Rihanna in Los Angeles

Posted on April 23, 2014

We think it’s time to declare her Queen Givesnofucks.


Rihanna-GOTS-WSBCOS-Tom-Loenzo-Site-TLO (1)Rihanna does some shopping at Petit Tresor in Los Angeles.

Rihanna-GOTS-WSBCOS-Tom-Loenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Rihanna-GOTS-WSBCOS-Tom-Loenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Rihanna-GOTS-WSBCOS-Tom-Loenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Rihanna-GOTS-WSBCOS-Tom-Loenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Because honestly – and we know we’re setting ourselves up for some VIGOROUS disagreement here – she has a rare gift of being able to walk down the streets in janky cutoffs and a pajama top and somehow come out looking kind of … well… chic.

Go ahead. Scream. Yell. We won’t budge. She’s serving up perfume ad realness here. Although we admit, the hair’s a little on the Vampira side of things.






[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

    • Ziuskin

      With you. She is fierce. The attitude helps.

      • jen_vasm

        All I see are fantastic legs and killa red lips.

        • J. Preposterice

          really, i think she has the most flawless legs i’ve seen in a very long time

          • FridaStaire

            Yes, but please no more tats on that beautiful skin!

      • Kent Roby

        The day-glo talons scare me, but, yes, she has an abundance of fierce attitude and beauty to somehow make this work.

    • sugarkane105

      She looks much more chic here than in that terrible robe she wore to the MTV Movie Awards a few weeks back. So no disagreements on this one.

    • RussellH88

      She pulls it off. It feels thrown together as opposed to a forced attempt to appear as if she doesn’t care.

      Johnny Depp, this is how you do it.

      • suzq

        Depp needs to wear more cut-off shorts.

        • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ Alicia

          Don’t even think it.

          • demidaemon

            You stole the words right out of my mouth. Spare me from this image please!

      • holla

        Yes and the naked shoes work here.

    • In_Stitches

      I wish she didn’t have that dumb tattoo….or the other dumb tattoo….or the third dumb tattoo, but besides those, yeah, this is chic. The top is such a cool concept and the shorts were a smart choice to pair with it.

      • ballerinawithagun

        I hate it when tattoos just start looking like bruises.

    • Roz

      I want a Rihanna Barbie doll! I would run out and buy it the “Janky Cut-offs and Pajama Top” outfit. And every other tiny magically weird Rihanna outfit.

      • Evan

        Sometimes I think she looks like a human barbie doll, but with attitude and personality. People always talk about her forehead, but I think she looks pretty perfect in my eyes. Besides, I think the large forehead might be an ethnic trait.

        • jen_vasm

          “Besides, I think the large forehead might be an ethnic trait.”

          I’m dying of curiosity – ethnic trait?

    • barbarienne

      I have to agree. I have become a Rihanna convert in the last several months.

      That said, while her attitude manages to make this work, it’s really quite awful. I think I could get behind either the shorts or the pyjama top, but not both. Oh, who am I kidding, I hate them both. This works because her face and body language make you not look at what she’s wearing.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’m really just seeing her face here, and she’s giving enough face to make up for tatty cutoffs.

    • didgerdoni

      That gorgeous face has the power to overcome whatever whackadoodle garb she throws on, it would seem.

    • mjude

      is that a real tattoo on her hand?

      • Vanessa Reyes

        Yeah. She got it while in New Zealand.

      • cocohall

        I had the same question. I thought it might be some sort of henna or temporary ink art. The artwork on this just seems too heavy for a whisp of a girl like her. I just hope she draws the line at facial tats. She is so beautiful and I can’t imagine any ink that would improve upon what God already gave her.

        • MRC210

          Totally agree. I’m not much for tattoos anyway, but this is something I can’t believe she won’t regret. As you say, such perfect skin and natural beauty and she has to pick away at it.

    • Janet B

      She has IT.

      I hated her orange hair, from a while ago, but even then I couldn’t deny her glowing beauty.

      • Evan

        You mean the red Ronald McDonald hair. I thought she still looked gorgeous with that hair surprisingly.

      • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

        Exactly. And she possesses an outrageous amount of IT. That’s why even when I see pics of her in Janky clothes like these, she lifts my mood.

    • MarissaLG

      The only reasons she looks semi-presentable is because she’s so beautiful. Girlfriend could be wearing a pillowcase and she’s still look hot. That said, this outfit is bonkers.

      • Stella Zawistowski

        This. If pulling a Jolie is relying on your looks to carry you through a style-free outfit, pulling a Rihanna must be using your looks to carry you through an INSANE outfit.

    • LadyVimes

      She’s got legs to die for and more poise than the queen. Sigh of envy from these quarters.

      I don’t agree with all her style choices, but SHE wears the clothes, they never wear her, which is more than can be said about a lot of stars.

      • Judih1

        You said it, sister! Rihanna totally “owns” whatever she is wearing. So Fierce

      • Katz_Pajamas

        I agree that she has amazing legs, but I don’t think we’re supposed to comment on them because they’re a body part. I don’t make the rules, but I think comments are supposed to be strictly about the fashion.

    • Belvane

      With that face and those legs, clothes become moot.

    • imspinningaround

      LIVING for the ’80s Long Island Princess nails.

    • Evan

      Her attitude sells everything.

    • marlie

      I wouldn’t necessarily call this look “chic,” but there’s no denying that she’s working this look like nobody’s business.

      • Evan

        If the shorts were just a little bit longer and weren’t so frayed and torn, I would probably call it chic. Basically, she makes it closer to chic than anybody else could or anybody even has the right to.

    • Tanya Wade

      It’s like that scene in Desperately Seeking Susan when Madonna went to place the personal ad wearing men’s boxers, garters, a men’s pajama top and those boots.

      In other words, perfect.

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      I may yell and scream a little bit, but Rihanna is showing less skin in this outfit than in 90% of what she wears .. so I suppose we should be thankful for small favors. I get what you say about “kind of chic” though — Rihanna just has an innate personal style that makes some of her more questionable fashion choices look almost okay — whereas Beyonce, spend what she may on her wardrobe, always looks rather trashy to me.

      • somebody blonde

        They exude the opposite attitudes- Rihanna gives no fucks, Beyonce tries too hard.

    • Anna

      Others have already said it better so I’m just going to go with: dat face and dat attitude!

      Also, I love her pedicure. I’m trying to decide if that’s coral or what, but I need to have it on my toes too. NOW.

      • decormaven

        First thing I spotted. It’s very nice.

        • Anna

          Colour looks wonderful on her!

    • @Biting Panda

      I am buying whatever she is selling. I am picking up whatever she is putting down. I am smelling whatever she is cooking.

    • sagecreek

      No argument here, she looks great. And I am on board in general with the GivesNoFucks approach to life.

    • Darren Nesbitt

      She really likes thin wire-like jewelry. I’m not a fan of that.

    • kim bunchalastnames

      no, honestly: if i looked that good with little apparent effort, i’d make as little apparent effort as i could get away with.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Boy she is walking a fine fine line… she gets away with the shit half-dressed bit because she just exudes sex sex sex. But the tats and the claws and the inevitable march of time are not going to let this work forever. She’s gonna be in big trouble in a few…

      • Imasewsure

        I kind of doubt it…. she’s likely to age beautifully…. and funkily

    • Anna Vasquez

      If I saw her walking down the street and didn’t know he she was, I’d think she was the coolest bitch I’d ever seen.

    • crash1212

      Won’t get any screams out of me. She looks fabulous.

    • ojosazules

      You’d need an electron microscope to spot a pore. She’s acres of flawlessness.

    • Cortney Dean

      Her attitude and confidence (and naturally stunning good looks) are about 95% of the reason any of her whackadoodle outfits work. Anyone even a skosh less confident wouldn’t stand a chance in any of her get ups.

    • Town

      She’s got the baby hair laid like Chilli circa 1995.

    • Cynica

      She may be the queen of “Be Me or Do Me.” Attitude is everything.

    • Katesymae

      Don’t want to be a hater, but I kind of wish she’d give, like, a half a fuck, sometimes. Because imagine THOSE looks?!

