Solange Knowles for Lucky Magazine

Posted on July 08, 2014

Miss Solange strikes a pose and keeps her mouth shut.



Solange-Knowles-Lukcy-Magazine-August-2014-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Solange Knowles covers the August 2014 issue of Lucky magazine photographed by Todd Cole and styled by Kathryn Neale.


On the infamous elevator ride: Family is a centering force for Knowles—and she speaks of wanting to expand hers once the new album is finished. The day we’re talking in the park is two weeks after TMZ published a leaked elevator video of Knowles getting into an altercation with brother-in-law Jay-Z the night of the Met ball at the Standard Hotel. It’s a subject she expects in conversation but one she doesn’t want to focus on. She calls the incident “that thing.” “What’s important is that my family and I are all good,” she says. “What we had to say collectively was in the statement that we put out, and we all feel at peace with that.”


Solange-Knowles-Lukcy-Magazine-August-2014-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

The pics are cute. She can work these sort of ’80s-by-way-of-the-’60s bright, pop styles. But let’s face it: all anyone cares about is her non-answer regarding that footage of her beating up on Jay-Z. We like her ability to cooly answer the question without actually answering the question. That takes some skill. And to be honest, we thought the media fascination with that incident got a little overblown. Sure, the footage was juicy and we were all dying to know what it was about, but our celebrity criticisms tend to center around “Be me or do me“-style attention seeking stunts. This really was a family matter that inadvertently wound up in front of the eyes of the world. Good for her for basically saying, “We’re all good here and that’s all you’re getting on the matter.”

Besides, mysterious non-answers are ever so much better for the image, darling. Keep them guessing.





[Photo Credit: Todd Cole for Lucky Magazine]

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  • VioletFem

    She looks lovely despite that odd sweater/panel thing. I prefer the picture of her with the dress, it’s cute and chic. As far as her answers, I figured she’d say more or less that.

    • RussellH88

      It’s almost like a futuristic bib.

  • RussellH88

    She looks great and I am filled with a strong desire to touch her hair. It looks like cotton candy in the best way.

    • MarissaLG

      Ah yes but we know that touching other peoples’ hair is very rude- and we would never do that, right? (I mean really though no one can get close enough to Solange anyhow). She looks real cute, as always. Love those white boots.

      • kimmeister

        Two of the weirdest incidents I’ve ever experienced while travelling in other countries involved strangers touching my hair! And both times it was not welcome.

        • Sarah

          I used to get petted in Japan. They liked my blonde curls. It weirded me out at first, but it’s a country with less stringent rules about personal space, and they are really really nice.

          • kimmeister

            One of mine was a petting, the other not. In Venice, a guy walking past petted me from the crown of my head all the way down my back, without ever stopping or saying a word. On a train in France, a group of immigrant teenagers kept yanking on my ponytail whenever I turned my head. I much preferred the petting.

          • Sarah

            Ooh, creepy. Yeah, in Japan it was usually just some schoolgirls interested in a texture/color they hadn’t seen in person before. Like, on the train or waiting in line, they’d reach out and stroke it, then giggle. Pretty cute, actually, once I got over my American “touch me one more time and you’re a goner” attitude.

          • MilaXX

            I realize they meant no harm. Even appointed a university student to ask how I did my hair like that but they encircled me and there were too many hands reaching out to touch. My friends and I had all split up exploring different sections of the same place. After that I grabbed one of the guys and didn’t let him leave my side. It was scary. In the US. there is no excuse for it. Yes I wear locs and yes I wash my hair. No you cannot touch it and hell no, you cannot smell it.

          • @Biting Panda

            Smell it? Fucking people are rude.

          • MilaXX

            Yup and was surprised it smelled like coconuts. (I use coconut oil to moisturize). People still believe that locs are dirty and that people with locs don’t was their hair. I shampoo my hair regularly just like everyone else

          • Sarah

            Milaxx, feel you. I don’t know if you’ve read me say here before, but I had dreads for 13 years. By the time I cut ’em off, I was thisclose to publishing little cards that said “Yes, I wash it. No, I’m not worried about bugs, because yes, I wash it. Yes, I like my hair like this, that’s why I have it this way. And yes, you’re extremely rude for asking.”

          • tinyredlocks

            Word… As a fellow loc wearer, I concur…

          • SugarSnap108

            I had my hair fondled several times in Korea, by teenage girls (I have red curls).

          • Jarethee

            In Korea I get my arm hair and beard grabbed a lot by kids of all ages and the occasional drunk adult. I’ve kinda gotten used to it?

          • kimmeister

            ARM HAIR GRABBING??? That’s crazy!

        • MilaXX

          China was scary. They wanted to pet me and couldn’t understand how my hair stayed like that. I had 2 strand twist. (google it) At the winter palace they were putting their kids next to me and snapping pictures.

          • livesarah

            My little boy regularly gets stopped by Chinese and Japanese tourists, and asked for a photo. It’s kind of cute. But the random patting (groping?) of his curls – mostly by regular Aussie women – is not so welcome.

