Zac Efron in Los Feliz

Posted on August 01, 2014

We feel for this boy.

Go back and re-read that. It wasn’t dirty.

Zac-Efron-GOTS-Los-Feliz-LFCA-BOTF-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Zac Efron out and about in Los Feliz, California.

Zac-Efron-GOTS-Los-Feliz-LFCA-BOTF-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Zac-Efron-GOTS-Los-Feliz-LFCA-BOTF-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Zac-Efron-GOTS-Los-Feliz-LFCA-BOTF-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Zac-Efron-GOTS-Los-Feliz-LFCA-BOTF-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Zac-Efron-GOTS-Los-Feliz-LFCA-BOTF-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

But we do. We’re stuck working as professional celebrity-watchers and he gives off such a vibe of inner torment at the moment. Sure, we laughed at this supremely well-executed (if it wasn’t so damn obvious) #BeMeOrDoMe moment, but even if it’s funny, it reeks of desperation. He was pretty open about his drug and alcohol issues earlier in the year, but this strikes us more like career panic. And while we can’t deny that he looks pretty damn good here, the bitchier side of us is forced to point out that any boystar who goes out in public wearing jeggings is letting the world know he’ll do anything for a pap shot. He’s turning pap tricks. First comes the shirtless horseback pics, then come the jeggings. Before you know it, he’ll be washing his car in Daisy Dukes in a parking lot somewhere for cash.






    • Steve Ek

      When the boy stars start trolling the Paps in Diane Gilman, you just know the end is near. Who knew Zach shopped at HSN?

    • lecoffeeaddict

      Due to my embarrassing though nonetheless fully blown celeb-crush on this man, I have nothing bad to say about the “jeggings.”

      • ashtangajunkie

        Haha, jinx. :)

      • Jimmack

        Big crush on him too. I saw Zak at the airport a few months ago. He is twice as hot in real life.

    • RussellH88

      I wish I could pull off skinny jeans, alas my thighs are too thunderous.

      I wish he’d pull a Parker Posey and give the paps a wave and a cheesy grin as if he’s WALKING ON AIR

      • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

        But us thick guys have our own arsenal of tricks. 501s are very tight on the thighs, but even if you are fat, the waist is still a bit big. So wear your brightest red underwear (or pink underwear or vertical stripes — the metrosexuals have made it harder for us to stand out), see a cute guy, hope he has an underwear fetish (if he’s a bear then yes, he does) and then Bend And Snap with your back to him. If you do it twice and he follows you just to get a look at your bright red underwear and maybe a little bit of butt crack, then you don’t even need to go to the bar tonight. Your work is done, and his is just starting.

        • RussellH88

          Well, I have a 32 inch waist, but I have thighs and an ass so I usually end up with pants that are too tight around the ass or loose around the waist.

          • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

            Sounds like you got what you need if there’s some gettin’ to be got.

            I am jealous! I have a bony ass and narrow hips, but thick legs. Wide shoulders, so wide that I still have that V shaped torso even with my belly, but damn I wish I had a butt. I got all of the Russian side of the family and none of the Jewish side.

            • RussellH88

              I’m all Irish, German and Welsh so I’m a pale nerd who avoids sunlight and likes alcohol. My mom claims I get my ass from her (I don’t know if Germans have asses)

            • LadyVimes

              Only the fußballers ;)

            • RussellH88

              I remember I was laying on my stomach and my brother walked by and suddenly said “Russell, you have a dork!” I work out a lot, which hopefully results in a decent ass.

            • Alexa42

              Did your brother mean “donk”? Because according to Urban Dictionary:


              (n)a whale penis

              The blue whale has the biggest dork on earth


              a very round, attractive ghetto style booty

              You seem like a cool guy, RussellH88, just trying to be helpful.

            • RussellH88

              You are correct. But for some reason my alcohol soaked brain thought that “donk” could make it past the Autocorrect on my phone.

            • LesYeuxHiboux

              Oh Germans have big ol’ booties. You and I are of the same composition and the junk in my trunk is of Bavarian origin.

