Cathy Cambridge in New Zealand

Posted on April 07, 2014

Oh, Cathy. Granny Betty made you wear that thing on your head, didn’t she?


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their son Prince George arrive at the Military Terminal at Wellington Airport on a Royal New Zealand Air Force aircraft at the start of their Royal Tour of New Zealand and Australia. Catherine is wearing a Catherine Walker red dress and coat paired with a Gina Foster pillbox hat, Kiki McDonough ‘Grace’ earrings, and Emmy Shoes suede pumps.

Awesome coat, though. If that hat was a little bigger and made out of fur, you could be working an Emerald City Guard kind of realness. But really, you need to accidentally lose that number. You’re not really the kind of gal who can work a hat. Admittedly, “sporting headgear” is one of the few requirements of your position, which makes it something of a problem. Even so, we’d rather see you in some silly fascinator than this. We’re a decade-plus older than you and we’ve never seen that had on any woman who wasn’t a senior citizen. It’s just not for the under-70 crowd. Not anymore.

That baby’s got “Windsor” written all over its face.



[Photo Credit: i-Images/PacificCoastNews]

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  • Lily

    Can the royals please flush their pantyhose protocol already? Or can Kate please find a style/color that are a bit more natural looking? Her legs seem to give off that 70s disco sheen.

    • Sunraya

      I love that she wears hose. It looks so unpolished to have bare legs with dresses and gowns. Her hose make her look seem complete.

      • DaringMiss

        I am with you Sunraya. *Good* hose is an elegant finish to an outfit.

        I wonder if Kate’s dress hem was weighted. I know that Princess Diana used to do it to avoid windy day skirt accidents, but I wonder if Kate does?

        • Vtg Fashion Library

          I was wondering the same thing. Grandma Betty will be having another talk with Cathy, methinks.

  • Carleenml

    that baby’s already almost as big as she is, I’m surprised they let her carry it down the stairs. stupid hat. stupid.

    • clatie

      carry “it”? oh, dear. 😉

      • Carleenml

        well I meant the royal it.

        • clatie


    • H3ff

      George has his father’s hair.

  • thecitysleeps

    Man, going down the steps off a plane juggling a stupid hat on her head, an 8 month old baby and on those heels. She’s a pro! And that baby is way too cute! Adorable off spring, future heartthrob, etc, etc.

    • marlie

      AND it was apparently really windy, so I’m sure she was worrying about a gust of wind making her show off the good china, too.

      • Jen

        She totally did. There are underwear photos over on The Superficial. I had read something about putting weights in her clothes so that didn’t happen (as it has before), but I guess they didn’t work!

        • marlie

          Oops. That’s unfortunate.

      • Sunraya

        Wind, dress, coat, rainy, stairs, wiggly baby. 4 inch heels.
        At one point, the wind blew up her dress, she let go of the rail to grab her dress, I saw the video after and almost had a heart attack that she would fall down those steps.
        I know my husband would have grabbed our baby at the top of those stairs. At that age, the baby could have done a backwards bend, too, right out if her one arm.
        Stupid and not safe.

    • jw_ny

      watching videos of her disembarking, she did it all with poise and ease. She is a pro! 🙂

    • tallgirl1204

      I’m thinking that Wills is just slightly ahead of her so as to throw himself in front of her and make the save if she falls. Sort of “who’s more likely to play good back-up” decision.

    • holla

      my thoughts exactly. I would be worried about the face plant I would have.

      • 3boysful

        Me, too. I hate walking down those kind of stairs in flats.

  • I love the hat – I just think she has the wrong hair for it.

    • ballerinawithagun

      I love it too. Maybe a French Twist?

      • She’d look very air hostess-adjacent with the hat and a french twist, but I think it would be better!

        • SRQkitten

          Air hostess was exactly what I thought when I saw this. And then I tried to remember which airline had the uniform that looked the most like that hat.

          • The old Swissair uniform hats were a similar shape but in navy.

