Rihanna in Adam Selman at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards

Posted on June 03, 2014

What does one wear to pick up one’s Fashion Icon Award?

Nothing, of course. What could possibly be more fashionable than that?

Rihanna-Adam-Selman-2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Fashion Icon Award recipient Rihanna attends the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards at Lincoln Center in New York City in a custom Adam Selman fishnet gown, gloves and headscarf embellished with over 230,000 Swarovski crystals and paired with Manolo Blahnik heels and jewelry by Jacob & Co. and Paul Morelli.

Rihanna-Adam-Selman-2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Rihanna-Adam-Selman-2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Rihanna-Adam-Selman-2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Rihanna-Adam-Selman-2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Rihanna-Adam-Selman-2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (13)

Rihanna-Adam-Selman-2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Rihanna-Adam-Selman-2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)

Rihanna-Adam-Selman-2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (8)

Girl, that’s not a dress. It’s body shimmer with a hem.

But y’know? She nailed it. This was not the time to go small or demure. And since she doesn’t have many shocking style options left to get people talking about her (having exhausted almost all of them), showing up mostly naked was a smart way to go. It’s the “Do Me” side of “Everyone Wants to Be Me or Do Me”  – and we couldn’t possibly get huffy over something like that. Girl is managing her image to perfection.

But okay. Let’s get a little critical. We don’t love the gloves, which look like stripper wear. We realize that’s probably a silly thing to complain about while her nipples are swaying in the breeze but we think the look would have been a little more chic (in a totally “my ass is hanging out the back” kind of way). We’re also not entirely on board with the panties. Don’t get us wrong; we’re THRILLED she wore them, but maybe trying to match them to her skin wasn’t the way to go. On the other hand, a pair of black or white panties probably would’ve looked worse. We’re stumped on this style conundrum, darlings. How does one camouflage one’s muff without ruining the line of one’s see-through dress?



[Photo Credit: MJ Photos/PRPhotos.com, Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

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  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    all i could see was that she is serving josephine baker realness

    • Introspective

      coming on here to say just that. girl KILLED it last nite while raising Josephine’s spirit on the eve of what would have been la Baker’s birthday. and made your fave feel real bad about herself.

      (and about that trip to the gym ive been avoiding…)

      • Anna

        The view from the back almost made me put down the chocolate chip scone I was eating. Almost.

        More squats it is then!

        • Danielle

          That booty should be cast in marble.

          • Anna

            It truly is a work of art.

    • Tanya Wade

      Really nothing else to say but this.

    • Lilithcat

      Not really. Miss Baker would never dress like that other than on stage.

      • I think she feels she is on stage wherever she goes, which is a concept I could get on board with.

      • Bexxx

        I mean…she’s basically on stage here. She’s performing her job as a fashion icon.

      • Kayceed

        Agreed. From everything I’ve ever read about her Miss Baker took great pains to dress elegantly in the very best French couture when not on stage, the epitome of a well-dressed lady. Stagewear was for the stage.

        • littlemac8

          It reminds me of Miss Dita who always looks elegant when not performing.
          But…Miss Dita has a different schtick.

      • GorgeousThings

        AND Miss Baker had talent.

        • Thomas

          Of course Miss Baker had more talent, but I think Rihanna has some talent too. She doesn’t have the greatest voice ever, but it certainly is unique, esp. the tone, and it certainly has variety to it in that she can sing almost any genre. I think that’s a talent in itself, along with the fact that supposedly she has the final say on what songs she sings, so she must have a great ear for hits considering how many she’s had.

          • pdquick

            How on earth would anyone know what her tone is? Have you ever heard it without Auto-Tune?

          • Thomas

            Yeah, there’s many videos on Youtube of her singing live, such as the ones I mentioned. She can be quite pitchy sometimes, esp. in the past, but she’s gotten better over the past few years and I think a lot of her pitchiness has to do with her sometimes being a lazy performer. When she applies herself or isn’t attempting to dance (which she admittedly isn’t the best at) she can sound quite good. Also, tone is something you can hear autone or no autotune. Her voice is unusual. It can be kind of flat, but I like that.

          • Pterodactyl111

            I have. She came to my high school before she was super famous and we got her to sing a little song for us during the Q & A. She has a great voice.

        • Oh please. Rihanna has talent. This is 2014, not 1924.

          • GorgeousThings

            Yes, talent for self-promotion.

          • Thomas

            She’s not a Kardashian. She doesn’t sound like anyone on the radio and her music has more variety than most pop stars. She’s performed with everyone from Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles (country) to Coldplay, Slash and Travis Barker (pop rock and rock) to Jay Z, Kanye West, T.I. and Wale (Rap) to Shakira (Latin) to Calvin Harris and David Guetta (EDM). Madonna is the only other pop star I can think of who has had that much variety to their music.

            ETA: Also, you should check out some of her performances of her song “Stay.” I’d recommend her SNL performance or her Grammy performance. As I said, she’s not the greatest singer in the world and Josephine Baker was definitely more talented, but she sounds pretty good to me and supposedly I have perfect pitch (Not that that makes me an expert, but I should be able to detect good pitch. I do tend to like unique voices though, hence why I also like Shakira and Bjork).

          • demidaemon

            I totally agree. I don’t love every song she’s ever done (Umbrella still causes me to have eye ticks), but she is extremeley talented as a musician and a performer, as you have well stated and I like, if not love, the majority of her work.

          • Glammie

            Thing is, everyone is autotuned these days–so, unless you hear her live without a sound crew around, you’re not going to know how good her pitch is. That said, it’s probably okay. I think her voice is a little thin, but she does have a sense of phrasing. .

          • Thomas

            Yeah, her voice is a little thin and she can be pitchy sometimes, but when she’s on, I think she sounds good. I’m pretty sure those two performances I suggested aren’t autotuned. She was definitely singing live.

      • courtney hooper

        I’m pretty sure that going up on stage to accept an award counts as “on stage.”

        • Lilithcat

          Not in my book. To me, “on stage” means “performing”. Accepting an award is not performing.

          So I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree!

      • NinjaCate

        Miss Baker wore even less onstage.

    • Carleenml

      and today is Ms. Baker’s birthday.

    • FuhUgh

      ditto, I was going to say the same thing as well.

    • NinjaCate

      THANK you. Frankly I’m appalled that TLO didn’t mention that.

    • Denise Alden

      I got that, too, but I think it would have been so much better (i.e. classier, a term I absolutely loathe, but there you go) if the gown appeared to be see through, but wasn’t.

  • Golden panties, of course!

    • Victor Beiramar Diniz

      carrie bradshaw’s (supposedly dolce & gabbana) golden sparkly undies

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        One of the silliest bits on SATC, ever, those were.

        • Kent Roby

          Big hair, big shoes, rhinestoned panties, makeup by the late great Kevin Aucoin; I loved that! (as I’m loving Miss Rhi here)

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I didn’t know that Kevin Aucoin did SJP’s makeup for that episode-he was great, and is sorely missed. Thanks for the info!

        • xmixiex

          Silliest/best. Oh honey! You’re a MODEL!

          • Heather

            I do like that episode. Plus, she got to keep the panties! (And I assume the really great coat she wore them with?)

          • AvaLehra

            “She’s fashion road kill!” Not talking about Rhi-Rhi here, just quoting my favorite line from the SATC episode.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Love that line!

    • Glammie

      Actually, that would have been great–or something glimmering for the undies and some sort of nipple guard. It’s actually sort of a beautiful dress and her skin is a beautiful color, so I don’t mind most of the sheerness–but the naked thing’s a bit much. But that’s Rihanna’s rock-n-roll thing anyway. But glimmery undies would have been perfect.

  • Jaeda Laurez

    She slayed. I think a pair of black panties would have ruined the look, because the it’s all about the sparkle and her face, and black undies would have been focus pulling. Which seems odd to say when there are nipples about, but there you have it. I love the look though- very few people in the world could pull this off.

    • @Biting Panda

      I go back and forth between thinking smaller panties, with less fabric up front, and a better match to her skin tone, would be better…to thinking there is something…nearly demure…about wearing a pair that is clearly stating where she draws the line on what she feels is sexy.

    • ktr33

      ONE person. her.

    • NinjaCate

      I’m thinking maybe lace panties in nude might have worked? I mean, if we’re gonna be seeing them, why not make them pretty?

  • AC Simons

    Those gloves bug me, too – not sure why she felt the need to wear them. I’m not on board with letting it all, or most, hang out, but at her age, with that body, I’d be flaunting it, too.

