Janet Jackson Kicks Off the “Unbreakable” World Tour in Vancouver

Posted on September 01, 2015

Janet Jackson kicks off the “Unbreakable” world tour in Vancouver. Janet made a triumphant return to the stage after almost five years away.


Janet-Jascon-Unbreakable-World-Tour-Vancouver-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)

Janet-Jascon-Unbreakable-World-Tour-Vancouver-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Janet-Jascon-Unbreakable-World-Tour-Vancouver-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Janet-Jascon-Unbreakable-World-Tour-Vancouver-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Janet-Jascon-Unbreakable-World-Tour-Vancouver-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Janet-Jascon-Unbreakable-World-Tour-Vancouver-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Y’know? Our first impulse was to hate on this look but we checked ourselves and considered a few things. Namely, the stripperfest that was the VMAs this year and how tiresome the whole “lady pop stars must be naked” trend has become.  Janet herself spent plenty of years ripping open her top for her art, and once she landed herself an honest-to-god oil billionaire and settled down in Qatar, we figured she must be past the whole stripping thing when it comes to her costumes. Especially since the very term “wardrobe malfunction” was coined because of her. She’s got plenty of reason for wanting to keep it on the demure side. We still don’t know how well this works as stage wear, but there’s a somewhat interesting melding of hip hop and Arabic clothing styles which nicely reflects where she is in her life right now.



[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • Janet Jackson, still young enough to rock this mother out and have need for giant period pants. Bless.

  • Plus: Hair and Make Up look flawless! I love her song “No Sleep” it’s very “That’s the way love goes” 😀

  • Karen B

    I just can’t with the dropped crotch pants that make me think of :
    a) MC Hammer
    b) the guy who wore hoodies as pants due to scrotal lymphedema

    • Jessica Freeman

      c.) Justin Bieber

      • Karen B

        I never think about him, lol

        • Jessica Freeman

          Needless to say, none of these things I want to associate with Janet. Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty.

      • d) Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins when he’s dancing with the cartoon penguins

        • Innuendo

          That’s all I see, every single time.

    • lost in the stars

      She should have worn the shalwar kameez, the long shirt over pants favored by South Asian Muslim women. She would have achieved the same silhouette, but with more comfort and dignity.

      • cowper

        Great idea! Although it’s also funny to hear “comfort and dignity” mentioned in the same breath as stagewear. : )

    • Bernd

      I think the pants + the shoes make her lower half clownish. The rule should be Either clown pants or clown shoes, but not both. With a jewel-encrusted slipper this would have looked so much better

    • Aldo, saggy diapers. In this case, it’s really, really sagging.

  • steph

    Miss Janet if you’re Nasty. Forever!

  • BigRosieGreenbaum

    Okay, now, we need to remember this look the next time anyone says *LaToya* is the crazy one on the Jackson family.

    • AnaRoW

      You say that now but that’s probably because you have seen a nearly 60 year old La Toya in her push-up bra and Tammy Faye eyelashes lately.

      Also, Jermaine’s the crazy one in the family.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I’m going to see all of this live tomorrow night and this just makes me more excited. The hair is looking magnificent.

  • Jessica Freeman

    I….what…the…pants. Um.

  • FibonacciSequins

    Is this a religious or cultural thing, or just a personal preference on her part?

    • StrandedFashionista

      I was mildly curious about that myself.

    • fursa_saida

      Did she convert?

      • Nerka2

        Not sure what she expected. I wonder how long this marriage will last. From MTV news:

        “Janet who is married to Quatari Muslim Billionaire Wissam Al Mana, disclosed that she almost committed suicide because of the restrictions and burden her new life and religion brought upon her, saying it was not an easy transformation.

        According to MTV News, she revealed that she has been deprived of almost everything in life, as she could not listen to music, drive a car, wear designer clothes only the “Black Abaya” and could not even move outside her residential home, in Doha as she was always surrounded by heavily armed security men.

        Janet said her new song feat J.Cole “No Sleep” says it all from her marriage, to the difficulties involved in adapting to her new life, the stress involved in being a Muslim wife and the regrets she had due to the choices she made.”

        • fursa_saida

          I want to say for the record that this is by no means the life of all Muslim women or wives, and I’m frankly surprised to see it imposed on the foreign born wife of a Khaleeji mogul. But there’s nothing in the Qur’an, and nothing mainstream at least in hadith, that says a non-Muslim woman has to convert if she marries a Muslim man. So the fact that he wanted her to might have been a clue that he had some stringent ideas.

          • Nerka2

            My brother married a Turkish women so I heartily agree. But Qatar is not a liberal country and Janet is a Jackson. So there you have it.

          • fursa_saida

            Qatar certainly isn’t but in most of the Khaleeji states the elites usually lead a much more licentious life, which is why I was surprised. Maybe he’s first-generation rich. Or maybe he’s just highly conservative.

