GTNYD: Kristin Chenoweth in Again Collection on “David Letterman”

Posted on April 02, 2014

Oh girl, NO. We can’t NO hard enough. If we were there, we’d leap in front of the cameras to protect you from embarrassing pictures, like your own personal Secret Style Service detail.

THAT will be the premise of our reality TV show. Potential producers out there, work up a proposal and send it to us. That’s “Secret Style Service, Starring Tom & Lorenzo.”

Okay, now that the auditioning is out of the way, let’s get back to being horrified.

Kristin Chenoweth makes an appearance on the “Late Show With David Letterman” in New York City in an Again Collection long sleeve romper.

Again Collection ‘Janet’ Long Sleeve Romper

We can’t say this forcefully enough: GIRL, THAT’S NOT YOUR DRESS ROMPER. We’re going to add to that: THERE IS NO ROMPER IN EXISTENCE FOR YOU. Sorry, hon. Brutal honesty.  You’re not a romper girl. It does not flatter your tiny little body in the slightest. You’re a grownup. You look best when you dress like one. Given your diminutive size, putting you in a romper has the jarring effect of making you look like a child in stiletto heels, with a grown woman’s face. And a crazy woman’s head of hair. Seriously, girl, what’s going on with that mop?

You’re better than this. Get inside quickly and never put yourself through this again.



[Photo Credit: Girlie/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES,]

    • International Model

      I would watch “Style Rehab”. Episode one could be Kristin Chenoweth and Lea Michele.

      • marlie

        Kickstarter campaign?

      • KinoEye

        Style Rehab with TLo!! I’d watch religiously.

      • random_poster

        Lea would be a very special two-part episode.

        • International Model

          Picturing this Dr. Drew style…”Of course, Lea had a relapse with a sheer gold, low cut mini romper.” “Of course.”

          • Judih1

            I have been hoping TLO would have a tv show since forever. Get rid of Joan Rivers Fashion Police and have Tlo do the RC commentary and Style Rehab when awards season is over

            • VioletF.

              Cannot like that enough!

      • DebbieLovesShoes


    • Melissa Brogan

      It’s making my eye twitch that the pattern doesn’t line up.

      But yes, she should never wear rompers.

      • Grumpy Girl

        Me too. But I think that’s a belt-flap in the front that is the source of the twitchability.

        • barbarienne

          I could forgive a few unmatches for darts, but the mismatch along the vertical down the middle of the lower half is horrible. First thing I saw.

          All the mismatches with this particular pattern make it look as if she’s folding into a rip in the space-time continuum.

      • littlemac8

        No 45 year old woman should wear a romper, EVER. I prefer rompers on the toddler set!

    • butterflysunita

      I will totally watch “Secret Style Service with TLo”! Have been in need of a great fashion show since Project Runway was destroyed by Lifetime.

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        Can we start a petition? :)

    • Danielle

      I’m not a fan of rompers in general, but this one is especially bad.

    • clatie


      • DebbieLovesShoes

        “What in the Carol Channing Hall” ALSO made my day. Love this comment

        • clatie

          Aw, thanks! A bit of background on my remark – in about ’89 or ’90, I saw Carol Channing is a health food store wearing an unbelievably similar outfit with the addition of very opaque black tights. Considering her advanced age, she had ridiculously good legs!

          • DebbieLovesShoes

            Love HUH! Thanks for making me smile today.

    • alyce1213

      It wouldn’t be bad as a dress just to the top of the knee, and with the horizontal pattern on the bottom lined up properly.

    • Golfkat

      I respectfully disagree. The pattern is not her friend, but I don’t think EVERY romper/playsuit is out of her wheelhouse.

    • marlie

      Any romper that makes the already-diminutive Cheno look short-waisted needs to be sent through the shredder. Also, hate her hair and only “meh” on the makeup.

    • Ashleigh

      Love the shoes

    • jilly_d

      I….don’t hate this. Should I be worried that I have some sort of brain lesion?

      • Jessica Freeman

        We may both need our heads examined.

        • @Biting Panda

          Group rate. I’m with y’all.

          • WendyD

            Apparently I need to buy that Groupon as well…

            • Belvane

              Yup, I’m buying in too. I was expecting something horrific after that lead-in, but …. it’s cute. Sort of a Twiggy vibe.

            • Cheryl

              Yep, not hating at all. I was expecting something truly heinous, and I kind of like it.

      • Kitten Mittons

        Me too, then. I liked it quite a bit. Her legs look fab.