  • Coleen

    She could have stuck with those undergarments (HATE the word “panties”), but crystallized them as well. And agreed on the Josephine Baker realness.

    • Crystal

      If agree that if they’d had crystals on them it’d look better.

    • formerlyAnon

      Thank-you. I thought I was the only person on the planet with a hangup about the word “panties.” For some reason, I think it’s infantilizing applied to adult underwear, and because it’s used ubiquitously for adult underwear, I find it inappropriately sexualizing for children’s underwear.

      • VictoriaDiNardo

        “Panties” always make me think of Lee Remick in “Anatomy of a Murder” and James Stewart having to repeatedly discuss her lost “panties” in court. The first time he has to say it he tells everyone to get their snickering out of their system because they are part of the defense. OOoh, Lee Remick in tight capris!

        ETA: I cannot believe Rihanna does not own dyed to match thongs!

        • decormaven

          Saw a bit of “Anatomy” the other day. Lee Remick worked it in those capris and sunglasses. Topic? While I’m not a big fan of visible panties, Ri has the presence to pull this off. I can’t think of anyone at the current time who could do as well.

      • Lower L

        I stand with you in your hatred of the word. And your explanation is spot-on.

      • lilibetp

        YES! You don’t say “briefies” for men’s underwear. Or “boxeries.” Okay, you do say “jockeys,” but that’s a different spelling…

        • Alloy Jane

          You do call them undies though. Or at least we do in my house.

      • rkdgal

        Count me in as another in the anti-panty brigade (god, I almost gagged while typing it!). The word, not the item, natch — I’m very PRO underwear.

        • formerlyAnon


      • Griffinqueen

        EXACTLY THIS! My husband loves to torment me by sneaking up and whispering it in my ear. I threatened to divorce him.

      • TerryMH

        I worked in the lingerie market for a few years and “panties” is a word that was used all the time in our business (writing orders, style descriptions, etc.). I never thought twice about it. The word had no more effect on me than did words like “bra,” “cami” or “teddi” or “brief”…so its interesting for me to read the below. Maybe because the words were such a big part of my workday, they lost whatever connotations they might have had.

      • Monabel

        There is always “knickers.” Deliciously incongruous in this situation…

        • Eclectic Mayhem

          Agreed, and that’s what I call them but in the US aren’t ‘knickers’ golfing trousers (what Brits call Plus Fours)? US/UK terms for clothing are bloody confusing!

          • Monabel

            Quite. But it is fun to transgress national boundaries.

        • formerlyAnon

          I have literally never heard a live (not on stage or screen) American human use “knickers” except in the expression “don’t get your knickers in a twist” – and that only from persons who were middle aged then and old or dead now.

          So it never occurred to me as an option!

      • Tlazolteotl

        A thousand times yes to this.

      • Little_Olive

        I’m not a native English speaker, so if you care to elaborate, I’d appreciate it… stores call them “panties” so it never rang wrong to me.

      • Alloy Jane

        Huh. I guess I don’t think of underwear as generally being sexualized so much as functional. And as “underwear” refers collectively to all male and female under garments, I would never use that word specifically when referencing ladies knickers. In my head, only lingerie is sexy.

        • Coleen

          I have a lot of friends who hate the word “moist,” and “panties” is that word for me.

          • Alloy Jane

            I totally read that as “moist panties” LOL!

    • SugarSnap108

      I literally recoil at the word “panties.”

    • NinaBoo

      Most of my friends appropriated the word “chonies” once they heard me use it. They can’t stand panties either…the word, not the actual garment. Big fans of the latter.

      • formerlyAnon

        Where does “chonies” come from? I’ve never heard it.

        • kimmeister

          I think it’s based off of the Spanish word for underwear, “calzones.”

          • demidaemon

            So Spanish underwear has tomato sauce, pepperoni, and cheese in it? 😉

          • kimmeister

            Depends on that the person ate and their level of continence . . .
            But, while it’s spelled the same as the food, the pronunciation is different. Cal-SONE-ehs. But yes, I laughed when I first learned it.

          • demidaemon


          • Little_Olive

            That is “calzone” -without the S, Italian (not Spanish) word.

          • Alloy Jane

            No, Italians do eat underwear though. Crazy Italians…

          • demidaemon

            It took me a moment to get it, but now I do. HA! For a second, there, though, I was seriously huhing.

        • NinaBoo

          It’s a Spanish slang word taken from “calzones” (not the food). Calzones is one word for underwear and chonies (chonies, choners) is the slang. I’m from LA and Mexican-American…pretty common term among my family and friends.

          I still remember the time I heard my French friend use it and with her adorable accent. About fell out of my chair…

          • formerlyAnon

            Thanks for the reply. Any Spanish slang I retain is Dominican so maybe that’s not one they use? Or I just never had that conversation. 😉

      • AvaLehra

        We’re a “chonie” household.

    • Alloy Jane

      Panties. Tiny pants. I’m trying to understand the hatred for the word. I come from a “chonies/undies/panties/skivvies” household so I’m curious as to how that term could be feather-ruffling. Especially as it never occurred to me that anyone could be bothered by it.

    • Sunraya

      I hate the word “panties” too! It’s so infant-like, yet sexualized.

      Like when grown women say, “I’m Daddy’s little girl.” It skeeves me right out.

  • SistaT

    Her muff should’ve been bedazzled. Seriously. Shimmer to match the “dress”.
    And for real? SHE LOOKS MUTHAFUCKIN FABULOUS. If I had that body, I would be damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead ass naked, too.

    • R.A.

      She really does!!! I gasped when I saw her.

    • mixedupfiles

      A skimpy silverish thong, I think.

    • muzan-e

      Exactly. You can’t camouflage it by making it ‘skin’-toned; everyone still knows at a glance that you’re wearing something. So decorate it with jewels and go out there sparkling.

  • GillianHolroyd

    Enjoy it while you can sweetie. I think I would’ve gone with full-on commando. Or certainly a more streamlined thong. Those are practically grannie panties. Maybe they weren’t so noticeable without the flash?

  • Carrie

    Maybe a pair made from the same material as the dress, only lined?

    Her body is perfection, the dress fit like a glove and she nailed the attitude. This will be the go to example for how to pull off this kind of look for sometime to come.

    • RescueMe23

      Oh I believe my girl Madge (The Queen) showed a lot more in her day – and better. IMO. 🙂

  • Sophie

    Absolutely love the head.

  • Amílcar Castaneda

    I’m sorry, I didn’t see the gloves at first 🙂

  • I sort of love this.

  • deelup

    She is gorgeous and looks great. I can’t deny that. But I’m just not on board with being 2/3 naked.

  • Jessica Freeman

    I dunno that this is an extremely fashion forward garment as much as it is a luxury swim suit cover up…but girl is werqing the shit out of it. Head head looks incredible.

    • marlie

      It’s a slip. A very pretty slip, but a slip, nonetheless.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Sparkle Panties!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Fortunately I had set my coffee down or I would have snorted Starbucks all over my keyboard!

  • MartyBellerMask

    I think the panties didn’t match her skin enough. Too light. Not sure how I feel about the shoes & pedicure but I think the gloves were perfect.
    Overall, she really nailed it.

    • barbarienne

      My thought exactly. If the underwear were the exact color of her skin, we would all be asking, “Wait, is she wearing ANYTHING underneath?”

      Only about three people in the world could carry off this look, and Rihanna is two of them.

      • fursa_saida

        I wonder if flash photos are making that seem worse than it is.

        • barbarienne

          I was thinking they made it look even better! The first full-length photo is so sparkly, she’s like an alien in a sci-fi movie with good special effects.

          • fursa_saida

            I was referring specifically to the contrast between the underwear and her skin tone, but yes, the overall effect is amazing!

          • barbarienne

            Oh, i see what you mean! Reading comprehension fail on my part. Yes, that could certainly be. The gleam factor is reduced in the underwear area.

        • Corsetmaker

          Exactly what I was thinking.

  • jilly_d

    All I can think of is how badly her poor nerps must have hurt by the end of the night.

  • Latin Buddy

    I think the turban is the ONLY thing swaying this into chic. Otherwise, the gloves, cheap looking fur, and the entire getup looks Miss Piggy tacky. I dont know TLo, this doesn’t say elegant or fashion forward to me.

    • charlotte

      She invented the tacky flapper! Flacker? Tapper?

      • vitaminC

        Tapper? I barely know ‘er! Yuk yuk yuk!