            This is a bummer, I was picturing her swanning around the glitzy nightlife all over the UAE 🙁

        • Do you have a link to the MTV News story this is from?

          • Nerka2

            After doing some research, I cannot find a direct link. My guess is that someone just pumped the story on the internet, and since I was rushing and not doing my due diligence, posted it. It could be true, but I could not find any confirming article. I am so spanked!

          • Nerka2

            After conducting some research, I must conclude that the information received and posted was of a dubious nature. They said MTV but I can find no such item on their site. It could be on a video interview somewhere, but if that were true I imagine there would be real magazines quoting her. Should have done my due diligence. I am so spanked.

        • Nerka2

          I was researching this article per TLO’s comments and so far I can’t find anything to support it. The article above could just be an internet rumor with a citation and no link. My bad. 🙁

  • Janet B

    Might be the first time I’ve wanted to see a photo of an outfit from farther away.

    • Wink

      Like from outer space? The diaper pants are a major needle scratch.

  • Tanya Wade

    Face are hair are magnificent. Rock those curls, Miss Jackson. I think if the drop crotch pants had been a long skirt it could have worked better, but whatever makes her happy. Love the new song. She has been missed.

  • Shannyn Marie

    49 years old and still nailing it. Janet always likes those drop crotch pants when she’s feeling bigger. She wore the same kind of pants when she performed at an awards show the year her brother died.

  • Those pants are not triumphant.

  • Those pants are only acceptable if she rips them open at some point and a bunch of sparkly doves or something majestically fly out over the audience.

    • Lynne

      This is an amazing idea.

  • Lily

    Miss Jackson’s back, and that’s all that matters. Those pants are tragic, however.

  • sugarkane105

    I get the modesty, but just how DROPPED does the crotch need to be? She could smuggle a toddler in there.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      I agree. I can’t understand how she can even move in them.

    • kimmeister

      I’m marveling over that myself! The crotch is several inches below the knees, even. Yikes!

  • DyanSwan

    Those harem pants are fugly.

    • Sekhmet6

      You could fit the entire harem into them.

    • Gatita

      I don’t know how she can dance in those things. Reminds me of an old In .Living Color skit where Hammer gets tangled up in his own pants.

  • Miss Gamine Dream

    Maybe heels would have worked better with her harem pants rather than the sneakers?

    • Gatto Nero

      Not for dancing on stage.

  • Anna

    Hair is giving me life, I’ve been practicing my dance moves and CANNOT WAIT to see her in concert.

    I’ve Really Missed You Much, Miss Jackson (if you’re Nasty).

  • Jenn B

    I am going to this concert tomorrow and I am so excited. But what should I wear? I am afraid my highly preppy wardrobe has a dearth of hammer pants in it.

  • Sobaika

    I like dropped crotch pants! Sue me. I’m not sure why these are dropped to the knees, but I am not mad at this.

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    drop crotch pants look good on no one if they cant look good on Miss Jackson (if ya nasty.)

  • Jaeda Laurez

    Explain to me how Britney and Ariana can’t get a simple ponytail right, and no matter what hair Janet puts on her head, it’s flawless from baby hair to the tips. HOW SWAY? I’m going to see her in 2 weeks and I can’t even wait!

  • Terri Ellis

    As long as she can DANCE in those pants, I guess I can be ok with them. Now gotta go watch some videos of her.

  • smh4748

    Top half looks pretty great, but those pants are never going to be anything but a travesty.

  • No, those dropped crotch pants are hideous. HIDEOUS. I love everything else, and especially love how the top and jewelry combine to give a nod to her military jacket days. But I’m a no on the pants.

  • deelup

    Miss Jackson, you had me till the pants. Otherwise, wow. She looks fantastic.

  • Madgirl

    I’m going to see Janet at the Barclay’s Center in February. I’m so freaking excited!!! I like this look because it’s definitely a mix of what’s happening in her life. Her new video No Sleeeeep she has a similar aesthetic. And J. Cole who I loooove has a really cool look too. I like the 90’s-esque vibe

    • PastryGoddess

      I’m going to see her in Baltimore too. I’m so excited!

    • VCR1

      Jealous of you!! Have fun!!!

  • Pound of Salt

    Considering she was vilified for YEARS for something that wasn’t her fault, I can definitely see why she’d cover herself the hell up. I’ve missed her!

  • Suzanne Moore

    I’m fascinated by her jewelry. Is it a breastplate necklace thing or what?

  • Citiesabove

    Strangely enough, the sneakers bother me the most. From far off, they look like black sandals paired with think white socks. (Long time reader, first time commenter, hi!)

    • PastryGoddess

      Hi and welcome!

  • rocketinu

    I like Janet Jackson. The pants are too “”bieberesque for me.

  • Susan Crawford

    Glad to see her back onstage – – – she looks great, and in her case, even the drop-crotch pants are OK. Welcome back, Ms.Jackson!

  • Welcome back, Your Highness, we missed you. Your pants are stupid.

