Vintage-Inspired “Mad Men” Ads

Posted on May 14, 2014

Mad-Men-Ads-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)

Mad-Men-Ads-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Mad-Men-Ads-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Mad-Men-Ads-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Mad-Men-Ads-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Mad-Men-Ads-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Mad-Men-Ads-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)

Mad-Men-Ads-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (8)





[Photo Credit: AMC]

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  • NBG

    They’re all so gorgeous. That is how to do FYCs. (Well, when you have a cast like this and a costume department full of gods and goddesses.)

    • Alyssa_T_Robot

      AND a very talented graphic designer. you can have all the great costumes and faces you want but you need someone to put it all together with a clever twist.

      • NBG

        Very true. Right down to the epic font choices. I am not a designer but I appreciate anyone who can pick the right fonts for the occasion.

        • nomoreprinces

          See it’s the font choices that bug me. They feel too modern and “not of the time.” Some of them just look way too pixelated and they shouldn’t be. Like they look too “fonty” and not hand drawn like they really would have been and without doing the research I don’t think some of these fonts existed quite yet. I like the campaign don’t get me wrong, but it feels a little to slick and shiny and photoshoppy. Needed a few more iterations to get it perfect. As it is, it’s about 70% there.

      • kim bunchalastnames

        um, don’t forget the copywriter. if s/he’s good, s/he works up the concept WITH the designer, and, together, they make it great.

        • Alyssa_T_Robot

          yes, there are many people who work on these types of campaigns.

        • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

          Let’s just agree that it takes a team full of all-stars with an amazing chemistry.

      • holla

        and a very clever copy writer.

  • I have to go with Sally´s, although all are great. But if there is one performance outshining everyone both last and this season, it´s Kiernan.

    • DaringMiss

      Absolutely! Especially since we all covet her closet and taste — a Best Supporting Emmy is the only accessory she doesn’t have!

  • Tricia Rose

    Hard to decide between January’s Epic Bitch Face and Kiernan’s Perfection!

    • Denise Alden

      Pete’s EBF made me laugh out loud! Oh, Pete: there’s no one like you 🙂

      • Sobaika

        I’m forever rooting for Kartheiser. Pete’s ad is the least interesting of the lot but he’s been one of the most consistent actors on the show since the very beginning.

        • Denise Alden

          Yeah, it’s like his acting is so seamless, it’s invisible, you know? Around our house, we’re constantly saying, “Not great, Bob!” And he’s from my neck of the woods, so I’m always going to root for the hometown boy.

          • Sobaika

            I’m still on “Hell’s bells, Trudy!”

          • Denise Alden

            Another classic.

          • Lady Bug

            A thing like that!

        • formerlyAnon

          Honestly, when I saw his ad, the only one in b&w, I thought it was a sly reference to the way his accomplishments on the show have been cast in the shadows a bit.

          • Denise Alden

            You might be right.

          • Spicytomato1

            Interesting point. Also I thought it was funny he got a hair ad…with his fake combover and all. In any case, I would love to see VK win, his performances consistently just blow me away.

          • Lady Bug

            If the Emmys never nominate him, all I’ll have to say is “not great, emmys!”

          • Lady Bug

            Me too. In the Vulture interview, MW mentions that one of the reason Kartheiser has never been nominated is because people assume that he’s not acting when he’s playing Pete. Which I think is a valid theory, but a pretty unfair one, especially in any interviews it is clear that he’s nothing like Pete at all.

            Anyway, I think his acting is simply sublime, and I would read all of the “Scout’s Honor” comics Lou Avery draws if it means that in 2015 Kartheiser accepts a best supporting actor Emmy. Oh, yes, I would love for Pete’s ‘baby mama’ Peggy to accept a best actress Emmy as well.

          • Last season, when Pete fell down the office stairs, many people insisted that it was an unplanned outtake that Weiner decided to leave in, which distressed me, because it took all the brilliance of that moment right out of Kartheiser’s hands. People don’t realize that actors are trained to do things like fall down steps believably.