  • Melissa Brogan

    I think the hat looks cute, to be honest. Not something I’d expect/want to see on anyone else, because who does hats anymore, but for someone in her position I like it.

    • Trent

      I agree about her hat (although I disagree with “who does hats anymore,” because: me). Kate’s is sorta cute and pillbox-y, very Jackie K. Also, love the color on her, both coat and hat. And LOVE George and his Kewpie-doll hair!

    • Shug

      I concur. I wish I had the opportunity to rock a hat, but alas…I live in Nebraska. Take one step out of Omaha or Lincoln and it’s, “You aren’t wearing shitkickers and sparkly butt jeans? Uppity bitch.”

  • Scimommy

    Major thumbs up for rocking the outfit (hat included) while descending down those steps in heels and with hefty baby on hip. A slightly safer choice would probably have been to hand baby to dad, BUT: then the kid would probably want to go to momma, squirming and screwing up his face and looking decidedly less photogenic.

    • NBG

      Exactly my thoughts. Baby George may be in an ‘I only want mommy’ phase and would end up miserable as they came down the stairs prompting “why are they such terrible parents?” headlines around the world. Parenting in the public eye must be agony.

    • Sunraya

      Yeah, But honestly, I don’t think it was too safe, especially when she let go of the rail to grab her skirt.

  • Glam Dixie

    The hat is certainly more for the elder demo but I can’t go so far as to say it looks bad on her. She still manages to look gorgeous, even with it so for me she is pulling it off. She looks lovely in red. Bill should have carried the baby down the steps for her.

  • Aidan B

    Yup, that kid is William’s mini-me. Great color for Cathy, but I wish there was a break in the buttons to allow a belt or some kind of waist detail. The hat makes me sad for her.

    • Daisy Walker

      Yes, a belt!

    • Sophie

      Or just less buttons?

  • Kayceed

    I like the hat – I just wish it was a contrasting color, as the reds don’t really match. Love that coat!

  • lexilexi

    Love the coat. Love the baby. Where is it written that British royalty MUST wear hats? At least she pulled her hair back, which, with that wind, would have been an utter mess. Three weeks of outfits. Awesome!

  • zenobar

    That COAT though!

    • kimmeister

      I’m nearly slobbering over it.

  • Jacob Bowen

    That coat is BEAUTIFUL! She wears red very well, and that baby is the BEST accessory!

  • Coleen

    Can’t comment on fashion. Too busy resisting the urge to NOM delicious baby legs.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      The wee fat rolls, best thing about baby legs 🙂

      • GorgeousThings

        And the “scrawns”! That’s what we always called those little creases where the hands and the arms met. Just want to eat him up!

    • lrober03

      And those giant baby cheeks!

    • caroline

      He is a chunk! I could just eat him up.

    • Danielle

      I bet he smells delicious too. *sniiiiiiiiff*

      • majorbedhead

        Babies smell so lovely. And his little TinTin hair fillip is just too cute.

  • Sarah

    She is so pretty. She is also making me think “The British are coming! The British are coming!” with that (super cool) red coat. I like his toothy smile, and the baby is suitably chunk-tastic, in a cute squishy way.

  • Darren Nesbitt

    Is she wearing anything under the coat? or is the coat a dress?

    • lunchcoma

      There’s a skirt (or dress) the same color as the coat underneath.

  • lunchcoma

    I kind of want to rap William on the knuckles and tell him to take the baby so that his wife can negotiate the steps in her skirt and heels.

    • Jenna621

      When they landed in Austrailia to make their connecting flight; William was carrying Kate’s purse and George’s Koala bag. I would guess he would have taken the baby if she asked him too.

    • And then the poor broodmare would’ve been criticised for not even carrying her own baby.

  • Daisy Walker

    I hope that one day she’ll realize that airports are windy places and select her clothing and hairstyles accordingly. I understand that she needs to continue on to other events afterwards, but a heavier fabric and more controlled hair for tarmacs would help tremendously. Then she could simply focus on that adorable baybeh.

    • Wellington is also pretty notorious for wind! A straight skirt would have been a good idea.