    • AlmostClassy

      She’s on my irrational hate list so my opinions are very biased, but I just see “Attention Whore” plastered all over this from the neck down. Which, heck, she’s a celebrity…kind of a given I suppose. She’s reached “of course” status for me.

      Cannot hate on how lovely her head looks here though. Seriously gorgeous.

      • Luzia

        > but I just see “Attention Whore” plastered all over this from the neck down

        no shit, Sherlock. lol. Of course she’s attention whore. So do most celebs

    • Thomas

      I don’t think this was about being chic. I think it was about making a statement, a la JLo in the infamous Versace dress. Also, Miss Piggy isn’t tacky. Miss Piggy is fabulous.

      • But what’s the next statement going to be? Showing up on the red carpet in a paper gown with a speculum shoved up your vadge?

        • Bexxx

          It doesn’t have to be a new statement every time. She can show up event after event looking beautiful in her nakedness- I don’t get the impression that she gives a shit if people are shocked by her nudity.

        • Thomas

          I agree that this isn’t chic, but if I want chic, I’ll look at Coco Rocha’s look (which is to die for). I don’t have an issue with nudity and nipples when properly deployed (not Goop’s ass window for example. That wasn’t over-the-top enough to be fabulous and she couldn’t pull fabulous off anyway). Cher is another one who would statements like this. Bob Mackie might like this. Also, Rihanna’s done chic plenty enough times. The red Alaia she wore to the 2012 Grammys and what she wore to the Chanel show this year immediately come to mind.

        • sugarkane105

          Oy, that visual.

  • Danielle

    Makeup is on POINT.

  • MaggieMae

    Eye make-up is stunning!

  • Beardslee

    Eww. Not a fan. I don’t see Josephine Baker in this, except superficially. Baker always seemed so joyful, and in on the joke, whereas this one takes herself Very Seriously. So to me this is just anatomical.

  • flamingoNW

    I just saw someone else online call her a human snickerdoodle – rolled in cinnamon sugar and head out the door. LOL. I think this is supremely tacky,

  • warontara

    I love love love this….lol didn’t notice the gloves until you mentioned them.

  • MissusBee

    Option 1. Silver/bejazzled panties that outsparkle the dress and MUCH more skimpy than the ones she has on, string-bikini style.
    Option 2. If you’re doing nude underwear, a tone darker blends better better than a tone lighter.

    Hold the stole in exactly the right position all night, and keep them guessing.
    Either way, this is straight out of the ‘solution underwear’ section. Not glam.
    Apart from that, it’s awesome. The hat makes it, and at the same time, I’m loving the logic whereby one demurely covers one’s head (because classy) while getting your tits out.

  • I actually think the shape of the undies is wrong – a tiny bejewelled triangle would have worked better. The ones she’s wearing look like those no VPL ones, and since the point behind these is VERY visible panty line, she should have worked it.

  • I’m in love with how confident she is in her body. Look at that face — she is UNFAZED. “Soak it in, bitches.”

  • altalinda

    Cher did this better way back when. The Oscar dress with the decorations placed just so so she could go 100% commando. With this look the panties are clunker.

  • Erica

    OK, how many of you, like me, sighed with relief when she opened her wrap and was actually wearing underwear? I thought in the first few pictures she just went full on commando and intended to carry the wrap strategically all night.

    I agree sparkle underwear would have flowed better with the outfit. Otherwise, I don’t feel like I’m in a good position to judge this. Too old, too much a mom with the personality to match (“put on a pretty dress, baby girl!”). She’s gorgeous, that’s for sure. OK. One judgment. I’m not crazy about the pedicure.

  • Alison – NYC Recessionista

    Me thinks y’all should start a new category of posts — GTNEAD: Girl, That’s NOT EVEN A DRESS … for when stars show practically all their kibbles ‘n’ bits on the red carpet.

  • DailyDose

    gentlemen’s club awards.

  • V No Privacy

    sparkle panties. obviously. probably in the same material/color as the dress.

  • crash1212

    I think without the gloves this would’ve been TOO naked. I know…that sounds silly, but it’s true. She’s a beautiful, supremely confident woman and she totally nailed this. I guess the only place she can go now fashion-wise is Amish.

  • Anna

    Agree with all the Josephine Baker references and I’d wear that dress too if I had her body (DAT ASS!!!). It would be in the bedroom before my fantasy boyfriend rips it off, but still.

    • Kitten Mittons

      DAT ASS!!!!
      Her face in profile, with that turban, and those earrings, is just making my whole day worth it.

      • Anna

        It truly is remarkable! That profile shot is gorgeous.

  • TwiddlyStun

    Just thankful the phrase “could have used a pop of color” was not part of your panty discussion.

  • holla

    C-STRINGS, get them in her skin color or sparkly,

  • Mrs. Julien

    Wouldn’t it hurt to sit?

  • Lilithcat

    How does one camouflage one’s muff without ruining the line of one’s see-through dress?

    It’s not possible. Which is why one shouldn’t wear a see-through dress, at least not in public.

    She looks dreadful.

  • Scott Cooper

    You turn it into a sparkly, tiny g-string.

  • ovarB

    This reminds me of the infamous dress Marilyn Monroe wore to sing “Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy.

    • MoHub

      Except that that was opaque in all the important places.

  • guyfromhoboken

    She should have vajazzled…minus 10 for Griffyndoor!

  • Justine

    The second-last picture is amazing – she has a beautiful profile

  • Denise Rambo

    I hope she didn’t have to sit down – otherwise – OUCH!

  • rissa42210

    I can’t hate. I’d love to on principle, but she looks amazing and she knows it.

    • Constant Reader

      Me too. Everything in my middle-aged brain wants to yell “young lady, you are not leaving the house like that!” And yet, she looks gorgeous and I love it.

  • Jecca2244

    the head piece really makes it for me.

  • RescueMe23

    I guess I’m one of the few that just thinks this is entirely too much. Yes her body is fantastic, and I’m no prude by any stretch of the imagination (just ask past boyfriends), but this (to me) is just tacky. In an age where everyone lets it all hang out I say keep the mystery, keep them guessing. Now, after this, who cares – we’ve seen it all.

    • OhSheila

      After this? Anybody who has paid enough attention has seen all of Rihanna. Her nudes got leaked years ago. So if there’s no more mystery, why not show off the body in a gorgeously rendered Josephine Baker styled stunner?

      • RescueMe23

        Sorry I don’t follow her – I’ve never really appreciated her or her music so I didn’t know her nudes had leaked years ago. And, I’m happy she’s fit & confident enough to wear it, but I don’t think its a good look for a formal event. That’s just me I guess!

        • OhSheila

          I think it’s perfect, This was a fashion event. In fashion a fashion show you see nakedness ALL THE TIME. If there were a place to wear this dress(and I could see how you and others would think there isn’t), I posit that this is THE place to do it.

          It’s not just you though lol. There seems to be a very even split to this.

          • RescueMe23

            I’ll let this die if you will. You like it. I don’t. There ya go! 🙂

      • JaymeKay

        So agree.

    • flamingoNW

      not just you. I agree…

    • Totally agree.

  • @Biting Panda

    We talk about venue and event specific clothing a lot around here. This is one of those perfect moments, in my opinion. I wouldn’t love as much if she weren’t there to receive an ICON award. When you think of the stock photos that will be used to summarize your career, this is so perfectly Rihanna, and such a perfect crescendo for what she’s been giving us the last year or two. Iconically played.

  • jbj

    There were gloves?

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    RiRi is the only woman who could appear in body shimmer with a hem(very apt description, uncles) and have it not be tacky. Definitely an air of Josephine Baker in this look. I really like the headwrap and make-up.

    • Sunraya

      I think this is one of the tackiest dresses I’ve seen. She is naked in public. That’s way beyond tacky.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’ve been going back and forth on this look. I really don’t need, or want, to see ANY person’s bare backside in public. In the last month we’ve been treated to Beyonce’s cheeks at the Met Gala, and now Rihanna at the CFDA awards. That’s enough. There are other ways to show off a beautiful body. So, I suppose I’m moving more toward tacky for this look.

  • kimmeister

    This is a bit NSFW, no? I’m glad I saw this while working at home this morning, rather than in the office.

    I like the headscarf and gloves. I don’t think it’s the gloves that take this into stripper wear, ahem. It’s silly that she wore a ring on top of them though. I don’t know how she even got it on without crushing the beads on that finger.

