Zooey Deschanel at the Zooey Deschanel for Tommy Hilfiger Collection Debut

Posted on April 11, 2014

It’s the height of irony (to us, anyway) that we wanted to list this as a “Girl That’s Not Your Dress,” entry for an outfit that literally has her name on it.

Zooey-Deschanel-Tommy-Hilfiger-Collection-Debut-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-1Zooey Deschanel attends the “To Tommy, From Zooey” Capsule Collection Debut in Los Angeles in a dress from the collection.





It’s a really cute dress. But we’re surprised at that skirt, because she doesn’t normally wear something that short and form-fitting. It’s not really working with the tights. And since black tights are pretty much her signature look (and one that she tends to overdo), it seems like an odd choice for her collection, not to mention for her to wear. Really love the adorable little purse, but those shoes are awful. They look a little beat up and the fact that the blue doesn’t match the blue in the dress is making our eyes twitch.

Yes, it’s true. T Lo just dinged someone for not wearing matchy shoes. What can we say, darlings? We’re just full of contradictions. But really, if you’re going to attempt a matchy look, then at least get it right. It might have been better to pick a blue even further away from the navy in the dress. Then you’ve got that tone-on-tone thing happening, instead of a matchy-but-not-quite thing.

Her hair looks gorgeous.




[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • BayTampaBay

    Looks ok except for the black tights.

  • imspinningaround

    I would say she should box it up and send it to Anna Kendrick, but Zooey probably has a dart board in her garage with Anna Kendrick’s face on it.

    The purse is ridiculous.

  • Scott Cooper

    That Girl, circa 1967 should get royalties from this woman.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      That Girl did it so much better.

  • Ginger

    I like the top of the dress and her hair. She has such beautiful eyes. I wish she wouldn’t cake on the mascara. It ages her eyes tremendously.

  • Bexxx

    My hatred for her is irrational but I do think I’m being rational when I say that shoe-tight combo is HEINOUS. Also girl, it’s April in LA. There are people here on the east coast who would die to not have to wear tights.

    • aly

      Navy pointed-toe heels are never going to read as anything but elementary-school secretary to me.

      I guess also middle-school secretary.

  • Kayceed

    I pretty much loathe this look. The Peter Pan collar doesn’t seem proportionately correct, whatever is hanging out of her left armhole (undergarment? lining?) is sloppy, the scooter skirt (!) looks juvenile…and black tights with blue shoes are killing me. I think she’s going for a mod look, but it is all a bit tortured.

  • I am wondering how Zooey, Tommy, or Vanity Fair think that this look will sell clothes (or magazines). There’s really not a thing to recommend it. And it looks like her hose have little pulls in them.

    Zooey and Cathy Cambridge are tied for “best hair” this week……those photos of Mrs. C. from New Zealand are lovely.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Cathy’s baby is too cute for words. 🙂

  • VioletFem

    I wonder if she feels self-conscious about her legs, because she definitely overuses the deployment of black tights. I like this dress and I can see why she wanted to wear it, but unfortunately its is not coming together in this outfit. For one, it looks like it might be too small on her. If the skirt was 4-5 cm longer and she ditched the tights, the dress would look a lot better on her.

    • sweetestsith

      I’m inclined to say that she is. Even on her TV show, if the costume calls for bare legs she wears nude tights. It’s a bit distracting sometimes. I also have no idea why she would be self-conscious of them, but I guess I don’t live in hollywood. Who knows!

      • cocohall

        I agree that she must have some concerns about her legs, because the tights are no longer just a “signature” style element. They are moving into caricature territory. There is a scene in Bridget Jones Diary with the Smug Marrieds when one asks Bridget why there are so many single women and she says something about “well we have scales under our clothes.” It is not good when that is the scene my mind flips to when I see Zooey in yet another pair of tights. And one would think that if one was going to wear them with EVERY outfit, one would have them on hand in every possible color. But this color just looks wonky with the dress and calls MORE attention to her legs. I am inclined to approve of the look from the waist up (even with the twee Peter Pan collar), but the whole thing needs a redo from the waist down.

        • demidaemon

          Your POV is so awful yet so hilarious at the same time. I feel like a bad person right now.

          • cocohall

            In addition to recently re-watching Bridget Jones’ Diary with my daughters and their friend who had never seen it, I have also seen one too many of those plaque psoriasis commercials lately. And somehow it all percolates together in my head creating some strange back story for Zooey’s tights. I feel bad too. She is not my favorite, but I doubt she has scales of any kind. Just a penchant for tights.