        • Brian G. Cox

          To say that 501’s are tight on the thighs is an understatement; they barely clear the knees. I would look as though I was wearing a denim clown cone if I actually found a pair that managed to fit in the legs and calves.

    • sugarkane105

      Aw, he looks cute. Shitty parking job though.

      • MartyBellerMask

        LOL!! I had to scroll back up to see that. Poor dear. He looks like he’s entering the car *ever so carefully* too.
        Now I’m worried what’s in that can…

    • ashtangajunkie

      I have an embarrassing, pathetic crush on this little nugget. I think he’s dreamy. There. Phew. I feel so much closer to you guys now.

      • Drunken Housewife

        There, there. You can let out all your more embarrassing crushes with us. We understand (or rather we will enjoy reading them).

      • Leah Elzinga

        oh, me too! Like I get the feels followed immediately by embarrassment, then more feels… it’s a vicious cycle.

      • brown-eyed girl

        I, too, have a crush on him. Perhaps he’s the thinking woman’s Justin Bieber?

        • ashtangajunkie

          “The thinking woman’s Justin Bieber” made me laugh!

        • RussellH88

          Nah, he’s gotten better with age.

      • Agent Sculder

        Same here. I thought of him as just “cute” for a long time, and then I saw him in “The Paperboy” where he’s half-naked in most of his scenes, and the camera just lingers all over him. He was quite good in it, and he had chemistry with Macy Gray. After that, I was quite sadly hooked. I hope he gets himself together.

    • Miss Ruth

      I hate to sound like a snob, but what the heckfire is he driving? He’s a damn movie star. That said, he’s so, so cute. Love the sunglasses, actually.

      • lundibleu

        That looks like an Audi to me…

      • marlie

        Actually, that gives him a few more points from me. He’s not driving around in some flashy, obnoxious car that screams “look at how much money I have!”

        • Miss Ruth

          Well put, ma’am! I think my cold heart grew three sizes right now…

    • Sobaika

      I have zero naughty feelings for him, but he has excellent taste in women. You do you, Zefron.

      • Agent Sculder

        Well . . .there are some not-so-blind items out there that have suggested the women are just for show. And that the “real” reason why he’s struggling with alcohol and drugs is that he’s deeply in the closet and is afraid his career will tank if he comes out.

    • Alicia

      On the Graham Norton show he was lovely – so he gets points for being either a good actor or a nice person. He does not get points for the matchy-matchy jeggings and shirt outfit.

      • lunchcoma

        My impression is that he’s more of both than most people might think. He surprised me in Neighbors, and I’ve always gotten the impression he’s a reasonably nice guy. Agree that the monochrome isn’t a good look. Even his shoes match.

        • Alicia

          Deliberate camouflage on his way to a secret night-op?

          • lunchcoma

            From the fit of those leggings, I’d be more likely to guess that he’s going to rip off the shirt, take flight, and fight crime (hopefully not on Skid Row). After all, he’d guarantee that no one would be looking to hard at his face.

        • lundibleu

          He does (mostly) come across as a nice guy, and this isn’t a good look for him. Though if he turns up washing cars in daisy dukes, that’d be a look I’m sure we’d all like to see… just out of curiosity, obviously :)

      • altermyego

        I’m amazed at how many celebs I see on Graham Norton that I don’t like at the beginning of the show but love them by the end of his show. With the exceptions of Robert DeNiro (dull), Madonna – most boring person ever on that couch and Mark Wahlberg – way too drunk and incredibly rude to Sarah Silverman.
        Zac was charming.

        • Alicia

          I know exactly what you mean! He is very good at drawing out “funny” and “charming” from his guests.

    • AlexisPayne

      Did anyone else watch him on Running Wild With Bear Grylls???

      • marlie

        I watched it and was enjoying it until they got to the part with the carcass at the waterfall and then I checked out. But he seemed kind of nice and genuine for the part that I did see.

    • jonnyf8

      His appearance on “Running Wild with Bear Gryllis” Monday night was one of the highlights of the week for me. It gave a whole new meaning to the term bromance.

    • hughman

      Look how dirty his car is! That’s a Hollywood call for help! It’s the L.A. equivalent of feeding your toddler meth in the middle of Winn-Dixie.

