Pop Style Opinionfest: Thanksgiving Popstravaganza!

Posted on November 20, 2015


Darlings, this week everything is SOOOOOOOO FIERCE!


What? Did you think the highly buzzed-about Moschino Barbie commercial starring the world’s first babygay was going to pass unremarked-upon by us? Oh, HONEY. As two former sissy boys (who are now proud sissy men), we couldn’t stop from spewing at least 30 minutes worth of opinion on this ad, what it’s like to grow up non-gender-conforming, the accusations that we and other gay men in media are performing a kind of gay minstrel show, and the hope for a future where little butch girls and little sissy boys can hold hands with little butch boys and little girly-girls and play with ALL THE TOYS TOGETHER.


PLUS: we go off on a bunch of year-end movie watching, with our thoughts on Trainwreck, The Woman in Gold, Jurassic World and Ant-Man!

PLUS-PLUS: Jessica Jones vs. Supergirl! The many sides of super-heroines!

PLUS-PLUS-PLUS: The Wiz Live! and how it’s bound to work so much better than its predecessors, The Sound of Music Live! and Peter Pan Live!

We truly lived up to the “opinionfest” mantle this week.

Also: we should have a Jessica Jones recap up later today. You might want to tap out on the portion of the podcast where we talk about it until you’ve seen a couple episodes.


As always, you can download/subscribe to the podcast here. Thank you all for your support, kittens, and if you like what you hear, pass it around.


[Photo Credit: Moschino – Video Credit: Moschino Official via YouTube, CBS Radio/Play it]

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  • Gatita

    the accusations that we and other gay men in media are performing a kind of gay minstrel show,

    So if you don’t conform to oppressive heteronormative cultural norms you’re performing a gay minstrel show? Fuck that noise.

    • Noah


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    • butterna

      Exactly. No, you guys are one of the most well informed, cultured men in the blogosphere. There is a reason I visit your blog everyday. Your commentary on fashion, pop culture and entertainment is smart and insightful.

    • Lurker

      MIC. DROP.

  • marlie

    The little boy in the Barbie ad is freaking adorable (actually, all of the kids are)!

  • boweryboy

    Before opening the post I thought the thumbnail was perhaps Tom as a child. My initial thought was, “Damn. He was a fierce kid.”

    • Gatto Nero

      Yes! Me too!

    • Judy_S

      Me, too. I thought it was a Thanksgiving memory…. but the commercial makes up for the disappointment.

    • Kimberlini

      Another one here!

      • When I saw the draft which was of 7159 dollars, I accept that my friend’s brother was like really generating cash in his spare time with his computer. . His aunts neighbor has done this for only 10 months and by now repaid the loan on their home and bought a new Car .This is what they are donig …

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    • Anglow

      I thought that, too!!!

  • Gatto Nero

    Moschino Barbie scares me, but that little boy is SO CUTE.

  • Latin Buddy

    Love that commercial! (Even if part of me wants to say the kid is still white and blonde, an issue given the historical lack of diversity in portrayal of gay community…but we have to start somewhere, unfair assumption to think this baby is even gay)

  • graziella

    The ad is so fabulous and over the top I thought for sure it was a SNL parody.

    • Gatto Nero

      That explains the tone! I thought it was really OTT even for a toy ad.

    • louised

      I wouldn’t say the video isn’t endorsed by Mattel; it is a promotional video, and is posted on the Barbie Collection website. It was meant to evoke the spirit of the old Barbie commercials from the 70s. There would have been no point in making a commercial to air on television because the doll is a limited edition that sold out within hours of going on sale online.

      • graziella

        ok, thanks for the clarification.

      • Kristin

        One of my friends bought that doll and, MY GOD, is she tacky. It’s the Totally Hair Barbie ‘do that ruins it; the detail on the outfit is incredible and it would look so much cooler on an edgier doll.

    • Heather

      It also explains why Moschino Barbie is dressed like a high-end escort. Also, why does she have a cell phone from 1995?

  • Anique Ashraf

    Hate the whole, “but aren’t you spreading stereotypes?” question that’s applied to gender-nonconforming queer men/women. What I’m more interested in (personally) is what kind of toxic masculinity engulfs you that you’re scared of me being flamboyant, masc4masc dude?

