Jaime King in Jason Wu in NYC

Posted on June 12, 2014

Miss Jaime deploys the “stop and stare” outfit to perfection. Because seriously, you wouldn’t stop and stare if someone walked down the street dressed like this?


Jaime-King-Jason-Wu-GOTS-NYC-WPEWS-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)“Hart of Dixie” star Jaime King steps out in New York City on her way to the 2014 Young Friends Of ACRIA Summer Soiree in a Jason Wu ensemble from the Fall 2014 collection.

Jaime-King-Jason-Wu-GOTS-NYC-WPEWS-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)Jason Wu Fall 2014 Collection

Jaime-King-Jason-Wu-GOTS-NYC-WPEWS-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Jaime-King-Jason-Wu-GOTS-NYC-WPEWS-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Jaime-King-Jason-Wu-GOTS-NYC-WPEWS-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Even with a red carpet backdrop, this would still be a stop-and-stare. It’s so … odd that it demands you take the time to assess it.  The color looks great on her and the shape is really unusual. This may be an instance of a garment finding the perfect wearer, because we’re not at all convinced we’d do anything but hate this on a lot of other ladies, but we’re surprising even ourselves by declaring that we love it. It’s perfect for her. And it can’t possibly be an easy dress to pull off. We’re digging the edginess of the jewelry and the gray of the bag. We even like the pin-straight hair, which really works well here. But the white shoes strike us as a wrong note. They’re a little distracting. Also: that’s a lot of coverage for June, even a relatively cool one like this one has been.

But for picking something off the beaten path and making it work specifically for her, this rates a major “Attagirl.” It’s the most interesting celebrity look we’ve seen in a while.




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  • James

    Oh I love this. I agree that only a select few women can wear this and she’s one of them. The color is to die for as well. Fab.

    • Trent

      Agreed, it’s lovely and interesting — but a turtleneck and long sleeves in June?

  • RussellH88

    It’s a pretty great use of editing. The skirt is really interesting while the top is simple enough with just a few details to keep it from being boring.

  • It’s got a sort of updated Downton Abbey silhouette that I like. Lady Mary would rock the hell out of this.

    • MoHub

      It definitely reads like an early 20th century hobble skirt. That’s probably what’s giving you the Downton vibe.

      • That’s the bunny. I couldn’t think of the correct term.

        • MoHub

          My grandmother used to tell me all about them. And how happy she was when the hemlines got higher and she could walk normally.

          • Carleenml

            I wonder if that’s what Eva Green was wearing in Penny Dreadful the other night because she was absolutely hobbling around in a garden.

          • MoHub

            Shouldn’t have been. Hobble skirts came in after the first World War and were coupled with the idea of Women’s Suffrage, giving women the freedom to bear their ankles. However, until the skirts got to the knee, it was still a chore for women to get around freely.

          • Carleenml

            she was just the usual long-dress-hobbling then. 🙂

          • MoHub

            Guess so

  • random_poster

    Seeing this on the runway, I’d never pick it out as something more than editorial. I’m pleasantly surprised.

  • Now this gets my unqualified approval. I’m sure Jamie is mightily relieved to know that.

  • Anna

    But of course a fall dress to attend a “Summer Soiree!”

    It certainly is striking on her though.

  • Danielle

    Again, are we entirely sure this is Jamie King?

  • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

    She looks so regal and delicate, she’s like an urban elf princess.

  • lexilexi

    I just don’t like anything about it – especially the skirt and shoes and the high neck in June and….

    • Thomas

      And the skirt looks like it has a curtain to cover her coochie.

  • Frank_821

    Conceptually it’s interetsing. She modelesque enough to make it work. In fact she strikes me more modelesque than the model. The model actually looks curvier to me than Ms King

    • marlie

      If I recall correctly, Jamie started out as a model, so she definitely has the skills.

      • YoungSally

        She did start as a model but I think had a number of issues (can’t remember if it was eating related, drugs or both) – and she’s always been really slight, but in this outfit she strikes me as unusually thin for her.

        • marlie

          I only know of her as a model-turned-actress, so I was unaware that she had any sort of issues, then or now.

          • YoungSally

            It may be a hundred years ago — but there was a big article on her in the NY Times in ’96 I think. It didn’t write about it, but she had a lot of issues at the time – not surprising for a then 16 year old. But she got help and I understand has been healthy since.

          • FridaStaire

            She was the poster girl for heroin chic, and I think she took her role to heart.

    • ConnieBV

      And I like it better on the model. She is a bit too athletic for the skirt, I think It needs a curvier hip.

  • decormaven

    It’s a bit severe for my tastes, but it is impeccably fitted. For that, I give praise.

  • Kimberlini

    I find myself staring while searching for her hips. Haven’t found them yet.

  • Lily

    That skirt is so oddly shaped I’m really scratching my head over it. It reminds me of those old Erte Art Deco etchings of the 1920s and 30s. I’m really torn between WTFKOGDOIT and “okay, I’m buying what she’s got to sell.”