      • AlexisPayne

        Or, we’re in the worst drought on record here in California and he’s trying to show that he is environmentally aware. Or his people are lazy.

    • Drunken Housewife

      He could be a great villain in the movies. I liked it when his character in “Neighbors” became obsessed and unhinged. I hope his substance abuse problems don’t kill him; he has some talent to go along with those amazing good looks.

    • MilaXX

      Meh. He does nothing for me.

    • Grumpy Girl

      I was expecting him to find he was locked out of his car as I scrolled down. Obviously projecting a bit too much of my own recent experiences there. I feel for (almost) anyone who locks their keys in their car. Then there was the pic of the door open, and he didn’t look relieved, and I was actually confused. Clearly, it is past 5pm and I need to get home.

    • Freynika

      I’m more bothered by the sunglasses than the jeggings. They’re not wide enough for his head. And is it is me, or does his face look blurry in these photos? Is it a bad lens or is the brick wall making it look weird?

      • Grumpy Girl

        I thought the same thing about the sunglasses; they provide a bit of a cross-eyed look.

    • gingerella

      I think he actually has received good reviews for something he acted in, which makes me think that he’ll weather this summer of desperation.

    • James

      But he sure does look good in those jeggings and I sure do have priorities. On a serious note, I do wish him well.

    • Danielle

      Your hair looks sexy pushed back.

    • frannyprof

      And his car needs a washing, so he’d better get to it, pronto. Love the sunglasses.

    • FC

      I have a feeling he’s going to “surprise” everyone and OD.

      • Mr. J.

        That is a really terrible thing to say.

        • FC

          It’s a terrible thing for him to lie to his adoring fans about being sober when he’s still using heroin and cocaine and going to Skid Row to find it. That’s when he’s not parting it up in Ibiza with his cougar girlfriend, another well known drug addict.

    • altalinda

      Meow! she said, feeling cougarish.

    • Shawn EH

      Am I wrong to be getting a Jethro Bodine vibe here?

    • Anique Ashraf

      please please PLEASE let him wash a car in just daisy dukes. thank you universe.

    • Mark Alexander

      “Before you know it, he’ll be washing his car in Daisy Dukes in a parking lot somewhere for cash.” You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    • marlie

      I… just can’t. Jeggings??? That almost match his shirt perfectly??? Just… no. NO.

    • msdamselfly

      I think he looks perfect

    • LadyVimes

      Sweetheart, those sunglasses are too small for your face. Go back to the aviators and channel Top Gun era Tom Cruise, mmkay?

    • FibonacciSequins

      I thought he was in Ibiza kissing Michelle Rodriguez.

      Jeggings aren’t his pants but he’s cute and seems like a nice fella. I hope he’s okay.

    • RedRaven617

      I’d say that driving around in Los Angeles in a car that dirty is a sure sign of inner torment.

    • boweryboy

      I begrudgingly find him hot, and I hate myself for that.

    • demidaemon

      You know what, if he actually does that, I’m willing to see it. I’m shallow.

    • Man Dala

      He makes my parts tingle, jeggings or no jeggings.

    • Beto

      Why my gaydar tinglHOWLS?

    • cocohall

      I’ve always had the sense that this boy is not quite comfortable in his own skin. My girls were the target audience for the HSM franchise and we watched those movies endlessly. And although his character was supposed to be feeling anxiety about choosing between musical theater and basketball, the anxiety seemed a bit too real. His eventual issues with drugs was sadly not a surprise. And I have to agree with the uncles that confident and happy are not the two adjectives that come to mind when you see these photos. I thought he was quite good in Hairspray and I hope that he finds a way to transition to adult roles. Before Hollywood eats him alive.

    • AnnaTHorne

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    • Patrick Cleary

      I keep thinking that he’s desperately keeping himself in the closet and it’s killing him. It could just be that he’s cute.

    • Wink

      Oh, Zac… “Tell Mama. Tell Mama all.” (Elizabeth Taylor to Montgomery Clift in “A Place in The Sun)

    • Jecca2244

      he was in ibiza and i was not so i don’t feel that bad!