Reese Witherspoon in Oscar de la Renta at the 2014 Colleagues’ Spring Luncheon

Posted on May 01, 2014

Reese-Witherspoon-Oscar-de-la-Renta-Spring-2014-Colleagues-Luncheon-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Reese-Witherspoon-Oscar-de-la-Renta-Spring-2014-Colleagues-Luncheon-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)Reese Witherspoon attends the 2014 Colleagues’ Spring Luncheon in Beverly Hills, California in an Oscar de la Renta dress paired with Manolo Blahnik ‘Chaos’ sandals and a Charlotte Olympia ‘Pandora’ clutch.





[Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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    • @Biting Panda

      “Eat my shit, y’all.”

    • Sarah

      Cute! But does it work for PARKING LOTS, is the question.

      • KateShouldBeWorking

        I want to know what kind if Mary Poppins act she’s gonna pull to get her groceries in that clutch.

      • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

        She’ll make it work, count on that.

    • Dagney


    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      That is a super cute spring-y outfit and it sets off her eyes. Plus, look at her non-orange tanned legs!

    • lunchcoma

      The baddest bitch at the country club, prepared to go Mean Girls on her next victim.

      (Which is not to say I don’t like it. It’s lovely and I kind of wish I was the baddest bitch at a country club so I could own it.)

      • Sarah

        It has a very “Modest Cut LL Bean Swimsuit” neckline, that’s my only quibble. A bit lower down, even an inch or two, would be nice. I love her clutch.

        • lunchcoma

          The clutch is glorious. Shoes aren’t anything special, but they get the job done.

        • 25or6to4

          I agree about the neckline… Either go all the way up and hide the clavicles (i.e., more of a boat-neck) or show a little more skin, thus avoiding the puckering fabric — and leaving room for an awesome necklace.

          Also, her lipstick could be a smidge pinker here, but I’m just being picky.

          • demidaemon

            Boat necks–popular with country club starlets and insult comic drag queens. It’s the newest trend in fashion! 😉

        • Alloy Jane

          The neckline is very awkward. But I’ll add hair to my list of quibbles. I hate that piecey, windblown look. Surfer girl hair belongs only on surfers who’ve just dried out, not on fabulous Country Club Bitches.

    • B_C_J

      Pretty & feminine – I just don’t care for the hair.

      • barbarienne

        My reaction, too. I think she looks best as a blonde, just not that particular shade of blonde. It’s rather…pale brassy. Or maybe the lack of style isn’t showing the color properly. Either way, I want her to redo the hair.

    • somebody blonde

      Cute enough.

    • Glam Dixie

      Love that dress, I even love those shoes with that dress. My only quibble is the uni-boob effect but I still like it.

    • Karen Belgrad

      I’m not sure if this is on the same level as when she PLITFU’s. Not loving the shoes. Maybe she needs a hat? 😉

      • Shelby

        Parking Lot it the Fuck Up? Is that what the acronym is for? Is this like Willis it the Fuck UP? If so, this needs to be added to the BK lexicon…

        • Karen Belgrad

          It is… I came up with it at the Old Orchard book signing while discussing her with other Bitter Kittens. I’m hoping it catches on :)

          • Shelby

            I will proudly begin using it then. 😀

    • LeelaST

      Must have been a last minute invite – no time for hair or makeup.

    • gabbilevy

      I’d wear this dress in a second, but i work in one of the most conservatively-dressed office buildings (Capitol Hill) in one of the most conservatively dressed cities in the country (DC). A little cardigan or cropped jacket over this and I’d be sashaying through the hallways all day long.

      • formerlyAnon

        Nailed it.

    • sugarkane105

      It’s a purse WITHIN a purse… PURSECEPTION.

    • Mothra

      I hardly recognize her out of a parking lot. I do not care for that bag much or the toenail color. It is meh.

      • boweryboy

        “I hardly recognize her out of a parking lot.” I was about to type the same.

        • Mothra

          Great minds, boweryboy. Great minds.

    • Danielle

      Love Love Love Love

    • sugarkane105

      Betty Draper if she’d went to Wesleyan instead of Bryn Mawr.

      • formerlyAnon


    • LadyVimes

      But…she’s out of context! Where’s the sidewalk/parking lot? Cannot compute outfit sans environment!

    • Gatto Nero

      The color, fabric, and silhouette are pretty and work really well on her. Would like to see it paired with a more interesting shoe.
      But where’s her shopping bag?

    • crash1212

      Hate the shoes. Hate the bag. Other than that, this is pretty cute. Lovely fabric on that dress.

    • WaterGhost

      Nice to see her with something approaching a natural smile, instead of that weird, tight grimace she wore during her parking lot tours.

      The fabric is intriguing, and sets off her eyes. Lipstick is well-chosen. There has been a lot of cringe-inducing, orangey lipstick around, and it is good to see something a bit more sophisticated.

    • International Model

      The make up says, “I’m just like everyone!” but the clutch says, “Except I have tons of money.”

    • sagecreek

      So cute! I don’t love the sandals, but this is so much better than the angry parking lot Reese.

    • marlie

      I LOVE that dress. It’s simply beautiful, and totally “her.” The clutch is gorgeous as well, but the shoes are a huge misstep. Her hair and makeup are nice, but I wish that they were a teensy bit more “done.”

      • Kitten Mittons

        Yes to everything. I’d wear the hell out of that dress.

    • nannypoo

      She looks cute here, although she could have devoted a minute or two to her hair. I wonder how she looked crossing the parking lot to get into the venue.

    • Stefanie Argudo Mackenzie

      Somehow the pleats on top look like tuck and roll upholstery…

    • Fuchsiaforever

      Something’s not right…where’s the parking lot?