  • @Biting Panda

    Eh. I’m getting cleaned up Lindsey Lohan.

    • kimmeister

      I 100% thought it was LL in the thumbnail.

      • quiltrx

        I had scrolled before I posted, and missed you guys…I was sure I couldn’t be the ONLY one who saw this!

    • Kristi Mitchell

      I got the same vibe. I saw the thumb name and thought “Ugh Lohan went back to blond again.”

    • KES4K

      She does look a bit unhealthy in the close-ups. I’m thinking maybe the color is just a skosh too cool?

  • I don’t get Jason Wu lately.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I absolutely love this, but I would not have recognized her. Must be the makeup?

  • GillianHolroyd

    I like the outfit enough, it’s the overdone eye makeup paired with the over processed hair color.

  • If this were in a hot pink on Michonne (Danai Gurira) this would slay me where I sit.. 🙂

    Lupita could rock this in a shade of green or aqua but it would need a higher hem.

  • Mb

    I made a skirt just like that one in the late 80’s, although a bit shorter, out of black satin. Loved that skirt but lost the pattern a long time ago. Glad to see it again!

  • Raspberry2012

    A big no to the white shoes, that’s the first thing.

    I do love the color, and honestly? That’s about it. It’s just a weird shape. It fits her beautifully, sure, but it’s just weird. It looks like two separate garments in the exact same color that don’t go together.

  • MilaXX

    I like this. I think she chose the white shoes to try and feel more summery, but I think the darker shoe the model is wearing works better. Looking at it again, if they had made the top no sleeves or shoe sleeves it might have helped make it look more summery.

  • Kent Roby

    She is modelesque enough to make this work; very striking. Speaking of models, I’d love to see Jaime with the model’s short hair; Jaime’s got the face to handle that hair, and it would make her look less like LiLo.

  • JauntyJohn

    On the one hand, it is absolutely striking and she is making it work. I do love that color.

    On the other hand it is a turtle neck and a Star Trek Alien High Priestess skirt.

  • Amy_R

    Could not agree less. She looks like Carmen Dell’Orefice-lite. She should pack it up and send it to the real Carmen…

    • boweryboy

      I could totally see Carmen in this. Nice call.

  • NBG

    Hate the shoes. And that is not her hair color, certainly not paired with that make-up. This is not playing as a daytime look, IMO.

  • marlie

    Actually… I hate this. The color plus the pale hair plus the “consumptive” makeup really wash her out. And I know it was a little chilly yesterday, but a long-sleeved turtleneck top in June? Plus, I hate her shoes. Nope.

    • Anna

      The hair and makeup are death warmed up. And the outfit really isn’t helping, the more I look at it.

      • Griffinqueen

        You took the words right out of my head. All I could think of was “Zombie Couture”.

    • Glam Dixie

      The first thing I thought when I saw her was it’s a shame about the bruising around her eyes. How did no one see this?

  • Crystal

    This is gorgeous. Sometimes the weird stuff she wears doesn’t read well, but this one is perfection.

  • Hysterectomypants

    I think she looks amazing from head to ankle–the white shoes are terrible. But I also don’t think the model’s shoes work. I’m always complaining about the shoes.

    Maybe I just don’t like shoes.

  • zuzu

    Wow, I didn’t realize how slim her hips were. She wears a lot of fit-and-flare stuff, at least when I’ve seen her, so I never realized. But that’s pretty much what it takes to pull this off.

  • kimmeister

    I like the garment. I just think it would look better on someone with more hips, and with a statement necklace. I like white shoes on their own, but they are terrible with this outfit.

  • anneshirley

    long-sleeved turtleneck and heavy satin skirt in mid-June? It’s pretty, but no.

  • Shawn EH

    I don’t know what color that is, but I love it.

  • boweryboy

    It’s a look for sure, but I’m not loving it. She is WERQing the hell out of it, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

  • Maryanne525

    Those shoes are not my cup of tea. Also, does anyone else think her hair color washes her out? I think her beautiful skin would look amazing if she were a brunette! (But that’s just my opinion, & I’m a big nobody.) The dress is definitely eye-catching!

  • Fuchsiaforever

    No freaking way. I’m staring at the fact that she needs hips and more curves to be able to pull this off (just like the model in the pic). Skirt is hanging limp so sad. Jaime looks like a dressed-up classroom skeleton. SCARY. That’s why I’m staring. Hellooooo? Am I the only one who thinks like this???

    • Hermione

      I agree with you 100%.

      • Fuchsiaforever

        Disappointed the Uncles rated this an Attagirl…disappointed they endorse a skeletal look…dress is interesting but it’s not for Jamie…anyway…

  • Lex

    Wow, I seem to be in the minority in absolutely despising this. She looks anorexic here and the dress highlights just how freakishly small her hips are– she looks unhealthy-skinny, I’m sorry. Also, I think that color is hideous on her- at least punch it up with a bolder lip color? She looks washed out. And the shoes are just awful. This is a total fail for me.

    • Hermione

      As I replied to Fuschsiaforever below, I agree 100% that this is awful and that she looks ill.

