Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in Catherine Walker in Canberra, Australia

Posted on April 24, 2014

Catherine-Duchess-Cambridge-Catherine-Walker-Canberra-Australia-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Catherine-Duchess-Cambridge-Catherine-Walker-Canberra-Australia-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the National Arboretum in Canberra, Australia in a Catherine Walker coat dress paired with L.K. Bennett ‘Sledge’ pumps.






[Photo Credit: Stephen Lock/i-Images, PacificCoastNews,]

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    • imperfectlaura

      How perfect is the sparkle of her ring in that first picture?

      • geans

        Disney perfect!

        • anibundel

          As perfect as her windblown hair.

        • Latin Buddy

          I’m surprised she doesn’t have woodland animals following her…and then Angelina Jolie shows up as Malafescent

          • ONEWEIRDWORD


          • Chickadeep

            Well, she’s wearing a green screen dress, so it should be easy enough to CGI them right in there.

      • Darcy H

        No but seriously does that even happen in real life?

      • @Biting Panda

        The flowing hair, the sparkle of the ring, it’s hilariously perfect.

      • KinoEye

        It almost looks like it was photoshopped! Great candid shot.

        • Alicia

          *Almost*? I’m surprised it didn’t come with a soundtrack.

          • Meri

            It didn’t? I coulda sworn I heard a ‘TING!’ when I looked at it.

      • Guest

        It’s like something out of the Powerpuff Girls!

      • International Model

        THAT is why you wear jewelry (granted, she wears her engagement ring everywhere, but so rarely does it bling…this is why you need to command an army of jewels)!

        • Terri Ellis

          That ring is now probably the most famous piece of Royal jewelry, short of the Queens crown. And the Royals all thought it was low class because it was a stock design. As if we could all afford start sapphires that big. So I have to laugh now with how it sets outfits like this off. HA!

      • Kent Roby

        I immediately was taken back to the sparkle of Lyle Waggoner’s teeth in the opening credits of the Wonder Woman tv series (the one with Lynda Carter, of course). My mind is scary sometimes.

        • Jacqueline Wessel

          Yep, sometimes I watch that opening just to see his smile sparkle like that.

        • StillGary


      • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

        I can practically hear the chime sound effect.

    • Yolanda13

      If the first picture had sound effects, we would hear an actual “Ding!” to go along with the sparkling ring.

    • marlie

      I don’t love the collar of her coatdress, but the color is gorgeous, and I *do* love the shape of the skirt. Plus, her great smile and shampoo-ad hair. Lovely.

      • Donna Tabor

        Oh, but that handpicked zipper! I’d keep it zipped all the way up, too. That’s a couture detail you rarely see these days.

        • cocohall

          What is a handpicked zipper? I’m barely able to sew a button. Is it set in by hand instead of machine sewed?

          • Phyllis Craine

            yes exactly, the distinctive sticthes on either side of the zipper indicate it was sewn in in by hand

    • Tabby_abby

      The garment looks stiff and she looks stiff in it.

      Most of the trip she has looked amazing. This look not so much.

    • Jessica Freeman

      I don’t like it zipped up to her chin, otherwise the color and shape is great on her. What else is new…?

      • lamamu

        She is one zipped up girl. In every way. Agree with the color and shape.

      • Kent Roby

        Yeah, just unzipping it an inch or two would still be extremely conservative and appropriate, but not so stuffy looking. I would like to see her loosen up a tiny bit, but she seems to be fully on board with “playing the part”, unlike Diana.

        • Trent

          In fairness, though, every time she has tried to “loosen up” (or even wear skirts above the knee) people have ripped her to shreds for being “common” and “cheap.” Seems like she can’t win. Or maybe I need to stop reading the Daily Mail…

          • Kent Roby

            Now that she has the Royal Baby, she can totally show nip ( that’s my theory , and I’m sticking to it !)

      • TheDivineMissAnn

        Methinks Queen Elizabeth would have a stroke is Kate wore the model’s version of the dress!

        • Jessica Freeman

          Well the model version is definitely not something Kate would wear. Have to agree with @kentroby:disqus she could have at least unzipped it just a few inches.

        • holla

          maybe when Wills is king, she can wear the model’s version.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Not sure what to think of this one – the way she’s wearing it, it’s kind of too conservative even for the Duchess. Worn like the model, it would be too wild.

      • Jessica Freeman

        There was an in-between to be had there…and it was missed.

