Karen Gillan in Prada at the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” LA Premiere

Posted on July 22, 2014

We dub this a very good effort. She’s definitely sporting the most stylish look of the night.

Karen-Gillan-Prada-Guardians-Galaxy-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Karen Gilian attends the world premiere of “Guardians of the Galaxy” at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California in a Prada dress accessorized with Stuart Weitzman sandals and jewelry by EF Collection and Jennifer Meyer.

Karen-Gillan-Prada-Guardians-Galaxy-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Karen-Gillan-Prada-Guardians-Galaxy-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Karen-Gillan-Prada-Guardians-Galaxy-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Karen-Gillan-Prada-Guardians-Galaxy-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)


Love the color combo on her. The makeup’s pretty close to flawless. We’re not in love with the hair, but we’re not mad at it. As looks go, this all makes a pretty strong first impression, which is a good thing. But we’re distracted by the sleeve seams and the spaghetti straps fighting for our attention. We find ourselves wishing the sheer parts away. And the gold trim looks tackier the longer we’re staring at it.

“Wishing the Sheer Away” will be the official T Lo biography title.




[Photo Credit: KM/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, Max DeAngelo/PacificCoastNews]

    • Thomas

      Purple just SINGS on her.

      • smayper

        Yes! I adore that exact color. And with gold, very regal! I like the gold belt but not the collar. And TLo are right on about the sleeve seams and the straps fighting it out. Is it me, or are those shoes WAY too big?

        • Thomas

          It’s not just you. They look huge. And I’m pretty sure that’s more of the gold trim and not a belt. I thought her midriff was showing at first. Once you get over the first impression of how amazing that color looks on her, it is a pretty cheap looking dress.

          • Kent Roby

            Very true; this look is a Monet.

          • AlisonHendryx

            The worst part is, it’s a Prada, so it’s a very expensive cheap dress. I mean, look at the hem in the last picture…. it’s all… bobbly. smh.

            • http://screwitimfierce.wordpress.com/ FierceFierceFierce

              It needs ironing or something, it shouldn’t be so wrinkled

            • scoobynacks

              So. Many. Creases.

          • demidaemon

            I did too! I’m still not sure. Whatever it is, it doesn’t work.

        • MoHub

          When you have heel gap at the back but your toes still don’t spill out of the front of the sandal, the shoes are too big.

      • http://redheadedwolf.wordpress.com/ Laura Renee

        Purple is a great color for most redheads.

        • Introspective

          for most women really…

          • Thomas

            I think it looks better on either pale or black skin than it does on tan skin though.

            • http://redheadedwolf.wordpress.com/ Laura Renee

              Maybe it’s a matter of finding the right shade.

            • Thomas

              Yes, I’m a ginger and cooler hues look better on me than warmer ones. The purple can’t have too much red in it.

            • lundibleu

              I dunno, with the right shade it will work. Both of my kids tan annoyingly easily (though the flipside is they’re pretty sunproof) and both suit some shades of purple really well.

    • RussellH88

      This looks like a bad Project Runway entry. I have no complaints about her head and the color looks nice on her, but this dress is pretty awful.

      • Thomas

        It does look pretty cheap for Prada, esp. the gold trim.

      • evave2

        Tim Gunn would say, I don’t think that hem is finished. And the contestant would say Yes it is, I left it RAW. And Nina would say, That hem is not finished. It would not go well.

    • PastryGoddess

      The fact that this is the most stylish entry of the night makes me sad. Aside from the color, this look is cheap and ill fitting.

      • Anna

        I think its “stylishness” is only relative to what we’ve seen so far from the Guardians red carpet.

        • demidaemon

          I do too, but I can’t disagree with the assessment. I mean, this is obviously the clear winner over Anna and Zoe’s dresses, but it is still kind of a miss.

    • Tee

      The prettiest bridesmaid ever.

      • KES4K

        Haha, I just commented similarly! It’s the layered organza that does it, I think…

      • marlie

        OMG. You just reminded me. I think I still have this dress in the closet at my parents’ house from when I was a bridesmaid for one of my college roommates, like 10 years ago. Except it was hot pink. And long. But OMG.