  • kategs

    I would wish for a bit of a flush on the cheeks…

  • TonyGo

    She got here roots done since last time, so there’s that.

  • Mothra

    It looks so much nicer on her than the model but I am ambivalent about the white shoes. She looks great.

  • TheLaurenJean

    I just want to put her hair up in a full, white turban and holding one of those cigarette holders. Then it would be just perfect, if not a bit costumey.

  • NMMagpie

    That’s a gorgeous column effect.

  • smh4748

    I like the dress on her, but wow, I hate that makeup. It is just awful–too pale, except for the eyes, which are too dark. It’s like her makeup artist was trying to make her look like a skull. Because June = skulls, I guess?

    Also, how does she not pit out in this? There is some celebrity magic that I wish I knew, because I know exactly what wearing that top would do for me, even in a cool June.

    • Sofia

      are dark brows with platinum hair a “thing”? if so, i am not a fan. i really think she should rethink her hair color.

  • MannahattaMamma

    Scary thin. Scary scary scary thin, even in lavender draperies.

  • quiltrx

    Great outfit.
    I’m alarmed that her hair and makeup made me think she was Lindsay Lohan at first, though!

  • DuBey2

    The thumbnail even made me stop & stare.

  • DuBey2

    Gah! How can this be comfortable in JUNE? She’s outdoors and not sweating – is she human? I LOVE this look for FALL or even a shoulder season but not the middle of June in the city.

  • ms_kat

    She looks…architectural (and that’s a compliment). Great color.

  • SugarSnap108

    I love the dress, partly just for being so unusual. But yeah, she’s wearing it in the wrong season, with the wrong shoes.

  • KayEmWhy

    Sorry I disagree this is dress doesn’t work on her non existent hips, looks far better on the model.

  • FibonacciSequins

    Love the skirt. The top is making me feel hot and itchy.

  • titaness25

    Grey silk vagina, though.

  • Qitkat

    Can’t you just imagine this on Mary Crawley during her mourning phase?

  • LeelaST

    At first glance I thought this was Lindsay Lohan. The skirt looks like a Dhoti and paired with the sweater top…not getting it. Also don’t like the color, her makeup, her hair…she looks sickly.

  • Nika E


  • crash1212

    Love the shoes and the clutch. That is all.

  • B_C_J

    Love this . She looks like a Babylonian goddess.

  • smayper

    My reaction was instant horror. Not at the dress — at her pallor and thinness. She looks close to death, to my eyes.

  • LadyVimes

    I love the dress, but it’s JUNE FFS. SUMMER.

  • mickiemonkey

    She looks fantastic. The brass knuckles are a little alarming.

  • Allison Angier

    Zombie in Lividity.

  • SierraDelta

    Her makeup’s not doing anything for me. She looks like she just staggered out of her sick bed because she was contractually obligated to show us her clutch today.

    But that color is really pretty on her, even though it doesn’t seem appropriately seasonal to me.

  • amber.

    this is ugly.

  • Top is pretty great. The skirt? Hate it….

  • dschubba

    I wouldn’t stop and stare, I’d follow her just to learn where the hell you’d wear something like this during the day, in June.

  • enchanted216

    She looks like a vampire, and not in a good way. Who the hell is she, anyway?

  • Elias Pineda

    omg jewlery

  • livesarah

    She looks ghostly and the outfit, which is nice, does her no favours. Maybe with different hair and makeup she might be able to pull it off. As it is, I’d only stop and stare because she looks ill.

  • MM4321

    LOVE that dress. As for her face, is she just really tired or is that over processed hair just washing her out? She is too pretty for that tragic hair.

  • SewingSiren

    Stunning. I love it top to toe.

  • ktr33

    Very striking. How I wish she had worn the black t-straps from the runway, because with the dress, wan complexion, lank hair, and kohl-rimmed eyes, she’s putting me in the mind of a post-modern Edward Gorey character.

  • Pterodactyl111

    Urg turtlenecks

  • It’s definitely at stop and stare look. I wouldn’t put those pieces together but it does work for her. Needs dark shoes, though.

  • katiessh

    I always love the ‘attagirl’s. So condescending

  • lilazander

    The top part is nice (for winter), I don’t like he length of the skirt and those shoes are FUG as hell.

  • sherrietee

    For a second I thought it was Lindsay Lohan all cleaned up and sober.

  • ellisd123

    That hair, with those eyebrows… Just ugh.

  • altermyego

    I get what you’re saying about the shoes but I really like them with this dress and on her.
    I’m in love with the dress. The color, the shape, just gorgeous.
    However, I need for TLo to find out what the hell the deal is with strappy sandals all winter and long sleeves in June in the same year. Please get to the bottom of this!

  • GTrain

    Love the dress, especially the color, but I cannot with that hair.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    She looks like an X Men character in the midst of transforming into a waterfall or something.

  • bringbackbeatles

    Color is great on her. And, the more I look at the dress, the more I like it on her. Like the bag as well, but those shoes just aren’t right for this dress. They distract me.