      • Susan Velazquez

        I know, I was shocked that the red carpet wasn’t a slab of concrete

    • Lisa Kramp

      Except for the non-existent makeup and the beach hair, I like this whole look.

    • another_laura

      Hate the shoes and hair, but otherwise lovely and Springy.

    • BlairBear

      I hardly recognize her outside her natural parking lot habitat

    • macwell

      I think she looks great here.

    • Jacob Bowen

      The fit on that dress is FANTASTIC and that purse is KILLER, especially the color. Miss Reese seems comfortable even outside her natural habitat!

    • MilaXX

      It’s perfectly Reese. No complaints

    • KT

      Yep, looks about right. “Sunday brunch after church service” is pretty much her style, and that’s very much captured here.

      Kind of hilarious that those shoes are entited “Chaos,” Is Manolo Blahnik a fan of irony?

    • Vtg Fashion Library

      Hate the hair. Hand over the bag and all will be forgiven.

    • cwade1211

      Cute dress! I just don’t get the clutch thing I’ve seen lately that looks like purses in boxes.

    • demidaemon

      Wow, she’s on an actual RC. It’s so weird. But she looks super cute and I love the detail in the bodice.

      • MaggieMae

        Maybe there’s a parking lot right behind the backdrop, right?

        • demidaemon

          Yes. This is just a convenient stop on her way to the parking lot. It’s probably a fancy one at a four–star restaurant or something.

    • quiltrx

      REALLY gorgeous dress! Love the colors and the print, and it is very flattering.

    • gitchygitchymama

      I didn’t recognize her without the obligatory parking lot.

    • Judih1

      Love the clutch and dress. Don’t like shoes or hairstyle

    • malarson2

      All the dark(ish) tones on her top-half don’t work with the white(ish) shoes on the bottom. Like a lighter color purse would balance it or something. All I can think of when looking at it is that it’s a modern RC version of the girls in the 80s who used to stress me out by wearing black socks with white Keds.

    • Truthiness2U

      Love the dress. It’s a cute dress, and it fits her well, and flatters her figure and colouring. Like the clutch, it’s a bit tricky and matchy, but I still think it’s cute. Hate the shoes, not just because I hate that style, but I don’t like the colour with this dress. Hate the hair. It seems messy as ‘sexy’ might be back for women, just like stubble and facial hair is in with men. Oh well, these too shall pass.

    • decormaven

      Another winner in the accessible clothing category. I bet a dollar she is going to launch a clothing line, all based on her Parking Lot Tour. It would sell like hotcakes.

    • formerlyAnon

      Cute little dress, boring shoes, so-so hair, clutch is trying to make up for the shoes. This is so her image that I am twitching to hate it purely out of reflex, but it does the job in exactly the way she wants it to. [pendulum swing to grudging admiration]. The gold cuff would elevate this past “wealthy suburban mom” if anything could.

      • boweryboy

        When it’s a bodice attached to a skirt, yes. In this case, no.

        I think all of the visual interest would be lost if the pattern matched. Also, the way the dress is cut it seems near impossible to make that happen. Each one of those panels acts as a dart that nearly extends the full length of the dress. If you look closely you can see where the darts terminate a few inches above the hem. So, the front of the dress is essentially one peice. I would love to get a peek at the pattern for this.

        That was my fashion nerd geek out moment for the day. : )

    • PhillyDeb

      She looks great. However, does the mis-match of the fabric in all the panels bug anyone besides me? My mother drummed this into my head throughout my childhood (was probably just an easy excuse for her not to buy many things, but regardless it got hard-wired into my brain) and although I love the dress and the fabric I am not sure I can sign off on all of the mis-matching, particularly as prominent a place as the chest/torso.

      • boweryboy

        When it’s a bodice attached to a skirt, yes. In this case, no.

        I think all of the visual interest would be lost if the pattern matched. Also, the way the dress is cut it seems near impossible to make this happen. Each one of those panels acts as a dart that nearly extends the full length of the dress. If you look closely you can see where the darts terminate a few inches above the hem. So, the front of the dress is essentially one peice. I would love to get a peek at the pattern for this.

        That was my fashion nerd geek out moment for the day. : )

        • formerlyAnon

          I like the way the seams/darts give the stereotypically ultra-feminine de la Renta fabric a clean, uncluttered feel. (Or at least, that’s how it strikes me.)

        • PhillyDeb

          YIKES boweryboy…thanks, I think??? I know less than zero about sewing, so I am bowing down–I really don’t understand any of this but, OK! I guess I have to appreciate it for what it is!! I won’t tell my mom.

          • boweryboy

            I was totally geeking out. I studied fashion design a lifetime ago with a heavy emphasis on pattern drafting. It’s second nature for me to mentally deconstruct garments into their individual pattern components.

            Totally understandable if you have no clue as to what weird foreign tongue I was speaking. : )

    • Mary Lauer

      What is it with her and the upholstery fabrics? Didn’t she just wear another dress made out of too heavy material?!

    • MinAgain

      Bad hair, boring shoes, but a very pretty dress and clutch. She looks very appropriate for young Southern matron attending a spring luncheon.

    • EEKstl

      Blah shoes and wish she’d done a strong pink lip with that “undone” eye, but pretty dress and love the box, er, bag.

    • julnyes

      Was she wearing this in the parking lot as well? I need to see this outfit properly situated.

    • Anplica Fiore

      I don’t like the nude & naked shoe, but otherwise love this look. Except her hair – not all together sold on that style on her.

    • Elizabeth Phillips

      Not sure about the bag. Otherwise, love.

    • Mrs. O

      Love the dress. Love the natural nails. I think the hair is cute for summer. The shoes are just boring. Clutch is too. But do love the dress.

    • JynxTheCat

      well deployed nude shoe. LOVELY color on her.