Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum at the “22 Jump Street” LA Premiere

Posted on June 11, 2014

Just a couple of bros, bro-ing all over the red carpet.

Jonah-Hill-Channing-Tatum-22-Jumper-Street-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum attends the premiere of “22 Jump Street” at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Channing Tatum is wearing a Dolce&Gabbana three-piece suit paired with Kurt Geiger shoes.

Jonah-Hill-Channing-Tatum-22-Jumper-Street-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Jonah-Hill-Channing-Tatum-22-Jumper-Street-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Jonah-Hill-Channing-Tatum-22-Jumper-Street-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Jonah-Hill-Channing-Tatum-22-Jumper-Street-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Jonah-Hill-Channing-Tatum-22-Jumper-Street-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

We’ll never not enjoy when celebrities have fun on the red carpet. And it’s just good common sense, really. There’s an army of bitchy people who make their living looking at pictures of celebrities on the red carpet and then saying mean things about them. (Can you imagine such a thing, darlings? Revolting.)  You might as well shake things up for them. They might wind up being just a little less bitchy to you for entertaining them.

This is the gay mafia speaking. Nice red carpet you’ve got here. A shame if anything happened to it…

Anyway, style choices. Channing? Clearly has his lucky film premiere suit on. We loved it last time he wore it and we love it no less here, although the tie’s kinda boring. Love the striped shirt, though. Jonah?


Jonah, Jonah, Jonah. This is not good. It’s a nice enough suit, but the jacket needs to be buttoned at all times – and it obviously can’t be, without some pulling. It’s too small on him. And we have no idea how a grown man leaves the house with his tie flapping around his crotch. That is WAY too long. We also question the fit on the pants, which look way too balloon-y on him, especially around the waist and hips. Everything that’s going wrong with this look is contributing to making him look heavier than he is. Sloppiness and poor fit are the enemies of the round-bellied man in a suit. Trust.




[Photo Credit: David Gabber/, KM/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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  • sugarkane105

    They’re so adorable, and they seem to genuinely like each other. How refreshing.
    I love the blue in Jonah’s suit, and that plaid on Channing looks amazing. Fingers crossed this movie is as funny as the first.

    • Jennifer Schiller

      It is. I was pleasantly surprised! The whole cast really just seems to be happy to be reunited and enjoy working with each other, makes for an enjoyable (if maybe a little long) experience.

  • teensmom99

    I think Jonah has put some of the weight back on (hey, I get it) and some stylist wasn’t prepared for the actual Jonah body.

  • RussellH88

    That button is hating its life.

    • Wink

      If that button pops, someone will lose an eye.

  • LadyVimes

    Ew. Bro. Cleanup on aisle three.

  • FrigidDiva

    I’m not a huge fan of Channing’s hair, but that’s my only issue. Jonah. Oof. As someone has yo-yo’ed on their weight for years (and thankfully not in the public spotlight) he has my sympathy. That being said if I can find clothing that both fits and flatters (and if my husband can who is comporable in size to Jonah) he’s an A-list, Oscar nominated actor–there is NO reason he can’t either find suits that fit him or get one tailored to fit him better.

    • teensmom99

      I don’t blame Jonah. I think it was a stylist fail–the stylist came prepared for a different body and wasn’t resourceful enough to make changes. And that’s a failure on my part because THAT’S THEIR JOB. Not just to dress the Channing Tatum’s of the celebrity world but the Jonah HIll’s too. Of course, Jonah may get less free stuff just like Melissa McCarthy gets less–because they don’t “model” the clothes and create a dream vision of what you and I could look like.

      • Lucía Gavello

        I agree, and that “aspirational” way of looking at things is a huge marketing mistake IMO, at least for those brands that are not exclusively aimed to high end consumers. I would be much more inclined to save my pennies to get something from Tadashi Shoji if I can look half as good as Octavia Spencer does in their stuff, than live a life of longing to be thinner and taller so I can fit in FMO dresses.

        • teensmom99

          Indeed, I’ve tried on some Tadashi for just that reason. And didn’t get it because it wasn’t right for the event I was buying for . . .

      • FrigidDiva

        I can kind of buy the stylist not showing up ready to dress a different sized Jonah, but it’s not like he just ballooned up to this size over night.

        • teensmom99

          Exactly, he did not balloon up overnight and so it’s the stylist’s fault for not doing homework.

