Blake Lively for Vogue Magazine

Posted on July 18, 2014

We don’t credit her with being much of a model or having much style, but the lovely folks at Vogue really did her right. The Cowgirl Chic thing is so very her. She should immediately make it her go-to style.

Blake-Lively-Vogue-August-2014-Issue-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Blake Lively covers the August 2014 issue of Vogue magazine photographed by Mario Testino and styled byTonne Goodman.


Inside, she manages the perfect “Be Me or Do Me”-style balancing act of humblebragging, name-dropping, flogging her wares, and sounding like a victim all at the same time:

On her lifestyle website “Preserve”:
“I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will say horrible things. I’m sure this interview will be picked apart. But you can’t worry about it. There have been so many things written about me that are untrue and horrifying. I can’t even believe that my family has to read this stuff. You just have to do what makes you happy, because you’ll never get a unanimous vote. People like to gossip. They bond over it. They don’t bond over complimenting famous people. I’m always the first person to defend Gwyneth Paltrow. Or any woman in a position of power, like Martha Stewart or Oprah, who gets burned. Because they have paved the path for so many other women who are doing something they believe in.”

On how Martha Stewart saved her wedding: “Our wedding was becoming a disaster, and we didn’t know what to do, so we called Martha! She said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll handle it.’ She sent her team down to save us. And then she called her friends who have a home in South Carolina and set us up at the most amazing getaway. This is the day of our wedding!”

On hubby Ryan Reynolds: “He’s a part of it because everything we do in life we do together. If I’m working on a movie, he helps me with my character; I do the same with him. Picking out a coffee table. What we’re going to eat. He’s a beautiful writer—he’s written a lot of stuff for us. And he’s got a great barometer and he knows me, so he will tell me if it’s not as good as it can be.”


That story about her wedding is so relatable! Amirite, girls? Who DOESN’T want to read all her thoughts on “lifestyle” now?


Blake-Lively-Vogue-August-2014-Issue-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Blake-Lively-Vogue-August-2014-Issue-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)Michael Kors Fall 2014 Collection

Blake-Lively-Vogue-August-2014-Issue-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Blake-Lively-Vogue-August-2014-Issue-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 Collection



But seriously, these pictures are gorgeous. She embodies that look so well. After all, how many ladies can make a suede fringe skirt work?



[Photo Credit: Mario Testino for Vogue Magazine]

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  • Alicia

    The cover is great, but I think she looks really uncomfortable with the dog!

    • sugarkane105

      Seriously, he’s like “LOVE ME!”

      • In_Stitches

        And in her eyes you can hear her thinking, “paws off the Kors”.

        • Kate4queen


    • marlie

      She looks like she’s laughing uncomfortable and awkwardly saying “Suuuuure… I love dogs.”

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      That dog is big enough to knock her on her ass, so maybe she’s a little afraid of it.

    • AthenaJ

      Agreed, I’d like that photo much better if she were actually LOOKING at the dog. Poor thing just wants some attention.

    • Violentcello

      And I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs. (Said the girl with 130-ish pounds of dog sitting in her lap.)

      • Alicia

        Lucky! (although – it’s really too hot for lap-dog, as I told the cat on my feet last night). What kind? I am not very comfortable with small dogs – needs to be spaniel or bigger for me.

        • Violentcello

          Bloodhound and German Shepherd. The shepherd is only seven months, but he’s already about 70 pounds.

          • Alicia

            Nice. We were at a fair yesterday that was pretty much wall-to-wall gun dogs – so nice to see them all out and about! There was a swimming hole set aside for them.

    • altermyego

      A dog is jumping on her and she’s about to pet him/her so why is she looking off into the distance instead of at the dog? It makes no sense.

      • Melrose

        I think that was more of a candid moment. I think they were in between a shot being taken and the dog jumped on her (she was perhaps looking or talking to someone else when it happened), her hand is raised just a little which I take as a (subconscious) defensive movement at being caught off guard and perhaps the photog snapped the photo sensing a potential great pic!