          • Lady Bug

            Thanks for the info. 🙂 I’m a bit surprised people thought it was an unplanned outtake, especially considering what a perfectionist MW is, and how well planned almost every moment on the show is.

          • Lady Bug

            Good point 🙂

        • Lady Bug

          You and me both! It’s shocking that Kartheiser has not even been nominated yet. My greatest Mad Men Emmy related wish is for Kartheiser to win an Emmy for his role as Pete Campbell, but right now I would just accept being nominated. 🙂 Pete’s role in season 7 (part 1) has been pretty minor-especially when compared to earlier seasons, but I’m hoping that the last 2 episodes gives VK a chance to show off his considerable acting talents.

  • @Biting Panda

    Glorious!! Megan’s is my favorite.

    • Fordzo a.k.a. Fancy Mukluks

      I need that bag in my life.

  • Jeremiah Capacillo

    Kiernan’s for the win.

  • EEKstl

    Fabulous. Someone in AMC’s marketing department deserves a raise.

  • Trent

    These are just stellar. SO much more creative than traditional FYC ads. Beautifully done, in a wealth of different styles, and epic bitchface from Pete.

    It almost makes me a little sad that Mad Men even *has* to do FYC ads to get Emmy attention, though. Such a huge difference from the early years…

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    best. thing, ever. bow down emmy bitches…the mad men people are here and they will cut a bitch that gets between them and the prize.

  • Danielle

    I was scrolling quickly, not really paying attention, and could have sworn Kiernan’s lace stockings were very hairy legs.

    • kimmeister

      Me too, and then I was slapped in the face by the ugly clashing shoes they put her in.

    • Karen Belgrad

      So glad it wasn’t just me!!!!!

    • L’Anne

      Those tights need to be burnt twice and salted to ensure they never return.

      But give me her shoes now and no one gets hurt.

  • Scimommy

    LOVE. In my mind Peggy wrote most of them.

    • NBG

      You are full of win.

    • Kit Jackson 1967

      I thougt the copy with her picture above it seemed like the kind of thing she’d write. I’m not sure about the rest though.

      • Scimommy

        Actually, I agree. That was the one that really screamed PEGGY at me.

  • marlie

    Joan’s jewelry is TO DOE FOR. I think Peggy looks fantastic, too.

  • formerlyAnon

    Whoever did the color tones and saturations here is very, very, good.
    The magazine ads of my childhood and early teens.

    • snarkykitten

      as someone who tried & failed miserably at graphic design, there’s no program that’ll do it for you. You have to do all the editing and color enhancements yourself.

      • formerlyAnon

        Thanks for the reply. I can feel that I learned something today.

        • snarkykitten

          Sorry if I came off as bitchy?

          • formerlyAnon

            Not at ALL! I really like it when we share our knowledge and experience here. I think it creates a conversation – and it makes things more interesting. And sometimes, more educational.

  • Alyssa_T_Robot

    this had to be a dream job for whoever created these. i’m bitterly jealous. pfft.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Joan. Always Joan for the win. I love all of these so much.

    • Rhonda Shore

      Yes, absolutely.

  • KinoEye

    These are absolutely fantastic. We studied ads from this period in one of my media classes. They 100% nailed the color, layout, text and feel of those designs. Love it!

  • li

    Still can’t believe none of these actors has ever been awarded an Emmy. Unreal.

    • Lady Bug

      I know!

  • Haley Buchanan

    Stunning. I guess when you have the most beautiful cast and the most talented costumers and art directors on television, you might as well flaunt it!

  • MK03

    I fully expect them to get shafted again this year, since they’re up against Breaking Bad’s last season. But there is absolutely no excuse after that. Get your heads out of your asses, Emmy voters.

    • MilaXX

      I don;t see it as them being shafted, Breaking Bad’s final season was awesome and deserves any awards thrown their way for everyone involved.

    • MartyBellerMask

      I kind of think they are dragging the final season on for 2 years, so they have an extra Emmy year.

      • Lady Bug

        Would I sound too much of an fangirl if I say, that I really hope that it works? I’m not sure they’re going to outdo Breaking Bad’s final season; but I hope they get all of the accolades & awards for 2015 final season.

