RuPaul’s Drag Race: Six Brides for Six Queens

Posted on April 22, 2014

Sometimes, with the mini-challenges, Ru drops any pretense that this has anything to do with skill (or even drag) and just goes for a “Let’s make these queens look ridiculous because it’s funny” challenge.

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)


Like so.

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

It’s not as if the results are illuminating somehow. It’s all rather random and a chance to make Ru, and by extension, the audience, laugh. If there was any real skill involved it came down to how each queen sold their piece.


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)


Also, some of their getups were hilarious.

But enough silliness! It’s time to get on to the really serious topics of Marriage and also What Straight Guys Think Of Us.


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (8)


Love the dress, but the eyebrow needs a little definition, Miss Ru.


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (9)


Hate us if you must for saying it (and plenty of you drama queens will, we predict), but we found them both kind of lunkish and unfunny.


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (10)

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (11)


It’s funny. We’re not sure we would have predicted a win for Bianca on this challenge, but she was one of the few who really took the whole “Mother and daughter” thing and ran all the way with it. She looks like a mother of a bride. And more importantly for this challenge…


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (12)


She looks like the mother of this bride. We don’t love Bianca’s face, but there are times when having that clownish style really works to her benefit, like when she has to replicate it on someone else. And this was one of the challenges where her costume skills really played a part because unlike a lot of the other entries, her bride actually looks pretty in her dress.


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (13)



We though this bitch was headed straight for the lip synch. We actually got annoyed with her for this look.


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (14)


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (24)

She did a pretty good job on the face, although her bride did come out looking much older than Courtney herself.  The dress is horrible, though. And the real sin is that Courtney, because she’s way too invested in her prettiness, made herself the gorgeous, sexy one in the see-through dress. She should have, when she realized she had a bride with a mug that was never going to look younger than her, gone for a real stereotypical cougar look and played it over the top. Instead, she falls back on yet another “I’m so pretty” look.


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (16)

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (17)

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (18)


All the credit in the world to Darienne for figuring this one out. That’s one hell of a transformation. We think where this goes wrong is in Darienne’s look. They should have played up the moody goth daughter thing and have Darienne come out in a “high hair for Jesus” bible-thumping mama instead of coming out in a somewhat confusing “goth mama” look. It would have been funnier to play up the differences.


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (19)

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (20)


Oh, honey. This was a TRAGEDY. There were two sins here. The first is that Adore had no idea what to do with a mother of the bride look, so she failed spectacularly on that front. Second… and we’re just gonna have to come out and say it… Adore, honey?


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (21)


You made an ugly daughter.

But there was no reason for it! None of these guys had features that make drag easy to apply to them, but this guy was cute and game. She could have figured out a better face and hair than that. As it is, she made herself look cute and her daughter look ugly. That’s a good enough reason for being in the bottom, as far as we’re concerned.

She really needs to stop curling up into a ball every time she’s challenged. There’s a reason there’s an N in Ru’s C.U.N.T. Principle.

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (22)

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (23)

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (15)


Considering what she had to work with, Ben did really well. She didn’t come out looking much like Ben’s daughter, but she did a really good job of replicating her face on his. We don’t know why she went with the blonde wig. A brunette would have sold the illusion more.

The dress isn’t bad either. Ironically, since her drag skews older, she makes a rather youthful mother of the bride in that showy outfit.


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (25)

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (26)

RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (27)


This was a huge crash and burn for Joslyn. And in retrospect, it’s no surprise. It’s a challenge that requires world class makeup skills (which she does not possess) and the ability to put together an outfit that doesn’t consist of chains and bikinis. She just doesn’t have the skill or point of view to create a believable bride and mother set of characters. They both looked horrible.

As for the bride’s little puke-fest, we honestly don’t know what to make of it, since the show is so over-produced and manipulated. We never buy the whole “discomfort” storyline when they bring straight guys in for makeovers. If they’re on the set of RuPaul’s Drag Race and they’ve already consented to the makeover and signed the release forms, we find it almost impossible to believe that they’d suddenly feel their masculinity threatened. If you’re there, you’re automatically not the kind of straight guy with hangups about that sort of thing. We realize reality shows need their storylines, but something about the “anxious straight guy” one really bugs. It seems to feed into too many stereotypes and we wind up with a whole lot of focus on what straight guys think of gay people and/or drag queens; scenes of guys who are CLEARLY comfortable with themselves, sitting around in gowns being forced by producers to talk about how they’re okay with all of this. Well, duh! You’ve got a gown and 30 pounds of makeup on in front of a camera crew! You’ve passed the test, Galadriel! We’d rather the show stick to its more dominant theme, which is learning to love yourself, no matter what other people think of you.



RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (28)


Then again,this was so bizarrely cute that we can’t hate. For all the focus on worry about what straight people think, you can’t beat this for subversive TV.
RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (29)

So it comes down to Adore and Joslyn for the lip synch, as it should be. And no one in the room or watching at home had any doubts as to the outcome.


RuPaul-Drag-Race-Season7-Episode-10-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (30)

Joslyn gave it her all, but Adore actually kicked ass. And besides, Mama Ru needs her Adore in the story. Joslyn was spinning her wheels at this point.






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  • RussellH88

    I didn’t really like this episode that much, mostly because the wedding ate up so much time. Yeah it was sweet, but we barely go to see any interaction between the queens and their brides, which is really what makes the make-over challenges interesting.

    I’m sure the show is going to get flack for doing an episode that featured only heterosexual couples, but honestly I think it was a good middle of the road subversive choice to flip the gender roles between bride and groom. If they had gone for lesbian couples, there would have been cries of how the show was forcing women to present according to gender stereotypes and if it were two gay men then people would say that it reinforces the view that “one of them is the woman in the relationship”.

    I was sad to see Joslyn go, she was so sweet and enthusiastic that it was infections. It’s not often that we have a queen that seems purely positive about everything.

    • Nathan

      I absolutely agree with everything you said about having straight couples. I read another review that was really upset at not using gay couples, but I think gender-swapping straight people is the most subversive thing they could have done. People already don’t know what to expect for a gay wedding, but at a straight wedding they know to expect the guy in a tux and the girl in a dress. This episode may not have broken down any barriers, but it perfectly expressed RuPaul’s thoughts on drag.

      That said, the episode overall was just awkwardly edited.

      • Really? I thought the editing was more on point than ever. I watched a few episodes with my husband and we were bemoaning how slow it was. We attributed the faster pace to practice and queens who knew how to play to the camera more.

        • Nathan

          My issue with the editing is that the makeover episode has always developed the tranformees more, and this time they mostly just focused on the one dramatic story. And then they never really offered a satisfying conclusion to that in my eyes.

          • RussellH88

            Yeah, there wasn’t much to the challenge. Usually there’s some sort of performance element added, like make a safe-sex cheer, perform a lip sync, or do a flag routine. With this is was entirely about the make up and the dress. The Brides just received makeovers and that was pretty much it, there was nothing else they needed to do.

          • This challenge to me was a theater challenge. First day of any theater class will tell you – the best performer is one that makes their cast mates look good. Bianca has done this with other queens in previous episodes and she did it flawlessly in this challenge. This is why there was an importance put on the queens to be the Mother of the Bride – near the center of attention but not. This is why Courtney’s dress was highly inappropriate and called out. Aside from Ben, everyone else seemed to be adrift.

          • J. Preposterice

            I think Darienne “got” the challenge, too, but misstepped, whereas Courtney, Adore, and Joslyn didn’t get it.

            I’m pulling for Adore, but she needs to become a more thoughtful performer. She’s underprepared a lot of the time, and she also doesn’t think things through. The look she put on her drag daughter is, well, Hairspray-esque — RUN WITH THAT. Do yaself up like Divine as the MOB, Adore! No, you don’t look like Divine — but Divine had a very specific look in Hairspray, ffs, GO WITH IT.