    • lunchcoma

      I like the idea well enough, but this is a dress that needs to fit perfectly to seem luxurious, and it does not fit perfectly.

    • Jennica Brocious

      I almost thought the belt was a bit of her midriff…hoping that’s just bad coloring on my computer screen. Love her face, the purple is great on her. I find the dress to be cheap looking though.

      • Thomas

        I thought the same thing, but I don’t think it’s a belt. I think it’s more of the gold trim.

    • Anna

      “My dress is rumpled, there’s all sorts of fuckery going on with the hem and yes, the lining is sticking out on one side AND one of my spaghetti straps is threatening to slide off my shoulders but OH LOOK, THERE’S ZOE! BAM, problems solved.”

      Beautiful colour on her though.

      • demidaemon

        Her exact thoughts: “I’ll just stand next to Zoe. No one is going to be looking at me sideways at all.”

        • Anna

          I wonder if the entire cast just stuck to Zoe like glue all night.

          • demidaemon

            If they had any uncertainties about their outfits, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried.

    • mmweaver

      GOrgeous color. Not crazy about the wrinkles, either.

    • smayper

      In that last shot it really looks as if the guy in the poster is shooting some terrible missile right at her head. Unfortunate.

    • Kathy

      What T&Lo said, and the shoes are about two sizes too big as well. Otherwise, she looks lovely.

    • KateMaryC

      Nothing says “Prada” like a jacked-up hem. Wait, what?

    • Jennifer Bober

      Love the color. The wrinkles are killing me though.

    • hughman

      The gold trim and the purple just read cheap store-bought Halloween Costume to me. Like “Sexy Cough Drop”.

      • MaggieMae

        It reads (my) “high school colors” to me, conjuring up a whole different set of cheap memories/images. Yes, Pom Pom girls, talking to you.

        • Kitten Mittons


          • MaggieMae

            I’m glad I’m not alone!

      • decormaven

        And the shoes look like they’re formed from the metallic wrap used for Chinese takeout. I expected to see little swans on top.

    • Grumpy Girl

      This is the kind of outfit that looks so great at first glance. (ooooh, color!) And then you look again, and its all disappointing. But still the best dressed of the lot at the premiere.

    • Danielle

      I want to kiss her, she looks so wonderful. Purple looks insane on her creamy complexion.

    • http://www.dogsdotcom.blogspot.com/ Plink

      Love the color, love the hair, hate the shoes.

    • DKBB

      While the dress is decent, I am way too distracted by the too-big shoes. They make her look a bit like she’s playing dress-up with Mommy’s heels.

    • Gatto Nero

      The wonky strap placement is distracting. And I hate those Nudist sandals with a burning passion.
      But the colors are great on her, and though the dress is wrinkly, it fits. Overall, well done.

      • kimmeister

        I’m waiting anxiously for the day when no one featured here has those blasted sandals on. Lately it feels like 3 people every day are featured here in them.

        • FrigidDiva

          That’s two pairs on this carpet alone! Anna Faris had them on with her dress too!!!!!

    • formerlyAnon

      That is her color. The hair coulda been a lot worse, I like the general shape of it on her head, which is cute. I am disappointed in the shoes. Correct about the sheer.

    • alyce1213

      I like everything about this, even the gold nude sandals (even if they don’t fit). I think they’re used well here with the gold neck and waist trim.
      This shade of purple with her skin and red hair is divine. The fabric looks like silk organza, which unfortunately shows wrinkles — such is life.
      I LOVE her hair, it’s an adorable whoosh.

    • MissusBee

      The sheer part also looks really scratchy. It’s nice to see a lady sporting a glowing shin that has not been set to ‘orange’.

    • Rhonda Shore

      It’s funny but i really do like the hair! It was the first thing i thought.

    • MilaXX

      I like this. The weird hair suits her. The only thing I dislike is the gold trim on the collar

    • bassfemme

      It’s a cute dress, but organza was a bad choice. It’s fighting her shoulders and arms like two repelling magnets.

    • Kaonashi

      This color looks great on her! Love the hair as well.

