came in five minutes later and told me that it was okay for me to play Prince because my dad used to listen to Little Richard when he was a teenager. Wise mom.

    I have a soft spot for Kim Chi. Well hell, I really like everyone left except Derrick.

    I’ll be really sad too if next season Titus and Mikey break up. I love how sometimes Mikey can make sarcastic, self absorbed Titus just melt into a love struck pile of goo. The look on Titus’s face when this happens is so darn sweet.

  • BarbWoodruff

    I was thinking that with his make-up skills, Kim Chi should go on Face Off rather than Drag Race. If he did something like go to Tom Savini’s school of special effect make-up design and learned to do the sculpting and molding, he would be unbeatable. I think it would be a better long-term career for him over performing.

  • bananafish

    TLo, I love your site but laughed a little during this podcast when you aligned yourself with the “creative geniuses” getting criticized by the Internet commentariat. I think Tina Fey and Co may be including blogs like this one, which criticizes the work of designers and stylists, in the group of people they are skewering. I’m not saying she’s right, but have a little perspective.

    • I think you completely missed our point, which wasn’t to “align ourselves with creative geniuses” but to laugh at the joke because we can understand wanting to lash out when you encounter an outrage mob on the internet.

      Come to think of it, I think you missed Tina’s point as well, since she wasn’t lashing out at bloggers but at comments sections and message forums.

  • shoofly

    Bunny and Kitty are everything! Spin off, please, Tina!

  • julnyes

    I agree with Lorenzo – Derrick Britney is very lucky he was paired with Bob TDQ. Derrick did a good job, but it appeared that all of his best moments were in Bob’s ad. My top three has been broken 🙁 Bob is still my pick to win, but I am not sure anymore who the other two will be… I’m going to go with Bob TDQ, Naomi Smalls and Chi Chi (who seems to have the golden touch with LSFYL song choices). Thorgy is talented and a hoot and a half, but as soon as I heard the beginning of the song, I said, “aw well, Thorgy’s going home”

  • Judy_S

    Thanks for your analysis of the Kimmy Schmidt “problem.” I hadn’t really thought about it, except to feel the sequence of how disturbing Titus’s performance as Murasaki was–the segue from shock and even disgust at the makeup to quite different emotions when he began to sing. I felt it was a moving demonstration of why people do appropriate other cultures, as a way of defining their dignity when their own culture doubts that. It may be “wrong” but it’s something people use.
    What I have a problem with is the character of Mimi, which seems to me a terrible waste of Amy Sedaris.

  • Erica

    I am LOVING the singing on Kimmy Schmidt this year. I just watched the episode where Titus states that the only therapy he ever had was a Christian summer camp that tried to make boys less musical…and then sings that it was a “bang fest.” I fell off the couch laughing.