Emma Stone in Valentino and Gucci on “Good Morning America”

Posted on April 30, 2014

Mmmmm. We don’t think so, Emma. A little too Amish Cheerleader, perhaps.


Emma-Stone-Good-Morning-America-Valentino-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Emma Stone drops by ABC Studios for an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ in New York City in a Valentino color-block dress paired with Valentino ‘Rockstud’ pumps and a Gucci black coat.

Emma-Stone-Good-Morning-America-Valentino-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Emma-Stone-Good-Morning-America-Valentino-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)Valentino Fall 2014 Collection

Emma-Stone-Good-Morning-America-Valentino-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Emma-Stone-Good-Morning-America-Valentino-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)


Love the skirt, but the top doesn’t look so hot on her and the shoes just don’t go at all. It looks so much better with a coat over it:


Emma-Stone-Good-Morning-America-Valentino-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Emma-Stone-Good-Morning-America-Valentino-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6B)Gucci Fall 2014 Collection

Emma-Stone-Good-Morning-America-Valentino-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)

Emma-Stone-Good-Morning-America-Valentino-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (8)

We’ll give her this: she has pretty great taste in outerwear.

Ditch the top and the shoes, girl. Keep the skirt and the coat. That’s half of a killer outfit.





    • imperfectlaura

      Honestly without the coat it’s a stereotypically Valentino outfit. The coat adds so much to the look.

      • Sarah

        So much French Revolution. I likes it!

    • mjude

      I love the coat. I also love she can be so quirky innocent.

    • Sarah

      Yes, those shoes are just as weird as they can possibly be for this outfit. I have no idea what she was thinking. Is anyone else getting a youthful Diane Keaton vibe from her in all these collared outfits? (Ain’t nothing wrong with that, just sayin’.)

      • sagecreek

        Honestly, I’m not getting youthful at all. I guess it’s the camera angle or something, but those first two pics look like an aging Jane Seymour.

        • Sarah

          Oof! Yeah, she seems to skew more mature with her outfits.

      • Dee

        I think they’re promoting the hell out of those Rockstud shoes for some reason. Bunch of folks have been paid to wear them.

    • Be Arthur

      The Olive Oyl palette will probably read Moschino Cheap and Chic to me for the next 20 years, so it’s strange to see from Valentino. The boob carriage is strange here, and those Rockstud shoes are already so, so tired. But yes, nice coat!

    • @Biting Panda

      I am mesmerized by her beyond pale, luminescent skin. She must use some NASA grade sunblock. It’s not easy choosing to be the fairest of them all, so good on her.

      • Sarah

        Gah no it isn’t. I too am pale (and hopefully luminescent) and I just shelled out a $40 copay yesterday to be told that I was being alarmist about a mole that was minding its own business and not being a malignant melanoma. Better safe than sorry, I say, but for sure not enough sunblock in the world will allow me to relax my vigilance.

        • @Biting Panda

          Dear Sweet Pragmatic Sarah,

          Don’t you know? The only way to avoid getting The Cancer, is to ignore your body completely. Pay it no mind. Treat like a shitty ex boyfriend; “Don’t call me, I won’t call you.”
          A head, buried deeply in the sand, is my 100% effective major medical (and life’s other unpleasantness) preventative measure.

          Trust me, I’m fit as a fiddle and never been happier.

          Dear Sweet Delusion Amanda

          • Sarah

            Ha, I am also in that category, believe me. I will tell you the whole story: I was reading and scratched my back and found out said mole was scabby. My paternal grandpappy passed away at my exact current age from a mole gone deadly. I freaked out, called the derm, and was told it was a-ok, but adjacent to a zit. I will return to Ignoring Things forthwith :) ETA: Until and unless I present with symptoms, real or imagined, that is.

