Benedict Cumberbatch at the 2014 French Open

Posted on June 09, 2014

After all that Tonys finery today, here’s B Cum to offer up his version of a counterpoint:

Benedict-Cumberbatch-2014-French-Open-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Benedict Cumberbatch attends the Men’s Final of Roland Garros’ French Tennis Open 2014 in Paris, France.

Benedict-Cumberbatch-2014-French-Open-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Benedict-Cumberbatch-2014-French-Open-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Benedict-Cumberbatch-2014-French-Open-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

By dressing like a total dork.

Oh, we’re teasing. That hat looks really cute on him – and we doubt it would look anything but ridiculous on most men over 30.





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  • Glam Dixie

    Meh. That’s all I can muster up for this guy and his boring outfit. Meh.

    • JulieTy

      Agree x 100! I canNOT see why people find him dreamy.

      • Kristi Mitchell

        Thank you! Every time I see a pic of him all I can think is “hmmm? What am I missing, cause I don’t get it?” Perhaps it’s because I’ve never seen his show?

        • BmoreKate

          I think that’s 100% why… at least for me. I didn’t get it until I started watching Sherlock and hearing his voice and then I’m all, “Ahhhh yep, got it.”

          • gretty

            Yep, that happened to me, too. @kristimitchell:disqus Do an experiment and watch an ep of Sherlock and see if you start finding yourself thinking he’s interesting.

          • Kristi Mitchell

            I suppose it’s worth a shot. But do I really want to get addicted to another show?? 🙂

          • gretty


          • BmoreKate

            Luckily it’s three seasons, and each season is three episodes so not a huge commitment! It’s worth it!

  • gabbilevy

    I love him, but this isn’t an outfit, it’s a random selection of clothing. Disappointing, because we know he can do better.

    • e jerry powell

      He’s going to sit in the sun all day, watching people slide around on clay dust. Let’s not push too hard, okay? 😉

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      …a random selection of clothing? Surely you jest!

      It’s actually a careful selection designed to LOOK random.

    • littlemac8

      I couldn’t agree more. And here’s my question for the masses (by that I mean BKs) why would a man with a glorious head of hair conceal it under a hat and a particularly dorky hat at that?

  • lalahartma

    He does look like a dork. Or a dad.

    • fursa_saida

      Such a grandpa outfit.

      • lizajane1776

        I wear your granddad’s clothes.
        I look incredible.

        (Except he doesn’t to me. Hate the hat, it isn’t quite so bad when the sunglasses are off. For me, he is so much a man in motion. Stills are not for him.)

        • H2olovngrl

          Good call on the “man in motion” I totally get what you are going for.

          • majorbedhead

            Definitely better in motion, especially if he’s speaking at the same time. Stills are not his friend.

  • Scimommy

    If you look up “adorkable” in the encyclopedia, you will see Benedict’s photo right next to it. Wearing something similar to this ensemble.

  • Anna

    Lol, Bendict, you look like Carl Reiner’s character in Ocean’s 11.

    Adorable, but yeah a little on the retiree side.

    • H2olovngrl


  • Anna Vasquez

    Is it just me or is he serving up a hint of Tom Hanks “Sleepless in Seattle” realness?

    • Violentcello

      Definitely getting a dorky, nice-guy Tom Hanks vibe. I don’t go all swoony for Cumberbatch, but I think he actually looks pretty cute here.

  • berkeleygirl

    I must say that the break on those trousers is better than most seen on the red carpet. Bravo!!! This should be textbook public dressing for actors who don’t want to be noticed. With the shades on, he looks like just another nicely-dressed guy.

  • d4divine

    I love adorkable!

  • MilaXX

    Grandpa chic.

  • Nika E

    Uh, no. He looks like he lives in a retirement villa in Boca.

  • LadyVimes

    Benny, love, you’re killing me with that outfit. And that hat! Ugh.
    I suppose he’s venue appropriate though.

