Tom Hardy and Emily Browning on the Set of “Legend”

Posted on June 26, 2014

We were loud critics of his turn toward “overcompensating, steroidal lumberjack,” because … well, because we’re generally just loud and opinionated that way. But when we heard he’d been cast to play the Kray twins, we were thrilled; first, because it’s good casting and second, because we knew we’d get some primo mid-Century London costuming out of it.


Tom-Hardy-Emily-Browning-Legend-Movie-On-Set-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Tom Hardy and Emily Browning film a scene for their new movie “Legend,” the story of the Kray twins in London, England.

Tom-Hardy-Emily-Browning-Legend-Movie-On-Set-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Tom-Hardy-Emily-Browning-Legend-Movie-On-Set-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Tom-Hardy-Emily-Browning-Legend-Movie-On-Set-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Tom-Hardy-Emily-Browning-Legend-Movie-On-Set-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Tom-Hardy-Emily-Browning-Legend-Movie-On-Set-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (8)

Tom-Hardy-Emily-Browning-Legend-Movie-On-Set-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (9)

Tom-Hardy-Emily-Browning-Legend-Movie-On-Set-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)


It’s such a burden, being right all the time.



[Photo Credit: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES]

    • Kathy

      I hope this is as good as it could be. Fascinating subject and, of course, fashion.

      • Sarah

        Organized Crime, night clubs, Frank Sinatra, schizophrenia, and a cop named “Nipper?” Potentially awesome.

        • Kathy

          It’s such a screwy mix of ingredients, I’d kind of like to see Tarentino’s or the Cohen Brothers’ take on it.

          • boweryboy

            Cohen brothers FTW. Tarantino would add unnecessary camp factor and his self-absorption would mean he’d cast himself as a major minor character.

            • Imasewsure

              And Uma Thurman of course

            • KinoEye

              Uma Thurman’s feet, really.

            • KinoEye

              And he’d be sure to write dialogue for himself that includes the “n” word as many times as possible. Because he apparently really, really loves to say that word.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            There was a Brit film several years ago about the Kray brothers;I’ve never seen more than the first 15-20 minutes due to the level of violence. Of course, they were also the inspiration for the Monty Python sketch on the Piranha Brothers, which I still find totally hysterical…”Dinsdale”!

        • evave2

          I remember Monte Python did a segment on the twins called The Notorious Pirana Brothers. It made me laugh every time I saw it, I would look for it. Spiny Norman the Hedgehog, he used “sarcasm” and it was about twins who were into ultra-violence in a way unheard of in London.

    • Sarah

      Ooh. He really looks like them. Good casting indeed.

    • marlie

      GAH. Tom Hardy gives me all the feels, no matter what he looks like.

      • MissusBee

        I know. But I sometimes amuse myself by saying random things in ‘Bane’ voice. And when I see him I just can’t stop hearing it.

    • MoHub

      Is there a reason to do the Kray twins’ story again? It was already done in 1991, with brothers—not twins, but very similar in appearance—playing the Krays.

      The best part of knowing the story of the Krays is how much it improves one’s appreciation of the Python Piranha brothers.

      • Bridget Smith

        I know we’re all sick of reboots – I still find it kind of hilarious that we’ve had three different Hulks in the last decade – but I don’t think “this historical figure had a movie made about them 25 years ago” means the subject is exhausted for all time.

        • MoHub

          I have less of a problem with the revisiting itself than with the thought that folks will be unaware of or forget the earlier versions and fail to understand that there is nothing new under the sun.

          There’s a whole generation that has been shocked to find that Russell T. Davies did not create Doctor Who and that the original goes back to 1963.

          • Bridget Smith

            I hear you, but that’s not really a reason not to make the movie. The value of a story isn’t in the idea, it’s in the execution, and this may very well be a fantastic new version that will introduce the facts – and possibly the older movie as well – to a whole new audience.

            • MoHub

              As I said, I have no problems with revisiting a topic. I just would like audiences to be aware that there are often many approaches to the same subject, and all should be acknowledged—whether they are better or worse than those that went before or followed after.

              For example, I would never go so far as to say the remake of Bedazzled should never have been made, but folks need to know about the Peter Cook/Dudley Moore original. (Far superior, IMHO.)

            • Bridget Smith

              Well, you asked for a reason, so I guess I’m offering – why not? If it turns out to be terrible, I won’t defend it. :)

            • MilaXX

              Oh I would say Bedazzled should never have been remade. That reboot was AWFUL.

            • MoHub

              Oh, it was beyond awful’ When it came out, I immediately had to watch the original to purify myself.

              But my thing is that I want those who think whatever is bright-shiny new is original and has no forbears to know that everything old can be new again, and new isn’t necessarily better.

      • MilaXX

        Weren’t they also background story in another movie? I seem to recall another gangster film where the Kray twins make a brief appearance.

        • MoHub

          I think you’re right but will have to look that up.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        So very true! I’m seeing John Cleese in a blonde wig placidly saying how lovely they were to female impersonators, and then again Graham Cleese’s classic”He were a cruel man, but fair”

        • MoHub

          That line of Graham Chapman’s is almost a direct quote from one of the Krays’ real-life associates.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Knowing that makes the sketch even better.

      • Gloriana Reginata

        How do I break it to you that that was nearly 25 years – ie an actual generation – ago? I don’t think a quarter century is too soon for a remake.

    • Nikko Viquiera

      I like the back view the best. Thanks uncles!