            Except I feel like the odds that Adore knows Hairspray are shockingly low.

          • It’s John Waters birthday – make a wish.

          • Snidge

            I don’t know, I think she actually would. She’s referenced Pete Burns in this weeks Untucked. I really don’t think she’s as stupid as she gives off, it’s just part of the charm.

          • Eric Stott

            I think there’s a gap between what she KNOWS and what she can DO.

          • Eric Stott

            If she’s been going for straight comedy that bride’s look would have been a hit – but she really could have made him look better.

      • RussellH88

        Yeah, Drag is all about playing with perception and social norms, so using straight couples gave the show the most iconography to play with.

        But I know people are already complaining about it, but I think that the Social Justice people would complain either way.

    • jtabz

      I’m going to miss Joslyn, too. Can’t argue with last night’s results, but I think she’s one of my favorite contestants the show has ever had. What she lacks in polish she makes up for with heart and enthusiasm.


      • I loved her shimmying in the confessional last week when she talked about the expanded Pit Crew.

      • Aerialgreen

        Joslyn is awesome and charming, I’ll support her whenever ~ IMO both her and Milk are great candidates for this season’s Miss Congeniality

        • jtabz


    • Montavilla

      I think part of the time issue was having both “couples” and six queens, instead of the traditional five. Dividing the werk room bonding time by six, instead of five meant that much less time for any bonding/backstories. We barely had time for anything but Brandon’s discomfort story.

      Plus, there were another six characters in the form of the “grooms.” It was really all I could do to get names for all those people, before the runway started. (Then, add all the drag daughter names…. it was a nightmare.) And watching the all trying to crowd into the Silver Lounge was giving me Marx Brothers Night at the Opera realness.

    • Raspberry2012

      That was my main complaint about this episode – the lack of interaction in the work room between the queens and their dudes, which is always a highlight. Getting to hear about other peoples’ lives is interesting, Show.

    • NinjaCate

      I actually wondered why they didn’t do a gay couple, and make them both up as brides. I figured it had to have been a numbers things. Too many guys to make over in one week.

  • ScarlettHarlot

    I liked Joslyn, but her exit this week was pretty much inevitable. I’m actually wondering if Adore makes it to the final three, since she has really choked and seems out of ideas for looks. I like her, so I’m rooting for her to get her act together. Maybe Bianca can show her how to sew.

    Darienne and Courtney, eh. I am over both of them, and I don’t want either in the finals.

    • MarTeaNi

      It’s so sad, because that UNIF dress she wore comes in much better colors so I don’t know why she bought the beige one.

      I did get a tiny thrill out of instantly recognizing a designer, through street wear probably isn’t your best inspiration for drag.

    • DinahR

      I think Bianca is done trying to lend a hand. They showed her trying to tell Adore how to make the skirt last night, Adore acted ditzy and Bianca left it at that. I don’t think Bianca will help her if she isn’t going to really try hard on her end. Which is probably how it should be, especially at this point of the game. Adores is cute, she’s just so super young. I like her still, but not sure if she’ll make it to final three.

      • Eric Stott

        Adore has reached her peak. She has a lot more potential than Darienne, but she needs to step back and mature a bit.

    • jacksonm

      The outcome has been obvious for weeks now. Adore needs polish, and needs to stuck around to get it.

      Ru knows she can’t possibly top the lip synch extravaganza that was Coco vs Alyssa last season.

      So, since she can’t top that drama, she’ll do the only thing she can.

      Bianca and Ben will be announced as finalists. Courtney and Adore, the two Idol contestants, will lip synch to get into the finals. It won’t top Coco/Alyssa, bit it’s the best story Ru has. Courtney will get into the finals, and the Adore story will end.

  • Patrick Cleary

    Adore’s lip synch was exactly wrong for the song. Ru would have given her the win if she just stood there and smiled for the two minutes. I don’t think Joslyn is much better than Adore at makeup and styling, but she’s a better queen in this case, which is too bad, because Ru wants to keep that American Idol connection there as long as possible.

    • ScarlettHarlot

      Agreed. I was kind of surprised they didn’t throw Courtney into the lip sync for drama since she had been going on about not having done it before at the beginning of the episode, and since Adore wasn’t going to go home anyway.

      • largishbearishAtlish

        Courtney really did a horrible job. Rule #1, never-ever show up the bride (if you have to puke, puke off stage… ). but the ‘look at me I am ravishing’ thing is getting old (I love her talent, etc…she would be delightful as a talk show hosts), but bring it down a few. show us..1? perfection…or 2? otherwise, good bye prize.

        • MK03

          I am really over Courtney’s “I’m so pretty” schtick. It’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s all she has, and it’s worn very thin.

          • StillGary

            BUt her shade is funny — I’d like to see her hang around longer than than Darienne.

        • StillGary

          True that, but do you remember when Pandora got sent home under the lame pretext that her “drag momma” upstaged her? It could go either way…

          • Airkisses

            But then again, there is Carmen Carrera leaving her drag daughter out to dry. That didn’t go over well at all.

          • AnotherG

            That was my thought. That seems to happen w/ these makeovers, and I do think of Carmen as the prototype example. Courtney’s dude was Carrera’d.

    • I adore the song Think, more than Respect, and do agree that Adore did it wrong. It makes me think if she understood what the song was about. It was more like she was reacting to the words and not the meaning.

      • Imasewsure

        I think she was just going for effort and energy to show she wanted it and based on Jocelyn’s lack luster performance, it worked. Wasn’t pretty but she definitely worked it (without really working to the song of course)

    • RussellH88

      Adore is kind of frustrating, because when the challenge is playing to her strengths, she’s really at the top of the pack. If it’s anything else, then she just flounders and lets herself get freaked out.

      With next episode being the 3 Look challenge, I don’t think Adore will make it. The only save she has is if Darienne comes out with 3 variations of her standard look (Same could be said of Courtney).

      • Three for the LSFYL, maybe? I wouldn’t mind.

        • RussellH88

          Yeah, I don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s only 2 episodes left, so there has to be either a double elimination or a Final 4.

          Or maybe there’s 4 going into the finale and one girl gets cut at one point before the final lip sync?

          • MK03

            Yeah, something is definitely up with the finale this year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but they’re definitely shaking it up.

          • Supernumerary

            Have they had a consistent finale template to date? I’ve only caught the last three seasons (Sharon, Jinkx and now this season), but it seems like Ru & Co are constantly fiddling with it. Has that not been the case?

          • Eric Stott

            I wouldn’t be surprised if they save the last elimination for a live finale show again.

          • MK03

            They used to pre-tape the finale(seasons 1-3), but there were problems with the winner being leaked ahead of the air date (season 3) and with the selection of the winner in general (season 2). Starting with season 4, the crowning was saved for the reunion show to prevent spoilers and to at least give the appearance that viewers had a say in who won. Whether there’s any truth in that is really debatable; I still think Ru makes her choice regardless of what anyone else wants. But I think she listens to the fans a little more now.

          • Eric Stott

            There has been more variation in the winners lately, for a while they were RuClones – tall exquisitely elegant queens of color (but unfortunately lacking his personality)

        • Eric Stott

          And maybe they’d do a Pointer Sisters number?

      • JoeyB

        I think you could say that about all of the queens this season, though. Their looks have all have been fairly repetitive. If anything, I’d make a stretch and say that while Adore’s looks are unpolished, she’s probably shown more versatility than the other queens. The queens all sorta just play to their strengths; no one seems to really be pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.

        • As a former 23 year-old girl myself, Adore is fumbling towards her style. The other queens are bit more established and Courtney doesn’t necessarily have style as much as she has designer quality garments (there is a difference between owning designer and being able to wear designer) due to her smaller figure (and investments in them). Adore would have the greatest ability out of all the queens to be versatile because of her long legs and slender figure. She doesn’t need to stick to one shape (Bianca has a very masculine body, Darienne has the weight, and Ben is very thick in the middle as well – all areas that are hard to dress, amiriteladies?)

