Jennifer Connelly for Vanity Fair Italia Magazine

Posted on April 21, 2014

Darlings, here’s your Recommended Daily Allowance of Striking: Miss Jennifer Connelly giving slightly scary face while wearing kickass outfits and hurty shoes. It’s all very specific. And slightly off-putting. But the lady can work that face, no doubt about it. She always comes across somewhat charisma-free on film, but she seems to really come alive in photographs.



Jennifer-Connelly-Vanity-Fair-Italy-May-2014-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Jennifer Connelly covers the May 2014 issue of Vanity Fair Italy magazine photographed by Sebastian Kim and styled by Katie Mossman.

Jennifer-Connelly-Vanity-Fair-Italy-May-2014-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Jennifer-Connelly-Vanity-Fair-Italy-May-2014-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)Tom Ford Spring 2014 Collection

Jennifer-Connelly-Vanity-Fair-Italy-May-2014-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Jennifer-Connelly-Vanity-Fair-Italy-May-2014-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2014







[Photo Credit: Sebastian Kim for Vanity Fair Italy, IMAXTree]

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  • gayle

    Those shoes look PAINFUL, but her face is gorgeous as always and the Tom Ford dress is fantastic.

    • bassfemme

      If I can see the hammer toes forming, it’s not a good look.

  • kimmeister

    Wow, those shoes again. At least they look like they belong with those outfits, if not perhaps in the right size for Ms. Connelly. That’s so interesting that she is more arresting in photographs than on film. You don’t hear that about too many actresses; that’s what one might expect from a model.

    • Frank_821

      I thought she was a model before she did films. I recall she was the only weak point in Labyrinth. too inexperienced to make it work

      • kimmeister

        Entirely possible, as I literally know zero things about her prior to “A Beautiful Mind.”

        • juniper

          She was also in The Rocketeer- I haven’t seen it since I was a kid but I loved it then.

          • IMNAngryLiberal

            I still pull out The Rocketeer and watch it occasionally. I’m part of the generation that was promised jet packs when we grew up (by our Weekly Readers) and I’m still bitter.

          • scoobynacks

            Also, hoverboards. Back to the Future II lied to me.

        • Helen C

          I think she was a child actor. She was in a movie about gangsters and played the teenage version of the main female character? The name is American History or something?

          • Grumpy Girl

            She was also in at least one After School Special. Yes, she was a child actor.

        • littlemac8

          I think her best role was in House of Sand and Fog. Terrifically sad movie but I thought she was utterly convincing.

      • StillGary

        I remember her in some “teen-age, gotta-lose-your-virginity” movie in the 80s, prior to Labyrinth — she kind of disapeared in the 90s — I’m guessing she would have been considered too curvy to model while young, but she has always been striking and she never messed with those brows — smart. Looking at these pictures, I hope she never gets at me :)

      • StillGary

        She was in an awful “teen-age-, gotta-lose-my-virginity” movie in the 80s prior to Labrynth. I’m guessing the fashion industry would have judged her too curvy to model at that time — she was chesty. And she kind of dropped off the map in the 90s — but she is striking and knows how to wear clothes! Smart that she never messed with those brows. Looking at these pics, I hope she never gets mad at me :)

        • Sarah

          Seven Minutes in Heaven. Yes, poor quality. However, I have to disagree with @Frank_821:disqus because I didn’t think she was weak in Labyrinth. She was playing a teenager, which I thought she did just fine, and really, it’s probably hard for just about anybody to compete with the Thin White Duke.

          • StillGary

            I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I watched 90210 and thought she would have been a perfect replacement for Shannon Doherty when she was having a diva thing.

          • Sarah

            Huh. Interesting re-cast. Never thought of anybody but Shannon for Shannon. And don’t be embarrassed about 90210. Everyone watched it. I will admit I was more into Melrose Place, though.

    • KinoEye

      I thought she was excellent in Requiem for a Dream, but perhaps her lack of charisma worked to her advantage in that movie. Seeing as she’s portraying a desperate heroin addict who will do anything for a fix. But the last shot of her in that film sold me on her acting abilities. I’ve never seen a facial expression quite like that — empty, full and sad all at once — and it always disturbs me to the core.

  • mimi

    she’s lovely.

    okay but that model in the last picture is scary, i’m sorry. yikes.