  • Danielle

    It’s endearing. I want to fold him up and put him in my pocket.

    • Annistella

      I wanted to fold him up and put him in my somewhere else, but pocket is far more appropriate for a tennis event.

  • Michael_Jones

    And you need a hat if you’re going to sit outside in the sun watching the French Open.

  • Nancer

    Sorry, I’m going with dork.

  • FibonacciSequins

    Intentionally dialing down the hotness.

    • Mr. J.

      I’ve been doing that for years…no one seems to get it.

  • Erica

    Oh, it’s totally dorky. And I’m one of the ones who finds him delightful. A nicely cut pair of jeans would have been much better. Or are jeans at Roland Garros frowned upon?

  • smh4748

    If you saw this man climbing into a minivan drivers seat with a cringing, sullen teenager in the backseat, you’d not bat an eye. This is pure Dorky Dad, especially those glasses!

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    Hottest dad at T-ball.

  • Betsy

    He’s fashionable in his dorkiness and it seems genuine and fitting. On anyone else it might not work but on Benedict, it’s perfect.

  • jen_vasm

    I love this dude, but I’d walk by him without more than a cursory glance in this getup.

  • therealkuri

    My 87 year old Grandad has exactly, to the detail of the sunglasses and jacket, the exact same outfit.

  • another_laura

    Looks like somebody’s grandpa. Those pants, for pete’s sake! bleh

  • Jangle57

    First thought: Fred MacMurray. Second thought:still Fred MacMurray

  • Mothra

    Wasn’t it like 500 million degrees there? Why is he wearing a light jacket?

    • B. Garcia

      I know there’s always lots of talk about actresses needing sandwiches, but man, having next to no body fat leaves you cold all the damn time, even in the middle of a heat wave.

    • Tanagra

      Maybe to keep the sun off his arms. It’s the Ginger Curse.

  • demidaemon

    It is irrepressibly dorky. And yet somehow cute. I kind of love everything going on here irrationally. Maybe it’s my own inner dork coming to the surface.

  • Katjoy

    I think he looks smashing! Just the right touch for a tennis match.

    • Imasewsure

      And for a French tennis match of course

  • jbj

    Hands in the pocket, bad, bad, bad. Makes him look like a pear.

  • Mrs.G

    And he looks like my Grandpa Ed.

  • poggi

    He is the only person I have ever seen who looks better without sunglasses than with them.

    • DuBey2

      Well, at least with THOSE sunglasses he’s better off w/o them…

  • lunchcoma

    This is too old even for Hot Dad at the Soccer Game.

  • Jaime

    Men under 50 almost universally (with a few exceptions) look dumb with those hats – at least his is appropriately sized, unlike a lot of too-small hats I’ve seen, but they’re still colloquially referred to as “fedouches” for a reason!

  • BLauD

    I always wonder if stars feel absolutely ridiculous standing around being photographed in basic wear. I mean, sure, you get the paparazzi during your parking lot tours, but in cases like this, it just feels odd to me. I guess I just wonder what Benedict’s inner dialogue must have been at this moment.

    • B. Garcia

      * I guess this beats those six envelope openings my PR rep had me attend last month.*

  • DuBey2

    In the thumbnail he looks sorta like a skinnier version of Bruce Willis as Jimmy the Tulip (the whole 9 yards)

    • kittentoes

      Great, now I can’t unsee it.

  • Tanagra

    I’m most bothered by the fact that his blues don’t match.

  • Imasewsure

    Well Lacoste clearly provided the clothes since they are the sponsor… dorky… somewhat dull but it’s “on trend” for the event (and free!!)

  • MandyM

    I think it would look great on any man over 70. He looks like Pop Pop. This is what Carl Reiner might have worn in Oceans 14 had it existed (minus the shoes).

  • mellbell

    To paraphrase Arrested Development, “Glasses off, hat off.” I don’t begrudge the man his sun protection, but none of it photographs well.