          If Adore can stop shopping clearance at Forever 21 and treat herself, she could have some real show-stopping looks. For crying out loud, she has those natural lips that any woman would die for and many men have paid injections for!

          • Kayceed

            I agree that Adore’s looks are too mundane – she looks like a cool girl at a club, but she’s not dramatic or theatrical or outrageous enough to cause jaws to drop…

          • Aerialgreen

            “Bianca has a very masculine body” ~ MINE!, I mean, yes I can see that 😉

      • Aerialgreen

        It was no surprise a make-over challenge with dudes (of any given age) was due, so there is that also.

  • Bianca and DeLa were great, but I didn’t like this episode that much. It was weird and cheesy.

  • Introspective

    adore was giving me straight party city last night. she was a shoo in for a lip synch. dont know if she’s saving all her good looks for the later challenges, or if she’s just a queen on a budget who only has disposable clothing, but hell if this bargain store drag isnt going to keep shooting her in the foot, and highlighting her other limits in terms of talent.

    joslyn was adorbs and a sweetheart to the end. but had to go as she was at the limits of what she could do in this competition. she did however, look beautiful herself on the runway last nite despite shimmering her drag daughter’s face into oblivion. definitely ms congeniality in my heart, but dammit mama ru, make that happen for the finale too!! (and yes, agree Uncles, that the drag daughter was totally putting on the drama when in fact you had to have gone thru several prior steps WILLINGLY before appearing on drag race to get dolled up as a bride homeboy??!!! unless your fiancee is that overbearing as to force you at gunpoint into a bridal gown you didnt see coming, you knew what the hell you were signing up for. so hated that side story and the vomiting was just icing on a fucked up cake)

    courtney needs to GO. Im over her. she’s got all the polish of a chad michaels & all the nakedness of carmen carrera, but none of the personality or vulnerability of either, and damn sure none of carmen’s body. hating her at this point. she’s beyond phoning it in, and swearing her pretty will save her. Boooo. Theres a reason why CUNT has a C first.

    thought Ben de la had the best transformation of her daughter of the top 3, more so than Bianca. But agree that Bianca nailed the family resemblance. I guess the latter factor outweighs the former in this particular challenge. but I still feel like Ben could have won it.

    Either way, the competition is heating up now. Im predicting that Adore will see the bottom at least once or twice more if her drag doesnt get fiercer, but still feel like Id like to see Courteney or Darienne go before her… Time will tell.

    • Alice Dennard

      I agree about this Courtney mess. She is on my last nerve. “Damn sure none of carmen’s body!” — THIS yes. Can’t be a body queen without that body…

      I fear Adore has reached the end of her looks actually. Remember in the first episode she said she only brought four gowns? Now I can only think of 2 I’ve seen her in… She wears a lot of separates. haha

      • Supernumerary

        That’s what gets me every time Courtney goes on about ‘giving body’ on the runway. Uh, no. You are giving stunning lady FACE, darling, but your body is very clearly that of a man (albeit a very fit man). Let’s not kid ourselves about that.

        • sojourneryouth

          I think that was one of the reasons Courtney picked on Joslyn–Joslyn has the more feminine body of the two. While Courtney’s face is definitely amazingly fishy, her body is NOT, and she has big shoulders. Joslyn’s figure is better.

        • Alice Dennard

          YES. And it’s not even that she beats her face so well, that’s basically Courtney’s face in and out of drag. It’s a good face. That’s all.

          • Eric Stott

            I’m going to be shady now… Nice wig Courtney…the audience can’t see you’re going bald at 32

          • Alice Dennard

            hahaha YES

          • MadMenMurphy

            Chap stick and mascara!

    • largishbearishAtlish

      thank you, you gave me the word I have been looking for- Courtney lacks VULNERABILITY. She is too…’on’ too ‘perfect’ or better yet, plastic… could she fart once? or lose an eyelash, something? one more week I will give to let the facade slip….

      • Airkisses

        I was trying to figure out why Courtney’s shade bothers me more than that of the other queens, and I think because there’s nothing to
        counter-balance it. She’s not nice or friendly or helpful or vulnerable, so there’s nothing to endear you to her as a person and she ends up coming off as the prettiest girl in high school who thinks her shit don’t stink.

        • sojourneryouth

          Completely agree. While she can be funny, she is all about being the prettiest and the most perfect, which is just not very interesting. She’s also the stereotypical girl who is pretty, but boring, because all she cares about is being pretty.

        • Eric Stott

          Courtney is superficially polite in a slightly whiny way that gets on my nerves. She’s the sort of girl who will say “OH don’t change a thing, you look fabulous……….except this……and this……and maybe this……”

    • “unless your fiancee is that overbearing as to force you at gunpoint into a bridal gown you didnt see coming, ”

      Did you see her angry looks in the lounge during the lip synch? I would not be surprised if she did do that to her now-hubby.

      • SimpleSins

        I think he should be more worried about the guys in the locker room giving him sheet about that rather than actually donning a wedding dress.

    • Aerialgreen

      “Theres a reason why CUNT has a C first” ~ *swooons*

  • 1) David Burtka is the improbable love child of Kurt Russel and Jeff Bridges child stardom. 2) Bianca’s star power was obvious in this episode. I kept looking at Adore and thought, “Stop letting Bianca down!”. Bianca’s professionalism, package, and personality are so well thought out and displayed, it’s hard not to believe that she isn’t already a celebrity. Also, that trim on the veil was icing on the cake. 3) “Another boat neck from Bianca.” Yeah, Courtney, because when you’re a man with big ol’shoulders, guess what cut is flattering? For someone so about the body, Courtney has no clue about others. 4) Anybody else watch via reddit links? World of Wonder are filled with the craftiest rabbits and I’d give my good tit to work for them.

    • TrixieConQueso

      Um, did you say “you would give your good tit?” As a tit advisor, I say never give up the good one. First borns are easier to replace. ;0)

  • Naomi

    Not a fantastic episode, but I pretty much love Ann Drogyny and his wife and their fannishness – the Drag Race references in their vows, and more than anything the way he called Adore out on Untucked. For god’s sake, it’s season 6, saying “I don’t know how to sew” should be enough to get you sent home (and I say this as someone who adores Adore.)

    The editing at the start of the episode was really weird; it seemed like they were building up some Bianca/Courtney tension, but it never went anywhere. It would have made more sense if Courtney had been in the bottom. I definitely felt like she got a bitchier edit this week.

    • Kayceed

      I thought Ann Drogyny was channeling Kristen Stewart.

    • Ann was one shady queen in the lounge. Her momma must be so proud. ;p

  • I seriously cannot believe that Bianca won that challenge. She is obviously very good at making clothes, but that was the most boring pair of dresses! And I can’t believe she hasn’t been called out by the judges for wearing the same basic dress in different colors every week. There is no creativity to her wardrobe and I’d rather see an interesting look that isn’t perfectly-executed than an impeccably-executed look that is just a standard dress.

    I also find it really hard to stomach that Darienne has managed to make it into the top five, considering that since her early-in-the-season challenge win she has been consistently underwhelming in every performance, and like Bianca has worn basically the same dress every week. Throw in her bad attitude and I honestly can’t see why they’ve kept her around (especially when they could have booted her in the non-elimination week).

    Adore was by far the worst this week obviously but it’s pretty clear that she’s destined for the finals unless she takes a shit on stage or something. I thought that Joslyn wasn’t great but wasn’t that terrible. This is also the second time that a queen has followed the judges’ style advice and immediately been eliminated for it (the other being Milk).