  • beebee10

    Love Christina Hendrick’s look. Really great campaign.

  • mommyca


  • So some of the copy is pretty tongue-in-cheek, yeah? “A winning character” for Don? “Or is it his hair?” for Pete? Heheheheheh.

    • MilaXX

      All of the copy is tongue in check. Look at how ingrained the phrases “for your consideration, Emmy, gold & statue” are in most of the ads.

  • cmb123

    If Michael Kors was around in 1969, he would do an ad like Megan’s. Love these!

  • Maria Photinakis

    Roger’s really stands out to me as period-perfect, right down to that vibrant, oversaturated color. They really nailed it.

    • formerlyAnon

      I think Roger’s illustrated perfectly how paper quality also affected the look of an ad.

  • Golfkat

    I’m wondering if they kept this idea for the “last” season. I wouldn’t put it past them, because it’s kind of brilliant at the same time as being an obvious thing to do. I love that they did it. It takes a sense of humour and wit!

  • Laura Poehlman

    That picture of Peggy is amazing gorgeousness.

    • jtabz

      Yup! She should wear that dress everyday and always.

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    I root for Mad Men every year, but they’ll probably be overlooked again this year. It would be great if Kiernan got a best supporting actress nod! These would make gorgeous posters.

  • MilaXX

    These ads are brilliant. However, I think this will be Breaking Bad’s year. It’s the last year they are eligible and their final season was awesome whereas Mad Men last year was not so good. Not awful as far a tv drama goes, but subpar for Mad Men’s usual standards.

    • semirose

      In terms of wins I certainly hope so (and hopefully the True Detective finale squandered the good will of the season because what kind of decision submitting as series instead of miniseries making it compete with Breaking Bad) but they’ll definitely still get the nods.

      • demidaemon

        I don’t know. I thought shows were constrained by the requirements for each category, so that they have to submit in certain categories. i could be wrong though.

  • The use of “illusive” when I would have thought it should be “elusive” is a nod to Dick Whitman, isn’t it?

    • SylviaFowler

      Illusive is “based on an illusion”, elusive is “evasive”. Both are accurate, I think.

      • Both accurate for the character, but as a positive quality in a mysterious lover, elusive is the one you would go for.

  • amanda siegelson

    i only just noticed that joan’s necklace totally calls back to her pen necklace… these are all way too cool. i was looking at them with such a big smile on my face, that my colleagues commented on it!

  • Sarah

    Very cool! I would cut a bitch for that amber necklace. Having been a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette (in addition to novelty colors) I can attest to the fact that “having more fun” is up to you, not your haircolor. But, there is a certain type of guy that likes a lusty ginger wench best. That’s why I tend to go with red, which is pretty much my natural color.

    • Kitten Mittons

      “Lusty Ginger Wench” – I think I’m going to make my husband refer to me like that from now on.

      • formerlyAnon

        Hmm. Depending on the training process, he may choose to be slow to pick up the new protocol.

        • Kitten Mittons

          A system of incentives may be necessary.

          • formerlyAnon

            Frequent positive reinforcement for the desired behavior.

    • Spicytomato1

      Funny, I got hung up on that line, too. I think it should read “They say blondes have more fun.” or “Blondes may have more fun.” Something to acknowledge that it’s a saying, not a fact.

      Loved them all. I kept thinking “that’s my favorite,” and then I’d scroll on to yet another one and another one, each better than the last.

      • Although, as a period piece, they weren’t so much into truth in advertising…

  • altalinda

    I want the Pete ad for my office. Hilarious.

    • MartyBellerMask

      Executive Pomade. I die.

  • Judy_J

    I love the smoking stand featured in the Roger Sterling ad. I collect ashtrays, and need one for my collection. These ads are all fabulous. Hard to pick a favorite, but I’m leaning toward the Peggy one.

    • Spicytomato1

      Me, too. Not only does she look amazing but the copy is spot on. I love looking at vintage magazines for the cosmetic ads, they are fascinating to me. Although I’d also give Roger’s points for authenticity.