  • Kent Roby

    According to the trailers, I’m afraid that the movie will be much less fun than this RC appearance. Channing looks really good here, and Jonah…um….well….I really love the color of his suit.

    • sugarkane105

      The trailers look like shit, but it’s sitting at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, with most critics saying it’s improved upon the original. Here’s hoping they just left the funny bits out of the promos!

      • Kent Roby

        Yeah, I hope the movie is much better than the trailer!

  • OhSheila

    Where is the professional in Jonah’s life to inform him that tailored clothes will minimize the appearance of his weight gain?

    • BlairBear

      The same one who might advise him not to use gay slurs ?

      • His apology — or rather, statement of regret — was nicely done, though.

        • BlairBear

          I agree his second apology was nice . His PR person did a great job

        • jackiejormpjomp

          He seems like he is genuinely remorseful. If he really is as passionate as he says about gay rights and has gay friends, etc. then he probably really did regret saying that word and sees why it’s wrong. Definitely not condoning what he said at all, but it might have been a wake-up call for him to be more thoughtful about the language he uses.

          • Yeah, and it’s a generational thing, I think…we grew up with anti-gay language used as slurs for everything in high school. Obviously that’s no excuse, but it’s not something you put a lot of thought into, unless it’s really specific language.

      • Thomas

        I’m conflicted on this issue because I don’t like the word he used and I asked my college roommate not to use it when he’s playing video games, yet I don’t say anything when he still uses it because I know he’s ok with gay people and gay rights, and he’s a nice person overall. I guess even though it bothers me that my roommate uses it, I let it go because it’s just a word and his actions speak louder than words. I don’t think he purposely ignored me when I asked him to stop using it; I just think he forgets when he gets caught up playing Call of Duty. I’m not saying Jonah shouldn’t be let off the hook for using it, but like my roommate, I think you have to look at the overall picture of who they are and if they’re supportive or not. You don’t want to alienate your allies.

        • BlairBear

          That’s fair. I mean I’m not a Jonah fan to begin with. I think ultimately using loaded language that reflects a history of oppression and violence to insult someone or suggest they are inferior to you suggests a problematic mindset that being some sort of minority is somehow lesser. I also think when celebrities get caught saying it it normalizes bad behavior and encourages others where your roommate probably doesn’t have that influence. However I don’t mind when someone says that shirt is gay or something for me it doesn’t carry the same weight maybe because gay is a self selected positive label. But it is a really thorny issue. And I agree actions speak louder than words.

        • oldscrumby

          I’d argue that you should lean on him just because he’s not actually a bigot. You’re right that it’s just a habit rather than an intentional choice, but he’s running the risk of falling into it at a bad, not-playing-video-games-in-the-privacy-of-his-room time like Jonah did.

          • Thomas

            That’s true, but I think a difference between what Jonah did and what my roommate does is that Jonah said it out of anger and my roommate is just teasing the guys he’s playing with. I think you have to look at the context. Although my roommate is still saying it to be insulting to his friends, even if he’s just fooling around. Idk, as BlairBear said, it’s a really thorny issue. Words can be so gray. For example, I think RuPaul uses the word tranny just to be comedic. She’s not using it from a bad place, yet Carmen Carrera and others were still offended by it. It’s a really murky issue.

        • MarissaLG

          I hear what you’re saying, and if you’re cool with your roommate then that’s all that matters in your apartment. As a straight person with lots of gay friends both male and female, I don’t say that F-word. (I say the other one allllll the time though!). I don’t say it because I don’t want to. There’s nothing in me that wants to disparage someone for being gay- whether it’s aimed at an actual gay person or being used to demean someone you know is straight. I always think about those folks who excuse their use of slurs, or ask why it’s okay for a gay person to say it but not them- why do you WANT to say it? Knowing how it hurts people and knowing (in your roommate’s case) that there are definitely gay teens in that Call of Duty chat room, why does he still want to say it? This isn’t a question I’m expecting you to actually answer, it’s just something I think about.

        • AthenaJ

          I’m generally the same about the ‘R’ word. My brother is mentally disabled, so that word is like a slap in the face with me and my family. My husband and friends have all been really good about eliminating it from their vocabulary, but a few times it has slipped out. I don’t flip out on them because I know it was a mistake and it’s not who they are.

  • luludexter

    as always with the male stars – get thee to a tailor!

  • Eric Stott

    One plus for Jonah’s suit – the color is great on him

  • crash1212

    I will never be a fan of the penis tie.