      • Perhaps, but then she’d never be able to show off the gams since the length seems to have been lowered…

      • Mrs. Julien


  • Babies are not jewelry.

    (Though, I guess, there is a danger of babies and jewelry…this may be why I have neither…)

  • SusiePamudji

    I rather enjoy the hat. Baby George is the best accessory! *squishes those cheeks*

  • deelup

    If that were the Beckham’s baby he would’ve been dressed better.

  • decormaven

    Wonderful coat- love how it nips in at the waist- what a fit! Gorgeous pin to set off the buttons on the coat. Snaps for carrying a toddler down the steps in a high wind on heels, and still looking fabulous.

  • Sara__B

    Aw. A happy beautifully-dressed couple with a too-cute-for-words baby. I can’t stop smiling.

  • Danielle

    Holy CRAP Prince George’s CHEEKS

    • Mrs. Julien

      And the Christopher Robin shoes!

      • rivula

        Seriously, I’m dying over the baby collar and shorts and little boy shoes.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Does anyone else think she is consciously channeling Diana?

    • MissAmynae

      I get the feeling this will be a subtle “tribute” trip, with the wardrobe carefully curated to bring back memories of Di, yet show Kate as the next generation. I’m excited to see what they bring, but I expect we’ll see modern, classy, elegant, with a bit of a sporty feel in the more casual looks.

      Of course, I am hoping for mad jewels at least once!! The brooch is wearing is a rare one for the Queen to loan out, according to another blog. Good news for us magpies- might get to see some out of the ordinary choices!

      • Mrs. Julien

        That’s what I think, too. Tradition, the continuing of the line, and homage to his mum, and all the other things they do to make people swallow ongoing inherited privilege.

    • MarieLD

      Aye. The coat is from one of Diana’s favorite designers and when Di, Charles and baby Wills went down under she wore a very similar coat in white (with all the buttons). It makes me think that she (or William) is saying, yes, granny, I’ll wear hats and more jewelry, but we’re also going to remember Diana. George is so cute. I’ve been looking at photos of him all day.

  • clatie

    I can’t see anything but that baby! He wants to get down and crawl so badly.

  • Sophie

    I actually like the hat, but not paired with the coat. I know they have to be matchy-matchy all the time, but this really looks like a uniform – she just needs a sabre instead of a baby.

  • MilaXX

    *Sigh* Damn those WIndsor genes. They are rarely kind.

    • MK03

      They’ve been pretty kind to Wills. Except for the balding.

  • JynxTheCat

    zomg he’s so cute!

  • alyce1213

    I’m obsessed with big baby cheeks and fat creases. I wish I could smell him.

    • Kitten Mittons

      The grandparents had our baby this Saturday and he came back smelling like baby powder. I could NOT stop smelling him.

  • NBG

    Happy looking mum, happy looking baby. Cannot hate on any of it.

    (I want to tickle that baby so badly, I am blinded to any potential clothing flaws anyway.)

  • MzzPants

    At least it’s a color, and for her, a good one.

  • marlie

    It’s almost as if Grandma Betty said “think Jackie Kennedy” in terms of styling, and then someone took it a little too literally. She looks good, but she’s done WAY better.

  • I like hats, but that’s a sad hat. It’s more of a giant lozenge on her head and makes her look like a stewardess chasing her first class passenger, yelling “Sir, you’ve forgotten something. Sir, you left your baby behind.”

  • jw_ny

    George is just adorable! Seems content with all the traveling, crowds, and strangers…fitting easily into his role as a royal.

    Kate’s pillbox hat…yup, too mature/dated for her, but I kind of like the retro Jackie O-ness of it. I like that she’s got her hair controlled so it’s not flying in her face, as well out of reach of George’s hands. 🙂 Grandma’s broach though, and those buttons….I’m surprised George isn’t all over playing with them.

  • Kitten Mittons

    The baby fever continues. He is just squeezable. Ugh, my poor ovaries.

    She looks dynamite.

    Will is standard issue.