  • Noah

    One sec, picking my eyes up off the floor because they rolled out of my head while reading those quotes.

    Pretty pictures, though.

    • FrigidDiva

      I felt a seizure coming on from rolling my eyes so hard.

    • Violentcello

      To be fair, I’ve said a version of this multiple times: “You just have to do what makes you happy, because you’ll never get a unanimous vote.”

      But yeah, “our wedding was a disaster so we called Martha Stewart!” Ok, hon.

      • demidaemon

        You know, if I were to get married and could have anyone plan the wedding, I’d probably call Martha too, because she is so damned organized it’s scary. And you really wouldn’t have to worry.

        But, obviously, I am not sympathetic to Boobs Legsly’s woes on her “disaster” wedding.

  • nannypoo

    I’m pretty sure Martha said “Who?”

  • TM

    1.) I love the Chanel look so much.
    2.) Look at that tactic on her lifestyle website. The best offense is a strong defense, right?

  • ChiKat67

    See, her comment about how Martha saved her wedding is exactly why I roll my eyes every time a celeb comes out with a “lifestyle” book/website/blog. These things are clearly aimed at the masses, who for the most part do not have the contacts, cash, or access to free stuff that celebrities do. Can’t they all just go back to “making” perfume and leave it at that?

    • FrigidDiva

      Did you see Maria Menunous (or however you spell her name) came out with a book called “The Everygirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness”? I feel so stabby when someone that has the time and money to have a personal trainer and nurtrionist help them work out and cook for them everyday write a book on “fitness” for us every day gals. Stabby, I tell you.

      • Grumpy Girl

        I even get annoyed when family members who aren’t employed outside the home and aren’t trying to cook for 4 disparate palates on a budget, every day, carry on about that stuff. Hits a nerve every time. That nerve may be connected to my punching arm . . .

        • kimmeister

          I like to get recipes from my local newspaper. One of the Dining writers is always insisting that one must use “fava beans from a farmer’s market” or “eggs freshly plucked from a chicken’s butt.” It makes me LIVID! I might do that if my whole job was cooking for a living, but I have a full time job and a household to manage. The fact that I’m cooking fancy recipes at all is already a win in my book.

          • Alicia

            It really bugs me when recipes specify “organic, free range eggs”. Sure, that’s what I mostly buy BUT do you want people who can’t afford the fancy eggs to cook the nice food or do you want to alienate them?

  • madge

    i’m not sure what to have for dinner. i guess i’ll call martha and she can bring something over?

    seriously, though, she does look lovely here. i especially like her in the chanel.

  • crash1212

    She does photograph well and she’s totally owning these looks. Also…I want Martha on speed dial to come to the rescue of my party disasters!

  • teensmom99

    the chanel is great but lipstick would be nice.

  • decormaven

    Yes, having Martha Stewart on speed dial would solve so many things. These are gorgeously styled photos, I will grant her that.

    • Terri Ellis

      Anyone know what the supposed “disaster” was that triggered the call to Martha? My guess is that the table linens didn’t match the exact shade of ecru she wanted, or the lighting was “gasp”- fluorescent or something.

      • Carleenml

        shades of Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin. “le couleurs were…mushroom and jaun…buttercup.”

        • alyce1213

          Thank you for reminding me that I haven’t seen that movie in a few years. Will watch tonight. One of my very favorites.

      • Laura Renee

        I’m trying to imagine how it was feasible for there to be a disaster, on the wedding day, in which you could call someone (even Martha Stewart), who deploys a team that can arrive on site and fix whatever the disaster was, and also…not already having honeymoon plans, or honeymoon plans that entirely fall through (including booked travel), so they can go to some South Carolina resort — or maybe this is a getaway that happened after the honeymoon. At any rate, I’m not coming up with any plausible scenarios, and maybe I’m not supposed to…and this is why I don’t follow celebrities.

        • Constant Reader

          I thought the same thing! I don’t picture Martha or her team having such light schedules that they can show up at the last minute to fix someone else’s poor planning.