    • FrigidDiva

      Everything from the neck down looks epically bad. That dress looks like something you’d buy at Wal-Mart as part of a pretty princess costume set.
      Yet again the Nudist strikes….

    • teensmom99

      That poor outfit is crying for a necklace.

    • WendyD

      Her head is everything.

    • Freynika

      I don’t mind the gold trim. It gives it a little bit of a sci-fi edge that’s appropriate to the movie. The seams on the sheer part bug, though. The hair’s a bit odd, but I love that color. Is it natural?

    • julianai

      was she robbed of her jewelry on the way?

    • http://redheadedwolf.wordpress.com/ Laura Renee

      God damn, that head. Swooning.

    • maretha2

      THIS is Prada?? How can that be? How can this cheap, polyester-looking satin with wrinkly seams and tacky-looking gold fabric trim look like something I’d find at T.J. Maxx?? I think Karen looks great and she’s selling this dress as well as anyone could, but judging it as a quality garment it looks like an enormous fail. I don’t buy designer clothes because budget … but I would hope that if one did shell out the $$ for a Prada, you wouldn’t get something that looks so poorly constructed.

    • KT

      Awful!! Again, great head — truly — but what a shitty outfit. You guys are giving this one higher merits in comparison to the shitstorm parade that the other attendees brought forth.

      In regards to the outfit — the color is great, and that is where the compliments stop. I don’t care that it’s Prada — that dress looks terribly made, like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe levels of cheap mass production quality. It’s also a wrinkled mess in a basic shape with no imagination or interest to it, other than the SUPER cheap looking gold trim. The shoes somehow look even cheaper. Honestly, I guarantee you there are PAs at this premiere that make about $25K a year who are dressed better than she is. WTF.

    • Audrey Lee

      Looooove that color on her. We have very similar coloring in real lighting and I fucking rock it all the time so I’m glad it’s not just me!! I kinda love her hair.

    • KES4K

      The color is great on her and I don’t mind the trim (although it certainly doesn’t read “Prada”), but I can’t look at modestly-cut, layered, jewel-toned organza paired with metallic sandals and not think, ‘bridesmaid’.

    • mjude

      well good god, I don’t even sew & I noticed the fucking hem & over all look is a mess.

    • MarissaLG

      Best she’s looked in a LONG time.

    • BLauDGaspode

      Perhaps if it wasn’t atrociously sewn together in some kind of frenzy, it would look a lot better on her. As it is, the construction is horrendous and only distracts from what could have been.

    • Janet B

      Good color and skirt length.
      The rest of the dress could be so much better.
      Still hating those shoes.

    • unbornfawn

      Love the color.

    • cocohall

      She is adorable and has a fantastic figure. Was THIS really the best her stylist could do by her? Honey, aim higher. Get a new team.

    • marlie

      This dress needs a strong ironing. The color is great, and I like her hair and makeup, but the dress looks like she slept in it. BUT, if the dress weren’t so wrinkled, she’d be winning this red carpet. As it is, Anna Faris is winning, and she’s not even in the movie.

    • SylviaFowler

      Is “Wishing the Sheer Away” sung to the tune of “Shaking the Blues Away”?

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Or “Twisiting the Night Away”. Now we need to work on lyrics: Throw those sheers in the trash, I don’t care howww much cash they set you back….

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Karen wins this night for making an effort and wearing a great color. The fabric in the skirt looks a bit wrinkly, but after having my eyes assaulted by Zoe and Bradley, I will forgive the wrinkles.

    • SewingSiren

      Looks like she made it herself. But still way better than the other lady stars.

    • MilaXX

      A decsion should have been made trim at the neck or the waist, but not both. Also why is it so wrinkled?

    • prisma

      It’s very rumpled looking.

    • Tracy_Flick

      That is a homemade prom dress, for a girl who’s parents thought all the store-bought options were too immodest.

    • paintedfish

      looks like Prada by way of Project Runway

    • PinkyK

      I like her hair, it’s the direct opposite of Amy Pond.

    • http://www.bertkeeter.com Bert Keeter

      It’s a MESS… rom the very fist nano-second glance! Geez…who the hell designs a fitted dress on ORGANZA? Baffles my mind!