  • colleenjanel

    I love the whole look. I saw a far shot of the three of them stepping out of the plane, and the whole scene just looked so adorably vintage.

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    Can we just say the kid has the best cheeks in the biz…

  • Plin

    I dig the hat and think she pulls it off admirably, to be honest. Especially while baby-wrangling in the wind on airplane steps.

    It doesn’t make me swoon the way the coat does, and I could never make it work, but I give her a thumbs-up for rocking the pillbox.

  • Jessica Freeman

    I actually like the hat, maybe because it reminded me of Jackie O. I want that coat so hard. I can’t stop staring at it.

  • melanie0866

    Baby George is a-dorable. I want to kiss his chubby little cheeks.

  • I freaking love that hat. If I could wear hats like that every single day, I would.

  • Maybe it’s the ‘carrying the future sovereign like a sack of potatoes’ thing that’s clouding my judgement, but still: wrangling an eight month old in those heels (on stairs!) in a coat that costs more than my car and looking charming doing it? It’s working for me.

    • Lenora Dody

      Yeah, I would be flat on my face!

      • lobsterlen

        Totally off topic … I am an Lenora too!

  • Janet B

    What I saw this morning: baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, buttons, pin, skirt flying, hair flying, hat, and baby’s parents.

  • Imasewsure

    Cute coat… cute baby…. would love to see some Emerald City realness on the RC!!

  • Judy_S

    I’m so old that I enjoy seeing that hat on a young, beautiful woman. Call me Granny.

    • Judy_J

      I had the same reaction.

    • ferngilly

      Old? Psssh. 30 years old here, and I am enjoying this hat/coat/babyensemble immensely. If this were on Mad Men I have a feeling it would be getting a lot more love.

  • EEKstl

    That baby is c-u-t-e. LOVE his shoes. Her coat is pretty fab, hat is NOT working.

  • MartyBellerMask

    Baby is ADORBS.

  • Amanda

    I can’t believe I’ve turned into “that” woman, but why on earth are the adults all bundled up and that poor kid is in shorts?

  • Jecca2244

    i actually thought the baby looked a lot like her dad! and i thought they were going to be weighing down her dresses now. she is going to be thrilled when they go to that Nashville wedding in May and DOESN’T have to wear a hat.

    • GillianHolroyd

      Now I see her dad too. My first thought was George Dzundza though.

  • JP

    Can I have that coat in black? She can keep the rest, including the prince and the kid. *g*

  • JauntyJohn

    Welp, they did it.
    They actually managed to make her look stodgy.

  • ojosazules

    The New Zealand fern pin is a lovely touch. I don’t mind the predictable weird hat- it would be odd if there weren’t one. The red coat is to die for.

  • The Versatile Chef

    I really feel for the Windsor males. That hairline gene goes all the way back to Albert, I’m pretty sure. There’s just no fighting it.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Yes, destiny and genetic male pattern baldness will out, I fear.

      • The Versatile Chef

        I think Wills should just go for the shave/crew cut and be done with it rather than have all those sad wisps flying around.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          There’s always something so sad about those wispy bits of hair, isn’t there?

  • Oh my, William grows ever balder…

  • Jenna621

    Agree on the hat. I like her in hats, but not this one. Everything else I love.

  • Sarah

    She needs to weight her hems. She’s flashed us enough times to have figured that out already.

    • MRC210

      Maybe she just enjoys flashing us.

  • Jeremy Thomas Porta

    Are they allowed to wear tiaras out? I think I would just never be seen without some kind of tiara or coronet. #crowns24/7

  • judybrowni

    It’s hubby who needs a platter to cover that bald spot.

  • AmeliaEve

    My problem is that that the reds don’t match, and clearly the story here is monochrome red. All one red is good. Three or more reds are good. Two reds just clash.


    Baby looks cold- she’s all bundled up and he has those little shorts on =/

  • Judy_J

    I’m having a flashback to Marilyn Monroe in Some Like I Hot when I see that last photo.