    • marlie

      *Totally* NSFW. This is one where I either look at it on my phone, or just quickly skip past the photos altogether.

    • Sunraya

      Yes, I think TLo should have a warning, or an Over 18 warning!

  • Daisy Walker

    As someone said on the FB post last night, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  • OhSheila

    I feel like the brown panty/should have been a little more brown. It’s about 2 shades too light and had it been exactly the color the illusion would have been perfected. I just love this. It goes so far away from the “Stars are JUST LIKE US” and goes into, only stars can do this.

    • Bexxx

      Well said!

  • FibonacciSequins

    If anything, I would have liked her panties to match her skin tone even more, so all you see is her body and the shimmer.

    Stunning, full stop. I’m gasping over her head wrap, earrings and makeup. Perfection.

  • Miss wks

    A. Hot pink merkin….

  • titaness25

    Maybe with the panties they give actressess to use when they’re faking sex scenes? She’s so sparkly and pretty, I don’t even care about the pantibus situation.

  • PastryGoddess

    I can’t hate. She is going to have everyone talking about her for the next month.

    Chris Brown who?

  • marlie

    This is SO insane that only Riri could come close to pulling this off. But she’s definitely doing some sort of Josephine Baker/Cher hybrid. The fabric is actually very pretty, but I think I’d like to see more substance to the dress – more actual DESIGN – than just a sheer, bedazzzled, floor-length slip. As for the underwear, I think they could have been a little smaller, and could have been matched to her skin tone a little better. Or bedazzled. That could have worked too.

  • Heather Galaxy

    Sparkley merkin.

  • James

    This is simply terrible. I love her, she’s gorgeous, I am glad she is confident but this is terrible. This is not fashion, she walked out naked with a few add ons. Tacky as hell. Tacky.

  • Synnamin

    I would have gone with a jeweled merkin, myself. What? Too much?

    Seriously, I love this. She’s gorgeous and she’s not one to shy away from publicity. The gloves push it ever so slightly into tacky territory, but not by much. Not sure I’m down with that toe polish, though.

    • Gatto Nero

      “Merkin” was my first thought, too.
      She fears nothing.

    • Kitten Mittons

      jeweled merkin = jerkin?

  • vitaminC

    I gaygasped when I saw her; as much as I dislike see through, she looks stunning here. The undies? Maybe a sparkly thong?

  • shopgirl716

    If I had a body like that I’d show it off too.

  • Adrianna Grężak

    I kind of wonder if the “dress” looked more substantial without the flash photography

  • formerlyAnon

    Um. She’s got a quite pretty body, naked & covered in sparklies?

    This is where being old & raised in the virgin/whore Catholic patriarchy trips me up. Either that or common sense. HOW can anyone ever bemoan the objectification of female performers when they parade around in this kind of get up? I mean, I bemoan it plenty, but I’m feeling kind of undercut, here.

    But she’s got something worth showing off, I’ll give her that.

    • demidaemon

      Is it objectification, though, if you take control of the image and use your body to your own devices? Just a philosophical question.

      • formerlyAnon

        I started a long somewhat related reply later, re: Bexxx’ mention of (hurrying so paraphrase maybe inaccurately) reclaiming women’s bodies from the male gaze, before realizing that I did have to do some work. (Presentation tomorrow)
        I want to return to this, my opinions are subject to persuasion, I think, it’s a topic I debate internally. Maybe later, ideally when there’s still someone on here with which to engage. But if I don’t get back to it in time to attract several BKs who’ve thought more deeply than I to the discussion, we can be damn sure it will come up again!

        • demidaemon

          I’ve read all the comments, so I think I know what you are getting at. I just don’t think it is objectification if you, personally, make that choice to showcase your body that way (this goes for anyone of any gender). Editorials and advertisements don’t count, as you do not have as much agency in what is shown to the world, and those who might be forced into an occupation (such as exotic dancers or sex workers) due to financial constraints don’t count either, but Rihanna here is in complet control of the image she wants to show to the world. In that case, I don’t see it as objectification. I see it as celebration. Others will most likely disagree with me, and that is certainly their right to do so.

          • Alloy Jane

            I think it all has to do with individual attitude. Madonna and Katy Perry in that stupid, uninspired Betty Page spread are objectified because they’re having this contrived fantasy superimposed upon them. They are slaves to the image being painted of them, and that image isn’t even anything genuine, interesting, subversive, or even sexy. Unlike Madonna in the Vogue years, wearing her Gaultier tit missiles and spread eagling all over audiences everywhere, when it was about her wielding her sexuality for herself. Female sexual expression and female objectification are separated by a very fine, very ethereal line. Just like with sex. There’s sexual consent that comes from a place of not wanting further damage/humiliation than is already happening, and there’s consent that is apathetic, then there’s willing, enthusiastic consent. The differences are huge, but not always tangible or even discernable to some people.

            Personally, I think being at this event for a “fashion icon” award caused Rihanna to inadvertently objectify herself. It’s like she’s showing up as a parody of who she presents herself to be. Normally she exudes serenity and happiness, but these pictures look like she’s over it. It was like “Oh I’m a fashion icon? I guess I’ll show up kinda naked to get my award.” She’s beautiful, no doubt, but there’s just not enough design in that dress for it to look like anything more than a sparkly condom. It looks like a cheap stripper dress and she doesn’t look happy, so I cannot love this look.

          • formerlyAnon

            Oh, bless you for replying. No-one but you will see this now the post is on the 2nd page, but yesterday was Big Meeting Day at work and I was too tired try to be concise last night. It’ll come up again, I’m sure.

            This is one of those unsettled debates for me. IN THEORY, I agree with the idea that if one controls and owns how one presents oneself, then one is entitled to cover in a burka or in transparent body glitter, equally without having to defend one’s choice. In practice, though, one interacts with the rest of the world, and in my wholly non-expert interpretation of the concept, I come down on the side that in society, meaning is constructed (Giddings, et al.).

            So this is where being torn comes in: On the one hand, we all, even more so admired public figures have to be aware of and ought to be thoughtful about the difference between the message (if any) we want to send and how that message is interpreted by the audience. If you’re being thoughtful, you know, wearing this, that you are playing into the tendency of an industry and a culture to value you explicitly and primarily on how great you look naked.

            On the other hand, I’ve seen tremendous positive change in societal norms in my lifetime, and women owning the right to show their bodies without it being an inherently, explicitly sexual statement/invitation would be another great change. And societal change doesn’t happen unless some people are brave enough to claim the ground society has not yet given them.

            So that’s the intellectual side. (I am not even getting into the discussion of defining objectification and where its boundaries are. Too long.) On the emotional side, women claiming as a freedom the right to appear in a manner that explicitly displays their sexual attractiveness feels to me in many ways the way the advent of reliable birth control, entirely in the woman’s control, in the 1960s feels.

            Modern birth control gave women the ability to engage in sexual activity with theoretically no more fear of pregnancy than men, & I of course see that as huge gain. It also it created new problems to navigate that were women’s problems, not men’s. Many men felt free to abdicate whatever responsibility they had taken for birth control, because “you’re taking care of it, right?” (Those of you who don’t remember sex before the HIV & herpes epidemics may not realize how unusual condom use was for a decade or two.) More importantly, the perceived right of women to say “No” was monumentally weakened, at least in circles where “nice” marriageable women were kind of expected to say no because they lost that status if they had had a premarital pregnancy. (I think that stigma is pretty unimaginable to an American under 35 or so today.)

            In other words, NOT claiming that there’s any validity to it as an argument pro or con, the right to appear in [what in our society is interpreted as a highly sexualized presentation of oneself] feels to me like a double edged sword that’s going to cut against one’s right to be respected more deeply than cut for that right. At least for a long time yet.

          • demidaemon

            A lot of it comes down, as well, to what we expect celebrities to be. Are they supposed to be role models? In most cases, I would think not. Really, if Rihanna wants to where this, more power to her, but we shouldn’t place onto her all of our baggage.

            But I do understand every point of where you are coming from.

    • Sunraya

      Catholic school student here, raised right after Gloria Steinem: I agree. You go out naked, and then bitch that men see you, or other women, as sex objects? If you show your breasts all over the place, then you need to STFU when you are labelled classless or worse. Society has standards. If she walked outside like this, she could have been arrested.

      Why is this OK? I continually feel that the ladies before me and my generation wasted our time demanding to be seen as equals when there is a whole generation of women who think this is cool, and so are wet t-shirt contests that say, simply: judge me for my tits. I really want to scream.