      • SewingSiren

        A fine leather goods company.

        • http://www.bertkeeter.com Bert Keeter

          Can you believe it? I generally like PRADA but this looks like someone’s mom had a few yards of organza left over from a bridesmaid’s dress n just ran up the simplest thing possible!

    • traceyishere

      Old lady dress. Shoes are too big.

    • Mothra

      The gold trim makes it look like a star trek uniform. But other than that, I am ok with the overall look, including the goofy hair.

    • lundibleu

      I would like this a WHOLE lot better if it were in a different fabric. The colour is glorious, the hair and makeup I really really like (although she could be heading toward an Elly Jackson style quiff, and you can’t do that half assed), but the fabric spoils it for me.

    • carrie

      It looks like she picked it up off the ground to wear after throwing it into a pile last week.

    • crash1212

      Excellent head. Hate the rest. Haaaaaaaate.

      ETA: Well, it’s a pretty color.

    • Kaytee

      i’m with you on “wishing the sheer away” can’t you use your awesome powers to make that happen NOW?

    • GemFemme

      All I can see are the wrinkles on the dress! And I say this as someone who hates to iron. Also the sheer fabric in the top area photographs so funky and weird.

    • MannahattaMamma

      Maybe an iron? I am a pretty relaxed human but that is one wrinkled wrinkled skirt. Took me a minute to realize that it was gold rather than a little strip of skin at her waist. Hmm.

    • quiltrx

      I LOVE purple and that shade is really working like gangbusters for her. I don’t care for the gold trim. Her hair is fun, and the makeup looks great. Well done.

    • http://screwitimfierce.wordpress.com/ FierceFierceFierce

      I kind of like the hair, she looks good!

    • Swiftlytiltingplanet

      I like the dress much better now that I see that it’s a strip of gold at the waist vs a crop top & skirt. I’m not opposed to such combos, but somehow it didn’t seem right, here. That said, I am also Wishing the Sheer Away. Love the color and the shoes. And Karen is totally rocking her pixie hair.

    • a_liking

      this dress is very…. homemade looking. like “made by mom for junior prom.”

      • conniemd

        Yeah. I could have made that dress. In fact I think I did make that dress for my daughter for halloween, or something very close to it.

    • http://www.readbarbara.com/ ReadBarbara

      Pretty color on her and great make up, but qu’est que ce that thing on her head?

    • demidaemon

      When TLo said this was the best of the night, I was clearly hoping for better than this, but, considering the showcase, i really should have known better. Now, this was (so far at least) the best of the night, but she still needed a solid steaming, hate the unnecessary patch of skin, and the spaghetti straps, sheer, and the hem are all terrible.

    • evave2

      Hair, makeup, shoes I like; but I do not like the illusion netting or see thru purple sleeves/upper chest. Just looks weird seeing her skin thru that netting.

      Hey, is she a purple character or something in the movie and (like Maleficent) she is playing to her part?

    • http://frankbettecenter.org/ sleah_in_norcal

      what’s bugging me are the creases across the hips and the porrly executed hem. and of course, the shoes are huge. as usual.

    • DeTrop

      I’m struggling with the fact that it’s Summer and so many celebs are in Fall and Winter clothes. Is it because the designers are offering designs from their latest collections? It’s nearing 90 degrees here in the East and it’s just as hot out West.

    • snarkykitten

      Hello, 1999 prom season??!!??

    • msdamselfly

      Love the hairdo

    • Ann VerWiebe

      It’s a great bridesmaid dress!

    • Dagney

      the. shoes. do not. FIT.

    • NinjaCate

      WRINKLES. The colour is gorg though and I like her hair and shoes.

    • El Silver Fox

      “Satin is hard to wear.”
      -The Fug Girls

    • http://gabyrippling.tumblr.com/ Gaby

      I love her hair. I really want to figure out how to make my pixie swoop like that. For some reason all my hair wants to do is stick straight out.

    • RutGot

      Did she sleep in this?

    • yethica

      And for the love of god… STEAMER.

      • Amel

        One million times yes.

    • heartbot

      Isn’t it HOT in LA? Why is she dressed like it’s November?