    • Frank_821

      no shit. Like she could double for Brienne scary

    • Laura Renee

      All the same, it’s nice to see someone outside the usual model body-cast, right? Hooray for diversity in more than skin tone.

      • Evan

        Totally, but I seriously think she could beat me up lol

        • Jaimie

          It’s the makeup. … or lack thereof.

        • Milos Mom

          And what’s wrong with that? Every model should not look like a frightened butterfly. Diversity is good.

          • Evan

            I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just scared of her lol

      • Badriya Al-Badi’a

        I like the dress better on the model than on Jennifer Connelly.

      • AvaLehra

        I love her! I love that she looks strong, and not like she’ll break in half if she falls off the runway.

        • Laura Renee

          Yes! Those legs are incredible!

    • JasmineAM

      She could be Willam Dafoe’s daughter.

      • makeityourself

        I just saw the Budapest Hotel movie and that is Willem DeFoe. Which isn’t a bad thing,

  • Evan

    Love her in the Tom Ford, but I would have never put it against a red wall. Kind of clashes and gets lost in it.

    • SugarSnap108

      Yes, that’s a horrible choice of background. I think she and the dress are gorgeous, though.

  • Dany

    Gotta say, the woman is just gorgeous.

    However, that second dress is just stupid.

  • Anna

    Gorgeous face, cheekbones that could cut glass.

    I think I’m getting blisters just from looking at those shoes.

    • Lori

      Blisters and cuts on your toes where that plastic piece digs in every time you bend your foot. Ouch.

  • KinoEye

    We’ve seen that Tom Ford before, right? I’m thinking that she wore it on the RC to one of the Noah premieres? either way, she’s owning it. Great cover shot.

    • Evan

      To be fair, Julianne Moore wore it in real life, not an editorial with perfect lighting that can be photoshopped to death, but she should have worn it in a different color because it didn’t go with her hair and coloring.

      • KinoEye

        Good point. Now that I think on it (even though it’s a total cliche), it would’ve looked fantastic in emerald on her.

    • kimmeister

      Julianne looks terrifically awkward in most things she chooses to put on.

  • Janet B

    My feet are crying.

    • Vaniljekjeks

      I think my pinkie toes winced at the sight of those shoes.

  • Kent Roby

    That Vaccarello dress so wants to be a Versace when it grows up.

    • Evan

      Totally agree, but I find this funny because the real question is, did Versace ever grow up?

  • CatherineRhodes

    Same shoes in both shots? Why? Did Italy run out of footwear?

  • hughman

    I kind of love the “Bitch, are you kidding me?” drama. It helps when one is wearing a zillion dollars worth of shit.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    She needs a sandwich.

    • NinaBoo

      Whilst I’m sure there are places on the internet where this comment is appreciated, TLo isn’t one of them. We don’t body snark, regardless of type. I respectfully ask that you reconsider your comment.

  • prisma

    Wow. She’s just so pretty.

  • Deborah Lipp

    That Vaccarello is the very definition of “editorial.” It’s FANTASTIC on the page but would look ridiculous out in public.

  • International Model

    She, more so than Brooke Shields, has always been the eyebrow It Girl.

  • Noah

    That eye makeup is fierce as fuck.

  • demidaemon

    It’s….interesting, I guess. I don’t know. It’s not blowing me away and she looks like she is trying. so. HARD. The dresses are mostly super ugly too.

  • decormaven

    All the shoes in Italy, and they picked plastic pumps?

    • Vegas Girl

      I think those are the ugly Louboutin’s everyone was wearing last year. They looked good on nobody and painful on everyone. I thought we were finally done with them them.

      • skitzfiggitous

        When I saw them, I actually said, out loud at my work desk, “Oh, those f*%king Louboutins.” They’re high-end bondage jelly shoes.

        • Vegas Girl

          Right?!?! A quick peek on the website shows they’re still selling them. Looks like they will be around to torture the celebs for years to come!

  • Boop

    Man, what I wouldn’t give to have legs like that.

  • MilaXX

    I like the Tom Ford.I guess she’s going through an edgy phase.

  • stubbornthoughts

    I feel like there’s a legitimate reason she’s 1) sitting down and 2) using a chair to help her stand while wearing those shoes. O.U.C.H.

    Side note: In that last image, that’s the most muscly model I’ve seen on a runway.

    • Coolekat

      I think her super angular face adds to that muscular look

    • Anathema_Device

      And she looks like she is storming right off the end of the runway to kick the photographer’s ass.