          • demidaemon

            I know exactly what you speak of. I don’t really get why she wears the tight either, as we have seen her gams before and they are quite good-looking.

    • jilly_d

      Seriously. Everybody’s got their own body issues, and I see nothing to cry about over Zooey’s legs, but I fail to see why TH would make a dress that short specifically for someone who is so clearly uncomfortable with exposing her legs.

      • marlie

        And not provide her with appropriate-colored hose/tights.

    • SugarSnap108

      I’ve always assumed she has some discomfort with showing her legs, but I may just be projecting. I have pale skin, and I’m loathe to unleash my blazing white legs on the world. I agree that a slightly longer skirt and ditching the tights would vastly improve this look.

    • Kayceed

      See – I love hosiery. I like legs that are “dressed.” I think it is a fantastic weapon in our sartorial arsenal. But when there are so many options, why, oh why, always the black tights? Choosing this drabness, day after day, outfit after outfit is what pains me the most…

      • butterflysunita

        I love that you said “sartorial arsenal”! I’m going to try to use that expression sometime.

        • Kayceed

          🙂 And makeup is the warpaint for our campaigns of Mass Seduction.

          • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

            You win the internet today. 🙂

      • VioletFem

        Good point. If she is so determined to wear tights with as many outfits as possible, it would be better if she diversified her options a bit. Black tights don’t go with everything.

      • Esz

        I agree – As an avid wearer of stockings (the REAL kind – fully fashioned, no less) – they really can finish off an outfit. BUT – Poor Zooey is using the black tights as a crutch. In my eyes, they massively bring down her entire look – making it drab, dour and frumpy.

        They are the cool weather equivalent of flip-flops – the lazy, “I can’t be bothered” last resort favoured in the name of ‘comfort’ which turns every outfit into bland casualness, rendering the wearer indistinguishable from the hoards of sheeple.

  • Kristin

    I can’t find even one thing about this outfit that isn’t painfully awkward. The skirt pulls funny, the tights and shoes are just NO, it’s kind of squishing her boobs across the top…

    Can I swap bodies with Zooey? I’d dress up what she’s got there way better than that.

  • jw_ny

    “To Tommy, From Zooey”…This is a Zooey line in Tommy H’s collection? Tommy really needed to style her because this is doing neither of them any favors…

  • Jacob Bowen

    Without the tights and shoes I would actually like this, but I think the tights bring even more attention to the fact that her skirt doesn’t fit and that it looks like a chef’s apron.

    • Anna

      I just had to take another look, you are SOO right about the chef’s apron!

  • Nikko Viquiera

    I saw the legging and cried : OF COURSE. All we need now is Lea Michelle in something skimpy and attention seeking.

    • FrigidDiva

      This is totally what Lea Michelle should wear–granted it’s something her character on Glee would wear, but I think it would look so much better on her than her attention grabbing wardrobe she keeps subjecting us to.

  • Its a skosh too tight, otherwise, not too bad.

  • Anna

    Oh Zooey, you truly did miss your calling as a presenter on Ready Steady Go! by a few decades. Your exposed bra strap and not-quite-matchy shoes are making my exercise-induced endorphins crash BIG TIME. I need more chocolate milk now.

  • Lower L

    I know that opaque tights are her thing, but are there no navy tights she could have worn?

  • decormaven

    Please, please, please do not wear dark tights with every single outfit. It takes away from this look so much, it’s hard to focus on the dress details. The off-tone shoes are insult to injury.

  • Capt. Renault

    I’m glad to see she’s done those neck-strengthening exercises for her Tilted Head Syndrome.

  • B_C_J

    I think this dress has a lot of charm. Eliminate the tights & switch out the shoes & it will be eye-catching particularly due to the print used on the top. Her hair is one of her great assets & it looks gorgeous here.

  • Constant Reader

    I think I’d like this dress better if it were styled more like what the old Nancy Drew books call “a sports dress” — flats, less “done” hair. As it is, it looks like a mis-colored and out-of-place tennis dress. It also needs to be an inch or two longer, and I hate the black tights with it. I don’t mind black and navy, but I very much mind THIS black and navy.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Too funny – I just sent my Mom an old copy I found of a Nancy Drew book – The Secret of the Antique Clock, lol.