  • littlevase

    I don’t love that female celebs keep lowering the bar by appearing with less and less clothing (or sheer clothing) just to “get noticed”. Women just may as well start going completely naked. Men don’t seem to have to wear sheer clothes or no clothes at all to get noticed. I know my comment stands out here as being fuddy duddy but meh. MEH I say!

    • Daisy Walker

      THIS. A thousand times, THIS.

    • boweryboy

      Nope. Not fuddy duddy at all. I agree. I tried to instill those values in my nieces when they were young – that a woman is more than just the sum of her body parts.

      • littlevase

        Thank you for that. This isn’t fashion or even about fashion because half the comments are about her ass and her boobs. Walking away now because I know I sound like Debbie Downer and I don’t mean to.

        • James

          I don’t think you sound as a Debbie Downer. She has a fantastic body but there are other ways of showing it off, than just stripping naked with a bit of sparkly gauze over her. There’s no great fashion here. There’s her boobs and ass with an accessory thrown in.

        • Bexxx

          Maybe I’m just A Youth but I see no shame in taking pride in/showing off one’s body. It’s just anatomy, after all.

          • If it’s just anatomy then why don’t we see Bieber or Alan Thicke showing up on a red carpet in a thong under a sheer shirt?

          • Grumpy Girl

            Can we just be thankful that we don’t? Surely there is a better example?

          • butterflysunita

            I wouldn’t mind Matt Bomer showing up in a thong and sheer skirt!

          • Bexxx

            I, for one, am 250% into men showing up more naked on the red carpet (though maybe not your examples). So you think women should cover up their bodies because men do?

          • Men covering up their bodies while women expose theirs is a reflection of an unfair power structure.The easiest way for a young woman to get attention is by stripping. Women’s bodies are commodified in a way that men’s bodies aren’t. Look at the video for Blurred Lines.

          • Bexxx

            Women should not have to cover up their bodies as a statement against objectification. Women’s anatomy does NOT belong to the male gaze. Nudity can be reclamation. Forcing women to cover up is submitting to the idea that their bodies are inherently inappropriate. Ending the male gaze and commodification of women’s bodies should be put upon the men doing the objectifying rather than the victims of objectification.

          • This isn’t about “forcing women to cover up” nor is it about women’s bodies being inherently inappropriate. FWIW, I worked as an artist’s model in college so I have no inherent problem with nudity or exposing the body. But when female pop stars have to strip for attention, it’s not empowerment or reclamation. It’s about conforming to cultural ideas about a woman’s worth within the confines of a patriarchal and unfair system that commodifies women’s bodies. Is Rihanna responsible for all that? No but I don’t think it’s something to celebrate either.

            There’s also the Onion article “Women Now Empowered By Everything A Woman Does”

            Whereas early feminists campaigned tirelessly for improved health care and safe, legal access to abortion, often against a backdrop of public indifference or hostility, today’s feminist asserts control over her biological destiny by wearing a baby-doll T-shirt with the word “Hoochie” spelled in glitter.

            “Don’t tell this bitch what to do,” said Kari Eastley, 24, a participant in the Oberlin study and, according to one of her T-shirts, a “Slut Goddess.” “I wear what I want when I want, and no man is going to tell me otherwise. We’re talking Pussy Power, baby.”

          • Zuber

            I had the same opinion that why some women just to get noticed or get talking about them let go of their clothes. Is their self esteem literally so low. And why people who think a bit of mystery and public decency is important have to go by ‘i m not prude or against nudity’ defence. I don’t like nudity on streets on public events. What message are we giving to young girls; if you have a good body go nude or nearly nude.

          • hadtomakeaccount

            You are assuming that she is wearing (not wearing) that dress out of “[having] to strip for attention” and that she is “conforming to cultural ideas about a woman’s worth”…. That’s an important assumption to make; if she is, in fact, just wearing something gorgeous that she looks gorgeous in because she wants to, then your entire argument falls apart. Unless you are stating that because she is a “female pop star” she is, by nature of that identifying label, prisoner to the “patriarchal and unfair system.”

          • formerlyAnon

            In theory, I agree. And change won’t happen if people aren’t brave enough to claim ground that society does not currently cede to them. But I don’t think that’s how it works in practice. The meaning of an act is constructed (in my opinion) by the social environment in which it occurs. And the meaning of female nakedness (at least when it is conventionally sexually appealing nakedness) in the entertainment industry is not empowerment, and it is tied directly into the parts of the human brain that are least susceptible to reasoned discourse. And thus, I’m torn. (Another version in reply to Demidaemon earlier.)

          • hadtomakeaccount

            THANK YOU.

    • Men don’t seem to have to wear sheer clothes or no clothes at all to get noticed.


      • vitaminC

        But they should!

      • Zuber


    • Therese Bohn

      I do wish she was modest. And I agree with you completely littlevase. I think this could have been really beautiful if it was lined. But Rihanna is one of a niche who insist on shock value. She and Miley Cyrus both are inches from being centerfolds. And insisting on exposing yourself strikes me as desperation. Sad.
      I agree with the other poster here who liked her from the neck up.

    • Sunraya

      You are not fuddy duddy. I’m 52, and women before me and my age worked hard to be sure men see us as equals and don’t judge us for our tits and asses. And so many young girls think it’s awesome to flaunt everything for attention instead of using their brains, personalities and elegance. I teach them and talk to them about this all of the time. That’s why I do like Kate Middleton – she is never tacky.

      • formerlyAnon

        I debate the theoreticals on this, I really do. But in practical terms, in raising girls, I come down with you. I want my daughter to operate with a firm sense of what IS, even if it’s wrong, and to be aware of what the trade offs are likely to be if she chooses to operate as if she’s in a world of what ought to be. It is very hard to express this without being accused of ‘blaming the victim’ which is absolutely not what I mean.

  • Therese Bohn

    If the dress had a nude lining? She forgot her pasties. But it is stunning in a Josephine Baker kind of way.

  • boweryboy

    I’m sorry, but this is just vulgar (as my mother would say) but not surprising considering she wore a foundation garment on the red carpet a few months back. The only way I could be on board with this is if she broke out in a Josephine Baker song and dance number.

    I did get a huge chuckle from how you guys think the gloves are the only thing which looks like stripper wear.

  • Boulderista

    first though – at least she’s not wearing granny panties … but I sort of wish she worn hipster panties. I think they would’ve worked better than the high-cut legs.

  • sugarkane105

    Remember when Cher did this on stage 30 years ago? Or even when Britney Spears did it 15 years ago? That’s when these “bedazzled nudity” getups were daring. Now it’s just tired.

  • MoHub

    At least she wore panties.

  • JauntyJohn

    A beautiful body is the ultimate accessory.

    • formerlyAnon

      Yup. And nobody’s lasts forever. She’s got a beautiful face, spectacular breasts, a great ass and lovely overall figure. I may not be comfortable with anyone putting so nearly all of it on public display, but she’s entitled to enjoy it while it lasts, and I do admire.

      [edited because I am clearly too stunned by her beauty to type in grammatical english 😉 ]

  • If you’re going to leave the house naked, this is how to do it in style!

  • Molly

    I’m ready to live in a world where this is no big thing. She looks beautiful. My only criticism is that it’s too derivative. Shouldn’t we be calling this old-fashioned? But obviously it STILL take a lot of chutzpah to dress this way, even at an event like this where everyone’s pushing the bar.

    • James

      I am not ready for the lack of class or elegance so I hope at least we get those two worlds coexisting.

    • OhSheila

      Today is Josephine Bakers birthday so with the nakedness and the hair I’m definitely going with that being the inspiration. That is my fan/stan way of excusing the old fashioned-ness of it all.

      • Carleenml

        and really the thing I hate the most is the thing that’s covering her…the panties are icky and I’m so glad she has her funky boa to hide them. She’s giving naked a good name here. Well done.

  • Joycelyn Watterson-Woods

    The head wrap was perfect with this. I think bedazzled unders would have been better. I asore the sleek line on back that almost seems to be one from shoulder to thong. Glad she didn’t wear shaped pasties or something to cover her nipples, odd to say, but that would have been tacky.

  • elemspbee

    North of the neck–stunning! And the rest of course

  • SugarSnap108

    Her head is simply gorgeous. And I’ll stop right there.

  • KinoEye

    Shutting it down — a perfect marriage of venue and personal style. I’ll echo other kittens who have said it may be tacky, but damn, if I had that body I’d probably want to do the same at least once. That turban is fabulous and her makeup is almost always flawless. I’ll also agree with the others who have said bejeweled undies were called for here.