        • Sartorial_She

          Completely guilty of gam envy here! It’s amazing…her legs look a mile long.

      • Madam Von Sassypants

        Dare I say… a belt would improve this? And lessening the lollipop head effect. That might take the creepy woman-child vibes down a notch or ten.

      • Denise Alden

        I’m with you. I kinda like it. Oh-oh.

      • DTLAFamilies

        I think she looks great. If I had legs like that I’d wear rompers every day.

      • mshesterp

        Of all the horrors that TLo have shown on this site, this is by far not the most egregious offender. I think she actually looks cuter in it than the model, where the shorts look too tight.

      • Christine Hart

        No, I kinda liked it too. I think it’d be better if it were a solid not a print, and she might be a bit too old for it, but, no I didn’t mind it at all. Then again I’m short too… and would kill to have legs like hers.

      • Darren Nesbitt

        Yeah possibly because of the grownup print, I don’t see little girl romper. This is cool.

    • Jessica Freeman

      I think it’s not that bad, not great, but I don’t hate it. I do, however, hate the hair.

    • Sarah

      “Long Sleeved Romper” should be an automatic no. Especially if you’re an adult, regardless of how wee you are.

    • sojourneryouth

      She has a rather large forehead (which is fine–everybody has something, and for me, it’s my large potato-picker thighs), so this hairstyle is precisely the worst possible choice for her face. If this were a slightly longer dress instead of romper, it would be kind of cute.

    • MK03

      You should call your show “Oh Girl, NO with Tom and Lorenzo”.

      • Kathy

        Or “Bitches Be Crazy with Tom and Lorenzo.”

        • DebbieLovesShoes


      • barbarienne

        At the end of every episode will be the “Be Me or Do Me” segment where they choose a celeb who looks good, and talk about what they did right.

      • DebbieLovesShoes

        Ha. Perfect comment. BK’s brighten my day AGAIN. Love.

    • @Biting Panda

      So….after seeing this on the model, I don’t mind this on KC. The patterns not matching bugs me, But, to me, the worst offense is the hair. She’s having a lolly pop head day. The rest kind of works because of her diminutive size. I’d hate this on a tall girl.

      • Erica

        Yeah, too much leg showing on a tall girl. Other than the hair, which is a helmet, I think it’s kinda charming?

      • In_Stitches

        I’m with you. I think she’s working it as well as it can be worked. The real problem for me is the scoop neck line which evokes a bathing suit, giving it a casual aura.

    • KinoEye

      Rompers are generally a bad idea. But I think the absolute worst offender here is that hair. That belongs on your nightly news anchor… not a song and dance woman.

    • CatherineRhodes

      I just looked it up — she’s only 4’11”. I agree that when a woman is that petite, girlish clothes are not on the menu.

    • jw_ny

      45 and wearing a romper! I’m not sure what the cutoff age is, but I’m thinkin’ she’s well past it. This comes across as cutesy…which is her go to look, but shouldn’t be. (she bugs me though…so I’m biased in my assessment)

      Turn this into a dress and add 3 inches in length and a cute belt, and I’d be all for it.

      • travelingcat

        I went to school with her, that is her actual age. I agree that by 45, the wearing rompers ship has sailed. Her legs are fab and the shoes are killer. You’re spot on with the dress, length, belt assessment.

    • lexilexi

      I think a simple black belt would have helped enormously to break up the eye-twitching pattern. I don’t think it’s that bad, TLo.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Is it my computer or is she looking a little orange?

      • Madam Von Sassypants

        Nope. Check her feet. The orange tanner tapers off at her ankles.

    • melanie0866

      It looks too short in the rise for her – like it’s pulling up and she’s pushing it down with her hands in her pockets. So what I want to know is, as tiny as she is, where did she find a garment that was too small??

      • Alicia

        I thought it’d be seriously uncomfortable when she tries to sit down in it.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Tinker Bell: The Golden Years.

      • formerlyAnon


    • SewingSiren

      Damn. Both Galinda and Elphaba got it wrong.

      • demidaemon

        On the same show, correct? “David Letterman is causing Broadway ladies to make poor sartorial choices. More at 11.”

    • TLJezebel

      It’s cute romper though, maybe for Cameron Diaz?

    • Patrick Cleary

      It’s also way too chilly outside for that getup.

    • Anna

      Yeah…no to all of this.