          • altermyego

            I was thinking the same thing and finally figured that she has such a huge amount of employees that she was able to find enough bodies who either wanted overtime or those who still need to kiss Martha’s ass.

  • @Biting Panda

    I am so over this whole Lifestyle Schilling business. Act. Or Shut up. There are plenty of writers, style mavens and foodies out there to handle telling me what to buy, to eat, and where to dream vacation. I don’t want advice from the seemingly perfect and clearly privileged. Thanks though.

    • decormaven

      But she might share Martha Stewart’s number! Or give you the name of a resort that’s been booked for ages, but has a room tucked back for the Fab Set.

    • marlie

      Or, how about they ALL stop telling people how they live their perfect lives, and how to live a better life yourself. Unless you’re a professional, or have some sort of legitimate background or experience, I don’t want want to hear it.

      • kmk05

        They have nothing better to do, and have been told even their shit is the only one that doesn’t smell. Deadly combination, that.

        • marlie

          I tweaked my comment because it seemed a bit incoherent, but you’re absolutely right. I’m sure there are people left and right telling then that the common folk will want to know how to live like a celebrity.

          • decormaven

            I call it “reading their own PR.” PR is nothing but pure fluff; when stars start to think they’re really the stuff dreams are made of as described in their PR, it’s a Very Bad Thing.

          • kmk05

            I assume it’s what happens when you’re surrounded by sycophants. And when you think there is no need to develop any self-awareness.

          • Grumpy Girl

            And let’s be honest: she and her spouse have never radiated an aura of being particularly bright. Self-awareness takes at least a modicum of intelligence. I mean, I bet those what’s for dinner conversations really provide some challenge for them.

          • LesYeuxHiboux

            That was really bitchy. You can sit by me.

          • SRQkitten

            I saw an interview with her somewhere not too long ago where she talked about reading cookbooks in bed. I thought, “she’s married to Ryan Reynolds and she’s reading cookbooks in bed?” Told me more than I wanted to know.

          • Alicia

            They have sex in the kitchen – as @grumpy_girl:disqus said – they don’t seem too bright.

          • demidaemon

            I thought about alluding to this but controlled myself. Thanks for typing my thoughts. :)

      • Fordzo a.k.a. Fancy Mukluks

        Because a life un-Instagramed or un-blogged is a life not worth living.

      • demidaemon

        This is how I feel about this subject (and this woman in particular): GIRL, PLEASE. Also, don’t waste breath for GOOP; it’s not worth the oxygen.

    • Fordzo a.k.a. Fancy Mukluks

      The part that I get wiggety about is that they try to act all “girl next door” whilst advocating the comfort and style of $498 jeans. None of the gals I live next door to can afford that shizz. “I got married in a barn!” Congratulations! I shoveled cow poop in a barn until I was 18 and moved away from home, and I can’t think of anything LESS glamorous than getting married in one. “I love the brick pizza oven in my garden so much, I had a second one built!” I love my pizza oven, too. My frozen pizza/Ore Ida tater tots/roasted chicken/cookie baking oven.

      • Qitkat

        I went to a wedding in a barn once; actually I was there helping with the “catering” staff, who, no kidding, is just my next door neighbor, who does parties when she’s not working her full time job as a law firm admin asst. The groom had started the pig roast ahead of time. We used plastic tablecloths from the party store and homemade candle and floral arrangements. The beer was in a giant tub filled with ice. It was tacky as hell, but everyone really seemed to be having a swell time.

    • Danielle

      None of which I can actually afford on a “real person” salary.

  • Thomas

    She’s SO bland. I hate to admit it, but that second photo is glorious though.

  • hughman

    It’s hard to believe Ralph Lauren isn’t throwing the magazine across the office in his Log Mansion and firing assistants left and right.

    • decormaven

      1990. He had that pegged for sure.

    • kmk05

      Aaah, I just said she embodies Ralph Lauren! This is his aesthetic to a T.

  • marlie

    Her comments make me like her even less, and I didn’t think that was possible. I like the last picture, and the rest are… fine… but I’m not bowled over.