    • girlsaturday

      I think part of it is that they’ve had a decent amount of opportunities to appear in drag outside of the runway, and in most of them Bianca has pretty varied looks – the rap challenge, the talk show, the makeup ad. Also, although she’s always in a floor length gown Bianca does vary the silhouettes sometimes, like her black and white gown had that very full skirt and the week before with the draped gold number.

      I think Milk’s elimination had more to do with following the judges’ advice badly than anything else (okay, and the fact that TKB absolutely murdered that lip sync).

      • Sébastien LeRoo

        But Milk shouldn’t even have been in the bottom that week. At least she tried something different.
        Darienne’s rap sucked and her outfit was the same as all her other ones. TKB should have sent her packing.

    • Bianca’s a theater girl and this challenge was all about theater. A top rule is that to look good, you make everyone around you look better. That’s what Bianca did. She made her bride stand out and supported as Mother of the Bride (the ultimate supporting role). She also chose a cut (the boat neck) that flatters wide shouldered men (and women). Not all men can carry off the sweetheart neck line (see: Joslyn’s make over). While Bianca does not have the designer wardrobe (or body) that Courtney does, I don’t find her consistency boring. I find it professional – know what works and keep working on it.

      God, Bianca would make a killer Helen Lawson.

      • I don’t have anything against a boatneck, and again the dress looked nice enough, but it was very plain and dull. This is a drag competition! A strip of yellow is not enough drama!

    • Airkisses

      For some reason, I kind of find myself wishing April was still in the competition. I always thought she was soooooooo pretty, I wish we’d had the chance to find out more of what she’s capable of.

  • Eva_baby

    “Oh, that looks like a thrift store wig.” Burn! When random hetero army guy throws shade at your wig you know you your shit ain’t correct!

    I have liked Joslyn, but I agree she should have gone. Quite frankly I would have been happy with a double elimination. While I think Adore can be funny and cute she is just a mess of a drag queen. A mess. Adore is lucky that all the challenges that required her to sing and perform came early because she has not a creative bone in her body.

    Frankly only Bianca and Ben worked this challenge well. The both looked like MOBs and their daughters’ looks were polished. You can tell the queens that know how to sew versus the ones that don’t.

    I liked Darienne’s couple b/c they were clearly fans of the show. I like how the woman told Darienne ‘Don’t Fuck it up!” LOL. But Darienne disappointed. She basically interpreted Goth to mean ‘Black’. And her own look was just Darienne’s normal runway outfit. Boring.

    • Introspective

      word about that wig shade for real!!! i snorted when i saw that cause im like if the soldier can read your wig game for filth, time to go shopping adore.

    • Ah, but I think Joslyn looked exactly, Exactly!, like a mother of the bride as well… the one that Michael Kors is always referring to in his smartass remarks on Project Runway.

      • H3ff

        Joslyn was giving me Keira Knightley in Atonement.

    • To be fair to the thrift store wig, sometimes you can find treasure. I’ve had four successful thrift store wig finds. The key is not to buy the wig that was previously at Rite Aide and then sent to the thrift store. Be picky when you go to St. Vincents!

      • MK03

        Really?? I’ve never found a good thrift-store wig, on the rare occasion that I find one at all.

        • While I never found a lace front, I have two excellent quality wigs I picked up for $10 at Out of the Closet (one of the best chains of thrift stores ever). One wig is debatable – I use it for my International Model videos (it’s a Screech like wig) picked up for $4. My husband used to say I paid too much, but when he sees me in my ScoFro, his laughter says “I stand corrected.”

          • Linderella

            Where does one find your International Model videos, IM? I Googled it, but it brought up, oh I dunno, about 10,000 sites. Would love to see them!

          • There’s a link to my channel on my Disqus profile or! Google “neva reese” “international model”. The first one is my favorite. We’ve upped our production values (read: I added an attractive man in a mesh shirt to the cast) and will be releasing a workout video for summer.

          • Linderella

            Thank you! Very fun! I see you need to hear my lecture* on The Evil Of Crocs, but otherwise…very well done!
            (Lectures given free of charge, and with love, of course.)

          • Thanks! I…actually bought those Crocs as a joke. It was the one substitution I made for the video (everything else, sans wig, was worn to work as is). I won’t out the bitter kitten, but I teased her family for years about the Crocs and one time when I came up to visit, I wore the faux Crocs to walk a mile in their shoes. (I don’t think I made the full mile, though…)

      • Cambel

        You guys are killing me here on this post. LOL

    • Cambel

      I thought Adore’s makeover was so bad that she needed to go, but it would have only spared Joslyn for a week.

      Oh, and your comment of “When random hetero army guy throws shade at your wig you know you your shit ain’t correct!”


    • Miranda Rose Berch

      Just food for thought, Ben delaCreme said in the first episode when she won for her Golden Girls look that she didn’t sew, it was “all hot glue and desperation”, so bonus points for that wedding dress!

  • Ginger

    So I have a question. I don’t get this station so I don’t get to watch the show. All I know is what I read here. Also, I don’t know any drag queens, so I don’t have anybody else to ask. My question is whether or not they shaved the bearded men for their transformations or if there’s a secret makeup trick to hide the beards. As a lover of facial forestry, it makes my heart sad to see beards go.

    • Alice Dennard

      Oh they have to shave those puppies off.

    • Maybe he shaved it off. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

    • girlsaturday

      They shave ’em – there’s no way around it (unless Milk had managed to stick around this long).

    • Nathan

      They all had to shave. One of the guys actually hadn’t been clean shaven since before he met his wife.

      • StillGary

        Are you talking about DeLA’s bride? I wish they would have shown him post beard-pre makeover because his wife is probably happy as heck — from what I can see he has a nice chin — not weak, not Jay Leno.

    • Montavilla

      You can watch the episodes on Logo TV’s website, if you want to see them. They’re posted early the next morning.

      • Ginger

        Well that’s good to know! Thanks for the info, BKs. Love y’all.

  • Ru’s dress was awesome.

    I would not want to piss off and then meet Joslyn’s daughter’s wife in a dark alley somewhere. That lady was SCARY in the lounge.

    Personally, I disliked Courtney’s daughter’s makeover then most. I could see the resemblance in all the other pairs, yes even Joslyn’s when not in the harsh light of the stage. But Courtney put a really ugly dress on her man, then wore whatever that was herself. There seemed to be no relation between the two at all. Also, the daughter looked totally like Litter Boxx from season 2. For real. It made me wonder if Courtney was a Pandora lookalike this whole time and had to think it over. Nope. Courteny just did not do that good of a makeover job.

    • Airkisses

      It also shows the difference between the costumes she makes and the ones that she brought with her.

  • Alice Dennard

    This is always my least favorite episode of Drag Race. I groaned last week when I saw the preview. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of seeing the Queens make over people, even straight men, but they ALWAYS tack some sort of weird narrative on to it. It becomes painful to watch and then terrifying faces come down the runway. I did love Bianca’s read of Courtney in the beginning though. Oh and the echoing of “hog body” was amazing.

  • Fifi del Rio looks like Bianca and Tammie Brown gave birth to a drag-daughter.
    Darienne looks like something Roseanne would have worn to Darlene or Becky’s wedding.

  • girlsaturday

    I was really hoping for a double elimination too – not because I dislike Adore or Joslyn but because both of their lipsyncs did absolutely nothing for me. I could feel Latrice rolling her eyes as I was watching it.

    I had pegged Bianca as a winner for this one because being a drag mother is kind of her thing – after seeing her work on Adore and Trinity there isn’t really any doubt that not only could she whip some random straight guy into shape, but that she’d make sure he enjoys every minute of it too.

    Very much agreed on what Darienne should have done on the runway – give the bride a black bouquet and when Darienne stops to spray paint it white, he turns he cross necklace upside-down – adorable!

    I really wish they’d had off the rack dresses to embellish like the season 2 wedding challenge – I think that would have made the results a lot more fabulous than they were.