    • Jacob Bowen

      This is SO cute! I am not a huge fan of the frayed shorts (it gives me flashbacks of muddy Country Thunder) but she can work that top for all it’s worth!

    • Danielle

      DIVA. I’m living for her legs.

    • Wendi126

      I will never scream at anyone who givesnofucks in this way…I applaud and admire

    • somebody blonde

      I hate the cut-off shorts. If she’d just worn light-wash denim shorts with no raggedy bullshit, I’d totally agree with you. But the strings annoy me.

    • sienna elm

      That necklace is amazing!

    • Mightiadd

      Luckily she’s famous, and a singer. Otherwise, someone would see her on the street and think hooker…no, a transvestite hooker.

      • Katz_Pajamas

        Really? I think that’s inappropriate.

    • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ Alicia

      A less-distressed pair of shorts and nails that don’t make me wonder how she goes to the loo and I would be entirely on board with this. I think she’s stunning and I love the give-no-fucks style she’s showing. Is she any good as an actress? Could she carry Wonder Woman? Because I think her look would be perfect.

      • ashtangajunkie

        I would LOVE to see Rihanna as Wonder Woman. I have no idea about her acting ability, but I really like this idea.

        • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ Alicia

          I couldn’t bring myself to watch Battleship, but apparently she didn’t completely suck in it.

    • B_C_J

      Her beauty & poise let her get away with this. If you look at the outfit objectively & subtract her from it, it’s pretty awful.

    • decormaven

      That lip color is gorgeous. Wish I could wear that shade.

    • Tricia Rose

      There’s something to the proportion of all of this that makes her face/head look tiny. Not sure why. Other than that, I’m *okay* with this. It’s kinda meh. Because this woman could literally throw on anything and be “DAMN!”

    • carrie

      She is a rare and magical bird. Definition of be me and do me, even in a pj top in public.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOctocornNetwork International Model

      Rihanna is the patron saint of, “Can I do this or will I look like a hot mess?”

      Prayer Spoiler: St. Rihanna will always tell you that pairing a gold sequined skirt and a top hat is a GREAT idea. I know this from experience. (And it was a GREAT idea.)

    • MilaXX

      She does indeed make the look work without it coming off as try hard.
      Also excited to see her cartoon.

    • Nika E

      I mean, I guess its ok. Nothing to write home about.

    • Julie Chase

      I do not understand her appeal, in a style sense. I just don’t. Her face is gorgeous and I would probably sell my grandmother for those legs, but 9 times out of 10 I look at her clothes and yelp in horror.

      Her ability to give face in magazine editorials, that I can get behind.

      • xmixiex

        lol @ “sell my grandmother”

      • somebody blonde

        I would probably like her style more if she wouldn’t pick raggedy garments so often.

    • Evan

      Why are my comments always getting deleted now? I didn’t even say anything bad. I was saying how I think she looks beautiful despite what some people say about one of her features!

      • http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/ Tom and Lorenzo

        Please leave your comments about their body parts out of the discussion.

    • boweryboy

      I can get behind this look. It’s easy, breezy, chic, and quintessentially L.A.

      I could not, however, get behind the foundation garment and chiffon robe she wore to the MTV music awards. The only way I could sign off on that one was if half dozen dancers appeared out of nowhere with a vanity, placed it on the red carpet, and RiRi proceeded to do a song and dance number as she got dressed for the red carpet on the red carpet. That would have been brilliant.

    • Chaiaiai

      You know what? It’s the face for me. She does her face like that and I’ll forgive about 90% of what she does.

    • Imasewsure

      She looks amazing and I agree that this is RiRi chic that can not be duplicated by another mortal… think it’s the island in her… it just works

    • Aidan B

      Agreed with you. However, the nails are forever terrifying.

    • Alloy Jane

      I wonder if this is the beginning of her Boudoir-Wear street tour. Kinda like an Anti-Reese campaign.

    • demidaemon

      If her hair didn’t look so rough, I would let her get away with this. But that hair is a huge-ass needle scratch.

      But she is certainly Queen Givesnofucks.