      • MilaXX

        I could tell you tales. I even had one person grab my hair and smell it. I don’t think I have to tell you it did not end well.

        • Alicia

          I hope their blood was shed. That is seriously no time for pacifism.

      • LesYeuxHiboux

        You would think. My bus riding experiences would prove otherwise (and I never mind when my preschoolers do.)

      • TinyDynamo

        As a white lady with really curly hair, I can attest that having a total stranger attempt to pull my curls (“to see if they boing back into shape!”) felt like assault. And I reacted that way, much to random stranger’s surprise. However, if someone asks & is genuinely respectful, I can be nice. But just reaching out & touching my hair? Um, no.

        • Sophie

          White lady with really curly hair here as well, but thankfully no one has ever touched it without my permission. I have been asked by a few people if I had a perm, and a friend of three years once very hesitantly asked if she could touch a curl.

          • TinyDynamo

            I usually get the “how does your hair do that?” or “does your hair just do that?” question before the ask to touch it. And once a preschooler asked if he could pat my head, then said “your hair feels like a sheep!” But he was so enthusiastic and happy I just laughed.

      • barbarienne

        I used to have a four-foot-long braid (the whole head was that long, not a rat-tail or something). People frequently mistook it for a bell pull. Right down to making “ding-dong!” sound effects.

        At some point I must have perfected an expression of “Really? Are you four years old?” because after a while I would just turn and look at people and they would start apologizing. Interestingly, children would usually try to have a conversation about it and wait to be invited to handle it.

    • boweryboy

      Nevah. Evah. Touch a black woman’s hair unless you want to pull away a nub. I’m just sayin’.

      • MilaXX

        *high fives you*

      • SistaT

        There is no way in the world that I can explain how much I hate it when someone touches my hair without asking. (And even if you ask, the answer will be no, but at least I won’t try to fuck you up.) I am not an animal and I will not be petted.

      • lovelyivy

        Seriously. I don’t even let my Mother touch my hair. Mostly because she’s grabby, but still.

        • Sophie

          I would let my mother do it, because she just sighs enviously when looking at my hair and it gets annoying. I get very grabby with my younger sister, and not only her hair, but she’s so used to it she just laughs.

    • MilaXX

      That’ll get you cut. That’s a really big no-no. HUGE.

    • Kate4queen

      one of my boys had big fat golden ringlets when he was little and complete strangers were always coming up and pulling his curls. It was extremely irritating.

    • RussellH88

      Just so everyone is aware, I do not randomly touch and or smell people’s hair.

      I don’t even like shaking hands.

      • formerlyAnon

        I have to laugh. When, way back in the ’70s, our church instituted shaking hands with one’s neighbors during the “Sign of Peace” part of the service, my Old School White Guy Dad (think John Wayne but with a love of Shakespeare and poetry) was deeply offended. “If I wanted to touch strangers* why would I go to church to do it?” He never did get over it, either.

        To define “stranger:” My family went to the same church, sat in the same pew, almost always the same Mass (9 a.m. Sunday) for decades. As did 90% of the people sitting near us.

        • Kikishua

          I’m with your dad on that one. Not that I ever went to church again, after I got to the age where my parents couldn’t dictate to me anymore. But the “sign of peace” bit – LOATHED it. I’m not at alltouchyhuggy, even if I know you!

  • sugarkane105

    I know it’s a personal, family matter, but I still feel like she needs to own up to the fact that was she did was pretty heinous. No matter what actually caused the altercation, she shouldn’t have acted like that. Leave the reason clouded in mystery, but maybe apologize for acting like an ass.

    • FibonacciSequins

      She doesn’t owe anyone outside her family an apology, and whether she apologized to them is their business. We shouldn’t even have seen that tape.

      • sugarkane105

        I guess I’m just used to the regular celebrity apology tours. Plenty of celebrities have apologized for less than physically assaulting and spitting on someone, whether it was on tape or not. But eh, I’m not gonna worry about it.

    • MilaXX

      She doesn’t owe it to the public to own up to anything. It was a leaked security tape. That’s like going to Macy’s getting in a fight with your family and then the security sells it to TMZ. If she owes an apology to anyone it’s the Bey & Jay so if the family says they’ve made peace with it, it’s none of our business.

  • marlie

    She looks absolutely adorable in these photos. She should go for this look more often. As for that incident… they’ve all made it clear that they’re not going to talk about it publicly, so I think it’s time to stop asking.

    • MilaXX

      This family’s use/manipulation of the media is always fascinating. They are telling/sharing anything they don’t want out if they can help it.

      • LesYeuxHiboux

        They are masterful. My husband and I were discussing the other day how even the Rihanna/Jay-Z situation and Bey’s feelings about it were used to great effect to make one of her most experimental albums a hit.

        • Thomas

          What Rihanna/Jay-Z situation? All I’ve heard are rumors that date back years, long before Beyonce’s most recent album.