    • GSMSF

      All I see when I look at her is the stuck up girls from high school who were pretty, got the boys, and were mean as hell.

  • sugarkane105

    I’m just here for the puppy.

    • Grumpy Girl

      That is one great looking dog. If he were here with me, he’d be getting petted and all sorts of attention, instead of some standoffish reaction of “don’t get dirt on these expensive items.” She’s probably jealous because the dog wears beige better than her (compliment to the dog).

    • Janet B

      Gorgeous dog, I’m sure our mutt wouldn’t mind a new prettier family member.

  • Betsy

    I’ve never gotten her.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      I would venture to say you are not alone, judging by the pathetic fizzle of her film career.

  • Jeremiah Capacillo

    She lost me at “I’m always the first person to defend Gwyneth Paltrow”.

    • Alyssa

      Me too!

    • decormaven

      But now they’re both “Internet Entrepreneurs.” I refuse to visit either site. Not getting my clicks, no sir.

    • Anna

      Translation: “PLEASE let me be photographed/sit beside you during NYFW, Gwyneth!”

      • MartyBellerMask


      • demidaemon

        I hadn’t thought of that, but you are probably right.

        • Anna

          She is DYING to sit at the same table as Hollywood’s Regina George.

          • demidaemon

            Well, considering her claim to fame is Gossip Girl, she needs all the help she can get. But I don’t think Boobs should count on this ever happening.

    • demidaemon

      Same. Jesus.

    • Kathy

      She aspires to be as insufferable as Gwynnie. Ah, the oblivious leading the oblivious.

  • FibonacciSequins

    She can’t plan her own wedding and honeymoon, but we’re supposed to listen to her lifestyle advice? lolz.

    I give her credit for expertly employing the victim strategy. No credit for the cowgirl look. She’s tall, blonde and toothy-it just ain’t that hard for her.

    • your face

      Here is my lifestyle advice: Don’t plan a wedding or honeymoon so extravagant that you cannot manage it without a “team.”

      Please send your money to yourface, thank you.

    • Carleenml

      That she honestly doesn’t GET how ridiculous this is…follow my lifestyle site and btw, I had to call Martha fucking Stewart on my wedding day. You can’t make this shit up.

      • International Model

        I would like the lifestyle where I get to call Marty Stew for help – how do I get that lifestyle?

        • demidaemon

          Get rich. Kiss Martha’s ass until your lips fall off. Repeat.

    • AthenaJ

      Seriously! I was able to buy a house, plan a wedding, and complete a grad school program within two years. The wedding had a few hiccups leading up to and the day of, but nothing I’d call a disaster… so what the hell is HER excuse??

      • Introspective

        Swear to god you and I did the same three major things you list above in the same timeframe. And it was holy hell but it got done.

        So traveling pants whats your face w a permanent styling/makeup team and cash & nothing to do but stand around and make pretty for the cameras: i dont care. Keep it to yourself boo.

    • random_poster

      Let’s not forget that she also says she doesn’t employ a stylist. Sounds like absolutely the last person you want for lifestyle advice.

  • Sobaika

    Fuck this.

    Grumble, grumble, privilege, what the hell can i learn about lifestyle from her, grumble grumble.

  • SewingSiren

    She knows nothing of “Life” much less “Style”.

  • StelledelMare

    She’s on my irrational hate list and so boring it’s ridiculous. Still can’t believe she got married in my city, the only upside to which was that Florence Welch was in my city for a brief moment (cue wistful sighing).

    • prettyinmink

      She’s so boring she doesn’t even make my irrational hate list.

  • Dadoong21

    The inside pictures are OK, but that cover photo is the pits. Absolutely atrocious. Anna must have owed her a favour. Looks more like a country lifestyle magazine than Vogue.

    • demidaemon

      The only compliment I can give her is that this is miles better than the Kardashian krap they were trying to sell us a few months back.

  • International Model

    They don’t bond over complimenting famous people.

    Has she seen the Colin Firth thread today?