    At first I was feeling like I don’t want anyone to get eliminated by this point, but I’m starting to think that Courtney and Adore should be going home, preferably in quick succession.

  • Something about the editing really bugs me this season. It would have been much more interesting to see more of the workroom interaction with the grooms than the runway wedding scenes which were cute but somehow too long. And I would love to see more interaction between Courtney and Bianca.I really think this is a missed opportunity. There must have been more bitching between these two strong characters.

  • largishbearishAtlish

    I think next week is Dariennes last week- the look has gotten too stale- she had such a perfect chance to ‘go big’ this week and blew it… the look was tipsy cocktail party attendee- NOT goth or anything close.

    Remember the Fu Fighters ‘Learn to Fly’ Video? Anyone else see Dave Grohls look on Adore? its a clone!
    Bianca deserved the win- she GOT the joke… T’lo, great call on BenDeLaCreme- a brunette wig would have really sold the look…possibly a win? (not sure).

    Joslyn, I have never done drag and I think I could have done better make up on that poor guy…and the outfit? does no one own a glue gun or some safety pins? (and yes, your teammates are going to laugh at you…for for the drag, but for the puking in a wedding dress…thanks to that it will be on the jumbotron at every game..

    were ALL the men on boxes? or did they all just have super tiny wives? I kept looking at the screen wondering…

    • MK03

      They were wearing stilettos. That alone will make them tower over their wives.

    • Cambel

      You’re going to go after Joslyn’s guy and not Adore’s also?! He looked like the father of a 5 year old and she put her Jasmine Wig on him and used her Barbie make-up kit to mess his face up. lol

  • Jacob Bowen

    The vows with the Drag Race references were ADORABLE! Other than that I was disappointed by the rest of the episode…the painting was even unfunny and boring. time for Darienne to fly the coop!

    The best part about this episode was Ru’s gown!

    • LOVED that gown. It reminded me of my favorite jeans that were made of patches of other blue jeans.

  • MK03

    Ru was the Something Blue.

  • MilaXX

    That “anxious straight guy” was the complete needle scratch for me for all the reason you listed. His puking could have been from a case of the flu that flared up or bad Kraft services for all we know. What I am sure of is that I do not need to see/hear another puking scene on drag race EVER. It”s just gross and no one believe he was so nervous that he had to barf.

    • MK03

      Honestly, I think it was a combination of heavy, uncomfortable clothes, the wig, the hot lights, the shoes and his already-evident discomfort. Throw in some dicey catering and you have a recipe for tossed cookies.

      • girlsaturday

        Maybe he shares TLo’s lace allergy as well?

    • For a minute I thought the barfing thing was going to be part of a bit about it being a shotgun wedding and Brandon having morning sickness. It would have been so stupid and campy, I would have loved it!

  • Cambel

    Ok, sorry but it has to be said…. And this is from a fan of Adore’s

    1. Adore’s makeover was so bad that there shouldn’t have been a lip sync, she should have just gone home. A random straight guy could have made himself up better just through trial and error. I actually think Laganga would have done this challenge better than Adore.

    2. There seems to be no appreciation of subtlety and real talent in Lip Syncing from the judges. i.e. if you jump around and go way overboard or tear your wig off you win whether or not it works for the song. Look at the way Aretha sang it in Blues Brothers, she wasn’t having a seizure on stage.

    3. I know when Ru is determined to push somebody through (Rebecca, Tyra, Shangela, and now Adore) that there is no fighting is, so I shouldn’t waste my time wondering.

    For the rest, I’ve despised Darienne for the last few weeks, but she did a great job on her guys face. Courtney has more make-up skills than I expected, and Ben probably should have won but Bianca was a good choice, they were my first and second place.

    And lastly, can we just replace Michelle Visage with….anybody?

    • GM

      Thank you! I thought that was one of the worst lipsynchs of the whole season. They had a fantastic song (for a change) and did absolutely nothing with it. Like you said, Aretha didn’t have a seizure on stage. I also didn’t get that weird thing Adore kept doing where she crouched down and kicked her legs out, it looked like something a gangly man would do, nothing drag about it!

    • Aerialgreen

      Agreed, except for Laganja doing any better ~ her innate LOOK AT ME complex would’ve only be exacerbated by the fact that a wedding is not about her, the MOB (i.e. see Courtney).

    • Eva_baby

      This is one challenge I think Trinity would have really KILLED at. This challenge was all runway presentation which Trinity excelled at. I have been saying for weeks that that the challenges up to now have really benefited Queens like Adore and Courtney, a more creative challenge like this would have been geared more toward Trinity’s strengths. And as we saw really highlighted the shortcomings of Adore and Courtney.

  • JoeyB

    Such a boring episode, I completely tuned out about 5 minutes in when I saw what the main challenge was. I thought the whole reversed wedding concept was just so awkward and weird to watch, and these episodes where they bring in the straight guys are always SO ridiculously forced and manipulated. I didn’t even bother watching Untucked because I just knew that they were gonna lead into the whole uncomfortable-straight-guy-who-comes-to-terms-with-gays-and-his-masculinity storyline. I get it, it’s reality tv so you can’t take it that seriously, but I gotta say that the editing and producer manipulation on this show is through the roof and all the way to Pluto. After six seasons, it’s become so obvious and easy to telegraph that I feel like it’s a little condescending to the audience. Does anyone actually believe that straight guy puking was unplanned? After six seasons, give the audience a little more credit, producers.
    As for the queens, I really am amazed that Bianca hasn’t been called out for basically wearing the same type of dress and wig for every runway look. It’s very repetitive and I’m shocked no one has said anything about it yet. People seem to be saying she’s a shoe-in for top 3 but I’m not so sure. Although at this point it’s hard to see how, she’s clearly talented, hilarious, and has been very consistent all season and all the other girls besides Courtney have been in the bottom 2 before. On that note, I wonder if we can expect to see Bianca and Courtney pitted against each other for the lipsync for your life soon.
    I love Adore but at this point I’m not sure how she can make it to the top. She’s gonna really need to pull out all the stops the next few challenges. I think she just doesn’t have the experience or the resources to be a drag superstar; she’s got some stiff competition in front of her. She’s a lot like Jocelyn in that she lacks a lot of polish, but she’s so charming, real, and genuine that you just want to keep rooting for her. Sad to see Jozzy go but it was clearly her time to sashay.

    • Cambel

      My issue is also the phony-ness. Michelle read Courtney because the mother of the bride shouldn’t be trying to get attention. Um, Michelle, it’s a drag contest.

  • dmkava

    I liked the look on Burtka’s face when they were introducing NPH with his many accomplishments, rather than Burtka’s generic intro of “actor”

    • Aerialgreen

      IKR?, it was a second away from being introduced as “husband of NPH”

  • MK03

    You’re my cup of soup, Joslyn.

  • StillGary

    I loved this episode and actually laughed out loud — yuck, though — being treated to the audible vomiting — c’mon that was necessary? The whole “what will my buddies think of me?” thing seemed pretty silly but, being up there under hot lights in a gown, heels and being judged harshly — that wouldn’t be a pleasant experience, so it made more sense in untucked when he explained it. I think it was pretty fun show and I can’t be mad at Darianne anymore for “Everyone’s going to laugh at you — stay home with me and pray!”

  • Joe J

    NPH has also guest-judged on Top Chef (and quite a few other reality competition shows), and honestly I thought he came off kind of prickly there as well. It just seems to me like he’d be more fun on these things, and I’m a little thrown how humorless I find him as a guest judge.

    • Daxx2513

      You’ve laid out my thoughts precisely. In addition, his critiques all seem (to me) to come from a rather narrow, uninspired point of view, which also surpises me.

      • PeaceBang

        NPH came across as snippy and ungenerous, and I didn’t like him at all.