        • Qitkat

          Stay vigilant, friend, and don’t move to higher elevations. I had lovely, though not pale, as I am slightly olive, skin 20 years ago, when I moved to the great mile high state. The sun, she is cruel out here, even when hiding under a cloudy sky. The other day I took the 2 year old out for 20 minutes, and only at the end, was I, shit! neither one of us is wearing sunscreen. Normally I do, but haven’t found a favorite brand ever. Some of them are so icky sticky. What do you use?

          • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

            I like Kiehl’s. But I like Kiehl’s anything. I don’t really like anything that feels greasy or oily.

            • Qitkat

              I don’t know this brand, but thanks, I’ll look into it.

            • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

              It is
              Kiehl’s Activated Sun Protector Sunscreen for Body SPF 50

            • Tess Tea


              YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName, I also have flair ups of eczema. Masada dead sea bath salts!! Heals up in no time.

            • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

              Thank you for the suggestion. I will check this out! Still, Nubian Heritage African Black Soap and ABS lotion are almost miraculous for me for eczema and psoriasis outbreaks.

          • Sarah

            I like Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-touch for the body, and usually Olay with SPF 15 for the face, unless I’m at the beach or park or something, then I’d go for Neutrogena Baby Faces.

          • SierraDelta

            Fish Belly White Girl briefly checking in: I use either Anthelios SX or Suntegrity to keep my skin protected. Most sunscreens do one of two unpleasant things to me — they either melt and drip into my eyes or cause me to break out in a red bumpy rash.

            Anthelios SX is an SPF 15 “daily moisturizing cream with sunscreen,” with “UVA/UVB protection, 24 hr long-lasting hydration,” and it’s “Fragrance-free. PABA-free. Light, non-greasy. Suitable for sensitive skin.” I think I got it at drugstore.com?

            Suntegrity is a “5 in 1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen” designed to “treat, hydrate, protect, prime, and cover.” It’s “tinted broad spectrum SPF 30 for all skin types. Vegan, non-greasy, non-toxic” and “free of parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, synthetic dyes, sulfates, PABA, titanium dioxide, nanoparticles and chemical UV absorbers.”

            I worry about sun exposure on my hands, too, so I tried a new sunscreen specifically for hands, Garnier Renew, and the back of my hands broke out in a red bumpy itchy rash after 24 hours, so I’m still looking for a product that works for me.

            All of the above assumes that I’ll ever see the sun again, which is looking highly unlikely in my patch of Minnesota today!

            • Qitkat

              Thanks, SierraDelta. Again I’m not familiar with these brands but will take note and search for them. We are chilly but sunny here in Denver, but I have no desire to hang outside. Calling for 80 early next week. Maybe Minnesota will get some of that. Hands are an issue, besides the need for sunscreen, the dryness is very harsh here.

        • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

          Girl, I had a scare a few weeks back. It turned out OK but it looked really scary and iffy. I’m of Russian and Jewish heritage, so I don’t really burn, I turn black (and get frisked 100% of the time at airports) but I spent many summers in the sun. Don’t fuck around with things, especially if you have really fair skin.

          I have a couple of moles and my doctor has burned off a few of them. This is a totally unscientific observation based solely on numerous bear pool parties, but it seems the more fair skinned, the more moles.

          If your doctor gave you any shit about your worries then it’s time to find a different doctor, end of story. I can’t imagine a decent dermatologist (or any doctor, really) getting on somebody who would rather be safe than sorry. I hope you have somebody who can look at your back every couple of months for you to see if anything is amiss.

          It is infinitely better to be an overly cautious, “alarmist” girl than to be a dead from cancer girl. It is infinitely better, every time.

          • Sarah

            She did not, it’s all good. She was just “I’m not worried about this mole, not one bit!” I termed it alarmist because I was vaguely chagrined since I don’t have forty bucks to waste. I have also had a few burned off, just because they were potentially weird, and might as well. And yes, I am mole-eriffic. The mister will look, but when I asked him to look at this last one, he said “I dunno, if you’re freaked out, go see a doctor.” So I did 😉

        • Jackie4g

          I don’t make pigment, that’s all there is to that. Sunscreen came into the public mindset when I was in my early 20s, after enduring many sunburns, so when my mother called me at work with “news that will change everything” I embraced the new technology. It was called Pre-Sun, had an SPF of maybe 15. and was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Sticky and smelly, I used it religiously nonetheless.