  • Kelly

    This could be cute, but it’s too small, the tights and shoes are a sad mistake, and what’s that white thing peeking out her armhole? Is this another epic bra!fail like Kate Upton had the other day?

    • marlie

      It’s sloppy and amateurish. Zooey has been on the scene long enough to know better – or have people who do.

  • FrigidDiva

    If this were styled differently it would be such a cute outfit. It always makes me sad and a little angry when such good looking people wear such heinous outfits.

  • Danielle

    This collection should have more crinoline.

  • So she’s a designer? Such a talent!

    • GillianHolroyd


  • Janet B

    I like the skirt, it’s not her usual skirt shape.

  • MilaXX

    Dem tights! That is not the way to shill your stuff

  • Cyprienne Zed

    Stuff peeking out of the armholes, noooooooooooooo

  • PinkyAndNoBrain

    Okay, am I suffering from some sort of hallucination or does this outfit make her legs look like weirdly short? Either she’s always been kinda stumpy and I never noticed, or the proportions on this thing are unfortunate, bordering on heinous.

    • DinahR

      I think the camera angle + proportions are conspiring against her.

      • PinkyAndNoBrain

        Okay, thank you! It was driving me crazy . . .

  • conniemd

    I really dislike the skirt as it’s too short and it looks like a wrap around or a skort. The top part of the dress is very cute. Love the navy and red print.

  • squishedorc

    Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of twee, but I think she looks lovely here. I agree the shoes aren’t great, but I want that dress and bag.

  • elemspbee

    Oh no, not a good endorsement. The freakin black tights are upon us again. and the white bra strap peeking out. She irritates.

  • Lucas

    Seriously? I think she looks great in that dress. And the tights actually work here. You’re right about the shoes, though.

  • melanie0866

    Why does she wear those ugly black tights with EVERYTHING? Someone needs to stage an intervention.

  • marlie

    If Zooey wants to wear blue shoes, they either need to be the exact same shade of blue as the dress, OR a way different shade. These shoes aren’t the *right* shade of blue. They’re too similar, but not similar enough (if that makes sense).

    Also, FORTHELOVEOFGOD opaque black tights do not go with everything. As much as I hate to admit it, I could have accepted navy tights here, because it’s her thing. And the bra strap is bugging me.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Maybe she has a skin condition or scarring on her legs. She could also have a problem with varicose veins. When my Mom started getting those, she just switched to pants and never wore skirts again.

      • marlie

        I think that’s why a lot of commenters are leaning toward the idea that there’s some reason (for her) why she HAS to wear tights, and that’s totally fine. But they still need to match the rest of the outfit. If for some reason, she feels the need to keep her legs covered, just about ANY color of opaque tights will give her that coverage.

      • pookiesmom

        She wears bare legs on New Girl all the time; her legs look great. She may be self-conscious about them, but she’s got a nice set of gams.

  • twocee

    Except for her hair, that’s horrible from top to bottom. And is it the makeup or the lighting that is adding 10 years to her face?

  • holla

    the tights bugs, and is that a bra strap?

  • ashtangajunkie

    Her head looks great, the dress is cute, and at the hem of the dress is where it all falls apart. There are other colours available for opaque tights if that must be your thing, missus.

  • strangebride

    Does she hate her legs? Is that the black tights thing?

    • Guest

      Cathy Cambridge.

  • Rhonda Shore

    This is a look that would have benefitted from a bare leg. The heaviness of the opaques is wrong all around.

  • Violentcello

    Is there a contender for Better Hair Than Zooey? Because her hair is always amazing.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Cathy Cambridge, FTW.

      • Violentcello

        Ooh, good call.

  • VicD

    Ah, the kittens are bitter today, but I refuse to pile on. I like it. I guess I’m alone in that. And, it’s a nice callback to her flight attendant outfit in “Almost Famous”

  • Agatha Guilluame

    Neck up. Her hair does look gorgeous. The color is outstanding. The lipstick color almost ruins it for me though.

    Neck down. I really despise that she dresses like she has a boyish figure when in fact she is blessedly proportioned. And her penchance for matching her clothes to her twee personality isn’t going to work much past the age of 30. Oops.

  • judybrowni

    What’s with the flap thing on the too tight, too short skirt?

    I hate front flaps on skirts/skorts.

    Also: white bra strap showing against dark blue background?