    The 6th photo is an amazing shot, and if I were here, I’d frame it in a heartbeat. Such poise and attitude!

  • The tacky is strong in this one.

  • Jennifer Bober

    Okay, I guess I’m just old fashioned, because I just don’t get it. I would have loved this dress if I couldn’t see her nipples and her butt cheeks. I think the hair wrap is fabulous a la Josephine Baker. I’ve always found hints of what is hidden sexier that just throwing it all out there.

    • MilaXX

      I think the entire look is very Josephine Baker. After all Ms. Baker was known for performing nude or nearly nude.

  • altermyego

    Because of the sequence of the photos the mystery of what was or wasn’t showing in her nether regions kept building and building. Then she has a tada moment. Love it.
    This dress belongs to Rhianna and no one else. But what happens when she sits down? What if she laughs too hard? That undergarment has to be quite thin.

  • KendraMR

    I can’t and won’t hate; home girl looks good from head to toe!

  • teensmom99

    A do me on the day that your abuser is released from prison! I guess the fashion rules for that special occasion are in the next book.

  • smayper

    I’m just impressed by the fact that someone counted the crystals.

  • Dagney

    Shutting it DOWN. I would even go so far as to say that only her dress.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    “We’re stumped on this style conundrum, darlings. How does one camouflage one’s muff without ruining the line of one’s see-through dress?”

    Possibly one chooses not to wear dresses where muff-covering dilemmas present themselves.
    Rihanna is beautiful and I love everything from the neck up, but this is trashy, trashy, trashy.

  • Julie Chase

    It’s tacky as FUCK but I can’t deny that her head looks amazing. If this was lined and not a plea to stare at her tits, I would have given her a WERQ.

  • RectPropagation

    It isn’t that they tried to match her skin tone, it’s that they failed to match her skin tone. If it had actually matched the color of her skin, the underwear would have been fine. Something silver to match the dress probably would have worked too.

  • MyFavoriteColorIsGlitter

    Soooooo, has she not heard of g-strings? Big ole hip higher panties? Really? A nice flesh tone g-string could have cleared all that mess right up.
    Anyway… She looks GORGEOUS. Is this sorta tacky? Yeah, probably… But it is still a beautiful vision. She is stunning. Her body is slammin. Her face is perfection. And she knows this. You go, Rihanna!

    • surfergirl70

      Agreed. I feel like if she went a shade slightly darker with the panties, and if they were string-ier, it would have worked more. Even so, this look is phenomenal. I want to turn my nose up at it, but she looks fucking unbelievable.

      • MoHub

        I’m thinking a tanga, with a triangular front instead of the boyshorts look, would have served her better.

  • When I saw the first picture I thought she had the fur strategically placed because she wasn’t wearing any underwear. So I’m glad to see that she is. That could have been a really long, awkward night.

  • save_the_hobbit

    Just because it’s covered in swarovski doesn’t make it any less trashy.

  • Sofia

    This is WAY too vulgar. She must be desperate for publicity or she thought was attending the AVN award show.

  • HeisenbergHattie

    I commented on Lena Dunham right before I took a look at Rihanna in her birthday suit. My brain hurts.

  • Tee

    If she would have kept the fur draped over her McMuffin it would have been fine. Love how the head scarf has more lining than the dress. Recalls the good ol’ days of Cher and Bob Mackie. Total WERQ.

  • thesevenendless

    Well….I love the glitter and shimmer. I have no qualms about how Rihanna wore the dress, but I also think it would have looked just as gorgeous if the dress was just a couple of shades darker/not as see though. I LOVE how it hugs her curves; it looks like something Aphrodite would have worn on Mount Olympus (I know, I know, its corny but I’ve been a BIG Greek mythology lover since I was a kid).

  • Miriam Foster

    Of course…

  • sherrietee

    thank you for wearing underwear, at least. No one needs to see a merkin or its biological equivalent at this hour of the day.

  • BlairBear

    I love love love the head scarf. I think if she lined it and looked really classy that would have been shocking. Like how Miley covers up from time to time to change the narrative.

  • Bexxx

    I am a big fan of nudity and believe that “stripper” is a legitimate aesthetic, so I freaking love this. She looks fabulous and her body is literally flawless. I also have a lot of Feminist Feelings about people’s opinions about her nudity, but I will let y’all figure those out yourselves.

  • BayTampaBay

    I think the tattoos ruin everything she wears.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I can’t decide if I’m dreading the time that she tries to top this or if I can’t wait to see her try. Girlie is sex, I’ll give her that much. And her face is flawless here.

  • SophieCollier

    I would have recommended a g-string in the same rose color as the gown, with perhaps some rhinestones ala Cher. I freaking love the Josephine Baker vibe of the style and the audacity of baring breasts in public. You go, Riri!

  • Haley Buchanan

    The panties could have maybe been a different color sparkle? I’m not sure if you can see sparkle through sparkle, but a more pewter-colored shimmer like that of her head scarf could have potentially worked.

  • Anathema_Device

    When I look at this as wearable fashion, I don’t love it. When I look at it as costume, I like it. I know there is a fine line (sometimes no line) for certain people. I agree that the sparkly gloves are too much. I would add that while I love her in a head wrap, I think the one here adds to the garishness of the whole look.

  • traceyishere

    Her turn as style icon is officially over. She has nothing left to show us. Literally.

  • cocohall

    If one is going to leave the house wearing bedazzled Press and Seal, then please don’t resort to half measures – get a tiny glittery triangular thong that just covers up the good china and own it. God is in the details, dearie. Maybe she has a “situation” she is trying to cover? Razor bumps? wonky tan lines? But these are precisely the sorts of questions that should not come to mind if you are doing this look. Although with that bum, RiRi just has to walk away to remind everyone that it is HER night.

    • MilaXX

      I think if she wore a glittery thong it would have the same effect as the headwrap; because the material is doubled, it would look heavier. The result would be a opaque triangle over the pubs.

  • Lori

    The peekaboo with the stole really bugs me. The fake “I’m totally naked under this thing. Ta dah! I’m actually wearing panties. Made you look!” is annoying as shit. Own it, or don’t do it. At this point “coy” is not in RiRi wheelhouse.

  • lilibetp

    ROTFLMHO. I mean that literally – I have a headache from laughing so hard.
    And I don’t want to be crass, but I can’t help but wonder whether a crystal dress might be a bit, um, chafing, so to speak, on the girls.

    • somebody blonde

      Yeah, I thought about that too. I mean, sequins can be bad enough.

    • Corsetmaker

      flat back crystals, so no that bad. Sitting can’t be comfortable though.

  • Luzia

    She looks fabulous. I don’t care that people say. 1 in a million could rock this and she is that one woman. And her body is out of this world

  • MaryMcClelland

    Well her face looks gorgeous – she always has sublime makeup. I’m not even gonna comment on the stripper costume.

  • Most people wearing this would cause an eye rolling moment, we would know they were trying too hard. This is a day in the life for her and she looks incredibly stunning.

  • Vegas Girl

    Not just no, but hell no! Since when is t&a considered fashion? I do love the head wrap though, and her face is always beautiful.

  • webslice33

    stunning! almost naked but really really stunning!

  • Sonnet_PDX

    Nope. She is insanely gorgeous, and I LOVE (and am envious of) her confidence, but this is not fashion. It’s not even interesting. The dress is a total nothing, and I don’t mean just that it is barely there; I mean that it is barely even designed. If the only interesting thing about one’s dress is that it is see-through, then it is not actually terribly clever. Shouldn’t a “Fashion Icon” look like fashion? I guess what I am saying is that I do not think this was the right event at which to deploy this look. If she had worn it for some traditionally nekkid MTV event I would be bowing down like a good little serf, but for this event it just looks stupid.

  • Melissa

    See, I like the gloves and she’s pulling off that dress. It’s the headscarf I can’t get onboard with. She looks like she could be a more glittery member of the E Street Band. As for the underwear, maybe sparkly underwear made of similar fabric? Although that wouldn’t be too comfy. Nope, I’m also stumped there.

  • poggi

    I don’t like the gloves either, and agree with others that the panties (while a very good call) need to blend better.. And while I like the headwrap I don’t like the competing sparkles with this. What is most striking to me about this look (in addition to the nudity) is her lovely skin-tone exposed and seen through the dress. So the too-light panties, the darker headwrap, and even her light pedicure seem to draw focus.