  • Shawn EH

    I love that Channing has a lucky film premiere suit; and that it’s a quirky plaid. For once, someone is rocking the suit-vest!

  • Danielle

    Brotp but I hate the brown tie with the blue suit.

    • kimmeister

      It would be ok if it were a navy blue suit, but it doesn’t go with this bright blue for sure.

  • Anna

    I’m getting a bit of Lieutenant Aldo Raine from the neck up on Channing (not a bad thing). He’s never given me the feels, but he looks great. They both look like they’re having a blast, shame about the fit on Jonah’s suit.

    • RussellH88

      God, I’m a nerd. When I saw “Lieutenant Aldo” I thought “From planet of the Apes?”

  • Judy_S

    My idea of great tailoring would be making Jonah look fabulous. This isn’t too bad, but think of all those similarly endowed guys who played rich fathers and husbands in 1930s movies.

    • Capt. Renault

      Seriously. If they could make a good-looking suit for Syndey Greenstreet, then Jonah Hill is easy peasy.

      • Denise Alden

        Points for Sydney Greenstreet reference!

        • Capt. Renault

          I said Sydney Greenstreet, but I think Judy_S had Eugene Pallette in mind.

          • Imasewsure

            You are both getting major props for digging in to the film archives of our minds this morning!! Two of the best “worst” voices in Old Hollywood for sure… and little round shorties too 🙂

  • mmebam

    Jonah, get it together! You were in a Scorsese film. You’re a big boy now. Step your game up!

  • Stacey Summerville

    I can’t hate on either because I love them so much! And Jenna Dewan-Tatum was also looking FRESH at the premiere!

  • snarkykitten

    Jonah Hill deserves to look like a fucking tool.

    • BlairBear

      Maybe his stylist is a gay man in which case I say good on you sir . Although that face always looks douchey to me

      • Denise Alden

        I’m no fan of Jonah Hill, but his apology on Fallon actually was an apology, unlike so many others, i.e. “I’m sorry if anyone was offended, et al.”

        • BlairBear

          That’s fair but the word was at the tip of his tongue which suggests it gets trotted out frequently. Also wasn’t a fan of his before so that didn’t help.

          • Denise Alden

            Yeah, I hear you. There’s something, I don’t know, smarmy or false about him that rubs me the wrong way. I guess that’s part of the reason I was surprised by his apology.

          • BlairBear

            Well when an actor apologizes convincingly I always wonder if he is just acting . It was also his second apology because the first didn’t land

          • Denise Alden

            This always leads me to wonder why actors don’t convincingly apologize more often. I mean, they are actors, right? 🙂

          • BlairBear

            Layers and layers of delusion and an outsize sense of self worth ? Also the belief bad buzz is better than no buzz.

          • Alloy Jane

            I hate pretty much everything he’s ever been in because something about him has always bothered me. Then, I found out someone I know actually knows him and he’s a total jerk. If it was the “n” word that rolled off his tongue so readily, people wouldn’t be quick to accept his apology, but we live in a world where homosexuality is still openly persecuted and anyone identifying as LGBT is seen as second class and worse so the world thinks “take your apology and stop crying.”

  • Introspective

    jonah’s suit feels macy’s sale rack to me. not good. guess its your penance for your homophobia.

  • ashtangajunkie

    CT looks awesome, as usual. This suit is gorgeous on him. JH looks happy, but his suit looks sad.

  • Alyssa

    I love Channing’s suit (and him, to be honest)! And am so glad they are haivng fun, seem to like each other, etc. I’m looking forward to this movie! Jonah’s suit is a great color, but that’s all the positivity I have.

  • boweryboy

    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

    I do like that Tatum has worn that suit before. Clearly he bought it, loves it, and actually wears it more than once – just like us little people.

    Also, didn’t they climb up the elevated DJ booth and hijack the turntable as well? I’m sure I saw that some where today although for the life of me I can’t understand why a DJ booth would be on the red carpet.

  • largishbearishAtlish

    Just not digging the blue suit and brown tie…. or is that a trend that I missed? Is that an acceptable color combo? The blue looks good on him tho…

  • quiltrx

    Jonah’s tie-tongue hurts my feelings. And it’s a shame the fit is so poor–that suit color really looks nice on him.
    I’m incredibly neutral about Tatum and his looks…but he OWNS this suit and I don’t blame him for wearing it every chance he gets!

