Claire Danes in Stella McCartney at Showtime Eve Soiree

Posted on August 29, 2014

Claire-Danes-2014-Homeland-Showtime-Eve-Soiree-Emmys-Stella-McCartney-Tom-LOenzo-Site-TLO (1) Claire-Danes-2014-Homeland-Showtime-Eve-Soiree-Emmys-Stella-McCartney-Tom-LOenzo-Site-TLO (2)“Homeland” actress Claire Danes attends Showtime 2014 Emmy Eve Soiree in West Hollywood, California in a Stella McCartney dress from the Resort 2014 collection paired with a Tyler Alexandra clutch, Kurt Geiger heels, Irene Neuwirth jewelry.








[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Stella MCartney]

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  • @Biting Panda

    Her head looks fantastic. The rest is typical Stella shit show.

    • I don’t know much about fashion, but even I get a vibe of screaming insecurity from that top. That designer felt obliged to re-invent the bodice…and the material of choice was seat belts?

      • CarolWJohnson

        I just got paid


    • I used to photograph high end garments for consignment stores in NYC. The manager wasn’t into fashion at all (I dunno how she ended up at the job for 1.5 years. Only woman I met in NYC with zero interest in clothing) and Stella McCartney made her legitimately angry. That said, the stuff sold.

    • CelandineM

      I was tired when I read this post and did a double take because I swear I saw ” at Showtime Eye Sore.” After seeing that Stella, thought that was actually an appropriate tag.

      • LJCdoc

        “Showtime eye sore” might have to be my new shorthand for Stella McCartney

    • Kent Roby

      If the middle fabric is supposed to be rolling eyes, then it’s very appropriate.

  • Aidan B

    I hate this less than I probably should. It’s a frankendress, as usual, but this almost looks good on Claire somehow.

    • jen_vasm

      To Claire’s credit, she is making this dress not totally horrible looking, although it is totally horrible.

  • MilaXX

    It’s a Friday Frankendress! Remove the asymmetrical hemline on the last ruffle and this could almost work. I wish Claire’s shoes were black instead of this pattern since the dress is already super busy. I’m also not sure we needed a blue bag introducing yet another shade of blue to this look either.

  • I just don’t get Stella McCartney. I’m not smart or fashionable enough. To me, it’s kind of fug, but in any event I don’t think Claire Danes is right for that dress. Dress, that’s not your girl.

    • Gatto Nero

      You don’t get Stella because you have taste. And I’m not sure that’s anyone’s dress.

      • demidaemon

        I’m pretty sure this is a crazy cat lady dress that she made from the leftover shirts her cats had shredded.

        I’m also pretty sure most celebs are not crazy cat ladies.

  • Man Dala

    She looks lovely — minus the clutch.

  • FibonacciSequins

    Tricky, but Stella’s done much worse.

  • RedRaven617


  • Lori


  • Mona_Visa

    I hear the mice from Cinderella singing their little song while they sew scraps together. You go, rodents. Save our girl.

    • Gatto Nero

      Picturing singing rodents doing a better design job than Stella.
      Yep — got it.

    • hughman

      “My So-Called Mice”

      • joancarol


      • You win.

      • cocohall

        I want to live in your head. You must make yourself laugh all day long.

    • Personally, I think the mice are out to get her…

  • marlie

    Ooh. Honey, no. This frankendress is making her torso look weirdly long. On the model too. Nice hair and makeup, and I like her earrings.

    • kimmeister

      Her torso IS long, and this dress just highlights that. The fact that the earrings don’t quite match each other is triggering some OCD.

  • Mr. J.

    Claire is just beaming and so pretty….however, that dress was hit with the ugly stick.

  • Anna

    Stella was hammered (as usual) and started off with a sports bra for her Adidas collection and thought, “Why not attach it to these scraps of fabric.”

    I like the earrings, face is pretty.

  • JauntyJohn

    You guys! You guys! I think I figured it out!
    You know how when the cops (on tv) are going to charge in someplace they throw a flashbang grenade in first to stun all the badguys before they kick in the door?
    Stella McCartney is the flashbang grenade of fashion!
    Some star is like, “Ugh, whatever, I can’t even pick a look right now I’m still trying to remember all that weird medical/legal/technical dialog they just wrote me…” and their stylist goes, “Oh, honey! No problem! We’ll just stun ’em with a McCartney and you can sail through with no shots fired.”
    So they put one on, and we all cock our heads like the little RCA dog and go, “Blerp?” and it’s game over.