  • Coco Cornejo

    Mr. Hulot’s Holiday (1953)
    “Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot”

  • sk8tfan

    He’s spending hours in the sun at a long sporting event. His clothes are clean, properly hemmed, venue appropriate, look comfortable, and the hat is cute. He won’t set the world on fire, but he gets a pass.

  • Evil Lynn

    I bet everyone doesnt like it looks like they just stepped out of vogue when they go to watch football or a gig, NOT. The man is going to watch tennis, not a red carpet event. He is on down time, he doesnt have to impress anyone least of all the general public. Yes he knows he is going to get photographed but I for one hope that it doesnt make him over think about how he looks all the time. I like his sometimes quirky outfit choices, he looks adorable. You want picture perfect go look at some of the mindless no talent idiots that show up at things like this dressed to the nines just to get attention. As for the hat he is pail skinned he doesn’t want to get bunt to a crisp.

  • Jack Lemmon lives.

  • ktr33

    I’m pro-dork, I just wish it were a tiny bit faux-dork, i.e., everything fit a little better. But, yeh, cute. Oh, except stupid tiny hat.

  • MoHub

    Golf wear.

  • He looks like someone’s dad. From the later 50’s.

  • CT14

    He…shouldn’t dress himself.

  • boweryboy

    You’re right about the hat. I have one that is almost identical to his and this weekend it was relegated to the Goodwill pile.

  • formerlyAnon

    He’s dressed like somebody’s dad. It’s totally adorkable, though I’m not in the swooning section.

  • sherrietee

    He looks like my grandfather in the 1950’s. Seriously. It’s freaky.

  • suzinrva

    He is attending a tennis match – Lacoste shirt, poplin pants, sunglasses and hat with trainers. What would one put him in to sit in the stands? The folks wearing suits look ridiculous.

  • Crystal

    Aw he’s dressed like my dad.

    Except that hat, which he stole from my 13 year old brother.

  • bluefish

    He’s adorable. Total tennis attending look. Well done.

  • Tracey Magyar

    Pretty sure my 92 year old Grandpa wore this outfit to his weekly poker game this weekend.

  • Audrey Lee

    As someone who would throw undies at Bennie here, this is nooooot good. No one under the age of 75 should wear a fedora. If HE can’t pull it off, no one can.

  • marlie

    He’s definitely not winning any fashion awards for this, but I sort of love it. My dad would wear this as-is, and my boyfriend would totally rock that hat.

  • DeidreRobbers

    Classic Bing Crosby. That’s all I can see.

  • SpcilK

    I adore him and his South Beach, retiree ensemble.

  • Pablo

    I love him but he looks like my grandpa. I gotta say no to this one.

  • surfergirl70

    I don’t get his appeal. Good actor, seems like a good guy, but I don’t find him attractive in the slightest.

  • Trish Austad

    From the neck up, it’s okay. From the neck down it’s a massive snooze-fest.

  • Akemi

    This looks like the outfit he wore on “Sherlock” when Sherlock got back on the drugs.

  • Shawn EH

    Love the izod shirt!

  • andreawey

    who doesn’t love a cute dork!

  • Elizabeth Szubert

    He wears a hat well and looks comfortable enough.

  • Tuneful54

    Dork, like me. Adorable. Comfortable in his own skin. I don’t care what he wears, his profile in photo 3 is the same. Love.

  • JP

    My grandfather used to wear this exact outfit (except with a newsboy cap, which BC also owns). And yet I still heart BC, big time.

  • Evil Lynn

    I for one think he looks cool. He is going to watch tennis, not a red carpet event. The hat is for the sun he is pail skinned and he doesnt want to burn to a crisp. I bet everyone here looks like they just steped out of vouge when they go to a gig or a football match – NOT. I like his quirky syle when he is just out and about being himself. God forbid he turns into an attenton seeking clothes horse like some celebrities I could mention. He’s adorable.

  • Clere Norrey

    This is what I love about Benedict: Dorkiness.