  • hughman

    These recaps seem to get a lot of TL;DR comments so my short and sweet version is go Bianca. She was the only one who you immediately recognized as MOTB. Flawless.

    • Airkisses

      Also, the banter with her daughter worked to her favor. Ru loves that stuff.

  • Raspberry2012

    That sad little goodbye boob honk broke my heart.

    • demidaemon

      I KNOW! *sniffle*

  • Montavilla

    I agree that NPH and David Burtka were nothing special as judges. Points to David for going to help Brandonna. But it’s too bad, because Neil was the saving grace on Under the Gunn. He and Heidi kicked butt as judges.

    • SimpleSins

      I’ve read in a couple different places that it was David that went to help Brandonna. Unless they’re running different film in different areas, it was the guy in white that went to help, which was NPH.

      • Montavilla

        You’re right. It must have been Neil. Well, no points to David then!

  • ChristopherM

    I’m a big fan of NPH, but for some reason they both seemed uninterested in being judges. It was as though they’d had a fight before the show and were still simmering. Worst celebrity guest judges this season, and I would not have seen that coming.

    • Kristina Sadowski

      NPH even made that awkward joke about not having gone to bed in six months since they never go to bed mad…it wasn’t very funny and just came across as underhanded insult to their relationship.

      • Brent Wolgamott

        Oh come now, I thought it was funny. Obviously it was a joke. Frankly it was his best line of the night.

        • Kristina Sadowski

          Yeah, I get that it was a joke. But his overall mood throughout the judging just made it feel kind of sour.

          • Brent Wolgamott

            Agreed. I still think it was more the weirdness of the show. But I agree. 😀

    • Linderella

      Well next week has that fuckwit Khloe Kardashian again, so I’d call “worst celebrity judge” of the season title still up for grabs.

      • ChristopherM

        That is the damn truth…clearly I had blocked the Kartrashian and her discussion of her puffy pussetta from my mind because it was so traumatic!

        • Linderella

          Next week: my yeast infection!
          And maybe she’ll actually talk about the queens, too, since she barely mentioned them on her first go-round.

        • MarissaLG

          “Puffy Pussetta, you are America’s Next Drag Superstar!!”

      • PeaceBang

        I’m still feeling residual horror from when Khloe K talked about her … lady parts.

        • StillGary

          PB I voted you down Honey, for bringing up that up LOL!

      • Cambel

        Oh God, how many times is she going to talk about the size of her….little Khloe. Ugh

    • Brent Wolgamott

      I think it was partly the show — it couldn’t decide what it wanted to be. Part of it was teary and dramatic, some of it was funny, some of it was slapstick. The whole thing was just ODD. i didn’t like this episode at all. There was very little fun in it. Put NPH and his LOVELY husband on the Snatch Game episode — they’d have had a blast.

    • Synnamin

      I totally agree, sadly. The opening of the judging panel seemed reaaaallllyyyy uncomfortable, like they’d all had some major fight.

  • Linderella

    Worst episode ever. I honestly can’t think of anything I liked, except maybe when Burtka said, “How dare you?!” or whatever it was he said to Ru. Bianca and DeLa are the only queens who came close to getting it right (Joslyn’s MOB dress was good, but her daughter was a mess), and I think a four-way LSFYL was in order: Darriene in her “somewhere nice for dinner; I think I’ll have the lobster” dress; Adore for fucking up one week too many, girl’s on a fast downward spiral; Joslyn for bad makeup on her daughter; and Courtney for yet another “Look at me, I’m so pretty!” look with zero personality. Someone please pull that key out of her back and let her wind down.

    • And wasn’t this the easiest makeover challenge the show has ever had? Queens in previous seasons had to transform big and burly men AND to prepare a musical performance, which was obviously a lot tougher.

      • Imasewsure

        You’re right. I forgot about the routines they had to work out with the rickety (but sweet) older guys from last year and the other complications from makeover challenges . They didn’t even have to makeover the grooms which was weird… hmmm oddly unsatisfying

  • JaCory Deon

    I actually thought Ben did the best job, followed by Darienne then Bianca. I agreed with Adore in the bottom but not Jocelyn who, based on what we saw, had the hardest challenge of them all. What amazes me is how Courtney just sails on through this competition even though she lacks qualities the remaining queens all possess: being memorable. Sure she’s “fishy” and fairly polished in the makeup game, but in everything else you’d hardly think she was this big star everyone is going on about her being. That she wasn’t in the bottom points to how facile and arbitrary the whole “judging” is. Speaking of, the guest judges were so dull they made Santino look charismatic (and you know that’s bad). Overall, a strange episode…I feel like we’ve lost the plot a bit with this season to be honest.

    • Courtney is “practice in the mirror” polished.

      • Eric Stott

        Courtney is “I can’t tear my self away from this mirror” polished…

        • Linderella

          ^^^That to the nth degree.

    • Imasewsure

      You know I think it comes down to taste at this point because I thought Bianca’s was clearly the best; I didn’t see Jocelyn’s client as being the worst (yes dark skin but a nice bone structure and no beard!). I also thought Jocelyn’s lip sinc was atrociously flat, and Courtney’s was ok but it was great to see her nailed correctly for putting herself first. I still see why she is in the competition although but I agree she doesn’t have that special quality to win it. Never found much interest in Trinity except for her last two RC looks… definitely subjective for sure… but only Mama Ru’s PoV matters now!

      • demidaemon

        I agree. Joslyn just didn’t have the fire she needed in the end. She needed more oomph. Adore had so much fire you just could not help but look at her, and that won her the LSFYL.

  • hellkell

    Darienne’s daughter could have a career as a Michelle Visage impersonator. I did a double-take when he walked on the runway.

    • Daxx2513

      I don’t know whether or not it was intentional, but I take great pleasure in thinking that it was. Darienne has shown to have a sly wit, so I personally wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Siege

    I was wondering–and I honestly don’t know–if part of Joslyn’s problems with the make-up might have been because she didn’t have the right colors in her kit? Obviously, she went overboard on the shimmer, and that dress was…not good, but I did wonder if she might have done better with a different makeup palette? Also, her good attitude while dealing with a person who clearly did NOT want to be there was impressive.

    Maybe I’m just sad she’s gone, since she was always such a ray of goofy sunshine.

    • Gabby

      I heard from someone on a different recap who was at Darienne’s viewing party (so take this with a grain of salt…) that Joslyn only had her own make-up palette to use, which it sounds like even the other girls found to be pretty unfair.

    • Cambel

      YES! We were saying the same thing. Um, you just told Joslyn, who got the only African American man in the group, that she doesn’t know how to do color. Well gee, maybe that is because if somebody is buying make-up for themselves they don’t bother to go out and buy a bunch of foundation for skin tones that they don’t have! Rip off! Nice catch!

    • Zaftiguana

      Yeah, it does seem pretty unfair. I think the closest she might have gotten was if she had a warm contouring shadow color for herself for more of a subtle look that might have worked as a highlight for her daughter and then maybe a deeper eyeshadow of her own to use for shadowing. But she really might not have had that highlight shade, and the highlight seems to be where she really blew it. But some of it is that she used all that shimmer, so it’s hard to say.

  • Randy Noak

    I’m just soooooo over Adore’s whining. Gurl, you know there are going to be sewing challenges, so learn how to do a whip stitch and suck it up. Put on your big girl panties and stop falling apart every time you’re faced with something you’re not 145% comfortable with.

    • Brent Wolgamott

      I’m hoping she’s out at F4, when the challenge almost always calls for 3 different looks, the last one you have to make. It’s so funny — I hated Adore in the very beginning, started LOVING her in the middle very quickly, then the last two weeks, I’m back to hating her again. Bitch, please. I’m SO OVER her “Like, if the challenge involves singing or dancing…I’m like SO THERE….” What does that even mean? Bitch, you don’t get to pick the challenges. Ru does. Learn that and deal with it. “Like, I don’t know how to sew…and I don’t do this…and I don’t do that…”. #facepalm

      • The challenge for next episode is a 3 look challenge so you may get your wish, but every other move Ru has made with Adore’s arc points to top 3 so I wouldn’t be surprised if she “miraculously” comes through.