    Even I have a bra with navy straps. But a black bra woulda worked better here, and matched her ubiquitous tights.

  • Tracy_Flick

    Swap the tights out for nylons, add a little hat, and viola – flight attendant.

  • Imasewsure

    Black tights… black shoes please (but blue tights if you must have them would have been better). Burn the shoes…

  • CeeQ

    LOVE her hair. Do not love the black tights with this look, the skirt is too short but I am in love with the top.

  • boweryboy

    She looks like the crazy black sheep aunt you adore. The one who shows up at family reunions with a boyfriend 10 years her senior, gets shitfaced on whiskey sours, slips you a Xanax because “You’re 13 and sooner or later you’re gonna try drugs so you might as well get them from your Auntie Zoo”, suggestively dances barefoot with her beau, drunkenly berates mom and dad on how rotten her childhood was (she wanted a yellow Trans Am for her 18th birthday not an orange VW bug!) and then stumbles off not to be seen or heard from for another year.

  • KinoEye

    Tights, cutesy collar, “retro” print and bangs. Checks off all her personal style boxes and still manages to look awkward. Eh. I can’t even work up my somewhat rational hatred for her today — wound up coming home from the store with an adorable girl kitten, who decided sleep was off the menu last night. I’m too tired and overwhelmed with cuteness.

    • boweryboy

      In which aisle at the grocery store do they sell kittens?
      : )

      • KinoEye

        With the ingredients for Chinese food 😀

        There was a couple outside giving them away. Nice people, but obviously meth heads (pretty common out here). Wasn’t even considering adopting a little one, but before I knew it, I was walking back to the car with kitten. Funny how life works that way.

  • Ann VerWiebe

    You try buying blue shoes! It’s like nature doesn’t want them to exist.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Visible bra strap.

  • Anita Karenin

    This is the sleeveless version of the outfit my American Girl doll came in. It’s the Molly Mcintire Tommy Hilfiger collection.

  • somebody blonde

    It’s too bad she didn’t go for blue tights.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    After looking at these photos for the second time, I don’t think she likes the dress, either. She’s not really selling it.

  • Eric Stott

    I agree- gorgeous hair, both the color and style. Makes her look years younger.

  • poorellensmith

    Girl, That’s Not Your Dress…because it’s MY dress! Hand it over this instant. I might not have the body for it, but at least I wouldn’t wear black fucking tights.

  • MartyBellerMask

    Maybe a white clunky heel. AND NO TIGHTS.

  • TwiddlyStun

    She wears skirts that length all the time on that show of hers. Tights become a necessity to keep the good china under wraps if you do it in the real world, where there aren’t editing rooms.

  • I don’t know that there’s an elegant way to wear black tights with that dress. It’s too tight, too short and I’m not sure the shoe problem is fixable.

  • Celticharpist

    While the outfit isn’t great, I think this might be an instance of Girl That is Not Your Head. Something about the makeup or lighting is making her look ill and zombie-like here. It is super distracting, and prevents her from ‘selling’ the outfit more.

  • hillmad

    I think the dress is just one size too small. She really looks uncomfortable.

  • MK03


  • ShaoLinKitten

    The visible bra strap is unforgivable… but those tights and shoes are making my eyes water.

  • Never pair navy shoes with black tights. Everybody just stares at your feet and ankles wondering, “Am I seeing things?” This needed red tights and white shoes, if she must have her tights.

  • Columbinia

    I can’t recall ever seeing her look this bad before. From the waist down is unflattering. The colors next to her face are doing something awful to her.

  • GillianHolroyd

    Such heavy-looking hair for a mod look. Needs to be sleeker.

  • demidaemon

    My problem with the shoes is that they look extra pointy, which is causing all kinds of optical illusions with her proportions and not in a good way. NOPE.

  • Bra is showing, but you can’t blame her for that. I agree with TLo – you guys have nailed it. Gorgeous hair. However, I do think she wears very short skirts (at least on her show), but as you say – not that tight.

  • DominoEstella

    How about girl, that dress is not your size..

  • Cindy Bartlett Zigler

    OMFG no!!! black tights with navy blue?!?! my eyes!! and is that her bra strap I see peeking out at the top?? shoes are too pointy as well. BUT…the dress on another ladystar (maybe Kiernan Shipka??) would look fab. I do love the bag and her hair looks gorgeous.