    • http://stores.ebay.com/QFClothing QFClothing

      Those shoes don’t go! I hate that. PS: She is SO flippin’ skinny! And don’t get me wrong, I’m an Emma Stone fan-I just think there is far too much pressure to be skinny.

      • Danielle

        Careful, the Uncles frown upon remarking on body shape.

        • http://stores.ebay.com/QFClothing QFClothing

          Hmm, thanks for the info. I shall edit my remark.

    • Anna

      Pretty much agree with your assessment.

      I’m still a fan of those Valentino Rockstud pumps, but not with this outfit. I didn’t realize the outfit was actually a dress, thought they were separates. Seems like it’s too tight in the bust, but I love the skirt. The coat makes it for sure.

      • kimmeister

        I *hate* the way the skirt attaches to the top.

    • sundaynightaddict

      Apart from the shoes, I love it. She just sells the shit out of her clothes sometimes. Love her.

    • Julie Chase

      I don’t know…I kind of love it. I am also tired and need a Cherry Coke, so this might be the 3:30 doldrums talking.

      • @Biting Panda

        If I don’t get my 3pm shot of caffeine and sugar, shit gets ugly.

        • marlie

          THAT’S why I’m suddenly so cranky. I need to go scavenge for candy.

          • formerlyAnon

            Shut it. I’m trying to cut back on the junk food. This was supposed to be a Safe Place.

            (Sorry for being snappy, my incredible weakness in the face of sugar is not your responsibility.)

            • Sarah

              In light of this convo, I guess the big-ass bowl of bread puddin’ with vanilla cream sauce I just had for my dinner break is probably the perfect thing for this time of day.

            • formerlyAnon

              Oooohhhh god. Bread pudding. Butter, bread AND sugary custardy goodness. You heartless wretch. Thank god I didn’t see this earlier, before I had decided not to stop at the store. I have so many food weaknesses, it’s almost silly to single out particular ones, but bread pudding is up there in the top hundred or so.

              Jeez, do I sound like someone who’s on day 2 of trying to eat more healthily after months of a slow, steady backslide, or what?

            • Sarah

              Our local market makes the Bread Pudding of the Gods. I could not in good conscience resist it. And it did have raisins, so that’s like fruit, right? Yes. Very healthy.

            • Julie Chase

              Why would you mention bread pudding? WHY? I HAVE NONE IN MY OFFICE.

    • MilaXX

      Do not like what the top is doing to her boobs and the shoes have nothing to do with the look. Cute is divine.

      • Kitten Mittons

        That seam in the top falls at a very awkward place for her. I wish the waist were dropped just another inch, maybe, and a belt added.

        I’d love the shoes with another outfit, though, I think.

    • Jessica Freeman

      The skirt needs a waist band…it looks unfinished. It’s nice that coat porn has extended to almost May.

    • ballerinawithagun

      A jacket version of that coat with the skirt would be fabulous!

    • Gatto Nero

      The top is fine — but this is a color-block dress?
      On its own the top would be great with a slim black tuxedo pant. The coat redeems this, though.

    • marlie

      I don’t love the shoes with this outfit, but it’s certainly an interesting take on the nude pump. The fit if the top is wonky; that seam across the bust is really distracting, and unflattering. I also don’t like the seam where the top meets the skirt. Bu that coat is gorgeous, her hair and makeup are pretty, and that smile is infectious.

    • ScarlettHarlot

      That shirt needs buttons or embellishment of some sort; it looks borderline straight jacket without.

    • wisenhar

      At first glance, I thought this was Taylor Swift.

      • frannyprof


      • jen_vasm

        EXACTLY! Taylor’s probably writing a ‘Bitch Stole my Look’ style song right now about about Emma as we speak.

    • frannyprof

      What’s up with that weird fold across the bust?