      • Lower L

        Roger’s ad seems the most authentic to me. Betty’s and Joan’s seem far too modern. But wow, does Christina Hendricks look fabulous! I may need a dress like hers.

  • Kit Jackson 1967

    This is beyond fantastic! Thank you so much for posting this.

  • Gatto Nero

    I love Roger’s, with his Chelsea boots and leer, and the peripheral fishnets.
    But Betty is killing hers.

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    Chic as fuck.

  • SylviaFowler

    Sally’s, Don’s and Roger’s are my favorites. LOVE!

  • Ruth Fischer

    Nice campaign, but they need a proof-reader. Don’s ad has a real clunker, and I was just skimming.

    • formerlyAnon

      I’m choosing to believe that “illusion” was chosen as a reference to his continual re-invention of himself. Otherwise you’re right, it’s just too painful.

      • ThaliaMenninger

        I’ve been trying to do the same thing, find a way to make “illusive” mean something. Not exactly all the way there. I mean, “illusive” does work with mysterious, in terms of Don being a master of illusion with all the lies he’s always told and the fake persona he created for himself. But wouldn’t we usually call that “illusory” instead of “illusive”? And he IS elusive, as well, what with being hard to grab onto in his cloud of mystery and deception. Overall, I’m calling it a mistake.

        • formerlyAnon

          Stop. Leave me my illusions. Or delusions. Spare me the pain.


    • ktr33

      eek! Illusive!

  • PastryGoddess

    Love these

  • decormaven

    Great way to recycle existing stills for a FYC campaign. We’ll see if they worked!

  • MaggieMae


  • Cee Layton

    Clever. That’s how to get some buzz.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Beautiful ads. I wonder how Hollywood responds to this sort of “for your consideration” attempt.

    • SylviaFowler

      They all do it.

      • ThaliaMenninger

        Oh, I know. It’s just that this is a different way of doing it. Sort of tongue in cheek. Sort of elegant and ironic and above the usual FYC fray. I just wonder if potential voters will respond to the cleverness or think it’s snooty and pretentious.

  • phylora

    These are fucking brilliant!

  • AnnaleighBelle

    I don’t think Elizabeth Moss has ever looked more gorgeous. Christina is typically flawless, and Betty is perfection. The men look lovely as well (I wish Slattery would get some recognition). But I really do hope Kiernan is recognized for this last season.

  • crash1212

    These are all brilliant. If you’re gonna pander, do it with style.

  • Man Dala

    They are all giving So. Much. Face. Gorgeous.

  • your face

    Where is the Bob Benson ad? He’s got “Outstanding Achievement in Short Shorts Wearing” in the bag!

    • Kit Jackson 1967

      Bob Benson in a beach wear ad would be good. Account Man and Beach Boy.

  • Kent Roby

    Don Draper “is a man with winning character….and much more”. Naturally, I take the “and much more” part to be a reference to his attribute that he and AMC supposedly want to downplay! All of these shots are really swell.

  • FibonacciSequins

    Great concept. But “illusive”? Did they want to characterize Don Draper as a deceptive lover?

    • kerryev

      Isn’t he?

  • StillGary

    minor miss on Betty’s add — they should have gone with “Blonde by Emmy.”

  • Monabel

    “illusive”? Or, elusive? What do they want to say?

    • Laylalola

      Allusive, knowing Mad Men.

      • Monabel

        I bow to your pertinent knowledge.

  • LeelaST

    I saw the Joan ad on a Sunset Strip billboard today!

  • smh4748

    These are wonderful! I want to hang these all on my wall. Peggy looks so good in hers–too bad she never gets to look that pretty on the show. And Pete’s cracked me up. 🙂

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    These are pretty cool. I love that picture of Roger. He looks so suave with his gold buttons and his Chelsea boots and that fabulous free-standing ashtray.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    How much would it rock if Kiernan Shipka got an Emmy nomination?

    If there was an Emmy for Primo Bitchface, January Jones would have a shelf full.

  • JP

    Betty is serving up Epic Bitchface here.

  • MarissaLG

    These are phenomenal!

  • Crystal


  • Genius.

  • Azaelia Bearson

    I love these. Brilliant.