  • On the premature sexualisation thing – since no one bats a fucking eyelash when a little girl wears a “wedding dress” when she plays, as long as she is marrying a boy, I don’t think there is a leg to stand on for anyone complaining about that.

  • Tea

    Moschino Barbie can afford an iPhone.

    • MartyBellerMask


  • Very entertaining again, gents! Especially fun to hear Lorenzo drop “motherfucker.” 😛

    ETA: It’s really interesting, the point you raised about how few portrayals there are of gay pre-pubescent kids. You’re right that there’s still a fear/misunderstanding of queerness as a sexual fetish…I still see ignorant comments about how gay portrayals should immediately give a film a higher rating, because kids “shouldn’t be exposed to that.” Ridiculous.

  • MilaXX

    Finally getting to the podcast. My thoughts:
    Completely missed the fuss about this commercial. Honestly I was found myself wishing more that the AA doll had kinky curly hair than worrying about the baby gay.
    Not much commentary on the podcast from me today. I’d love to talk about Scandal and HTGAWM but I’ll pop into comments for that. Just wanted to say how much I am loving the podcast. You guys have really hit your stride with them. Keep em’ coming!

  • lexi4

    Fun podcast – I mainly started listening for the project runway discussion (which I stopped watching the season before last and then got pulled in again)! But, now look forward to hearing your takes on various things every Friday. I think that the wonderful thing about your site is how thoughtful, positive, and fun the commentary is both from you and the kittens. Hard to find on the internet these days! I’ve been a silent reader for years, but guess I am feeling extra thankful and vocal especially over the past week or so with seeing what feels like excess of negativity elsewhere. This is a treasure of a site to visit and congrats on all of your success 🙂

    Random Thoughts – The boy (and girls too!) on the Moschino Barbie commercial are awesome and adorable! Love the Wiz costumes – one of my favorites was the one for Addaperle – that blue is really beautiful on her. The hair and makeup is also especially great for all of them. Can’t wait to see Mary J. Blige’s costume as Wicked Witch of the West. Glad to hear you are still watching supergirl, flash, and arrow. Although I have been enjoying both shows, it also does feel like this season has a lot of focus on setting up characters for Legends of Tomorrow. Not that I don’t like seeing the crossover characters (am very excited about the upcoming crossover episode!), but it sometimes feels abrupt and disconnected (like Sara’s resurrection and then quick departure). And, every week on Arrow, I do wonder whose week it is going to be to get mad at who….but at least Oliver is more hopeful and less dictorial – which makes it more enjoyable to me.

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    PSO was so good this week it made my trip to the recycling centre a fabulous (and educational) experience. #sofierce

  • cwade1211

    I am loving your podcasts more and more every week. You two have such thoughtful and interesting opinions on so many things. And for what it’s worth, I don’t think your voices are cartoon-ish at all.

  • MilaXX

    MJB are up on NBC

  • Tracy M

    You know what I think is awesome? I watched that commercial and it didn’t even *register* that having boy in a Barbie commercial was groundbreaking. Not even remotely. It wasn’t until I listened that I went “Huh, yeah, didn’t think of that.” Fwiw, I have three sons. The world and the kids are changing.

  • Eric Stott

    Have you been watching the second season of Penny Dreadful?

  • MyFavoriteColorIsGlitter

    That little boy is SO FRIKKIN ADORABLE my ovaries are positively aching and I already have three sons!

  • Aragon131
  • Iroqhard

    First of all, love the podcast in general. It starts my weekend of right every Friday afternoon-it’s my drive home treat! You always have funny and inciteful things to say and I have gotten some excellent show recomendations from you on stuff I would not have checked out otherwise.

    Second of all- YES THE MOSCHINO VIDEO! I’m so glad you talked about that! I saw it earlier in the week and was so amazed they put a boy in it and was so excited! Loved hearing the perspective from two men who WERE that boy once upon a time.

    Third of all I have not started Jessica Jones yet but I’m so frickin’ excited. I love Krystin Ritter and it sounds like this show is living up to the hype.