    • Imasewsure

      I think what she meant to say was, “they don’t bond over complimenting TALENTLESS (semi)famous people”…. but that’s a lot of words so I guess she had to abbreviate

      • demidaemon

        I’m thinking your sentence ran over her brain’s allotted syllable count.

        • Qitkat

          So shady! But funny.

          • demidaemon


    • julnyes

      or any post about Lupita, Tilda, Idris, our wacky Aunt Emma (Thompson)?

  • Emily Giovanni

    I feel like I could really learn some practical life and style advice reading the lifestyle blog of a person whose wedding was a “disaster” so her solution was to call up Martha Steward on the phone, who sent her team down to fix it and set her up a sweet resort (probably for free). So relatable!

  • IAmJ

    Martha never fucking answers my calls.

  • kmk05

    She is the quintessential Ralph Lauren woman (even though here she’s in Chanel and Michael Kors).

    • Grumpy Girl

      She is too beige for Ralph Lauren. Her hair, her coloring, her clothing choices. The style works, but not the color choices.

      • kmk05

        But isn’t that a good point? She actually reminds me of the Ralph Lauren mannequins in large department stores: blond and beige! Or maybe that’s the European marketing we have here…

  • Courtenay P

    in what universe does Blake Lively belong on the cover of Vogue? does she have fans?

    • Carleenml

      Vogue is a fan. @Vogue brings her name up ALL the time and I have the same reaction. Why? Who cares?

    • makeityourself

      Yes, this is her second cover and I guess Anna is just going to continue foisting her on us like she did with Sienna Miller. Last month Lupita covered Vogue, this month it’s Blake Lively. What a mess that magazine has become.

  • Jecca2244

    it is interesting to see all these actresses who are starting lifestyle/beauty/fashion web sites, either as the next step or in addition to what they are doing now.

    • decormaven

      Pure business strategy, just as much as it used to be a given to lend one’s name to a fragrance or clothing line.

    • marlie

      Half of the work is probably being done by their publicist.

      • Kayceed

        I think there is some golden ghostwriting opportunities opening up here.

  • Chartreusite

    When you guys said “cowgirl chic” I was hoping so much to see that chanel collection in the following photos and thank goodness. Her and Kristen Stewart are definitely two of the very few people I could see carrying most of the pieces from that collection.

    • MartyBellerMask

      Oh god, why can’t Kristen Stewart come out with a lifestyle website??? I would read the shit out of that.

      • Chartreusite

        That would probably be one of the best celebrity websites ever.

      • demidaemon

        As hilarious as it would be, I think it would quickly max out my tolerance for goth angsty poetry. At least, that’s what the KSew in my head would write.

  • Shalhevet

    The setting brings something out in her face reminiscent of a 19th century Swedish-Immigrant-Pioneer-Oregon trail. Gives her a character somehow. I think those are lovely images, personally. They evoke something.

    • imspinningaround

      That’s so interesting that you say that. I could totally see her starring in a film adaptation of My Antonia on the basis of these photos.

  • mjude

    oh please with the Martha Stewart. I don’t care for her & I didn’t know why, now I do….

  • Anna

    “If I’m working on a movie, he helps me with my character, I do the same with him.”: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    It’s like the bland leading the bland.

    • random_poster

      Explains a lot though!

    • LMGordon

      That’s a great line. Perfect.

    • MartyBellerMask

      Ryan Reynolds is literally the only person in the universe taking acting advice from Blake Lively.

      Come to think of it, Blake Lively is probably the only person in the universe taking acting advice from Ryan Reynolds.

    • Alloy Jane

      Oh Bravo darling, Bravo! [standing ovation]

  • MilaXX

    She really should go to the All American/Ralph Lauren well more often. It suits her. As for defending folks, I may buy Martha or Oprah, but defending Goop? Never!

    • Anna

      Interviewer: So Gwyneth, what do you think of Blake Lively’s new lifestyle web site? Blake says she’s one of the first people to defend you.

      GOOP: What is a “Blake Lively?”