      I prefer to talk instead about how desperately I want “Secret Style Service, Starring Tom and Lorenzo,” and “Transcontinental Bitchface” and all of its subsequent sequels to happen. SO HARD.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      NO, NO, and NO. In addition, is the pattern in that romper intentionally not matched? It’s giving me a headache.
      And yes, Secret Style Service needs to happen-STAT.

    • Janet B

      I’m mostly offended that this romper is named ‘Janet’

    • decormaven

      Oooh, can “Secret Style Service” have graphics CGI’d in like “Haruumph!” or “Gurl!” like Batman? I’d be on that in a second. Topic? Is her hair swept up in the back, or is it truly that short?

    • MilaXX

      Make those pants full length long and add a belt (also know as making this a jumpsuit) and I’d like this. Otherwise I agree with the uncles. Pack this up and send this to a ‘tween or 20 something lady celeb.

    • 25or6to4

      Where is the waist on this thing? The optical illusion-y pattern is doing no one any favors.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      The hell with rompers on anyone old enough to be toilet trained, but I’m stealing the hell out of those shoes.

    • Sissy

      I don’t mind the romper, it’s the bobble head I’m worried about.

    • MannahattaMamma

      NO ROMPERS IF YOU”RE OVER FIVE YEARS OLD. christ on a stick, how many times do we have to tell you people? Rompers aren’t even a good idea for kids, actually, unless it’s got a whole snap-crotch thing for easy access to THE DIAPER. So if you’ve outgrown diapers, presto, you’ve outgrown rompers. See how simple that is?

      • demidaemon


    • quiltrx

      This is really awful, and somehow makes her disproportionate head look even bigger. And it makes her look infantile AND old at the same time.
      Plus the design is just bad. The ‘belt’ part needed to be a solid, so we don’t have 3 seams with patterns not matching coming together. (and I’m not as big a stickler on pattern-matching as many BKs are…sometimes it’s not possible. But if it’s not possible, don’t make it eye-twitch territory.)

    • tinyredlocks

      Pattern doesn’t match! Gah!!!

    • beebee10

      I love her, she’s wildly talented, but WOW! She seems/looks like a total-nut-diva, which is a new category of diva. Trying way tooooo hard

    • Carleenml

      she really is the teeniest tiniest teeniest human being ever. If she took off those heels she could walk under that SUV. fashion note: I even despise the *word* romper.

      • Fuchsiaforever

        yeah what’s up with the word “romper”? :/

        • Carleenml

          unless there’s a “room” next to it and we’re bomper stompering it, just say no.

    • lobsterlen

      Not only is it a romper but its a SEIZURE inducing romper!

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      I saw her on Letterman last night. At first I didn’t realize it was a romper because she was sitting (I tuned in late.) For a while I was afraid she was going to flash the audience. At first, I was relieved to discover it was romper, and then I was horrified that she would wear a romper. Sorry, hon, you have advanced beyond the romper years.

      • Carleenml

        lol from “oh phew, it’s a romper” to “waitasec a fucking romper?”

    • JaCory Deon

      This Bardot-meets-Pop thing is a look she’s too old, too skinny, and too tiny to pull off. It’s terribly unflattering on her.

    • what not

      Ann Taylor makes rompers?

    • Dagney

      well, beyond all that, it looks like it came from the bargain bin at Sears. It doesn’t even look decent on the model.

    • Pat Pending

      Who’da thunk that Willam’s mom would so desperately need a gay stylist?

    • YoungSally

      poor pattern matching on that waistband too….gives me a headache.

    • frannyprof

      Rompers should *never* be worn by anyone over the age of six.

    • Jen

      that must be a child’s sizing too

    • boweryboy

      At least it’s not skin tight like it is on the model.

    • Tracy_Flick

      My god, that looks uncomfortable. Don’t try to hail a cab, you’ll get the wedgie from hell.

      • ashtangajunkie

        Your comment made me laugh out loud.

    • Fuchsiaforever


    • Qitkat

      Direct from the mind of a straight man, Mr Qitkat thought this was, to quote: “Woah, who’s that? She’s cute!”

      • formerlyAnon

        So, we can blame straight men for rompers on middle aged women?

        • demidaemon

          I’m going to say, “yes.” However, gays are not excluded, as one was probably responsible for choosing this for her. For a “trend.”

    • Fuchsiaforever

      Out of ALL the beautiful and fun clothes in the world, she has to pick THIS???? Oh come on!!! Pffffff!

    • Fuchsiaforever

      I want to see that SSS reality show become a reality!!!!!

    • RussellH88

      She’s really trying to step on Claire Underwood’s hair game.