    • MRC210

      Or The Seven-Year Itch? That’s the movie that the scene with Marilyn’s skirt flying up comes from.

      • Judy_J

        Yes, of course. I can’t believe I made that mistake.

  • Enjoy that hair while you have it, George.

  • AwesomeMargie

    Chubby babies for the win.

  • DeTrop

    He looks a lot like daddy. Kudos to the Duchess for holding a baby and coming down those steps in heels.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I wonder if that is one of the unspoken skills required of the royal women. the baby is adorable-the best possible accessory for Cathy.

  • MannahattaMamma

    Hat, heels, wind, staircase, baby. That’s a LOT to handle with a smile on your face.

  • frannyprof

    That thing on Cathy’s head is actually her Boppy. She can whip it off and breast feed the Dauphin at a moment’s notice.

  • largishbearishAtlish

    Am I the only one worried about the adorable baby’s face being mushed again what might be a very painful broach/thing? and wouldn’t it be fun if one of the buttons was soft and mushy for baby gnawing? (you just KNOW he has tugged and plucked at all those wonderful ‘shiny pull toys’ (how baby friendly and cool is that !) Maybe the hat was for all the wind? (maybe a piece of velcro down below to avoid revealing all the goods?)

  • suzq

    I think it’s smart, head to toe. But if you’re going to wear a smart hat like that, find a way to tack your hair down or put it up. The fly-away is distracting. Who can hold the hair, kid and skirt down at the same time? Well, apparently, not Kate!

  • estella_nyc

    Love all of this. Cute baby, great coat, pretty hair (notwithstanding the wind) and a lovely jewelry tribute to NZ.

  • Skippymom1

    My Mom always said that the son’s hairline is predicated on the genetics of the Mother’s father, in this case Grandpa Middleton. Let’s hope so for little George’s sake. He is a cutie. I love everything about her outfit, except the buttons – and including the hat. I think she was afraid anything else might blow off.

  • Gracie82

    I cant believe she is wearing a pillbox hat, she is 32 years old! I think she needs to find the balance between royal appropriate and stylish. I would just once ilke to see her knock it out of the park, I know she can do it.

  • sagecreek

    You know, I’ve flown British Air more than once, and she kinda looks like she’s on the payroll here.

  • Melvis Velour

    Considering they flew halfway around the world, it’s amazing the baby isn’t hysterically trying to get away…

    • formerlyAnon

      Of all the things of which I am sure, flying halfway around the world is not the same experience for the Royals as it is for those of us in steerage – I mean, coach.

  • B_C_J

    Too many buttons on her coat & sleeves. The fit is lovely. The hat is aging.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    J’adore the coat. The hat makes it go all 70s Brit stewardess, which is not a good thing. I think I would go for it if the reds matched, but since they don’t… I must part with the hat. And the baby looks like it might’ve missed the Windsor curse, but then, so did Wills when he was little, and now he’s all under it.

  • golden_valley

    If it’s cool enough for a sweater, why is the baby in shorts????

  • GeoDiva

    I just want to hold him!

    • Fannie Wolston

      Me first! hand over the cheeky babe. And if my skirt was blowing up and my hat about to fly away and my heels tottering on slippery steps I ‘d be handing over the baby to the future king of england.

  • Kelly

    As others have said, airline-hostess hat. The coat is fine — fits beautifully, has a little swing and fun to it. But I’ll tell you what I hate — that brooch! To my eyes, few things look primmer and fussier than brooches, especially when they have to compete with other decorations (like giant silver buttons, for instance). The queen always wears a fussy brooch, too, but she’s 87 years old. Genuine grannies get a special brooch dispensation. Don’t start this trend for yourself yet, Miss Kate. Don’t do it. It’s the first step on the slippery slope to Deep Dowdyhood. Next thing you know, you’ll be carrying a boxy pocketbook.
    Do all aristocratic British babies have to wear t-strap shoes?

    • in a pickle

      Overall, I agree, although I will give her a bit of a pass as they’ve just landed in New Zealand and the brooch is a New Zealand silver fern- the symbol of the country. I would have placed it differently if I felt I had to wear it.