    Because I have never seen a Stella M. piece where, after looking at it and trying to figure out who thought what at any point from designing it to donning it, not heard Bill Paxton’s voice — from his character in “Aliens” going: “Game over, man. Game over!” in total breakdown.

    I do. not. get.

  • smh4748

    I was shocked this wasn’t a Pilotto, but I guess Stella makes a lot of sense too.

  • hughman


    • ankali

      Fabulous on my resentment salad!

  • Kathy

    Reminds me of that time I got tangled up in my seat belt.

  • KayEmWhy

    I held my breath as I scrolled down waiting for disaster. Girl that’s not your dress. Fire your stylist. Make Stella stop, PLEASE!

  • Julie Chase

    I WANT THOSE EARRINGS. Otherwise, ugh, Stella. Oh the way to being cute and then KABOOM. Dress carnage.

  • I really like the neckline … but oy, that design.

    • kimmeister

      I like seeing her in a neckline that actually provides some structure around the bust, for a change!

  • understateddiva

    hair and makeup are completely stunning! leave it all, step out of the dress, and throw on something that can handle your fabulousness, Miss Claire!

  • Constant Reader

    I like the earrings a lot and Claire looks gorgeous. They both deserve a better dress than this Waitress At a Honkytonk Just Off the Interstate monstrosity.

  • kim bunchalastnames

    the dress, she is franken.

  • ElaineMarie34

    Happy, relaxed Claire can wear anything, clearly!

  • Henry Maler


  • Yoshio

    I want those earrings! First it’s Heidi’s ring and now it’s Claire’s earrings. I think I missed my calling as a jewel thief.

  • livesarah

    The dress obviously met with a terrible accident but everything else was in the wash? Oh wait, it’s a Stella, it was born ugly.

  • alyce1213

    That is one deranged dress.

  • Pterodactyl111

    That’s a great color for her.

  • gingerella

    The top looks like seatbelt fabric.

  • joancarol

    Those shoes should be illegal.

  • quiltrx

    Her head looks terrific!
    The less said about that hiddy dress, the better. It looks better on Claire than the model, at least.

  • Orange Girl

    This dress is ugly as shit. She is beautiful.

  • Melmmmendes

    Nobody asked for a reverse mullet dress, Stella. NOBODY.

  • Another frankendress from Stella, with expected frankenawful results. I do like the earrings, though.

  • grasshack

    why would anyone choose to wear that?

  • anyalama

    I guess it’s no coincidence that I read this as “Claire Danes in Stella McCartney at Showtime Eye Sore”

  • papillon

    Well, at least her face and hair look nice!

  • Ali2044

    This looks like the kind of tacky dress you buy in tragic tourist resorts in Australia. Mixed prints, weird cut, uneven hem, some kind of weird detail like pleating in an effort to make cheap fabric and sweat-shop tailoring look summery and fresh. It never works.

    • bluefish


  • boweryboy

    oh. oh no. oh. Claire. no. oh. honey. oh. wow.

  • ankali

    What is even Stella’s aesthetic, though?

    • ChristyDee1


      • demidaemon

        Throw everything at a design form and see what sticks.

        • conniemd

          And even if something doesn’t stick, if you particularly like it, you glue or sew it on just because you’re Stella McCartney and you can.

          • demidaemon

            Well, I always imagined that her dress forms and fabrics are permanently sprayed with super glue.

  • mitch45

    i dont understand the dress, but I dont think her hair and face have ever looked better.

  • smallgirlsaretrouble

    The different directions of rick-rack are bringing on a migraine

  • deech_sea

    Something strange is going on at the bra, and the shoes are wrong, but overall, it’s colorful and fresh, and she looks cute.

  • It’s very Stella.

  • elemspbee


  • Jess White

    This isn’t just a titscrepancy. It’s a tit-tastrophe.

    • cocohall

      I’m going to try find a good time to work “tit-tastrophe” into conversation. It is making me giggle. Well done, you!

  • bluefish

    Always want to radically trim her hair and put her in a classic tailleur–with a good v-neck. She’s made for a well-made lady suit, with a classic cut and some real shoes — and a good corsage. If I were her stylist, I’d be telling to look back to classic Eve Arden and Lauren Bacall. She could look so much lovelier — and less suburban. Beautiful skin and a lithe frame going to waste in a sea of frippery.

  • Phydeaux

    I don’t like those shoes with the dress. Her feet just kind of disappear. She needed something to anchor her to the ground like in the model shot.