    • dorothyeverytimesmurf

      But what on earth will her BFF Karl think???

  • elirt

    HAHAHAHAHAH!! thank you for the laugh!

  • Emily Giovanni

    Idea! her lifestyle blog should just be a webpage listing Martha Stewart’s cell phone number.

    • Thomas

      Yeah How is she supposed to “help” other people if she herself admits that her wedding was going to be a “disaster” if Martha hadn’t come and saved the day?

  • PinkyK

    I love her hair color! It’s such a perfect golden blond.

  • Alicia

    Even highly paid lawyers couldn’t defend Martha Stewart, so I don’t see that Blake can add much.

    • decormaven

      So what exactly have these women done to “pave the path for so many other women who are doing something they believe in?” I know Oprah’s moved forward on many good causes, but I’m a little unclear on the rest. I know we all have a role to fill, but there’s a bit of a difference in hawking a “lifestyle” and breaking new ground for the betterment of man/womankind.

      • demidaemon

        Martha Stewart is a major self-made businesswoman, which, considering the time frame she came up in, is a major feat.

        • decormaven

          True. I think it’s just the way the comment is given, and perhaps a bit of my own bias. I know we all have different paths in life, and not everyone is going to be Madame Curie or Joan of Arc. I’m not feeling the launch of BL’s lifestyle web site as an uplifting event. But hey, she believes in it, or purports that sentiment. May it be a worthwhile thing.

          • demidaemon

            Oh, I definitely agree with your sentiment.

        • Alicia

          Yeah – but Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister and yet she did nothing to improve the lot of women. Just being in a role doesn’t mean you are doing shit for the sisterhood. I would, in fact, argue that MStew has made things a lot harder by presenting this view of a life that involves lacquering corncobs and creating tablescapes, as if those are things that any woman could and even should do.

          • demidaemon

            You make excellent points. I am a bit of a Martha apologist (mostly due to the fact that certain women in my family adore her and one of my aunts resembles her, except in a more no-nonsense, more feminist version), but I definitely agree that, perhaps, her place in the world can be limiting.

          • Alicia

            Her recipes do work though! I am not totally opposed to Martha, more aggravated by the idea that anything a woman does is feminist if she says it is. And I don’t even know that she says she is a feminist.

          • altermyego

            You say her recipes work? You must go back to one of TLo’s first entries and read their experience with her meringue pie and all the comments it stirred up relating to Martha’s recipes. It’s a hoot!

          • Alicia

            I will look for it! The recipes I have tried have worked.

    • Grumpy Girl

      Amusingly, Martha Stewart is one celebrity my nearly 90-year old, not-a-feminist mother will defend, and claim that her being convicted was because she wasn’t a man. When all I can think in relation to Martha Stewart is, if I came home with that haircut, my mother would keep telling me to get it out of my face, and that a shorter cut would look “smarter.”

      • Alicia

        I don’t necessarily disagree with your mother, but I also don’t think the fact that the men get off similar charges is cause for celebration!

      • Thomas

        A lot of people think Martha went to prison for insider trading, but that’s not why she went. She went because she was stupid. She lied to the feds. If she had been honest, she probably would have gotten off like a lot of the men do.

        • demidaemon

          I’ve always thought that part of the reason Martha was tried was obviously, for the lying, but also because she had a big recognizable name that a prosecutor could make his career off of.

          • Thomas

            Yeah, they probably wanted to make an example of her too.

  • Fordzo a.k.a. Fancy Mukluks

    “So we called Martha!” Is there a Martha Hotline I’m not aware of? On what basis did she get to just “call Martha”? Are they neighbors? Is Martha her godmother? What’s the story here?

  • Miss Atomic

    Both she and the clothes look beautiful. But how many Vogue covers does she need to be on? If Vogue is going to continue the trend of having actresses/actors on the cover… I mean… her career isn’t all that interesting

  • portlandmermaid

    this is a good look. I actually stayed awake during the pictorial.

