Olivia Munn in Lover at the 2014 Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Posted on June 02, 2014

On another day we’d call this boring, but since the celebrity style pickins this Monday all come down to drinking Champagne at a polo match, you’re not gonna be looking at a lot of jaw-dropping looks.

Olivia-Munn-Lover-2014-Velvet-Clicquot-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Olivia Munn attends the 2014 Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey in a Lover dress paired with a Devi Kroell clutch, Wildfox sunglasses, Christian Louboutin sandals, rings by Lulu Frost and Dannijo, and Jennifer Fisher earrings.

Olivia-Munn-Lover-2014-Velvet-Clicquot-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)Lover Chelsea ‘Chelsea’ Nylon-Blend Shift Dress with Removable Collar |¬†Christian Louboutin Duplice Leather Espadrille Wedge Sandals |¬†Devil Kroell Spring 2014 Stripe Wooden Clutch

Olivia-Munn-Lover-2014-Velvet-Clicquot-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Olivia-Munn-Lover-2014-Velvet-Clicquot-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3B)

Olivia-Munn-Lover-2014-Velvet-Clicquot-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Olivia-Munn-Lover-2014-Velvet-Clicquot-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Besides, she tends to get things wrong a great deal of the time, in our opinion, so we’ll do her a solid and let her know that this time, it’s all working and looks good. Except for the hair, maybe. We don’t hate it, but it doesn’t feel daytime, nor does it really go with the breezy style of the dress. But overall, she looks cute and we love the clutch. Attagirl. Not perfect, but cute enough.

And okay, maybe the lipstick color’s not working. But other than that, great! Promise!




[Photo Credit: Getty Images, forwardforward.com, saksfifthavenue.com, devikroell.com]

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  • Lori

    Meh. I just can’t get excited about this one, no matter what she wears.

    • Karen Belgrad

      Me too. I missed whatever boat there was for finding her exciting.

    • Anna

      In photos she always seems bland, but I actually like her in the show, The Newsroom. I feel like the hair, makeup, and wardrobe on the show suits her appearance much more than what she does in real life. She tries too hard in real life.

      • demidaemon

        She’s actually a pretty decent actress, even though her RC appearances tend to bug and her start in the business was about as anti-feminist as you can get.

      • Margaret Grace

        I love her on The Newsroom! Sometimes her public appearances give off a “dull as dishwater” vibe, but in the show she really gives depth to her good-with-numbers, not-with-people character. And the character’s (non-romantic) relationship with Will is really touching!

        • WaterGhost

          She’s hilarious on the Newsroom. She makes me laugh like a drain.

          This is one time where I could almost forgive that orange lip colour, just because the rest of her outfit and makeup is so simple. The orange is not reflected in her skin tone, or clashing with the fabric of her dress. She could almost get away with any colour lip with that outfit, actually.

      • sundaynightaddict

        Easily the best character on that show and it colors my opinion of her real-life self in a positive way.

  • FibonacciSequins

    I’m sure it’s way out of my budget, but I want that bag so much.

    • sienna elm


  • Karen Belgrad

    The dress looks way too much like a Pinterest post on making yourself a dress from an old table cloth.

    • Sarah

      I was thinking cafe curtains, but yeah. Home goods crafty for sure.

    • Jackie4g

      Looks like the dress version of Reese’s tee in another post today.

  • Janet B

    Her makeup is lovely. The rest is perfectly appropriate.

  • LadyVimes

    I wish it had been a blouse and a pair of pants. I think I’d have liked it better. The cut of the shoulders is the most interesting part.

    • lunchcoma

      I wish we’d see more stars in pants, period, especially at daytime events.

  • Bad Idea Jeans

    Isn’t this the same thing that Reese Witherspoon was wearing in the previous post, but in white, and in (I guess) dress form? This just looks like a shirt that was long enough that she could sort of get away with wearing it as a dress. Those sleeves aren’t helping anyone.

    • Angela_the_Librarian

      I thought the same thing! (Witherspoon’s shirt transformed into a dress). Maybe cut-outs in lace is the next big trend.

    • ktr33

      YES!! That’s what I said, too!

    • Jackie4g

      Yes. I should have scrolled down, because I just posted the same thing!

  • Barbara Affolter

    Those rings? The ones that hit between the middle knuckle and the fingernail? The idea of wearing that makes me want to bite my fingers off. Just looking at those is giving me a full on nails-on-a-chalkboard, creepy-crawlies-straight-up-the-spine feeling.

    • boweryboy

      It’s such a silly trend to me. It looks like the ring is too small for her finger. If you really think about, that’s actually the case.

    • Anna

      Her jewelry picks seem a little middle school-ish. It’s like she found all of the least practical and trendiest pieces and piled them all together for the mixer.

    • decormaven

      Pinterest trend. Boring as hell.

    • MK03

      I hate midi rings. Fugly and stupid.

  • Sarah

    Her earrings are so serving me “Loberpillars.”

    • kimmeister

      Someone else had similar earrings (but darker) last week, and I said they looked like millipedes!

      • Sarah

        It’s a trend right now, but I think she’s wearing them in such a way that makes them look like they’re crawling along the lobe’s edge. I’ve seen ’em more slanted and it looks cool.

  • Mothra

    How does it manage to look TOO BIG and TOO SHORT at the same time?

