Helen Mirren in Giorgio Armani at the “Eye in the Sky” New York Premiere

Posted on March 10, 2016

Helen Mirren attends the premiere of “Eye in the Sky” at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 Theater in New York City.


Queen Helen of the Island Nation of Fuckinfantastica has announced that she will be butching it up for the evening.

Helen-Mirren-Eye-In-The-Sky-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Giorgio-Armnai-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

Helen-Mirren-Eye-In-The-Sky-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Giorgio-Armnai-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Helen-Mirren-Eye-In-The-Sky-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Giorgio-Armnai-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

Helen-Mirren-Eye-In-The-Sky-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Giorgio-Armnai-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

Helen-Mirren-Eye-In-The-Sky-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Giorgio-Armnai-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)

Helen-Mirren-Eye-In-The-Sky-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Giorgio-Armnai-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (6)

And y’know? It looks pretty great on her. We would have changed a few of the details, though. It’s who we are, darlings. There’s no point in fighting it. Anyway, we would have asked to have the face paint toned down a bit, recommended black nail polish, and steered her toward a metallic clutch that would pop against all that blackness.

Still, we like this sudden turn on Queen Helen’s part. More of this, Your Majesty.


Style Credits:
Giorgio Armani Black Pant Suit

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, INFphoto.com]

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  • boweryboy

    I would change out the shoes as well. This calls for a pointy toe versus a round one.

    • paginatrix

      pointy boots.

    • Lily

      And maybe a “pop of color.”

    • Little_Olive

      Oh I love thet non-pointiness! It´s not like it’s a blunt round shoe -they are almost almond toed.
      A pointy stiletto would have looked too businesslike IMO.

  • Bland Gland

    Helen Mirren is just unfair to the rest of us.

    • AnniNoone

      Well, yes, but she’s also aspirational. If getting older can look like that, I am less freaked out about getting older (even though old age is not likely to look quite like that for me).

    • Marph

      I just watched that movie version of The Tempest in which she plays Prospero/Prospera. It’s terrible, but dang if she isn’t ridiculously amazing and fierce as all get-out in it.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I for one believe that Queen Helen is incapable of giving a bad performance-the movie itself might be dreck, but she’s going to do her damndest.

  • Aidan B

    This is a style I never would have expected from her, but damn if she isn’t making it work. Thus is the power of Queen Helen.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Agreed – my first reaction was, “no..I don’t think I like this” but really once I took a moment, I did. Just wouldn’t want it to be a “thing” for her – I like softer hair for her and the make-up is harsh. And she looks too much like Olympia Dukakis.

      • Anne

        She looks a LOT like Olympia Dukakis.

        • Nancy Arseneault-Heald

          Yep. And I’m getting a strong scent of Glenn Close too.

      • Aidan B

        I agree, the makeup is too harsh.

  • Shannyn Marie

    Yaaaaas to anything she wears, anything she does, ever, for as long as she walks the Earth bathed in the pageantry of her SLAYAGE.

  • Akemi

    I would pay so much money to have just an ounce of her fabulousness.

  • stellavision

    One salutes this Madam President by bowing down.

  • Pamdela

    Love the hair. Love the stance. Maybe her feet hurt, so rounded toes. But some boots could have elongated the silhouette and been comfortable too.

  • minnye

    Wowza. Loooove her in that hairdo!!

  • NG

    This is a great look.

    But a little too aggressive in that wide legged pose.

  • QatBerts99

    She was on Colbert a couple nights ago and was beyond delightful. Love how she threw him for a major loop when she kissed him.

    • Gatita

      “You know what you’re doing!”

      • SunDevilWitch

        “You have very soft lips.” She wanted to eat him with a spoon. Can you imagine his heart rate?!

    • It was smooth af!!

    • AnneElliot

      Did not read all the comments and said basically the same thing. I love her more than ever after that segment.

    • SunDevilWitch

      I swooned. When she said she’d wanted to do that for 15 years I died for him. Beyond squee.