  • MilaXX

    I am shocked to say this, but I like it. I get a bit of a Josephine Baker vibe. My only quibble are the gloves. I think flesh toned thong was the best option here. Last impression: I have got to find out who her makeup artist is. Whoever that person is seems to perfectly capture the many moods and looks that Rhianna decides to grace us with.

    • Yeah I’m a bit sad about the gloves, maybe should have been like sleeves? That drape off the shoulders a bit?

  • rage_on_the_page

    Vajazzling, obviously, is the solution.

  • frannyprof

    She’s gorgeous. Breathtaking. But this is not fashion.

  • I agree with those who said, given the reality of this getup, she should have Swarkowski’d her nether regions, too, so as to lose the panties. I also agree she has a slammin’ body and exactly the right “What, me worry?” attitude to bring it off, and that this fashion event was perfect to display…..uh, all of it. Even given all that, I am personally uncomfortable with this level of “in your face” nudity. It strikes me as more exhibitionism than fashion. She’s getting an award for being a fashion icon but rather than dressing to demonstrate her sartorial savvy, she’s forced everyone to see her body, not its covering. In the end I see this as a bit of a slap in the face to those who gave her the award. On the one hand, they must be thankful for the publicity, which I assume is monumental, but on the other, they must be wishing Rihanna had actually WORN something.

  • suzq

    It’s a shame the garment had a very noticeable seam. Ruined part of the effect. I’m ok with the thong. Lace would have been a nice touch.

  • unbornfawn

    Rhianna’s modern pop star take on Josephine Baker…. All the exposed flesh feels… expected. From the front the muff cover looks like poorly matched fleshy bikini underwear. I with the BK’s that suggested they be rhinestoned as well.

  • Laura Krause Sedor

    There’s got to be some kind of stick on thingy she could have put on the front of her business, amiright? If I had her body and beauty, I would wear that dress without a doubt. Haters gonna hate.

  • The Council of Fashion Designer’s of America… needs a new council!

  • Milos Mom

    Me no like. From that tired, haphazard rag on her head to the non-matching underwear. Seriously, she cant’ find underwear to match her skin tone perfectly? Those two issues makes it all look so last minute and expensively tacky. And she won a fashion award while wearing that. OK.

  • GorgeousThings

    I can’t wait for the photoshop version of her 40-years-older-self in this dress

  • And I really don’t think showing ones entire ASS CRACK will EVER be considered chic!

  • AndieJay

    If I had a body like that, I’m not sure I could resist showing it off either.

  • Ashleigh

    Why not a slinky little bikini triangle type thong – with same embellishment but opaque?

  • Tracy_Flick

    *saves this pic for the next time I hear someone complain about a mom breastfeeding in public*

    ETA: It’s a striking look, but I think the lipstick went a bit too far. It looks like some kind of Halloween costume. Sexy icicle, maybe.

  • EEKstl


  • Imasewsure

    I kind of love the 30’s stripper vibe of all of this (although I kind of wish it had been gently lined). RiRi you slay me!!

  • ThaliaMenninger

    How did she manage to have panties in the front but not in the back?

    • Shelby

      This was my thought too!

    • Edie Rose

      It’s the fur boa that’s wrinkling your brain.
      Some of the other sites (if I admit to read the Daily Mail, will you judge me?) have shots where she’s holding the boa to the side. The thong is quite evident then. The shock of her nakedness becomes quite real.

      • boweryboy

        The Daily Mail is a guilty pleasure of mine.

  • Someone should have bedazzled those panties. This advice is not unique to Rihanna – I wish there were more sparkle underwear options in general.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    If she just held that pink fur boa in the right spot she would need panties. I wouldn’t mind being her if just for a little while, she is hot and beautiful and she can get away with this.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Above the neck, I think she looks great. Below the neck, I’m sorry, it is just a tacky, sheer, bedazzled swimsuit cover-up.

  • Sam Smith

    I luv this look, but the boobs and butt are a distraction, and in my mind bring the look down a notch. If this dress were lined, even a sheer lining, I’d say WERQ. Here, I think she looks desperate and she shouldn’t be desperate.

  • deech_sea

    ” It’s body shimmer with a hem” Yup!

  • Linderella

    Another blatant misappropriation of the word “icon.” Don’t get me wrong, I like her, I think she’s often quite striking. But “icon” shouldn’t ever apply to someone with less than a couple of decades worth of proof to back up the tag.
    Besides which, that hideous bandana negates her icon status in one fell swoop.

  • xmixiex

    I guess I’m the only person not impressed with anything she does. I think she’s tacky as all hell. Get off my lawn.

  • appliquer

    Whatever happened to indecent exposure?

  • Sarah

    Her outfit looks cheap, and the tacky accessories don’t help. Everything about this look screams cheap stripper. I don’t understand how anyone could think this was fashionable.
    Also, Rose McGowan would like the record to reflect that she did this 16 years ago at the VMAs, and actually pulled it off.

    • Joanna

      I don’t know that anyone can “pull it off,” but I will say that Rose at least saved it for the perfect venue. That’s my issue here – I don’t think this was venue-appropriate. “Fashion? Who needs it!” is what RiRi is saying here.

    • lamh36

      Sorry, but I think Rihanna looks WAYYYY better than McGowan did at VMA.

  • Nancy Arseneault-Heald

    Vajazzle it. Or a tiny thong covered in swarovski crystals.

  • She reminds me of a modern day Josephine Baker here. Not everyday or in general – just here.

  • throwslikeagirl

    Would have worked better with a silver thong.

  • Zaftiguana

    In answer to the final question, two words: Glitter Merkin.

  • Vtg Fashion Library

    Her toes are creeping me out.

  • LeelaST

    I “get it” but my first, second, and last reaction is “Absolutely tacky and appalling.” She should have just bedazzled her entire body and shown up nude. As is she’s hiding nothing while giving the illusion she is, except she’s not…ugh. Not on board.

  • Maybe if the panties matched the dress, or her stole? The whole thing reeks of Rose McGowan at the 1998 VMAs, but at least Rihanna’s head looks fabulous. I am not-so-secretly pleased she has shown up to a major event naked, because it must mean she’ll go away soon. Nowhere to go from here.

  • KT

    This is ridiculous of course, but I can’t hate. She somehow gets away with this — such is the power of Rihanna. Obviously her body is amazing, but her face really is so gorgeous too. However, she should have kept the stole in front of her crotch though — that nude thong is fucking up the look.

  • Fräulein K.

    She’s rocking a metallic mesh turban. Matching gloves, naked dress and fur stole are just matters of course, and I love it. I think an even plainer and smaller pair of undies better matched to her skintone would have improved the look. Or, since this is pretty much a high-end burlesque costume anyway, why not a matching sparkly pair?

  • Corsetmaker

    She looks fabulous. I’m not keen on the neckline, that’s all. I bet it looked amazing in lower light away from the flashes. I’d wager the pants looked less obvious away from the flashes too.

  • LadyVimes

    Glitter the muff, obviously.

  • Julie Parr

    Silver panties?

  • Zuber

    Why do some women in order to to get noticed or talked about have to let go of their clothes. Is their self esteem literally so low? And why people who think a bit of mystery and public decency is important have to go by ‘i am not prude or against nudity’ defence. I don’t like nudity on streets on public events. What message are we giving to our young girls; if you have a good body go nude or nearly nude. Body counts not the talent!

    • hadtomakeaccount

      Maybe she likes her body. Maybe she doesn’t care what you think of her sense of decorum. Maybe young girls should be taught to think for themselves and make choices about their bodies based on those thoughts. My suggestion for you, then, would be to turn off the tv and/or stay away from the nudies when out 😉

      • Zuber

        Most people do what is deemed cool in society. You term this ‘cool’, ‘sexy’ and ‘confident about the body’ and the flock will follow. So anyone who doesn’t like nudity or near nudity is a prude and conservative? He/she must be bullied into not expressing themselves? He/she should just go with flow to I sound artistic, open-minded and uninhibited like you? She has the right to wear it, you have the right to defend and I have the right to criticise it. Have a stomach for varied opinions. (If she doesn’t care, you shouldn’t care)

        • hadtomakeaccount

          Oh man, I’m so sorry you felt bullied!