  • Jessica Peterson

    I would chase that Chanel dress down the street.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    She is quite lovely and these looks really do suit her, but I don’t really care what she thinks.

  • RohanMBN

    Love the pics but think Vogue could use more cover girls who haven’t already been on the cover a handful of times.

  • AthenaJ

    So with all her and Ryan’s money they didn’t hire a wedding coordinator who could have handled whatever ‘disasters’ happened? Pffft I call BS on that one.

  • frannyprof

    So…. Her lifestyle advice is: Call Martha Stewart. Or my husband.

  • Danielle

    Everyone is an internet entrepreneur these days.

  • FuhUgh

    WHY is she a thing? Pretty girl get plastic surgery, marries movie star. So what? It happens every day. She is not interesting.

    • Shawn EH

      Charisma. The camera just loves some people, and she’s one of those. Doesn’t matter what she does or says.

      • julnyes

        I would say photogenic not charismatic. Charisma implies personality and the ability to charm people. She isn’t charming, she is pretty and pretty goes a long way in the public eye for good or ill.

        • Shawn EH

          She’s a female Keanu; gorgeous, can’t act, still a star.

  • dorothyeverytimesmurf

    If that dog was on the cover of Vogue, I would be at the newsstands. IT IS SO CUTE.

  • Little_Olive

    I gotta agree, she wears “everyday” (massive quotes there) clothes much much better than gowns. She cannot carry couture and I commend the folks (ha!) at Vogue for noticing and working around it.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    This makes me glad I just used my expiring airline miles to snag a Vogue subscription. Gorgeous photos. She should hire Julie Dogblankets to be her stylist. Not sure I’d take career advice from Ryan Reynolds, though.

  • kimmeister

    She looks fantastic in burgundy. I wouldn’t have expected that, with her coloring.

  • GeoDiva

    A personal best for her. I’d look like a total idiot if I wore a fringe leather skirt.

  • GemFemme

    Boy Anna really loves to put her on the cover doesn’t she? I don’t see her appeal myself.

    • livesarah

      Yeah we had to wait how long for Lupita? And yet here is Blake again…

  • KendraMR

    She’s on my rational dislike list, but I must say these photos are pretty great; she even looks her age rather than a decade ago older. Good job, Vogue.

  • Jacob Bowen

    Boobs Legsley is not particularly boob-y or legg-y today….but damn, she looks great.

  • conniemd

    This woman just bores me so much. Typical generic blonde. I yawn when I see her name. And I agree that the dog pose looks awkward because if my dog was jumping with joy to see me in a photo I’d be hugging the dog back.

  • butterflysunita

    Why is Boobs Legsly on the cover of the age issue?

  • Alloy Jane

    The soundbites made for a good laugh. Silly me, thinking when she said “Martha Stewart saved my wedding” she meant that they deferred to some magazine tips to “fix” their big day, not the actual person. And I’d like to know on what planet Gwyneth Paltrow is a ground-breaking revolutionary. Jesus, I never disliked this character and I suppose I still don’t, but damn she is dumb. I’m guessing she’s not much of a reader either if she thinks Ryan Reynolds is full of gold. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but he’s about as interesting as a plastic spoon.

    • demidaemon

      What do you mean? I find plastic spoons quite interesting. especially when I am using them to carve out my eyeballs after reading horrible tripe that just spews from a celebrity’s mouth.

    • Courtney

      Then you need to come watch the boys at my school play “Spoon Assassin” in the halls between classes. You’ll have a whole new appreciation for what a plastic spoon can do, and the agony of having yours snapped when you ‘die.’

      • Alloy Jane

        LOL! Well, they’re very useful and versatile, I will admit. I use them for gardening. But lying stationary on it’s own, there’s just not much to a plastic spoon when compared to a spork or a spoon of any other material.

        • Courtney

          True enough. I’d argue that a spork is inherently more interesting than a spoon, if only for the combo nature of it. :)

          Although is pretty funny to watch them jazz their spoons up in the morning, the same way pilots did with their planes during WWII.