    • Mim McDonald

      It’s protocol. The brooch was a gift to the Queen from the people of New Zealand. There’s usually a diplomatic meaning in most of what the Queen wears, and I guess Kate is picking up on that. (Hence she also wore the maple leaf brooch in Canada.)

      I’m really hoping Kate has the Andamooka Opals for Australia…

      • Kelly

        Ah, I didn’t know that; thanks! I thought only the ugly hats were required. Yet another reason I’m glad I’m not a royal (not that anyone asked me /g/).

  • e jerry powell

    If it were a little smaller, she could have called it a Jackie Kennedy moment.

  • Snezana Mahoney

    Haha! She took everyone’s minds off sheer nude nylons, didn’t she!

  • formerlyAnon

    Lord. That’s the kind of ensemble (her and baby) that made my mother’s generation lose their minds a tiny bit trying to create their version of it at least once a year (for our family, it was Easter Sunday.) The sheer human energy that went into trying to make sure that the whole family was turned out in spotless, starched, as-new-as-we-could-afford clothes. Being old, I especially remember the threats issued if we touched ANYTHING with our white gloves, since we couldn’t be trusted to figure out what would leave them smeared and smudged.

    • golden_valley

      Hey did you grow up in my family? I hated white glove day.

  • altalinda

    I’m impressed that she made it down those stairs in those heels clutching a no-doubt squirming baby.

  • Just Me

    Here’s what I want to know: why is she in a dres, a coat AND a hat and her child is in shorts? Oh and by the way, trying to re-create iconic moments (I’m looking at you pillbox hat) is not working for you, Cathy. Stay in your lane…young, insanely rich and somewhat classically modern.

  • Something about this is reminding me of Madeleine (Twelve little girls in two straight lines). I know she wears blue and yellow but… Madeleine. So I don’t mind the hat, but I love hats.

  • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

    “That baby’s got “Windsor” written all over its face.”
    And on his hair, it seems.

  • macwell

    The fashion (minus the hat) is passable, but on another note – is that the biggest baby ever or is it a camera angle thing – ?! 😉

  • MissMariRose

    How many times is her skirt going to fly up before she finally puts weights in her hems? I mean, c’mon. It’s happened too many times to chalk it up to newbie-ness.

  • Mim McDonald

    Boring, boring, boring, boring. How can she make bright red look so dull? And there’s no way the Queen picked that hat, because hers wouldn’t be that boring.

    I’m British. I don’t mind paying for Kate’s clobber for the next 50 years, but I resent paying for BORING.

  • Violentcello

    The gams on that duchess … excuse me, darlings, I’m off to the gym.

  • webslice33

    baby george is so damn adorable!
    whatever happened to prince william’s hair??? bosley clinic is calling my prince!

  • Morales Mike

    Lose the QE2 hat on her and the nana pin on her coat and give that prince a Jason Statham haircut immediately. The baby however is giving Vicky B’s Harper Seven a run for her “cutest baby in the UK” money.

  • I have to disagree. That baby has “Spencer” written all over his face.

  • Daktari100

    Holy Jackie O. I love this look, and the hat-coat combination is everything!

  • Mrs. O

    Wrong, boys! This chick has got it made! Show me a woman who wouldn’t love to be directed to wear a hat. Really, show me! We all secretly wish we could perch a Myrna Low number on our noggin and say, “Oh, dahling, of course I want another Mai-tai!” I think she is adorable, from the feather on her lid to the tips of her dainty toes. And what could possibly be wrong with a platinum and diamond fern on your coat when you deplane in N.Z.? C’mon, it’s SUPER royal and doesn’t make Cath look the least bit elderly. And she’s a right smart baby wrangler, to boot. As for the hubby, well, really nice hand made suit, and, well, get your own self a hat. Poor guy. It’s a price men pay for escaping monthlies and the dreaded menopause, but it is sad to see.

  • Ann VerWiebe

    She’s holding the baby like he’s a loaner handbag.