          1) I disagree. Define “most.”
          2) I didn’t say anything at all like that – if you don’t like nudity, that doesn’t make you a prude at all. However, make a judgement statement like “pure crass and vulgar” does mean that you are placing yourself in a position of power-viewing, and that was what I was addressing.
          3) I totally agree with you! I’m not angry; I did definitely interpret your original comment as “I’m angry about this slut and her effect on young girls’ [note: no mention made of the BOYS either which I thought was odd] minds.” If I misinterpreted your tone, my bad; you’re definitely mis-interpreting mine 🙂
          4) Right on! I did care; only because if you’re that bent out of shape about it, you potentially WILL have an effect on shaping young minds, blah blah blah, and I hope you actually think about these things instead of just reacting violently against them…

  • Corsetmaker

    Just worked out too, that’s about £9000 worth of crystals! Even allowing for a bigger wholesale discount on such a large quantity, it’s still £9000 worth! It must weight a hell of a lot too!

  • Truthiness2U

    I don’t care how old or prudish it makes me, but I don’t want to see someone’s ass and breasts at a fashion event. Yes, her head is lovely…but who cares when she’s wearing that outfit? Certainly not me.

    Yes, I get it’s her schtick…but I’m beyond over it.

  • kalisa

    You know that dream where you’re at school and you look down and YOU’RE IN YOUR UNDERWEAR?

  • Channeling Josephine Baker 😀

  • Shawn EH

    I’d suggest silver Space:1999 thong panties, naturally!

  • Katharina Ofelie

    It’s pretty enough up close, but from a distance she just looks like a sparkly rice paper roll.

  • Jean Beaton Leavitt

    she is wearing gloves?

  • demidaemon

    That’s some attitude quite there. Wearing a combination of things I should rightly hate and making me love it despite the fact. It’s the headscarf that wins it for me.

  • DesertDweller79

    Well, her face looks amazing! Wow! And I guess if you have the body, why not show it off? I guess? Basically, I’m stuck trying to reconcile the fact that she looks fantastic vs how much I hate the whole idea of women appearing in public mostly nude.

  • AzSportsGirl

    Lord. That ass shot … All I thought of is..
    She shit Swarovski.

  • shayna61


  • Contralto

    She is exquisite, no question. I just can’t with the naked dress, though.

  • nicewilliams

    What about a pair of good ‘ol fashioned spanx? Just a little beige bike short peeking out…

  • John11581

    I’d say she’s got balls but, as we all can see from that one photo, that’s not the case.

    • Peeve


  • Peeve

    Pure Rihanna. I would expect nothing else–she’s nothing if not ballsy. Unfortunately, she probably spent the evening speaking to the tops of people’s heads. Even the straight women and gay men! “My eyes are up here!” She is stunningly beautiful.

  • Trickytrisha

    So the majority of BKs (and our uncles) are in favor of publicly exposing ones self? Yes, she’s gorgeous. Yes, she’s near naked. Yes, I think it’s appalling.
    Plus, that thong is tacky as hell. Most of all, I’m shocked so many of us find this acceptable.

    • ShaoLinKitten

      I’m with you. The dress itself is a whole lot of nothing (literally), and the styling is lame. This isn’t fashion, really. It’s more about celebrity and spectacle than style.

    • MilaXX

      Public exposure, no. I just see this as the costume it is. If this is Rhi way of honoring Josephne Baker on what would have been her 104th bday, then so be it. I honestly don’t mind it.

      • Trickytrisha

        I appreciate Rihanna’s Baker reference, but if I remember correctly Baker’s nudity was restricted to onstage burlesque type performances, for which she was highly acclaimed and highly paid. I rather doubt she appeared offstage with her breasts and bottom bare. Rhianna’s giving it to us for free.

        • MilaXX

          Except this is 2014 where celebrities are paid to be photographed walking in parking lots displaying designer bags. In this social media age, celebs, are almost always “performing”. I’d quote something cute from Do Me or Be Me, but I’m too tired to go get the book. It’s part of the reason why Rhianna is a designer favorite. She is one of the highest paid celebs to do just what she did here, wear their clothing and get her picture splashed all over the place. That is in a sense a performance. I am quite sure Swarovski paid her handsomely to wear this. It’s also why I referred to this look as more costume than actual garment.

    • MzzPants

      No, I think the majority of BKs and our Uncles are in favor of Rhianna exposing HERself. It’s been made clear more than once that this blog critiques celebrity fashion, not the common masses. This look draws a natural conclusion to a very prominent trend toward revealing evening wear. We’ve been watching panties and boobs on the red carpet for a couple years now. Hell, Cher pulled this ages ago. And it’s my opinion that Rhianna is also making a statement regarding her recent quibble with Instagram that is also fueling #freethenipple. If nothing else, take this for what it is: a big, fat publicity stunt. She’s not really showing us anything she hasn’t already shared with the world. She’s simply doing it in a way that grabs the most light.

  • chris orow

    Shimmer or diamond studded knickers of course!

  • t bell

    If the dress were lined the entire outfit would be stunning; as it is it looks like something that some beaver headed guy would like to put on his model in an online sex game before he executed his imaginary assault.

  • Champagne pink undies! Would match her fur.

  • Michelle Lim

    So bored of her already. She doesn’t even need to walk out naked next time. Coz she’s gone and done it already with this dress.

  • Alloy Jane

    If she was going to wear underwear, she coulda at least worn some Hanky Pankies. They make those in “bedazzled” so she has no excuse for leaving the shimmer off her crotch.

    Love the headscarf, but the only thing that bothers me is that she doesn’t look like as serene as she normally does. The look on her face on most of these pictures does not indicate that sense of having fun. Makes me kinda sad, actually.

    Did anyone else think of Maya from Just Shoot Me when they saw these pics?

  • IamstillAnonymous

    The combined facts that a woman would so blatantly debase herself for publicity and that society-at-large would be accepting of it is evidence to me that we have lowered our standards beyond the point of return. I am ashamed of and for us.

    • Zombiepeep

      Nudity is not shameful or debasing. The human body is awesome, let’s celebrate it, rather than continue to shame women for their bodies.

  • Man Dala

    I think she looks absolutely fantastic and fierce as f@#k. She’s such a natural beauty that she can wear a potato sac and look good. Actually I think she’s already worn that.

    • Miriam Foster

      Only Lucy Ricardo can rock the potato sack

  • JynxTheCat

    that has GOT to be irritating the hell out of her nipples.

  • katiessh

    I think the answer is wear a dress with lining

  • Miriam Foster

    She is serving party city stripper realness! This is a glittery body stocking and I’m shocked TLo approves.

  • jjfg

    I guess…. it’s wrong to complain about the side boob? Maybe? Can one actually have side boob when one’s breasts are fully exposed, anyway?

    I heard an awful lot about this dress before seeing it, and I have to say, she does rock it. I would have gone even more flesh-toned with the thong; that would leave people looking even more closely at the photos (in a totally, “Is her hooch hanging out, too?!” kind of way).

  • pdquick

    Sorry, no. This would have been a fine outfit for the AVN Awards. Nothing else.

  • Ray

    I don’t think that “dress” does her any favors at all.

  • Sweetvegan

    The only way to improve the thong would be to match it more closely to her skin tone.

  • moweezy

    is it weird that I would have preferred it if the gloves were… attached? that way it’s more of a piece than just … rando sparkly gloves

  • Sunraya

    Rihanna as a fashion icon is hilarious! She has terrible taste and generally looks ridiculous. And I don’t want to come to the Internet and have to see her nipples everywhere. She looks tacky and cheap. Shame, cause she is very pretty.

  • “How does one camouflage one’s muff without ruining the line of one’s see-through dress?” #RihannaProblems

  • I just realized she was wearing gloves.

  • Pterodactyl111

    I think the only option is to try to match them to her skin.

  • Andrea Jane

    Uh oh – side boob!

  • Samantha Irene

    I feel like a jewelled nude thong would have been the way to go, a-la Carrie Bradshaw in that episode where she’s in a fashion show. At least then the extra sparkle might distract from the extra lines and if it were thinner at the side (like string) that would be better too.. just a jewelled triangle of cloth to cover the muff.

  • Gorengirl

    transparent bid for attention

  • Kerry

    it’s fuckin’ fab, if i’m honest. agree the nude panties are the big thing throwing it off – maybe try to match the dress?

  • yllas

    I don’t know that I ever heard any of her songs, tho I must have on the radio at some point. All I know really is tabloid gossip. But I think she looked awesome .

  • Zealot

    When I think of all the poor seamstresses who got carpel tunnel over this Swarovski-festooned netting!

  • DeTrop

    This is Rihanna’s time and she’s working it. Kudos.