  • Ashleigh

    From a round bellied man, thank you for that.

  • Rhonda Shore

    I saw the trailer for that movie and it looks like a real dog. Glad they’re enjoying promoting it.

  • suzq

    I had confidence that Jonah Hill would blow the lid off of this ridiculous style trend of wearing suit jackets that are too small. Seriously. CNN needs to do a documentary on this. Perhaps the too-small jacket trend could be the subject of an episode on Morgan Spurlock’s “Inside Man.”

  • MilaXX

    I think since he weight loss a few years back Jonah has been up and down the scale a bit. I wonder if this is an old suit is a smaller size than he is currently. The guys looks okay. I was surprised that 21 Jump Street was a good as it turned out being. I’ve heard really good buzz on 22 Jump Street.

  • decormaven

    Jonah’s suit looks Fatty Arbuckle-tight, and that is a complete style fail in my eyes. Dress the client appropriately, especially when he’s on the RC with a former male model.

  • Rottenwood

    Nice to see a couple of guys palling around over their terrible-looking, completely arbitrary sequel.

    “Hey, we established something resembling a brand and can knock out a sequel on the cheap!” – the magic of Hollywood.

    • webslice33

      93% on rottentomatoes tho….

      • Rottenwood

        If people are entertained by Jonah Hill having a fake rubber squid attack his face while he mugs loudly, then good on them. They have the exact movie they’ve been craving!

  • gotgreyhound

    Can someone help a menswear neophyte? I’m not sure of all the ‘rules’ on suit jacket buttoning. I know Don Draper buttons his when he stands up, so I’m guessing you have to be fully buttoned when you’re standing? But they don’t criticize Channing Tatum for having his jacket open the whole time. Is that because of the vest? And I thought there was an ‘always leave one button undone’ rule, too. Since Jonah’s suit seems to have two buttons, it would seem like he’s complying with the rules. Please advise!

    • somebody blonde

      Basically, the central theme of buttons and suit wearing is that the point at which your shirt tucks into your pants really should not be visible and your tie should be contained. Channing’s vest (waistcoat, for Brits) is doing this job for him- he can leave his jacket unbuttoned or button it; either way, he’s covered.

      You are correct about the “leave one button undone” rule. Specifically, suits are fitted in such a way that the bottom button is meant to be left undone unless the jacket only has one button. However, even with the bottom button undone, the jacket and/or vest should still be accomplishing the aforementioned covering function.

      This is how Mr. Hill’s suit jacket is failing him. Even with one button buttoned, the jacket should be big enough that the bottom plackets essentially come together. Notice how the button that is buttoned appears to be under considerable strain, and that the bottom button is a good 4 inches away from the hole it theoretically goes in. In a well-fitting suit, the bottom button should not fall more than one inch away from its hole. Check TLo’s recent Colton Haynes post if you want to see what it’s supposed to look like.

      Essentially, the way his jacket is right now, he’s busting out of it, in the same unflattering way that a person wearing too-small jeans busts out and gets muffin top. One’s clothes shouldn’t be wrinkling under the strain of covering oneself.

      • gotgreyhound

        Thanks so much! I certainly could see that his jacket was too small, but I didn’t understand how the button rules came into play. It’s good to learn the underlying philosophy of the rules, so I can tell when something fits the letter of the law but not the spirit. Thanks!

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    Aw, this is too cute.

  • Karen North

    jake and elwood

  • e jerry powell

    I find it strange that Jonah hill has been the one doing all the pole-dancing for this film. It wasn’t until last night’s @midnight that I even saw Charming Potato doing press, and that was because Ice Cube, Rob Riggle and Jimmy Tatro were there as well.

    If anyone is going out pole-dancing, you’d figure it would be the pretty one with the experience. And the good suit ups the ante.

  • understateddiva

    “next time, it’ll be red wine.”

  • FibonacciSequins

    Those shades of brown and blue together are hurting my eyes. And the tie looks like a tongue sticking out from under his suit. If that’s really the only tie he had with him, he should have left it in the hotel room.

  • save_the_hobbit

    Wait but when Darren Criss has fun on the red carpet he’s a douchebag? Okay.

    Anyway, I love Jonah Hill. But honey no, no.

  • E’Lexis Jackson

    I loved this movie so much,It was super funny and awesome! please make more jump streets please I will be the happiest girl ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Channing Tatum and Jonah hill <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 =)