    • nannypoo

      I love that shirt and would wear it in a minute, but I would also wear pants.

    • FibonacciSequins

      I’m with you guys. I’m not a fan of the jacket or the long nails, but overall, she’s pulling it off.

    • SierraDelta

      Speaking of Vampira, those nails were made for desecrating graves.

      • conniemd

        The nails were a chalkboard screech to me, particularly with the hand tatoo.

    • Milos Mom

      Talentless woman, but gosh, she really is *gorgeous* and can pull off looks that normally I would rip someone to shreds for.

    • MightyMarshal

      This is the second time I’m saying “I like naked shoes a lot, just not these”. A nude naked shoe? Too much and not enough at the same time.

    • Snidge

      Totes agree, she has a louche-ness that appears to pull anything off.

      • Snidge

        Although I do feel like the shorts and jacket are too much the same length, just a couple more centimetres one way or the other.

      • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ Alicia

        Louche is SUCH a good word! Thank you!

    • stubbornthoughts

      I have to agree with you, Uncles. My first thought was, “This is what Miley wishes she was doing.”

      My second thought was, “My GAWD are her hands monstrously long.”

    • Evan

      Wait, so other people can make comments on body parts like legs, eyes, hands, breasts, cheek bones, etc, but I get in trouble for saying that I like Rihanna’s forehead unlike a lot of people and for saying that I think Nicki Minaj’s ass looks ridiculous even though she is a celebrity and she made the CHOICE to get implants. Talk about a double standard.

      • somebody blonde

        I think the idea is to eliminate comments with the wrong tone that talk about body parts, but sometimes it seems really arbitrary which comments are considered over the line into body snarking and which ones aren’t. Since it’s Tom and Lorenzo’s site, they get to decide where the arbitrary line is. Just don’t take it personally.

    • what not

      It’s not that she always looks great, it’s that she looks like her life is so great that she doesn’t care what the masses who see these photos think of her. She’s a permanent “be me”.

    • BluesD

      I kind of want to wear something like this outfit now. She is rocking it!

    • Sophie

      I like the top. I’d like it even better if the print made it look less like a pyjama top, but it still looks good. She can make an enormous amount of clothes work for her, and this is no exception, but I still dislike the hair.

    • LeelaST

      Horrible, hate everything I’m seeing.

    • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

      Her hands are so scary. That face and those legs, though…

    • kt

      She’s a stunner, no doubt. She also gives all the fucks. That is a girl who spends an inordinate amount of time on her image. And it’s a good one

    • Clash D

      Hate the Henna job but damn she is beautiful. No complaints about the outfit either, she works it.

    • formerlyAnon

      No disagreements. At least not here. She’s gorgeous, has the attitude, wears her ensembles – they don’t wear her. And can actually DO something, isn’t just one of those odd celebs with little or no discernible talent or skill.

    • d4divine

      I am not in the Rihanna train, but even I have to admit that her legs look amazing.

    • malarson2

      I don’t hate the outfit. It’s just HER that bugs the hey-yeah-yeahs out of me. I think it’s mostly because, as a Mother, I want to scrub her. She just always looks physically dirty to me. And not in a good way.

    • http://reneshiro.tumblr.com/ kingderella

      Some years ago, her bad girl persona seemed like an act, but more recently, she’s really grown into it.

    • kategs

      I really really want that shirt! And no arguing here, she’s rocking it but only she could.

    • deech_sea

      “she has a rare gift of being able to walk down the streets in janky cutoffs and a pajama top and somehow come out looking … chic.”

    • bellai

      Gawd, she brings it almost every time. I NEED those shoes. Who, what and WHER?!!

    • Glammie

      Love the necklace, love the lipstick, HATE that hand tattoo. Looks like exploded varicose veins.

    • ohayayay

      For just a sec, I thought the henna-ed, braceleted hand was some kind of epic, hook-look-alike machine-hand jewelry. Even imaging that, this look is fab.

    • http://gabyrippling.tumblr.com/ Gaby

      Man I love this and wish I could imitate it.

    • Crystal

      She’s the president of the Not Many Fucks Coalition.