          • LesYeuxHiboux

            It’s those rumors and the “secret” album Beyoncé made without Jay-Z as producer that I’m talking about. Not the unpromoted album drop she did this year (another brilliant move.) The album was B’Day, and at the time she was talking about going to an island to be on her own, hire her own producers, and record and do things her way to prove she was successful in her own right, amidst a hailstorm of rumors about Jay-Z going all around town with Rihanna. Irreplaceable and Ring the Alarm were brought up a lot. Now that she and Jay-Z are married the whole thing has been recast as a breezy thing inspired by Dreamgirls that she made on vacation.

          • Thomas

            lol Oh yeah, that seems like so long ago now. I think B’Day came out in like 2006.

          • LesYeuxHiboux

            Yeah, it doesn’t so much matter what the truth is, just that Beyoncé and her team (including parents and Jay-Z) are great at going with whichever narrative is best for business.

          • Thomas

            Yeah, I’ve never been a huge fan of Beyonce as a person because she comes off as kind of fake to me. I still feel as if I don’t know who she really is. It’s as if she puts up this facade. I get the feeling that she’s one way in public and a completely different person in private.

          • ShaoLinKitten

            Watching her on the elevator tape, I was struck by her passivity. If my sister were attempting to beat the crap out my husband, you can bet I’d be freaking out.

          • Wink

            Beyonce just stood there like, “Here they go again. They do this all the time.”

        • Danielle

          I was reading yesterday somewhere that Bey has reportedly been changing lyrics to her songs in concert, alluding to cheating rumors with Mya. While it could be true, I also remembered that they still have concert seats to sell, and it could just all be a marketing ploy.

  • kimmeister

    I thought that “her mouth shut” was going to refer to the camera poses, but I was clearly wrong.

    • Alloy Jane

      I thought they were being sarcastic since her mouth is open in both pictures. And then I read the rest of the text :-p

  • Anna

    Love these looks for her. Hair is GIVING ME LIFE.

    • FibonacciSequins

      Love her hair here, and really love her in that first look.

      • Anna

        I know! I And the more I look at it, the more I like that sweater. Even if it does come with built-in shower curtain fabric swatches!

    • Danielle

      Her hair is always glorious!

  • Glam Dixie

    Her eyebrows always look odd to me, I prefer the shot with the glasses because I can’t see them. The clothes are cute on her.

  • Kent Roby

    I think she generally looks much better in candid photos than she does here. Also, if I was drunk out of my mind I’d still make sure to put down my drink for a picture, yet they have her holding a go-cup on the cover. It just looks goofy and lazy to me, but maybe that’s the target audience of this magazine.

    • Alloy Jane

      You’re right on the target audience. The anonymous sadist who subscribes me to stupid magazines recently signed me up for this one and the “content” is so stupid as to be offensive.

  • Gatto Nero

    The adept non-answer is an art form.

  • SewingSiren

    Great since of style. Even when the clothes aren’t great, she always makes it look like she it look like they are.

  • Latin Buddy

    Gurl is getting paid to shut up.

    • Jane Donuts

      Doubt she needs to get paid for it, cause it’s in her best interest too. Still though, their publicist did the right thing in the whole affair — release one statement and go back to it whenever you get asked again. That’s PR 101.

  • Danielle

    I have a sudden urge to run out for fruit rollups.

  • Wink

    She could be the long lost daughter of Jody Watley (“Looking for a New Love”).

  • boweryboy

    I usually love her natural hair, but I’m not loving it here. It looks softly matted, if that makes sense. And those booties are hiddy.

    • MilaXX

      pretty sure that’s a wig.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    The real reason she’s not saying anything is because Reese has staked out the parking lots and Tay has staked out the gym exits and there is nowhere for Sol to be photographed. She’s not afraid of Jay or Bey, she’s afraid of Reese and Tay.

    Also, I realized that not only is Reese homeless and sleeps in luxury SUV’s, I think Tay is homeless and uses luxury gyms to bathe.

    Also, fuck Tequila Thursday. It’s Tequila Tuesday.

  • vicki

    I am surprised that anyone even listens to her. She is a hot mess, can’t dress herself well, can’t sing and just the sight of her makes me gag. Hanger-on if I ever saw one.

  • Shawn EH

    Looking forward to the new album. Hope it’s as weird as the last one!

  • livesarah

    I actually like everything but the pants. Those pants are an abomination. She is all kinds of fabulous.


    Not liking the cotton candy hair here.

  • Anna

    This might be the best I’ve seen Solange look. There’s always something in her look that isn’t quite right – it seems like she wears cheap-looking clothing and her hairstyle and/or makeup usually doesn’t work well with her face shape.

  • evave2

    The second shot has the GREATEST booties ever. The clothes actually look like something somebody would wear somewhere (unlike most of the couture collections we’ve seen yesterday and today).

  • Alexis Wenceslao

    Wake me up when she wears something exciting.

  • AndieJay

    Is that a fabric flip chart on her chest?

  • decormaven

    Well-played on both fashion and PR fronts.

  • Joey Melliza

    kick ass style

  • Joanna

    The pants look like a pair my grandmother would have worn when she was 70 . . . elastic waistband, pleats and all.

  • Wattage

    I love the second photo. She looks like a part of Funkadelic.