    • ElectraWoman

      Slap a scarlet ‘A’ on her, change her name to Hester Prynne, and she can wear that top.

      • Kent Roby

        Not to be confused with an Easy A; she earns a B Minus at best, and that’s only after factoring in the extra credit from her awesome coat.

        • ElectraWoman

          PTL for Gucci. That coat rescued a blouse that underwhelmed on the runway as well.

    • Kent Roby

      Seeing this look on the model I would have bet anything that it would look great on Emma, but it’s more of a “Grabbing Lunch Al Fresco At That Cute French Bistro” look than a “TV Appearance” one. I’m shocked at how bad her shoes are with that outfit. Coat is super-cute, though.

    • jonnyf8

      yeah the outfit is a fail, but dang is she cute.

    • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ Alicia

      I can see why you’d think that spiky shoes were needed to give this confirmation dress a bit of edge, but these are the wrong spiky shoes. Where are the black studded booties?

    • PeaceBang

      Does anyone watch “Key and Peele?” Because the gentlemen behind her in the first, second and fourth pics are definitely talking about Liam Neesons. Other than that… the shoes, Emma. Love them.

      • Kitten Mittons

        What if Liam Neesons and Bruce Willy made a movie together?

      • leahpapa

        I was unfamiliar with this so I Googled…I am now weeping with laughter and lamenting that I don’t have cable.

        • Denise Alden

          Sometimes I just watch Obama’s Anger Translator Luther over and over again. I have immoderate love for Luther!

          • leahpapa

            I am straight cackling like a witch in my office. AMAZING.

            • Denise Alden

              They are amazing, aren’t they? I love them so much!

          • Kitten Mittons

            I love the one where the substitute teacher can’t pronounce any of the students names. Also, the East/West College Bowl sketch is pretty great.

          • shirab

            Don’t forget to google the one about the self-aware bully and his dad. It is the best.

          • marlie

            Luther is *hilarious.*

      • Qitkat

        I am dying here. I’ve never seen them before either.

      • Jacob Bowen


      • marlie

        I’d never heard of them, but I just got sucked into a black hole of watching clip after clip on YouTube. Thanks a LOT.

    • Fanny_Trollope

      Everything always looks better with a Gucci coat.

      • Kent Roby

        Or covered up by a Gucci coat!

    • formerlyAnon

      (Hey Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind HEY MICKEY!)

      Love the coat.

    • Danielle

      Pale girls unite! Pants in the summer, holler!!!

      • Emily Smith

        Heyo! Long sleeves year round!

    • crash1212

      I so love those shoes. LOVE!!! Just not particularly with this. I don’t hate the dress as I think she can totally rock the Amish Cheerleader look – but – it is SO much better with the fabulous coat over it. Don’t care how how it was, I’d never take the coat off.

    • kat89

      Taylor Swift called. She wants her outfit back…

    • ktr33

      Shoes are a total misstep (pun slightly intended). Like out of nowhere. Great coat and skirt, don’t hate the top, but it’s just not, quite. She looks constrained in it.

      • wisdomy

        Honestly, I think a bra would have made a huge difference here. Not that she needs a bra in general, she doesn’t, but for this particular top, it would have served the purpose of raising them up a bit more above that seam. I love those shoes, but I’d prefer them in a different color and regardless, they don’t work with this outfit.

    • JP

      You guys have been serving up more I Want That Coat Moments lately — love it!

    • somebody blonde

      It’s amazing how much better it looks with the coat.

    • B_C_J

      I like everything but the shoes & the hair.

    • ovarB

      Too much volume in the skirt for the tightness and slimness of the top.

      • Tatiana Luján

        That shape wouldn’t flatter any body type.

    • Kate Andrews

      I like the shoes in a different context.

    • ashtangajunkie

      The top and the skirt do not belong together and that coat belongs with me.

    • Lily

      But the coat p0rn is spectacular. Not sure what the shoes are saying, other than “oh hey, we’ve seen this spiky shoe trend and we need to emulate it.”

