Garcelle Beauvais at the Safe Kids Day Event

Posted on April 07, 2014

We realize this event didn’t have anyone gagging on the eleganza. We can totally get behind a totally cazh kind of red carpet.

But THIS. This, we canNOT:

Garcelle Beauvais attends the Safe Kids Day Event 2014 held at The Lot in West Hollywood, California.


Garcelle, we love you but WHAT THE HELL. Bad enough you’re wearing a macrame vest, but then you had to go and put on your superhero sandals, which took the whole outfit from “Hunh. That’s odd,” to “GIRL, WTF?”

Nothing in this look goes with anything else in this look. It’s like she closed her eyes and spun around in her closet until enough things stuck to her to allow her to go out in public.

Y’know how sometimes your senses get overwhelmed and you find yourself focussing on weird, trivial things in order to make sense of it all? The fact that her lips, fingernails and toenails are three different colors doesn’t bother us. It’s that all three colors go with totally different looks – and NONE of them go with that eye-searing yellow.



[Photo Credit: Celebrity Monitor/PacificCoastNews]

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  • MilaXX

    Oh my dog! What happened here. Look, I’d give her a pass on the dress and sandals if only everything else was on point. Lose the vest, change the nail polish on the hands AND feet and get your makeup done by a makeup artist instead of DIYing it at home. I realize you have been raising babies for the past 20 years, buy dayum!

    • Kent Roby

      After losing the vest, maybe add a chunky metallic superhero belt and a couple of bullet-deflecting cuffs. Or go without the belt, pull the hair up, and carry an urn.

  • rkdgal

    Is there any way to salvage those sandals? They way they cut into the legs no matter who is wearing them. Do they even work with tights and a cape?

    • Lori

      I’m 99% that the answer to both your questions is “No.” The only advantage of wearing them with tights and a cape is that they’d be distracting enough that your eye might never get to the demon sandals.

      • demidaemon

        Also good for throwing the supervillian off their game and inflicting bodily harm with your legs.

    • DeebaCee

      I can only see that working for cosplaying.

  • Sif

    This reminds me of Lena Dunham in Zac Posen at the 2014 Golden Globe

  • Glam Dixie

    Cannot unsee. My eyes. Plz send halp.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    my god those sandals are an abomination..burn them with fire…

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      We need a sandals exorcism-STAT

    • Wendi126

      Interesting tan lines. There’s that

    • LJCdoc

      They make her look like she has size 14 feet. Which, I’m pretty sure probably not.

  • Is that a tray of grass??

    • Glam Dixie

      Like the ones you can get for your dog to pee on if you live in an apartment and can’t get outside.

      • Hey, celebrity we hired to promote this event. Come stand on this pee grass so we can take your picture. Oh yes, it is so much more classy than a rug.

        • Glam Dixie

          Don’t mind the smell, you’ll get used to it in a minute!

          • Here’s some sanitizer for your be-sandaled feet.

          • decormaven

            Dying here! Couldn’t the event organizers spring for some indoor/outdoor green carpet? This is sad…

      • Imasewsure

        Maybe the event organizers were hoping a dog would pee on this outfit? It’s my hope anyway

  • jw_ny

    Garcelle should never be left to her own devices again…

  • VicD

    When we see someone wearing shorts in the Chicago winter, my husband says, “that person is weather confused.” In this case, I think she’s just fashion confused.

  • lamamu

    Well, we know who will be cast as the lead in the Condoleeza Rice bio pic.

  • dash1211

    Gah! Obviously, she didn’t have access to a mirror.

  • KinoEye

    Garcelle, I wonder what your feet and calves did that you feel the need to imprison them. Whatever it was, it wasn’t bad enough to deserve those sandals. Take them off right now and apologize to your gams. Their feelings are understandably hurt.

  • JauntyJohn

    Huh. Medieval torture device footwear.
    I didn’t know that was a thing.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Oh, bless your heart.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    What is the pendant she’s wearing? At first glance I thought it was a chicken foot.

    • kcnitch

      It’s a Stella & Dot necklace. I believe it’s supposed to look like a piece of coral.

      • ShaoLinKitten

        Thanks! I can totally see it as coral now that you mention it, though a chicken foot would be par for the course with this outfit.

      • MilaXX

        I don’t get the appeal of Stella & Dot.

      • halleygee

        I thought it was a piece of rope, but coral makes more sense.

  • snarkykitten

    I have so many questions about this entire situation. What demon spawn designed those shoes? Why is she standing on pee pee grass? what the hell is a safe kid event?

    • AnaRoW

      Those shoes look like they came from the clearance bin at a black hair supply store. Or Goodwill.

      What’s pee pee grass?

      Safe Kids is an organization that works to reduce preventable childhood injuries. The event is to raise money.