  • I want a large pearl broach on that collar. But most all, I want to be her.

  • Tea Addict

    Wow, not only does she look great as a QUEEN but she also looks fantastic as PRESIDENT.

    Hillary who? Helen for PRESIDENT!

  • lynnlee

    She should butch it up more often. And I LOVE that hair on her!

  • Sonia Perez

    HELLLLLLZ YAAAAAAS! I LOVE a pompadour & a sleek suite! The red lip gives it the right kick- because she’s lacking in the shoe area.

    (btw, did you see her lay one on Stephen Colbert?! I’m jealous of both of them, but more of him!)

  • I was thinking rouge noir nails. Anything but that shell pink really.

  • MikeW_Vegas

    i watched her on Colbert the night before last, and she was fantastic!!! Came out and gave Stephen a big kiss, and then sat down and had tea with him.. LOVE HER!!!!!!!

  • Daisy Walker

    My kingdom for different earrings and a broach!

  • marlie

    I would have liked a metallic shoe as well. I like the bold lip, but this color is a little too garish for her. Still, I think this is a great look!

  • atlantaloves


  • ANWrootbeers

    Lipstick aside, I LOVE this look.

  • kimmeister

    It almost feels like a subtle Bowie homage.

    • j_am

      Definitely! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of that in the coming months.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I want shiny dark red nails and then to wake up tomorrow as Helen Mirren.

  • shoebee

    I suddenly want her to teach me a lesson or two.
    She is the QUEEN!

  • MilaXX

    Werq. I don’t mind the face, but I agree that black polish and a metallic bag would have been better choice.

  • Constanza Álvarez Espinoza

    Sometimes I think she could use her real name to rule us all. (I mean, come on, Queen Ilynea Lydia Mironoff of the Nation of Fuckinfantastica would be just awesome).

  • Anna

    The makeup is a bit Addicted to Love and the pumps don’t work with that style of trouser but otherwise, I vote: OUI to the Queen Helen in Le Smoking.

  • funkydonut

    Oh, I am HERE for this. YES.

  • She is way too awesome for mere mortals. #loveher

  • jensuch

    Is this reminding anyone else of the episode of Parks and Rec where Leslie Knope gets her hair cut at a barber shop and wears a black suit to an awards ceremony? And also, I think she looks so great. Love seeing someone who’s not afraid to change it up.

    • StrictTime

      If only QH had gone with a nude lip!

      • Corsetmaker

        I’m glad for the red lipstick though

  • steph

    I would have done a pop of color on the shoe or a more interesting shoe.
    Otherwise Love this.

  • Wink

    She isn’t seen in pants often, so I LOVE this! The ‘butch’ hair is perfect with the suit.

  • oh vienna

    The Queen pays homage to the Thin White Duke. I would follow her to the ends of the earth.

    • KinoEye

      Yes!! My first thought. The hair is so Bowie, and combined with the simple suit it’s pure Thin White Duke realness. Love it, love her.

  • Lily

    I want to be her when I grow up.

  • Garcia Loca

    DCI Tennison in da house!!!!

  • Gatto Nero

    Love it, and her.

  • And her pants are the right length for the shoes. Show those kids how its done!

  • Imasewsure

    And a big honking broach or jaunty pocket square please

  • JP

    Bowing down.

  • that jacket fits her perfectly. get it helen!

  • Janet B

    I want to be Queen Helen

  • DyanSwan

    Fierce AF

  • Tatiana Luján

    She made me think of David Bowie

  • If it were me wearing this outfit (and I had any chance in hell of looking this good) I’d add a ginormous cocktail ring and call it a day. Maybe change the shoes.

  • tryinnottobetoojudgy

    This fabulous, fabulous woman.

  • Miss_Led

    Serving Annie Lennox realness

  • Little_Olive

    Gaga: THIS is how you do Bowie. With a touch of Tilda. All supported by Queen Helen’s own personal fuckingfantastic-ness, of course.

  • Beto

    Apart from the shoes she looks AMAZING in this new look of her.