    • Alyssa

      Mmm…yes. Consider me excited for this film!

    • Mona_Visa

      He’s one of my favorite actors. And he’s looking very nice here! Thanks uncles. :)

    • Kate Andrews


    • @Biting Panda

      Why can’t he be climbing up to *my* window?

      • KateShouldBeWorking

        You’re so much more composed and classy than I am; I only saw that the title included a lady who is not me and sneered “bitch”.

        I’m sure Ms. Browning is a lovely person but still, bitch.

        • paginatrix

          Oh, they’re just acting. I’m sure he still loves you best!

    • NMMagpie

      This is the first time I have found him handsome, ever. I will be paying attention after this.

      • kirkyo

        Google “Tom Hardy Puppy”.

        You’re welcome ;)

        • housefulofboys

          Those were when I first realized Tom Hardy’s potential. Swoon.

        • NMMagpie

          Holy bookmark! Manlyruggedawesomenesswithfeeling!

        • MannahattaMamma

          Well yes, but the puppy in question is a pit bull and so then we have to wonder. Pit bulls–perhaps a victim of bad PR–aren’t what springs to mind when you think “adorable puppy.” Actually they’re what come to mind when you think “killer of kittens.”

    • FibonacciSequins

      I hadn’t heard about this film. Excellent casting!

    • Emily Jordhamo


    • Aidan B

      Gosh he’s pretty. I prefer this to the Heathcliff drag as well. He’s very well-suited to this type of look.

    • Danielle

      THIS IS HOW EVERY MAN SHOULD GREET HIS LOVER. No ifs, ands, or buts.

      • Tom and Lorenzo

        With a makeup team?

        • Danielle

          Hello! Never know when it’s time to take in Instagram selfie. Gotta look your best.

          • Sarah

            Girl, I feel you on the romance factor, but if your man has to sneak up to your window for any reason, in the long run, that’s gonna be a problem. Speaking from personal experience, the best ones can come to the front door, meet your friends/family, and still be a sexy hunka hunka burnin’ love that sweeps you off your feet.

            • Glam Dixie

              Some girls just gotta go for the boys that spell TROUBLE.

            • Sarah

              I am that girl, so I know wherefrom I speak.

            • Alicia

              In the words of a girl I went to school with “I’m fully attracted to a bastard”. Insightful words at 17. Hope she’s got over that…

            • Sarah

              Those bastards, they can be tricksy. So hard to suss out the ones that aren’t REALLY bad vs. the ones that are. Spent a good 20 years on that question.

    • Laura Renee

      Am amused by the bearded hunk lunging into camera view in #8.

    • KendraMR

      Dem lips…that is all.

      • Mona_Visa

        Amen. Saddest part of his Bane role was how that mask covered his gorgeous mouth.

        • MilaXX

          Have you seen the Bane cat videos? I don’t know how the guy gets his cat to tolerate that mask but they are hilarious.

        • MsMajestyk

          As much as I was sad that his pretty mouth was covered up, I was most disappointed that I couldn’t hear THAT VOICE! He sounded ridiculous. Way to ruin the hot for everyone Nolan!

        • Eclectic Mayhem

          Almost worth it for that one fleeting – flashback – shot of his beautiful face!

    • Danielle

      BTW, I saw Tom Hardy’s name and was hoping these were stills from the Mad Max set.

      • KT

        That movie wrapped a year and a half ago. It’s having a “troubled” post-production process, from what I’ve heard.

      • MilaXX

        Pictures have been popping up for it online. I saw some with him and Charlize just this week

      • ShaoLinKitten

        Did you see the ones with Nicholas Hoult? SCARY!

    • LadyVimes

      He can stare wistfully at me while holding a bunch of flowers any day.

    • Anna

      Tom Hardy + bouquet of my favourite flowers = be in my bunk.

    • KT

      He looks hot. Also, this movie may actually be good. Win win!

      • Laylalola

        He’s Bane, from the Dark Knight Rises installment of Batman. You know, the villain with the shaved head and that bizzaro mask over most of his beautiful face and lips. (Honestly. Sometimes I wonder WTF people in Hollywood are thinking.)

        • KT

          Haha I am one of those people in Hollywood, and I completely agree! The Bane casting was all Chris Nolan’s choice though — he tends to cast the same people over and over again. But yes, let’s allow Tom Hardy to be hot once again!

    • MilaXX

      I had no idea the Kray twins were that big of a deal. This is what, the 2nd or 3rd movie about them?

    • stubbornthoughts

      THIRD PIC. Be still my heart.

    • julnyes

      That Wikipedia article led down a rabbit hole of interesting facts. Love me some Tom Hardy and any movie that gives me two of him (even gangster, possibly insane versions) will get a thumbs up from me.

    • ShaoLinKitten

      Bronson is on Netflix On Demand, and I’m moving it up my queue right now because… whew. He’s purty.

      • jabes

        That’s a very intense, odd film. I liked it, but it’s weird!

    • Dorothy Damage


    • vahtel

      This man rings my bell.

    • berkeleygirl

      Tom Hardy as the Krays? Oh, sweet Jesus, yes!!!

    • macwell

      But he looks good though….;)

    • MartyBellerMask

      I remember that! Aaaaaand now I’ve got a Spandau Ballet earworm.

    • IRVN

      Oh yesss pleaseee!

    • Crystal

      God he is so handsome.

      Why does he try so hard to make me forget how nice his face is?

    • greymain

      can’t wait….

    • colorjunky

      He’s hot!