  • john_sudeste

    she should lose the macrame vest, don a red cape and a thick leather belt and her lady gladiator look would have been complete.

  • marlie

    Set that vest thingy on fire. Now. I hate the sandals as well, but I could maybe get behind the dress and sandals without that gawdawful vest. But her hair looks totally cute.

  • decormaven

    Only thing I can figure that this was a kid-centered event, so she let her child pick out her outfit, mani and pedi.

  • Stefanie Argudo Mackenzie

    Man..there was a very brief time in the ’70’s when this macrame clothing and that style sandal was the fashion. Notice I said very brief. There’s a reason. Whew.

  • MaggieMae

    I needed a warning before that scroll down.

  • KT

    Holy shit. No.

  • Judy_S

    I see it as a tribute to crossing guards.

  • sunshine and chaos

    The straps on the sandals remind me of the palm leaves I would get at church on Palm Sunday, which is this Sunday.

    Remember… reduce, reuse, recycle.

  • Danielle

    I laughed SO LOUD when I reached her feet

  • demidaemon

    Well, looks like someone has fashion ADHD. Time for an intervention.

  • judybrowni

    Oh please god tell me that macrame vests aren’t returning for the third time in my life cycle.

    Also: knee high gladiators for the second time.

  • Imasewsure

    I feel bad for the kids at this event (and the West Hollywood gays – and straights – who had to witness this ensemble)…. I say mandatory stylists for all celebrity public appearances (unless and until they pass the “Reese Witherspoon Parking Lot Test”)… geez this one may make the Bottom 10 for 2014!

  • I actually said “NOOOOOOO” the second I scrolled down to the shoes. Can’t unsee. *flees*

  • Tracey Magyar

    I think she lost a bet and had to wear this. That’s the only excuse.

  • Trickytrisha

    Poor thing, she must have a congenital leg deformity that forces her to wear these braces. Can’t think of any other reason for these monstrosities. Plus, oh lord… that pink lipstick with the yellow?

  • Julie Ree

    Soccer mom on top- Xena Warrior Princess below. No.

  • Is anyone else hungry for waffles?

  • Dagney

    no. NO.

  • Dagney

    Christ, what about a cute pair of gold flats? How difficult is this?

  • Gatto Nero

    Crocheted vests like that were all the rage when I was in junior high.
    The color clashes are giving me migraine.
    Frankendressing at its finest.

  • This outfit is so bad, I can’t even laugh about it. I’m so embarrassed for her.

  • mmebam

    … The hell is this tomfuckery???

  • Fuchsiaforever


  • That’s the vest your grandma made you for Christmas that you have to wear all through January whenever you see her and then quietly slip it to the charity shop.

  • Anna

    Nothing like a California Dreamin’ vest and Hercules’s sandals to dress up a sleepshirt.

  • DTLAFamilies

    All she needed to do was wear the dress with simple flats and we’d all be complaining about how boring it is instead clawing our eyes out.

  • ovarB

    At first glance this outfit screamed “safety outfit in appropriate colors and with safety vest!!” Very appropriate for a Safety kids event. 😛

    • conniemd

      That was exactly my take. That florescent yellow with vest screamed “safety crossing guard” to me. Usually crossing guards have the florescent colors in the vest, but what she wore looked like an outfit inspired by school safety crossing guards.

  • cocohall

    High school ceramics teacher circa 1973.

  • I could forgive everything else about this if she took off the vest. That thing shouldn’t exist.

    • marlie

      Me too. I hate the shoes, but I wouldn’t be yelling “WTF?!” at my screen if she ditched the vest.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    Hooker grandma waiting for the bus.

  • RuthGo

    Those kind of sandals are never the right answer. NEVER.

  • suzq

    No to the shoes. No to the shoes. No to the shoes. No to the shoes. No to the shoes….

  • 3boysful

    We had these vests in the late 60s-early 70s, but you crocheted little ties with pompoms on the ends to tie the vest together. This is bringing back nightmares.

    • Therese Bohn

      My Grandma made exactly those crocheted vests with pom poms and matching skirts for me and my sisters in the early 70’s! We each had a different pastel shade (I think mine was either aqua or cream) They were made with (appropriately) a granny square stitch! Thanks for bringing back that memory! Sure, they were hideous, but at the time we thought they were totally groovy!! 😛

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Maybe she took an Ambien and got dressed in her sleep.

  • prettyinmink

    I’m in the minority here but I actually like the vest! I’m old enough to remember the last iteration and always loved the look. Hate everything else about this outfit though.

  • Ann VerWiebe

    I’d love to see the tan lines from those sandals!

  • Susan Crawford

    I had hoped that knee-high cage/gladiator sandals had died. I see I was misled and these things now have a zombie-life of their own. Why? WHY?