  • chattykaty

    cigarette pants, maybe? Anyway. She is crushing the butchery.

  • kittyvscupcake

    She’s like the CEO of fabulosity. I want to be on her board!

  • OrangeChia

    I love it except for the hair.

  • FridaStaire

    Silver fox! Call me!!!

  • mjude

    its Dame Helen. must bow down. feeling punk realness

  • Eric Stott

    It really works for her – generally her makeup and hair are “Casual” (to put it nicely).

  • B_C_J

    From head to toe it’s marvelous

  • Kimberlini

    Gorgeous suit but not Bowie. Maybe I’m too literal but Station to Station would have been a vest not a jacket, and Let’s Dance would have been a sherbet colored suit. Either of those would look just as great on HM.

  • DesertDweller79

    Yes, the makeup is a bit harsh, but otherwise she looks great! My God, apparently I just needed to go to Armani if I wanted a great looking pantsuit.

  • N

    I love this unexpected sleek menswear-inspired look from her, and I think the bold red lip adds fierceness, simple yet effective, she is working it. I’d only change the pumps.

    • N

      ..they are a bit matronly, needed something a little bit more chic for this cool sleek look.

  • Love her, love this look, full stop.

  • alyce1213

    I like her butched up. No to black nail polish (it’s aging and creepy), red would be better.
    And those shoes are so wrong — little pumps with a strong black suit? Nope. Needs kickass boots.

  • Not sold on the lip color, but I like the hair better than I thought I would.

  • samo_samo

    Total boss

  • AnneElliot

    Not crazy about the lipstick, but otherwise LOVE HER.

    She was on Colbert the other night, and she almost made him swoon. (Sadly, her outfit wasn’t as memorable as this). But Colbert was pretty much bowing down as well.

    • not_Bridget

      She explained the movie is a political thriller & she’s got a role originally intended for a man–commander of a secret drone operation. So this outfit really fits….

  • SugarSnap108

    I would never have expected she could butch it up so successfully. But then … yeah, of course she can.

  • quiltrx

    I guess it’s because I’ve been watching Twin Peaks again…but I oddly feel like the only way this could be ANY better is if David Lynch were standing beside her in near-identical outfit!

  • Kristine Elkins

    My god, she is fabulous. I’ll have whatever she’s having.

  • Amber Nelson

    She’s a goddess. She looks fantastic.
    And her kiss with Stephen Colbert the other night? It was kinda hot.

  • beckly

    Huh. This is close to my go-to hair and makeup so now I’m conflicted between being thought fanfuckingtastica and being thought butch.

  • MannahattaMamma

    she is cooler than most of the rest of the world. okay, the entire world. dang.

  • Byodo-In


  • KittieLynnNYC

    A WERQ if there ever was one. I’m seriously feeling butch Queen Helen.

  • NBG

    Queen Helen in her Wonder Woman stance. Just awesome. I agree with you on the shoes and I love this hair on her.

  • mdcoon127

    Switch out the shoes, and lengthen the pants a little…otherwise, awesome

  • Megan Kennedy

    Oh my god I LOVE Annie Lennox Helen.

  • Toby Wollin

    The Queen likes what she likes. Doesn’t have to meet anyone’s expectations – she IS the Queen, after all. Love the suit, adore the hair and the eye makeup. When I grow up, I’m going to just follow her around.

  • Bowildhaze

    Such a great look for “Hey folks, I’m still stylish when going to a movie premier in MARCH”! The T&L suggestions are ones to use with any black suit Thank you!

  • 4JJ

    This is the woman who has said more than once that she looks terrible in pants! We should all look that “terrible.”

  • snarkykitten

    She looks like an evil politician in space. I like it

  • boingboing

    I would have gone with a pointed toe pump or a sandal. Other than that, this is pretty darn fantastic.

  • kim bunchalastnames

    i wish she’d have thrown on one of those big, shiny necklaces (that she wears when she shouldn’t) with this. just a little flash.