        • Brent Wolgamott

          The next episode is? That’s odd. Hasn’t it always been the top 4 in the past? Well that may save her, since Courtney can’t sew either, or maybe if Darienne screws up. I’d say Bianca and Ben are locks for the finals. Although I will say that if Adore is in the bottom two lip syncing again, I don’t see how she can survive, even if Ru wants her to.

          • According to Wikipedia the next episode is the one with the themed three look “ball” style challenge so I think it is what’s happening, even though (as you noted) it is odd to be a challenge that isn’t the traditional top 4 one. My theory is that since they did a double save once this season (De La & Darienne) it is now possible for Ru to swing a double elimination and make it a top 3 after the ball challenge as planned. It’s also possible that the top 4 will get to engage in the video challenge slotted for the week after since it’s separate from the actual finale episode but the dramatic double elimination seems more probable to me. This is all speculation though, the only part for sure is that the three look challenge is next week.

          • demidaemon

            I really doubt Ru will do a double elim at this point, unless the last lip sync is a total bomb. that is the only reason she did a double elim in the first place. Most of these girls (at least the ones who have been in the bottom two) can perform, so I seriously doubt that. My guess is that we will get a regular elimination next week, then, in the next challenge, either Ru will knock one of the last four out and have the final three perform or have the bottom two perform to see who makes it to the true finale.

          • There is going to be a live finale in the end as always so any of the ways we’ve talked about could happen and Ru would find a way to make it seem justified to the masses.

          • demidaemon

            True. It’s just that, unless there is a three-way LSFYL in the next episode, I truly doubt there will be a double elimination.

          • Imasewsure

            I’m hoping she has another level to bring. Even though she is my clear number 2, I’m really to let her go based on her last few challenges… we’ll see! Luckily I think everyone who is left is good so anyone who steps up has my vote (for #2… Bianca is my eternal #1)

  • Darienne- TLo had the best idea I’ve heard so far about how Darienne’s look could have been improved to better work with the wedding the couple had in mind. As it was she looked really awkward and I thought her makeup was actually a little less flattering than she usually manages. Still brownie points for really trying for her drag bride’s vision.
    Adore- Sold the fuck out of that lip synch. I love her, but this was a horrifying week for her. I will be very curious how this lack of garment construction contributes to the upcoming three looks challenge inevitably waiting if she makes top 4.
    Joslyn- Aw, little Miss Congeniality did her best. I really liked Joslyn, but she hit her limit this week. I actually didn’t hate her mother of the bride look, but I didn’t love it. And everything else was just a mess. The lip synch was a white flag by the time it came around.
    Bianca- Won, but mother of the bride was another softball for her as far as I’m concerned. I wasn’t thrilled with any of the looks, but I’m fine with her winning.
    De La- Actually looked pretty good this week??? I might have given her the win although I don’t really enjoy her in general.
    Courtney- Screwed herself over this week. She better not get too much cockier or she’ll make it to top 4 and get Detox’d right on out of there by someone she didn’t think was a threat.

    • Eric Stott

      Joslyn’s look was way above average (for her) but it says a lot that she considered it a real stretch to wear something that covered so much otherwise her stuff looks like cheap fetish wear – mostly scanty panties and bedazzled harnesses.

      • The thing is that i love fetish wear and her’s just looked as you said “cheap”. And I feel like it was a safe place for her that she retreated back to as the season went on.

        • Eric Stott

          I’m gonna be blunt: I like Joslyn, she seems like a nice person, but she has no taste. If she chose Courtney as a model it was a really bad choice.

  • Zaftiguana

    Bianca and Dela kilt it.

    NPH really nailed the core problem with most of Darienne’s looks; basic, plus-size cocktail wear. Some range up to Nordstrom’s, some (like this one) are pure Dress Barn, but none of them are living up to her face and, when she’s not in sour queen mode, personality. And I’m kind of done with Courtney after this one. Being bored and above it all is one thing. Focusing more on your own look than the dude you’re putting into drag for his wedding and phoning in a shower curtain caftan? Really, really uncool.

    • Imasewsure

      I really loved the cut they gave Courtney for this one. She’s definitely upping the “resting on pretty” but in her defense, she probably always has… hopefully the next challenge will see our Queens stretching themselves (to reach up to Bianca!)

  • Eric Stott

    Neil Patrick Harris has talent but he needs good material- has never impressed me on his own. The BF looks nice, and I hear he can cook.

    • This sums up my feelings perfectly. Nothing against them, they’re good looking, and I hear they have a good relationship–They just can’t make me care, oops.

  • NinjaCate

    “We realize reality shows need their storylines, but something about the “anxious straight guy” one really bugs. It seems to feed into too many stereotypes and we wind up with a whole lot of focus on what straight guys think of gay people and/or drag queens; scenes of guys who are CLEARLY comfortable with themselves, sitting around in gowns being forced by producers to talk about how they’re okay with all of this.”

    SO MUCH THIS. As Joslyn’s guy was talking about how the guys in the locker room would make fun of him, I couldn’t roll my eyes hard enough because it just played into EVERY SINGLE anti-gay stereotype I could think of. It was so…. I can’t even describe it. I completely agree that if they’re on the show, they already know what they’re getting into and have ample time to back out if their masculinity feels threatened. The fact that these guys were there with their wives made it even less believable to me for some reason.

    On the other hand, I loved Darriene’s couple. It was so obvious that they are active fans of the show, and I thought that was adorable.

    • Imasewsure

      I really liked that Darienne was able to give his bride the look he wanted even if she fell flat on her own look. The groom looked adorable too. Not good enough for the win but fun anyway

  • trapperkeeper

    This episode did not flow well at all, and the married couples especially confused me. Some seemed genuinely in love, some seemed a really odd match with little chemistry, some seemed interested in promoting themselves and gave off an affected air. I still can’t figure it out…did half of them meet an hour prior to filming with off-kilter reality TV aspirations?

    • …my husband was convinced they were all actors due to lack of chemistry…

  • GM

    By far one of the worst lip synchs of the whole season! Adore did moderately better than Joselyn, but even then I didn’t really like anything Adore did. They had a fantastic song but the moves they made seemed so uncoordinated and also completely disconnected from the song. This song had SOOOO much potential compared to the shit they usually do. Plus, Adore kept doing this weird move where she crouched down and kicked her legs out, which just looked really gangly and manly. Surprised you found something to appreciate in that lip synch, to be honest

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      Agree, for a moment I thought maybe Ru would send them both home.

    • Cambel

      I didn’t think Adore did better because I’m really tired of them thinking that being spaztic is somehow a replacement for actually synching the song. Aretha doesn’t flop all over the stage when she sings it, nor does she tear off her wig, take off her heels etc…

      • tetisheri

        No she didn’t, but she did once perform it in slippers.

  • Meelah

    I recognize one of the couples from a bad tattoo cover show (adores couple). I wouldn’t be surprised if they all have ambitions of celebrity. I can sort of buy Joslyns bride having issues if his wife is the one pushing for fame. The pressure to not seem pro-gay is very strong in some communities and I can believe he did it to make his girlfriend happy but it didnt hit him until he got into drag and add how they dragged his outfit on the runway.

  • ThatGuyYouKnow12

    Personally, I always have a strong dislike of the makeover episodes. Bottom 2 should’ve been Courtney and Adore. To me, it seems like they use the episode more to clean house than anything else. After all, this is the episode that eliminated Pandora Boxx and Ongina (Bebe’s biggest competition).