    • altermyego

      I love that there is a thread about plastic spoons on a fashion blog. Where else but at TLo?

  • Kimberlini

    The dog is adorable. That’s all.

  • Glammie

    So my subscription to Vogue lapsed just in time to avoid Kim Kartrashian. I don’t hate Blake Lively, but I can’t say her cover encourages me to re-subscribe. She’s just kind of dullness personified. I miss the old pre-celebrity covers where fashion and photography were the key things. Give me the shallowest of shallow supermodels, just give me a girl who can give some face.

  • FierceFierceFierce

    I’m shocked, I actually like a Micheal Kors skirt!

  • RoxieRider

    I’m enchanted by the cover dress–does anyone know who makes it? I’d really love a full-length shot of it.

  • cowper

    The mild mild West.

  • demidaemon

    She looks good yes (it is possible WHEN SOMEONE ELSE STYLES HER), but I really could do without another GOOP in my life. Girl, please.

  • Qitkat

    From reading the Vogue article, it doesn’t sound as if Preserve will be anything like GOOP. I’ll admit to being slightly intrigued, but then I’ve never seen Gossip Girl, so I don’t really have a take on her one way or the other. She looks rather wonderful here in this style, very comfortable in her own skin in these pseudo-Western looks.

  • Constant Reader

    I can’t read the lifestyle website of anyone who doesn’t understand the first rule of party planning: no matter how organized you are, something will go wrong. When it does, you improvise, adapt, and overcome. You don’t let it snowball into “a disaster.” Not that I believe for a minute that she’s doing the actual work of maintaining the site and creating content for it.

    I think Blake just found a spot on my irrational hate list.

  • Jennifer Morrill Patterson

    If I’m marrying Ryan Reynolds then as long as the ‘I dos’ get said I’m not counting it as a disaster.

    I do like the look for her. She’s such a pretty girl I just wish she could act.

  • MyFavoriteColorIsGlitter

    Whereas before I was indifferent, after reading that drivel I think I hate her now. What a pompous bitch.
    She looks great though, so she’s got that going for her…

  • sleah_in_norcal

    may i point out that her family does not have to read “this stuff”? that see-through prairie dress with kotex wrapped around it is just odd. and that last runway model looks just like merle ginsberg.

  • ktr33

    She’s a Michael Kors girl thru-and-thru. No more fake-acty, just fake-model-y.

  • myristica_fragrans

    she tries so hard to make people think she doesn’t try at all. i’m always rolling my eyes at her and wondering why she’s getting yet another cover.
    *insert omarosa gif*

  • fromanotherplanet

    That dog should have snagged the cover — so cute, cuddly, luscious hair and great posing. I just want to pick her (him) up and carry him (her) home with me. Too adorable.

  • jjjoy

    did she really deserve another vogue cover? boring.

  • Vera

    I live in Charleston, and the local media nearly melted down when it was discovered that they married here. Still, she’s wearing those clothes better than the models.

  • JaCory Deon

    Honest question, who is this chick and why is she on the cover of Vogue? She’s cute enough but looks like thousands of blondes you can see running around the midwest: pretty but certainly nothing you’ll remember once you walk away. I’m not getting her allure but my god, to mention Gweneth Paltrow as a victim takes some sort of special daftness.

  • Fannie Wolston

    This is how Chanel & Kors interpret Coachella.

  • Sara Brams-Miller

    That Chanel dress looks SO much better in that photo than on the runway.

  • webslice33

    she looks real good, very all american that’s why fashion magazines love her…

  • Caitlin Rain

    This is totally her look. She’s all HAIR! and TEETH! and AMERICANA! and I sort of wish she would go and pose in front of mountains in Wyoming or Montana or wherever and just stay there.

  • Moocows

    I am from Texas, this twat would never be called a cowgirl.

  • Radish

    Not sure when she’s ever working on a character… I haven’t seen her in anything since Savages.

    Also, “we called Martha!” made me wanna throw up a little.

  • JynxTheCat

    the QUOTES omg. My dislike for her now goes to 11. Ugh.