      • kimmeister

        Well, the model is not wearing the same version. The opening/collar is totally different, and Kate’s belt is wider.

      • The Counselor

        Surprised to see the model wearing what look to be the exact same shoes though.

    • Mrs. Julien

      That woman in the background in pink and red looks lovely.

      • portlandmermaid

        She’s almost effortlessly lovely; I like the red and pink combo and the graceful peplum, and she has a great smile.

        • J. Preposterice

          yep — she looks so comfortable and happy, and the colors pop — just great.

          • malarson2

            I agree! It even took my attention away from the Duchess. Which is really saying something.

            • shnaggi

              Mrs Margie Abbott, Prime Ministers wife immaculate every time!

            • malarson2

              SO going to Google her now. Thanks.

            • ohhoneyhank

              She’s great, such a pity about her husband though.

    • suzq

      It’s too bad she’s too royal to wear the neckline of the original Walker….with a proper sweater under it, of course.

    • Sofia

      coat porn for reals. and she was born to wear this shade of green.

    • KinoEye

      I adore the cut and color of that coat. She wears it beautifully. That first shot is one of the absolute best photos I’ve ever seen of the Duchess, right down to the sparkling of her ring.

      • Kitten Mittons

        I would kill for that coat dress. Or that ring.

    • Alicia

      It’s a great colour, but 4″ heels never say “Arboretum” to me.

    • Karen Belgrad

      She looks magically delicious!

      • kimmeister

        Ha, the kelly green is indeed reminiscent of leprechauns.

    • Mary Lauer

      I am pretending there is a chilly wind. Otherwise it seems there could be a happy medium between being zipped up to her larynx, or unzipped to the waist.

    • Noah

      I totally understand why she can’t wear that neckline, but I LOVE it. Rare is the distinctive neckline that isn’t distracting.

    • Danielle


    • jilly_d

      I would kill for a blue and green floral pattern silk pump here, but otherwise she looks pretty great.

      • juniper

        Agreed- maybe a crisp white backdrop for those blue and green florals on the shoe, please. I definitely don’t like that even the model is wearing nude pumps.

      • DagnyReardon

        ooh nice idea. Tabitha Simmons had a pair at Bergdorf’s awhile ago that would be fab with this. Ted Baker does florals too. She needs a pair of these in her wardrobe.

        • 3boysful

          What a great idea–she so often wears solid clothing, that a patterned shoe would be a great addition to her wardrobe. (I am, however, too practical, fearing I could only rock them with one outfit.)

    • M_E_S

      God, I love when she wears color.

      Also, I need that coat dress DESPERATELY.

    • Glam Dixie

      Just unzip it a couple of inches, something was needed here. It’s so stiff up top, but she’s gorgeous, of course.

    • MaggieMae

      I love how she manages to follow the rules, but makes conservative chic. But, darling, I hate your shoes.

    • EEKstl

      Gorgeous color and love the wide belt on her but honey, please ditch the putty shoes. Unzipping the coat would have loosened it up a bit too.

    • Angela_the_Librarian

      I’m not loving the color on her (on my screen it looks like a really harsh shade of green). Otherwise flawless as usual.

    • MannahattaMamma

      She is really really damn skinny. And was that a re-touch that got the ring to sparkle just perfectly into the camera? The whole thing is just amazing.

    • Kate

      Is it bad that I saw the green dress and blue ring and immediately thought “adultery”?

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        LOL, good one.

      • SierraDelta

        There’s no shame, Darling, in putting to good use the knowledge you’ve acquired at The TLo University of Snark and Substance.

    • sojo

      She looks AMAZING in this color! I don’t know many women who could pull off this color. Maybe her and Lupita, but that is about it.

    • dmkava

      I feel like she’s the ultimate in “plain pretty” She’s just pretty enough, but not so pretty people will hate her for it.

    • kmk05

      That coat is to die for, and she wears it beautifully.

    • boweryboy

      Although not princess appropriate, it was much more interesting with its original neckline – without it goes straight to FrumpVille. I could easily see the Queen wearing this.

      Nice color on her, and again can we talk about that hair? Yikes.

    • sherrietee

      I thought the sparkle on her ring was photoshopped. :)

      • SuzBald

        Like a twinkle in the eye of a Disney princess!

    • Drunken Housewife

      The average person would look idiotic in this, but it’s perfect for her on the job as a princess.