  • I don’t hate it on the model, but this dress only looks good for an editorial. Works way better in theory than in practice

  • LibKat

    Frankendress has escaped! Flee! Flee for your lives!!!!

  • pdquick

    Macramé and rags.

  • Sanglots longs

    I don’t love the model’s shoes, but I do think a heavier, darker shoe improves this. That bodice…maybe it’s that wide patterned elastic that seems to be showing up in skirts and dresses at the mall right now. If so, this isn’t seeming all that high-end.

  • CT14

    Claire Danes is the only one I know that can make Stella’s stuff look okay.

    It looks as though the boob tape is creating a titscrepancy. I blame Stella, not the tape.

  • Sweetvegan

    The dress is too long for her. It looks great on the model – that’s how it’s supposed to look.

  • cocohall

    Is she friends with Stella? Just wondering. Otherwise, I am at a total loss as to how she ended up wearing THIS out of the house. I can see trying it on. Her stylist says “Claire, just try it – some dresses just don’t have hanger appeal. Its unusual. You’ll stand out!” But once it was on? It doesn’t take a degree from Parsons to know this is some 80% off, clearance rack hideousness happening. But well done on hair, and makeup.

  • Tragic, but Claire is making the most of it.

  • Martha Anderson

    so that is what they make from retreads

  • Richard

    I’m so mad, because the bodice is actually pretty cute looking, and the fabric that’s right after it is also really cute and unique. When you get to that third fabric the whole thing falls apart, and you are left weeping to the heavens “WHHHYYYYYYYYY?!?!”

  • myristica_fragrans

    this is one of the ugliest dresses i’ve ever seen.

  • titaness25

    I swear to Xenu, I looked at this dress and thought…but who the fu-oh. Stella. Of COURSE.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    That’s what you call a messssss.

  • demidaemon

    Apparently, Stella had only scraps left over to make this dress. The result is a pretty obvious result. It’s too bad this is the best face and hair I’ve seen all week, because that dress is a patchwork mess.

  • Kikishua

    Is there a way to reduce the font size in comments, because *whispers* with a few minor changes I would really like this. I want the hem straightened out – so it doesn’t echo the pattern dip, and I want her hair tweaked so the gorgeous earrings can be seen more clearly. Ok, now you can burn me at the stake. And since it’s a Stella, I might even help you.

  • ktr33


  • ktr33

    I take it back. It’s more of a yuck.

  • ktr33

    also, why do I hate that ring so much?

  • LadyVimes

    “Pre-baby body is back, fuckers”

  • BlairBear

    Let’s see it’s over complicated and uses shitty fabric that looks awkward im shocked it’s a Stella said no one ever

  • Passionflora

    It reminds me of a Desigual and not in a good way. I agree with so many others who said that the fabric looks cheap.

  • allisankelly

    Is this a 90’s dress re-design/re-purpose challenge from PR? It looks like ties or seat belts and 2 of my old maternity baby doll dresses from the early 90’s sewn together.

  • suzq

    I should hate this more than I do. The fit is good and that makes a big difference.

  • evave2

    This IS the resort collection I begged and begged and begged you guys to feature. You are so mean NOT to feature Resort 2014 (OR Resort 2015) because I need a pick-me-up. The dress looks so tortured, the braiding…yuck.

    The world needs a Stella McCartney Resort feature.

    Couldn’t she hire a model to stand up straight? I mean REALLY

  • Sadie-Ann

    Drat, the thumbnail made me think I would like it.

  • Big Bear

    It’s like a Project Runway challenge – make a dress from some black rope and old curtains.

    But how good does she look despite the vile dress? So pretty!

  • lobsterlen

    I call Stella McCartney out on her claim that her designs never harming animals because routinely she tortures bitter kittens with her horrible clothes.

  • NBG

    Everything from the neck up is fine. I love the earrings and even that brassy hair color is working here. The dress is classic Stella. An ill-fitted WTF.

    Stella should thank Claire for making this work way better than it should.

  • MM4321

    Project Runway bottom 3.

  • H2

    The shape of the dress looks great, but the dress itself makes my head hurt. At least she’s not slouching like the model.

  • LMFAO.

  • V No Privacy


    Stella, please stop doing this to us. It is hurtful.

  • MoHub

    The only thing worse than a mullet hem is a sideways mullet hem.

  • webslice33

    her face looks great; i have no qualms abt the dress either, i think she pulls this one off..

  • Not bad