    • Michelle Gennari

      I like it – I would have preferred black or red shoes but hey.

    • GeoDiva

      Hate the top and the shoes need another outfit. Love the coat!

    • Kent Roby

      Fastened, that coat looks like a baton twirler’s outfit from WAY back in the day. In other words, it’s perfect.

    • Agatha Guilluame

      I like the dress. The shoes confuse me. And I rarely like overly structured coats with hardware…and I don’t like this one.

    • nannypoo

      Crappy hair too.

    • cocohall

      With the coat on it looks to me like she is headed out to her Irish Step Dancing class.

    • icm

      Great coat!,But the flirty swingy skirt Catherine Zeta Jones is wearing in an earlier post puts this one to shame.

    • Imasewsure

      hate hate those shoes… on board as usual with our dear uncles on the outfit though of course

    • decormaven

      Ooh, that coat is quite the thing. Love!

    • Tatiana Luján

      I HATE the shape of that skirt. I say burn the skirt and keep eveything else. The shoes and the coat are fabulous.

    • Richard

      Without the coat and with the sunglasses on, I thought it was T. Swift for a second.

    • LadyVimes

      The coat is amazing and the skirt is excellent. I am ignoring the top and she should burn those shoes. Also I’d like to have her sunglasses.

      • xmixiex

        burn… the… shoes?!?!?!?!?!?!

        i simply cannot imagine where this line of thinking might come from. it’s so, so foreign to me.

    • Paula Pertile

      I can’t get past “Amish cheerleader”. :~)

    • ModernDowager

      THE COAT!!!

    • Bonnie Blue

      I like the shoes but maybe not with that outfit. The coat is awesome, I like how the snaffle bit closures look when fastened, and unfastened they look like sort of abstract embellishments. I think she’s making some interesting choices lately and I like a lot of them.

    • quiltrx

      Totally with you guys…fantastic coat and skirt!

    • holla

      she should wear the shoe from last night when she was on Jimmy Falon. I want that coat.

    • demidaemon

      I kind of love both versions on jher, though I do concede that the coat really adds to the look.

    • Lilak

      shoes ‘n’ coat ‘n’ shoes ‘n’ coat ‘n’ shoes ‘n’ coat …!!! (w/ apologies to Geico)

    • kerryev

      Those Gucci boots (similar pair on another post today too) are demolishing me.

    • R. L.

      THAT COAT. OMG. Coat porn.

    • elzatelzabelz

      All is forgiven because those Rockstuds.

    • Jackie4g

      Why can’t anyone put on a necklace anymore?

    • Jacob Bowen

      Those shoes are SICK! I would LOVE them with another outfit, because they definitely don’t go with this outfit. That skirt is perfect and that jacket is BEAUTIFUL, but I could go either way with the shirt. I don’t think it is awful, but I think it doesn’t have the same attitude as the skirt does.

    • SophieCollier

      She’s in Taylor Swift drag.

    • elemspbee

      luv almost all’a it kept for the shoes. I love how starched that top is.

    • MannahattaMamma

      Again those Gucci boots. Bliss.

    • malarson2

      I love it. Very pretty and very ‘her’. I think I’m starting to understand what she’s doing. This outfit explains it to me.

    • xmixiex

      sweet baby jesus. i have been in love with those shoes since i happened upon them at nordstrom (in black). unfortunately, $600 shoes just aren’t in the cards at the moment.

    • Beardslee

      It’s the proportion that bugs me. That skirt is too short. I am not a fan of short full skirts unless you are in first grade.

    • semirose

      Dat coat! Girl could have just worn that like a dress it’s so perfect.

    • Andrea Lentz

      I think she looks good but also only Taylor Swift can pull off the Taylor Swift look and even she is struggling lately.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      The top of the dress is so awkward on her. Love the coat. Stick with the coat, Em.

    • Alexis Wenceslao


    • Madu

      I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat…

    • girlsaturday

      That is a killer coat. As in, who do I have to kill to get me one of those?