  • juniper

    in both pictures her weight is not on both feet at the same time- it’s like she’s shifting her weight in between shots. and her face is fabulous but in relation to the shoes its like bitchy resting face commentary on the fashion of discomfort.

  • Little_Olive

    Girl can model, very much so. WORKING that Vaccarello dress -not at all easy.

    Love that her hace has some wrinkles and texture instead of having been sacrificed to the gods of photoshop.

  • Imasewsure

    She looks great of course but those MODELS are a world apart!!!

  • housefulofboys

    My toes jumped off my feet and ran into the bedroom at the first sight of those shoes, and are now curled into the toes of my shearling slippers, whimpering. Otherwise, I have always loved Jennifer’s face, both harsh and angular, and incredibly beautiful at the same time. The clothes suit her.

  • marlie

    That Tom Ford dress is gorgeous, and I actually like the shoes. She really has an otherworldly kind of beauty. The last dress, though… nope.

  • Emily sutton

    One of the most underrated beauties of our time. I think she has a simply stunning face.

  • Jacob Bowen

    The Tom Ford dress and shoes are SO cute but those shoes look like they hurt. I also think she makes the Vaccarello dress looks SO much better than the model does!

  • LadyVimes

    I need to learn how to do that eye makeup. It’s awesome.

  • Punkinsmom69

    The runway model in the Anthony Vaccarello looks like Bert Keeter from PR9.

    • SewingSiren

      I hope he reads this comment.

  • GeoDiva

    I just find it odd that they didn’t even change the shoes…..

  • TerryMH

    Yup, she’s a better model than actress. I put Katie Holmes in that same category.

  • AnnaleighBelle

    I wish to have both of those dresses, please. I will wear them to the grocery store and when picking up the kids from school. I’ll make it work.

  • quiltrx

    That Tom Ford dress is uh-mazing. And great on her.

  • pookiesmom

    God, she’s beautiful. She’s working it better than the models, frankly.

  • VanillaLuzon

    She is so beautiful. Something about the unusual Jewish-Irish mix, I guess. She has strong Jewish features like her brows, eyes and cheekbones and that perfect Irish nose.

  • MannahattaMamma

    those shoes make my feet weep in pain. maybe that’s the secret to giving such good face: be thinking “OUCH OUCH OUCH” Just a thought from a lesser mortal.

  • Sophie

    The eye make-up looks great, as does the Tom Ford drress. I wish she didn’t keep her mouth barely open in all the pictures.

  • sagecreek

    Oh, I do like that black sheath dress.

  • Aurumgirl

    Those shoes not only look painful, they serve only to show off the pain of being worn. It’s like they were created to accentuate the bunions.
    Oh, and I hope they aren’t expensive. A friend of mine bought the exact same design way back in the 80’s, for a gun moll costume. Cost: $3.

  • Danielle

    Those shoes are torturous for both the viewer and the wearer. Why?

  • Crystal

    That is the most muscular female model I have ever seen.

  • suzq

    I don’t like the way Sebastian Kim lit the Tom Ford dress. It should look like a disco ball. Instead, it looks like a Pucci print. Maybe he good the shot as Jennifer was saying, “Dammit, Kim, if you make me look like a disco ball, you’ll never work in this town again!!!!”

    The Vaccarello is spectacular, however.

  • Mia Moreno

    That black dress is killer, especially on her, wow!!!!

  • Twix

    “Charisma-free on film”?? Oh no you did not …

  • uprightcitizen

    I have an ex who sold shoes 30 years ago when the clear plastic mule was making the rounds. Women would ask “won’t they make my feet sweat?” and he’d purr “after your feet get warm, they just MOLD to your feet,” making it sound like a wonderful experience. After they left (with the shoes), he’d go in the back with his coworkers and laugh his ass off.

  • kmk05

    These pictures are incredible, and she fills out both outfits beautifully. That TF is to die for, and that Vaccarello is a beauty. Those shoes should be consigned to the bin, though, because they look like they’re killing her feet even after the Photoshop treatment.

  • dmkava

    charisma free? it’s called “acting” dah-ling

  • scoobynacks

    If waterboarding is wrong, then so are those shoes. Save her poor poor feet from this obvious torture.

    • Garcia Loca

      What’s worse, they’re just ugly shoes. If they were exquisite, it might have been worth the suffering.

  • JynxTheCat

    the model in the last pic is ferocious!