  • ohayayay

    I adore her, love the new song, and the video is hypnotic. Her attitude and dancing are selling the pants for me. I think they would probably look great from the cheap seats which is where I usually sit. Some lucky person who gets to go see her in concert, please report back.

  • Gerry Coleman

    No Kimmy Schmidt references here, either? I’ve had that song stuck in my head all morning. They alive, dammit!

  • PastryGoddess

    I’m just appreciating that I get to listen to this amazing song once again.

    Between her and Adele dropping albums this fall, I’m set for the next 6 months.

  • MilaXX

    Works for me. I’m hoping I get to see her in concert again.

  • gotgreyhound

    All I can see is a very full-to-bursting diaper. Sorry, Janet!

  • OrangeChia

    I’m sure she sounds amazeballs, but that outfit is tragic.

  • Vfor

    I’m all for demure, but she looks like the masturbating bear from Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

  • majorbedhead

    Damn. Girl does not age.

    Those pants, though. *shudder*

  • GillianHolroyd

    re stage wear, it’s just that everything is the same proportion: oversize. The cuffs are too long, the crotch is too low, the collar is too big, the shoes look like ski boots. Plus she must be sweating to death up there.

  • Rose

    “I showed my pierced nipple at the 2004’s super bowl and all I got was this lousy Qatar residency.” No fucks were given. All hail the queen!

  • conniemd

    Hate the drop crotch pants but she looks full of life and amazeballs. Way to go!

  • marlie

    I don’t particularly like the costume at all, but I really appreciate the observations that you guys made about it. I’m actually glad that she doesn’t seem to feel obligated to wear skin-tight and/or see-through OR sky-high heels on stage, so I’ll give her a pass on this one.

    • It’s certainly not to my taste, but after reading T+Lo’s commentary, I reflected that she is possibly keeping her new(ish) home crowd in mind. Pictures of this tour could certainly make the media there. (Of course, for all I know, her next several outfits are skimpy and revealing, and so much for that theory.)

  • VCR1

    I don’t think the pants work. It’s a needle scratch for me. I like her top and I totally agree that she has nothing to prove, doesn’t need to try and wear skimpy costumes, but I think she could wear a different pair of pants and this would all look great!
    Glad to see her back!

  • HerGraces

    If you don’t want to hate it, I’ll do it for you. I love me some Janet but that’s just wrong.

  • Brian G. Cox

    I can’t see the word “Unbreakable” without mentally following up with “They Alive, Dammit!”

    • sagecreek

      Women are stronger than hell!

  • Truthiness2U

    I was JUST thinking after the VMAs how tired tired tired I am of all the nekkid lady stars, and how I would like to see some rock women who didn’t “choose” to be nekkid as part of their act. And yeah, while I hate drop crotch harem pants, I still prefer them to like 99.99% of the looks out of the VMAs, so there’s that. And I like the rest of her outfit just fine, and her hair/face look great.

    And I just miss Miss Jackson. So yeah, bring it however.

  • JynxTheCat

    That’s Lady Bunny proportions of hair!

  • crystals

    And now I shall watch the Love Will Never Do Without You video on repeat until I forget this ever happened.

  • Pollynation

    Butt ugly pants. Covering up can be done in an attractive way, dear.

  • uprightcitizen

    I’m not certain that the peroxide blonde behind her in the last shot isn’t Carol Channing. Channing is 94, but it would not surprise me in the least.

  • Did she lose a bet?

  • Eric Stott

    On stage, acceptable – but she better not go out on the street

  • Qitkat

    I’m astonished at how much I like this song and the video. Is there a kindler, gentler rap/hip-hop on the horizon? Very pop-sugar sweet, but rather enchanting.

    The stage outfit I’m not at all wild about. It’s very odd, but in a ‘can’t look away’ way. However, she is beautiful and looks like she hasn’t aged a day.

  • Velvet_Hangman

    Imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince the Japanese to flood Japan with NON-Japanese until they themselves become a minority
    To convince them to force affirmative action AGAINST THEMSELVES with all those NON-Japanese
    That this “diversity” is a strength
    And to convince them that it would be “racist” to NOT do this to themselves
    No need convincing WHITE anti-whites of this in EVERY white country, they’re already convinced
    Anti-Racist is a code for Anti-White

  • AthenaJ

    There is nothing triumphant about those pants.

  • rodrigo

    She’s a woman. Grown woman. Not a grown woman trying to be young…

  • quiltrx

    I didn’t realize she was still a thing. Good for her.
    And she is serving FACE.

  • Girl, I guess…

  • Milos Mom

    Momma Janet needs to perfect the tour before she brings it to the states. Perfect = shed a few pounds from the nightly work out…. let her face settle from the recent lifts and injections (must say she is looking like Lil Kim in these pics so I am a bit concerned she has gone to the point of no return)… and get those outfits in order because that lurex sure as $hit isn’t going to cut it.