      • Carleenml

        oh, you’re right.

    • Ron Zank

      Just printed out photo two and doodled in a black belt and wide black band at the hem (making it a dress.) Hugely improved it.

    • ovarB

      Rompers….causing women to have to be half naked to pee since the beginning of time.

    • traceyishere

      Good shoes

    • Wink

      Did she just leave the set of “Toddlers & Tiaras”? In addition to this not being her romper, the pattern (on the lower part of the outfit) isn’t even aligned properly. My eyes!

    • lecoffeeaddict


      But really though I couldn’t look at the damn thing long enough to figure out if TLo’s viscerally negative response is warranted. That print is way problematic.

    • Sophie

      How small is she actually? I didn’t mind the top, and then I scrolled down and discovered the rest…

      • MilaXX

        She’s something like 5ft or 4’11”. She is tiny .

    • formerlyAnon

      There are very few people who should wear rompers after toddlerhood. ALL of them are under 23.

    • ThaliaMenninger


    • greymain

      yeah…what is UP with her??? hair, makeup…let alone that romper…NO.

    • Brian G. Cox

      I’d watch “Secret Style Service.” It sounds more reassuring than “Drive-By Makeover,” which keeps me from walking in WeHo for fear of the unsolicited fashion tips being yelled from passing cars.

      • Skippymom1

        I just woke up the dog laughing at this. THANK YOU! [The dog is a little peeved, but boy…it was worth it.] LOL!

    • Michele Morningstar

      I don’t know – I kind of like it! It seems like it fits her personality (from my vast knowledge of her personality, as a TV viewer…)

    • Dandesun

      She looks like an optical illusion… or some sort of walking Magic Eye thing. Either way. No.

    • lalahartma

      No, indeed.

    • Skippymom1

      I agree with “No Romper for YOU!” but as someone who sews, the pattern fail on the bottom half is making my fingers twitch to get my hands on my seam ripper to just fix that hot mess of hallucinatory mismatch on the bottom of her outfit.

    • Jet City Mama

      I unabashedly love this.

    • Comfy

      Idk, I thought it looked good on TV.

    • Glammie

      Okay, so my theory is that she’s such a teeny thing that she’s overwhelmed by anything too long, but she didn’t want to flash anyone while sitting on the interview couch, so she picked a romper that looks like a dress. Unfortunately, it’s a romper and you just can’t get around that. Damn it is hard being 4’11” and a full-fledged grown-up. She actually kind of has my sympathies here, more than she would if she had a wider array of options.

    • Ginmaru

      Just because you can fit in tween clothing, doesn’t mean you should.

    • Veronica1022

      Once you can go potty all by yourself, you might be too old for rompers.

    • demidaemon

      YEAH. There are no words to describe how wrong this is.

    • Judih1

      She is WAAY too old and WAAY to tiny for a romper. Hair and head are huge. Makes her look like a lolipop – but not in a delicious way. The Crazy way, Fire your stylist

    • DagnyReardon

      Setting my DVR now for this show. 8 pm EST?

    • Sunraya

      This is a serious WTF outfit! Really? Who thought this was a good idea?

    • susan6

      She’s got great gams, gotta give her that. I actually like the pattern and the top half of the outfit, but….1. Rompers suck. 2. Tits or legs, not both.

    • Caroline Palmer

      Just the fact that it’s called a “romper” is a reason to stay away.

    • Anne At Large

      All I can see here is a villainess fron the old Batman tv show. Just give her some go-go boots and she could be sassing Adam West with the best of them

    • Terri Terri

      That is some wiggy hair.

    • largishbearishAtlish

      How does it make the model look taller and make her look tinier?? My first thought was, it’s kind of kick-y and mod, then I wanted to put her in someones purse or get a butterfly net…. Love you, don’t love this ON you.

    • scoobynacks

      Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Petula Clark.

    • kategs

      Harrumph, I could NOT disagree with you more. She looks darling. I do wish however that the pattern match was a whole lot better…

    • RuthGo

      The shame of it is that if it were a regular dress, she’d look good. Maybe not a WERQ but she’d be fine. The romper takes it to a place no one wanted to go.

    • Columbinia

      I think she’s so used to being a girl-pixie it may be hard for her to drop it for good.

    • Michelle Gennari

      I think it looks kind of cute. She’s a tiny little thing – I think she can get away with this look.

    • rottenkitty

      And the pattern doesn’t match up on the front. Talk about lazy tailoring.