    At this point, I like all of the remaining queens. If I had to pick, I’d probably send Adore home next, just because she’s the least polished and I really want a legit big girl in the finale (it does seem like it’s either Darienne or Adore next, right?) Bianca is my favorite, and my favorite never makes the finale, so if she goes next, you know whom to blame.

    • demidaemon

      I think, due to the next challenge, Courtney may be up for elimination. It all depends on how they show.

  • Christian

    I loved Untucked this week. I thought it was really touching how much they really cared about the queens

  • Fall

    I was kinda sad to see Joslyn go 🙁 I’m gonna miss her silly little snort laugh.I honestly thought Courtney should’ve been in the bottom for putting her bride in a glorified moomoo and sticking herself in that hot nude butterfly dress.

    Was anyone else slightly offended that Adore just tossed them heels off? I swear those things came off way too fast for me. Although I did dig her her performance overall.

    I’m kind of just waiting for Bianca to just snatch the crown from all these bitches : ) I’m going to see her on May 10th after the last challenge I believe. I’m honestly hoping she throws a some reads my way.

  • WESCOBear

    Why is Darienne still here? That shady elephant needs to go, pronto.

    • Brent Wolgamott

      Agreed that she’s shady, but she’s got chops when it comes to the challenges. If this was just “who’s your most favorite drag queen?”, Adore might win. As it stands, she’s looking at finishing in 4th place (likely) because she gets defensive and self-defeatist anytime the challenge calls for something that she’s not good at. So bloody over her. Darienne, shady as she is, is completing the challenges, has world class make-up skills, and generally knows what he judges are and aren’t looking for.

      • Eric Stott

        Darienne has poise- she can go through a challenge and keep cool even if she isn’t doing all that well.

    • Lyra Byrnes

      1) I’m gonna shake my Monet-maker. 2) At Joslyn: Do you have 8 bikinis I can borrow?

  • When Joslyn’s bride ran off stage to throw up, was I the only one who pictured Kayne West showing up and saying “Imma let you finish, random straight dude, but Willam Belli had the best mainstage pukefest on RPDR ever!” ???

    • kaydenpat


  • Ray

    Every season I cringe when they drag out the straight guys (see what I did there?).

  • AnotherG

    Farewell, Joslyn, you little glitterbomb. It’s a shame she had to lipsynch in her most matronly outfit; I think it sapped her a bit (compared to the energy she gave when she LSFYL against Laganga. Well, I think the whole competition had been sapping them all by this point. Joslyn was so focused on making her dude “pretty” that she didn’t realize that they were giving her a chance to pep talk the guy and bring up Real Issues(TM) and get some camera time. The ability to work through whatever manufactured discomfort is as much a part of this challenge as the actual makeover, at least in the editing.

    But best of luck, you black horse.

  • Glam Dixie

    I appreciated Neil Patrick Harris taking a hanky to puking man. He (Neil) seems like a pretty genuinely sweet guy. Bianca is getting further and further out in front of the pack by the minute. I predict Mama Ru giving her a major set back very soon so that we think we might lose her. But no, there is no way in hell that’s gonna happen.

  • Jacob Bowen

    I LOVED Bianca’s toss back at Santino about why she didn’t add a train to Fifi’s gown..”I mean he was battling shoes already, and eyelashes, and his balls in his ass, I mean. Did I really want to give him a train, too?” GENIUS.

    I also loved her response to Ru’s question, “How are you going to feminize the face?” “I’m going to ask everyone to step back.” I appreciate that she is always herself, bitchiness and all, throughout all aspects of the competition and that’s she not afraid to stand up for herself. I’m pretty sure I was on board with her as soon as I was with Jinkx.

  • elzatelzabelz

    Some of those wedding dresses (Adore’s, Courtney’s, and Joslyn’s) were worse than a Project Runway dress. I feel bad for the grooms whose final look was hideous-Adore’s, Joslyn’s, because, after all, that’s their wedding look. They will have to look at that horrid drag picture every day. Sad.

    • Eric Stott

      It’s probable that some of the couples will go through a traditional ceremony, at least for the sake of family and friends who weren’t there. Couples who elope or have informal weddings out of necessity have had ceremonies later, or formal receptions.

  • Cambel

    As somebody below pointed out, they were using their own make-up, Joslyn got the only African American and then was chewed out because she didn’t do his skin tone correctly. Well gee, Michelle, maybe that’s because Joslyn probably only had make up for, you know, her own skin tone in her kit.

    I get that Ru decided Adore was going to be kept for her narrative but they should really try to make it less obvious when they are trying to dump somebody.

  • LittleKarnak

    “Hate us if you must for saying it (and plenty of you drama queens will, we predict), but we found them both kind of lunkish and unfunny.” I LOVE you for saying it, Uncles!! I have an irrational need (maybe not so irrational) for both of them to take a seat.

  • BobStPaul

    I don’t think NPH and Burtka were “lunkish” but I do think they probably took the competition aspect a bit too seriously. By and large, their comments were really on point but they certainly didn’t inject very much humor into them. This was pretty much a slam dunk by Bianca but Ben actually did a good job as well. Couldn’t argue with the placement of any of the contestants on this one.

  • Bradio311

    I so agree and love what you said about the Burtka Patrick Harrises! (not to be a hater).

  • I think the thing that disappointed me with this episode in the end is that the “look” for the runway was the focus, but all the brides and mothers-of-brides were let-downs visually. There was no real performance to any of it, and most of the queens (if not all) failed at finding real rapport with their makeover brides so that element of connection (which in previous seasons’ makeover episodes helped in my opinion) was completely non-existent between the two parties onstage. Just think of Raven carrying her “mother” backstage in the S2 makeover challenge or how into things Manila’s sister got for the sake of winning in S3. This episode couldn’t even manufacture any “heart” for the viewer to feel watching.

  • LongAl

    As makeover challenges go, this was probably one of the worst. Nothing really blew me away, but I’m never upset with a Bianca win. Was definitely Joslyn’s time to go (would have been Darienne, but sadly she didn’t do too terribly), but I really need Courtney to lipsync soon because her seeming indifference is starting to drive me around the bend.
    And I agree with those who have picked up on the fact that there was no obvious friendships or bonds forming between the mothers and daughters that we could connect with. This should have been a relatively easy challenge as makeover challenges go, no extra routines or anything to do.

  • Valdri8

    OHHHHHHH! This just made me very excited for when TLo MM’s “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. You know the one where all the women love being kidnapped, barely escaping death in an avalanche, sleeping in cootie-filled beds and birthing a baby! Then they get married and live happily ever after. I hate to say that I still swoon over Howard Keel. And Julie Newmar as Dorcas. But I digress or regress……or something.

    • somebody blonde

      I still really wish they’d bring back Musical Mondays. They were the funniest feature the site’s ever had.

  • formerlyAnon

    “You’ve passed the test, Galadriel!”

    Damn you guys can make me laugh when I’m not expecting it!

    I’m (perhaps unduly) impressed when the guys let their beards go. That’s a change they can’t wash off before they head home.

  • Imasewsure

    Loved Joselyn’s hair and makeup on this one.. .very MOB styling – but I was surprised how bad her lip sinc was… which was great because Adore is tanking. Come on gurl… time for a renaissance!!

  • somebody blonde

    I wish they’d given Darienne a little more credit. She really did give her bride a full-goth look even though that’s not her own drag and there really weren’t materials provided for that kind of look.

  • Irv Spielberg

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  • Eric Stott

    Rewatching the episode, I loved Ben’s gloriously phony crying as he gave the bride away. HONK!

  • shanteUstay

    Say what you will. Josyln’s face was the prettiest she’s ever had it into the show.
    Aaaaand not to be shady bit it finally looked like she brushed a wig for once

    I wish Adrienne wore more black! That would have sold it more, and had that Morticia and Wednesday Addams feel to it

  • DJV

    I love that Darienne made her bride look like Michelle Visage LOL