    • KT

      I don’t love it. It’s too green, if that makes sense, which is giving it a costumey feel. Like she belongs in the Emerald City, or on a box of Lucky Charms.

      Also, I know this would never happen, but I really wish she had gone for the original neckline that the model is sporting. Take THAT, stuffy aristocracy.

    • SusiePamudji

      Gorgeous, but it needed a different shoe.

    • Gatto Nero

      Beautiful shape on her, but I’m not sure that’s her color. The pump is blah.

    • Aidan B

      Kate, you are too stiff in this coat. I’ll take it off your hands, dear.

    • MilaXX

      I wish she could have left a tiny bit of a V at the neckline. The photographer hit paydirt catching the twinkle on the wedding ring like that.

      • marlie

        I wonder how many photos the photog hate to take to get that *perfect* shot. 😛

      • decormaven

        Really! That is truly a money shot.

    • Joanna

      I love it unreservedly.

    • Amel

      Green is her color, and this is darling. The bland nothing of her shoes hurts my soul.

    • CNM

      So, wait. Is she wearing a dress under that or does that coat double as a dress, too? Curious minds.

    • Chuck Barthelme

      She really can’t go wrong with that smile and an awesome coat.

    • ojosazules

      The first winter coat I ever had, at ten, was made for me in Hong Kong out wool in just that color green. My mother tried to talk me out of it. I love it all over again.

    • TLJezebel

      I’m not sure that’s a good color for her.

    • SophieCollier

      Her waist is so tiny! How many of us could wear a belted coat and not be a lumpy mess?

    • decormaven

      The color and the cut are doing all the talking in this look- and it’s a wonderful dialogue.

    • MzzPants

      Yay, Color!

    • Lily

      She’s taken that ring and made it her own. Still hate the shoes.

    • Jacob Bowen

      That color jacket with her hair color is PERFECTION. She never fails to stun.

    • crash1212

      I like her version so much better than the model version. Nicely done!

    • vitaminC

      Am I the only one who thinks this shade of chroma-key green does nothing for her? Is, in fact, pretty unflattering? The only reason it works at all is because she’s preternaturally lovely. Silhouette, etc are flawless as always.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      The sparkle on the ring is just too perfect! Mrs. Cambride is well turned out, as always!

    • MarissaLG

      So nice of her to welcome us to the Emerald City!

    • ReadBarbara

      I wish she would have unzipped a tiny bit. Not a navel-grazing unzip like the model but just a flash of clavicle or something so it wasn’t so “The New Straightjacket line by The Green Giant for Target.”

      • Toby Wollin

        I’m with you, but I’d have unzipped it about 6″ and worn and print scarp inside the zip. The coat/dress is a tad plain. Gorgeous color and shape; don’t get me wrong. But a nice scarf would not have been amiss.

        • Mrs. O

          Brilliant suggestion! Still would have been uber modest, per The Company dress code but would have broken up the green, green, it’s green I say…

    • malarson2

      When do we start worrying about her being too thin? That waving pic at the end troubles me a little. She looks even thinner than the model.

    • demidaemon

      I just wish she had different shoes.

    • nannypoo

      Her skirts seem a little longer on this trip. Maybe the Queen’s influence has been felt after all. But she still looks gorgeous. And I disagree with all the BKs who think she’s too thin. She’s fabulous.

    • SierraDelta

      This would have been the place to deploy a bootie.

      • Vtg Fashion Library

        I got a whole different visual on that than what you intended.

    • Coco Cornejo

      Jeezus the ring is actually sparkling in that first shot.

      Honestly it’s a shame that this young, vital, beautiful woman must be so zipped up. Else, yes, it’s a lovely coat.

    • Bert Keeter

      Barbara Bush called… wants to know who gave her permission to alter her fave ARNOLD SCASSI coat?

    • TigerLaverada

      I’ve been to that arboretum, it’s gorgeous. In those heels she wouldn’t walk around much, though, as the site is on the eastern slope of Black Mountain.

    • cocohall

      She looks great and can be spotted in the crowd. Hitting her marks again. But bring back baby, please. Although a coat like this would show every bit of spit and snorfle, and even Royal Baby Georgie spittle is not charming on the shoulder.

    • elzatelzabelz

      My kingdom for her hair, and that ring.

    • OffToSeeHim

      God, how many coats does she have? And are they all this fabulous?