  • thecitysleeps

    I like this. That’s an adorable dress. And are those freckles? I can’t resist.

  • Danielle

    Mehhhhh. As a fellow Oklahoman, I should be stoked to see one of “us” at any event deemed worthy of a celeb, but I can’t understand what the deal is with her. I know she was on Attack of the Show but… I don’t know. I don’t Get It.

    • KinoEye

      As far as I understand, she is good-looking and is interested in video games and other things that girls aren’t “supposed” to like. There was also that horrible stint on The Daily Show, in which she demonstrated just how good she isn’t at comedic timing. I once read an article that described Kayley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory as “the subject of Internet shut-in lust;” Olivia’s kinda in the same boat, I think.

      • demidaemon

        I watched her on AotS, but never got that feeling of her being interested in the actual subject matter. I basically felt she was there to be the hot girl most heterosexual male nerds want in their bedroom. And she played that part to a tee. I could be wrong, but that was my impression.

    • Alyssa

      As another Oklahoman, hi! Oh, and I don’t get her either.

  • Wink

    The ‘dress’ barely covers her vajayjay. Clearly she plans to stand all day and never sit.

  • Danielle

    PS, uncles. Might I recommend some fresh Spring rain in the form of Prince at the French Open as a solution to this Monday style drought?

  • ktr33

    Oh my god, you guys, I think this is the dress version of Reese’s blue top of today! And I was thinking, that top would be saved by a little Peter Pan collar which Miss Munn has going here! I wish she had another inch on that dress, bc when she sits down it’s gonna look like she’s hanging around in a lacy t-shirt and her underwear.
    Cute dress.

  • teensmom99

    Isn’t it unfair to judge her before she puts the pants on?

    • Coolekat



    I’m so distracted by thinking about what happens when she sits down in that thing. Surely it has to be uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing to wear such a short dress?

  • majorbedhead

    I wonder how much those Louboutin wedges are. I have a similar pair but mine are Steve Madden and cost about $30. Bet they’re just as comfy. (I get cranky over high-priced pedestrian shoes.)

    She’s very high on my meh meter.

  • Denise Rambo

    I think the dress is a little too short. The bag is cute but who in their right mind would take a clutch to an outdoor event? And it’s too bad the jewelry people could find rings in her size.

    • Coolekat

      Looks like a tunic top that got separated from the matching bottoms.

  • CarrieBaby

    bun to the side of the head? I haven’t rocked that ‘do since middle school

  • smayper

    I’m just happy not to see her boobs on display and/or tortured.

  • MK03

    Girl That Is Not Your Lipstick.

  • KinoEye

    My feelings towards the Munn range from complete disinterest to mild annoyance, but this is the best she’s looked in a while to my eyes. That lipstick… I’m reminded of when Reese Witherspoon visits Ali Larter in jail in Legally Blonde. “How are you? You look so… orange.”

  • MW

    I want the wedges and clutch to myself pretty badly.

  • Miss Ruth

    On the positive side, in between polo matches the clutch doubles as a cribbage board.

    • andi56

      Best.Comment.Today! I love cribbage!

      • Miss Ruth

        You too? Me too! BK cribbage tournament…

        • andi56

          Sponsored by Veuve Cliquot. Why not? We never sat down to play without my brother intoning: “The Sport of Kings. Invented by Sir John Suckling.”
          I know what just occurred to me about Olivia Munn’s dresses. They’re always too short.

          • Miss Ruth


  • That is an adorable dress, and I even like the hair, because her hair is usually so awful. The shoes OTOH are not appealing.

  • enuma

    I like the hair. It looks oddly practical for an outdoors event. The wind will not be an issue for her.

  • Skippymom1

    I got a “your lipstick matches the strip in your clutch. why?” Vibe. I do like the bit of dramatic in the color, with her coloring, but it was too close to the color of the orange strip.

  • GeoDiva

    Way too short for a polo match… Love the clutch.

  • quiltrx

    This is cute, but looks way too short to actually sit down in. I think I like it better in tshirt form a la’ Reese.

  • BLauD

    The dress is all plastic doily to me… My kids were given some by my in-laws for the play kitchen, and I swear it’s the exact same pattern as Ms. Munn’s too short dress.

  • elemspbee

    cute purse

  • Irene Palma

    Those are some ugly shoes.

  • It doesn’t fit. Too big, but also too short. And not nice shoes. Half the hairdo is okay, but the other half needs to be removed.

  • marlie

    Cute enough dress. I’m not jumping up and down for joy, but I like it. That only thing I really don’t like is that awful lipstick she insists on wearing. Girl, that’s not your lip color.

  • MoHub

    Nice tunic. did she forget her pants?

  • stubbornthoughts

    I don’t understand wearing rings on the upper part of your finger. That would bug the ever-living shit out of me.

  • Jennifer Bober

    …and she was smart enough to wear heels that wouldn’t sink into the grass.

  • DuBey2

    I like it. A Lot. Looks grey with her coloring. She just needs to stand the whole time while watching the incredible Polo ponies & sipping champagne.

  • She looks good, and also, that dress kind of looks like a giant ceramic luminaria, almost exactly like the one I have on my deck.

  • JynxTheCat

    and you can go right from your tennis match directly to your First Holy Communion.

  • Kikishua

    Where did the bag go? I guess it grew little legs and RAN to the nearest BK expressing love?