    Have a good Thanksgiving, TLO, can’t wait to listen again!

  • Gatita

    So I finally listened to the podcast and I was really struck by the conversation about boys and girls toys and how baby TLo weren’t allowed to play with Barbies. Things are evolving, though way too slowly. My son loves trucks and Minecraft but he also loves Hello Kitty and My Little Pony and we’re happy to buy those things for him. He’s gotten some teasing about it at school but he’s held his own and is confident enough that he hasn’t let it stop him from playing with whatever he wants. I’d love it if other parents were more accepting but you’d be amazed at how regressive folks can be when it comes to kids and gender roles.

    • Shawn EH

      I was lucky to be raised by my mom and grand mom, who bought me barbies when I asked. I guess I’m about Tom’s age, but my family wasn’t very conventional. I really appreciated the discussion of sissy boys and even the idea of gay minstrel shows. Some men are just effeminate, and I definitely was from the start. That should always be okay.

  • Jellybish

    It’s only considered premature sexualization because heterosexuality is presumed.

  • Paula Olson

    Just want to say that the smile on that little boy makes me happy. He is so cute.

  • Shawn EH

    Agree with your thoughts on three out of the four films. I enjoyed Trainwreck. If nothing else, it’s the only time I’ve liked Brie Larson.

  • Nicole

    You guys are so awesome – yes, yes, and YES to being who you are. I’m Asian, and people used to like to give me crap for hanging out with other Asians, and I used to feel bad about not being with a diverse group of friends at all times and being “too Asian”. I finally realized, what is it to you? I’m not judging who you’re hanging out with, and I’m sorry that 5 Asian people hanging out together is somehow threatening. Drives me nuts, and I feel sad for other kids who deal with the same thing. Good for you for calling those kinds of people out on their BS in a public way.

  • I’m finally listening to this podcast because I’m 3 episodes into Jessica Jones and I’m hoping that’s enough to participate herein. Anyway I just read all of Brian Michael Bendis’ Alias before I started the show which is why I’m so late. It’s interesting that the comic uses so many canonical characters in it. I definitely agree that Jessica in the comics looked more like a regular person (though there were a lot of lines in the comic about how Jessica is pretty, even if the art downplayed that) – as I was reading the comic I was actually struck by how much Jessica Jones’s face and expressions as depicted by the artist made me think of Ruth Wilson (who is obviously no slouch herself, but who is generally styled to look normal and even sloppy on The Affair, not unlike Jessica Jones in the comics). So Kristen Ritter is different, but I like her depiction (though I’ve been chatting about it with my similarly nerdy brother and he thinks she’s a bit whiny, but he’s a psychiatrist so he might be judging the depiction of PTSD a bit harshly).

    One minor factual quibble – the movie version of The Wiz was set in NYC. A gritty, 1970s cartoonishly dirty version of NYC, but still (in the film, Dorothy’s from Harlem and never went below 125 St). I actually really liked the sets in the movie and the use of places like Astroland and the World’s Fair Pavilion, but it’s not like they could use them for a live tv version anyway so oh well. I’m really excited for this new version though. THIS WEEK YAAAAY.

    The problems y’all had with Trainwreck sounds like the problem I had with Bridesmaids, which I also found really judgey of the main character (whose big flaw was… being depressed and a little self-centered and also poor, all as a result of a major professional failure? Really? She deserved to get mildly single-white-femaled by Rose Byrne’s character as a result, and then told to stop blaming the world for her problems and take control of her life? Who says that to someone going through a depression? I was going through a similarly rough time when I saw the film in theaters and it made me really upset, so maybe I took it too personally.)

    In re Jurassic World: WHEN are CGIers going to start updating their models to add FEATHERS GOSH DARN IT.

    I was just thinking the other day about how long-form comics are like soap operas. Jean Grey is a soap opera character – she even has a clone who ends up becoming her evil twin for crissake (poor poor Maddy Pryor).

    I’m far too late for any real discussion so please pardon my rambling bullet points. I want to watch a few more episodes of JJ before I listen to the next podcast from last week so I’m just going to be consistently behind. Womp womp. Great podcast! <3