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  • MilaXX

    NOPE, Mcnopey Nope

    • Lucía Gavello

      Not even as a joke.

  • Melissa Brogan

    I mean, are they fun calls to pop culture? Sure. But I can’t imagine anyone other than Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, or Lady Gaga wearing them.

    • Jessica Freeman

      Katy already rocked one of the dresses.

  • Slade Thunderdragon

    I thought the whole collection was really fun and playful. I love fashion that doesn’t take itself seriously, and while most of these pieces wouldn’t work for everyday women, I feel like young starlets like Miley Cyrus could really work the tackiness of it all to full effect.

  • StellaZafella

    Spongebob works at the Krusty Krab…not McDonald’s…..yes, I know that.

    • formerlyAnon

      Way more of us than will admit in public know that. You, however, quipped for the entertainment of others. A veritable role model.

  • stubbornthoughts

    Thought this was a joke at first. Seems like a cheapening of fashion. Admirable in attempt, but I’m totally turned off.


    • Kristin McNamara

      Yea. I don’t……. understand…?

  • William

    YEA! Conceptually FABULOUS… not practical. But not all facets of fashion have to be practical. That’s what makes fashion an art. Love their playful nod to pop culture, and a few of America’s obsessions.

  • Gatto Nero

    Is fashion just appropriation now?

    • Aurumgirl

      Not appropriation, but it has always been commentary. This is Moschino’s little comment on “Branding”, and maybe more specifically, how we’re using fashion to “brand” ourselves. Of course the clothing is clownish and fast food and juvenile. Those are some of the biggest brands in existence.

      • Montavilla

        And here I just assumed it was product placement.

        • Aurumgirl

          It is. It’s what placing all those Brands on Us that’s the point.

          • Montavilla

            I’ve never really understood why anyone puts up with that. I guess I’m odd that way, but the first time I saw someone in a DKNY shirt, I wondered why the hell he was letting himself be used as a billboard.

  • empath

    when I see stuff with brand names and branding all over it, and the exorbitant prices charged to advertise — ummmm wear — overtly overwhelmingly branded stuff in the name of ‘fashion’, all I think is branded sheep — ummm victim — falling for an over-advertised method to part fools from their money.

  • BarniClaw

    Hideous and horrifying.

  • TrooperSchaf

    Nay to McSchino, yay to Spongebob (except the shoes)… Sorry, I love Spongebob 😉

    • snarkmeister

      The Spongebob shoes are the only things in this collection that I would *actually* wear. I think they are adorable. The Spongebob bags look a bit too much like something you could buy at Toys R Us for a tiny fraction of the price, and Mickey-D’s stuff is atrocious.

  • Kitten Mittons

    I really don’t know what to think. I think I’m supposed to hate them. But I……really kinda like the shoes. And since SpongeBob is one of the few cartoons I’m subjected to and I don’t want to strangle, him popping up on a runway made me smile a little.
    Is it “Fashion”? I wouldn’t call it that. And it’s pretty gimmicky. And I wouldn’t wear it. But….I can’t work up any hate for it.

  • Jessica Freeman

    I like the happy meal purse and when I was in 9th grade I carried around those plastic Halloween pails they used to give out. So my 9th grad self loves most of it, but my grown up self says hell-to-the-no.

  • SewingSiren

    Never have been a fan of Moschino. Plus I hate McDonalds and I hate Sponge Bob too. There I said it and I won’t take it back.

    • SRQkitten

      Got your back on the lack o’ luv for McD’s & spongebob. If I’m gonna pay that much for shoes the last thing I want to do is have them look like they’ve got the McD’s logo in any way, shape or form.

    • Alloy Jane

      That’s because McDonald’s is antifood and watching Spongebob actually makes kids stupid. Who in their right mind would like either of those things?

  • Jessica Rose

    If McD’s would pay me to wear them for the obvious advertising. Wait, you mean I would have to shell out money to advertise for them?!

    • alyce1213

      I feel the same about ALL conspicuous labeling.

      • formerlyAnon

        I agree. It’s one of the most deeply rooted of my curmudgeonly opinions.

        • alyce1213

          Recent outrage: I was embarrassed by the Polo logos on the US Olympic team outfits (again). Cringeworthy. (Also, they were so ugly)

          • formerlyAnon

            I’ve become resigned to Olympic team outfits being billboards. But I still draw the line at ugly billboards, which this year’s were. It was sad.

          • Aurumgirl

            I bet they inspired this collection!

          • kimmeister

            It didn’t work out so well for Under Armour this year.

          • formerlyAnon

            All I could think at the time was that there were some phone calls/meetings around and after that decision that I’d pay money to witness. Handled well or handled badly, I know I’d have learned something from ’em.

  • alyce1213

    It’s funny and all, but much ado about nothing. Who is going to buy this after all?

    • Darva Sutra

      “Eddie, WHAT is that you’re wearing?!”
      “It’s Moschino, darling, it cost a fortune.”
      “…it’s fabulous.”

  • halleygee

    They already make Sponge Bob accessories, they sell them on those carts in the mall.

    • random_poster

      And in the birthday-theme aisle at Party America.

  • NurseEllen

    No to everything except the polka dot shoes, which are very fun. Why should any woman consent (and pay good money) to be a walking billboard for a multinational corporation?

    • isapaiva

      I already have a problem when a corporation makes clothes that are meant to make whoever wears them into a walking billboard (hello LV), but when the logo is from a fast food corporation it goes from from “tacky rich bitch” to WTF. If i saw these in real life I would just assume that McDonalds was spending a bit more on the manufacturing of happy meal toys.

  • Capt. Renault

    Fun and whimsical. How much money do you want to spend on fun and whimsical and worn only once?

  • VioletFem

    Nope, except for the yellow black polka-dotted pumps; which is a definite yeah.

    • formerlyAnon

      I was on board with the pumps till I realized you can read bits of “moschino” on the black dots.

  • VioletFem

    I’m curious to know if they had to get special permission from McDs and Nickelodeon to use their logo like this.

    • MK03

      The arches are tweaked just enough to make me think they’re already preparing their parody/fair use defense. Spongebob may have been licensed, though, since they didn’t do anything to change him.

  • Heron

    It feels like they’re trying to be subversive, but the different between the Moschino version of the logo and the real McDonald’s logo is too close for the average eye. Is this parody? Satire? Maybe they think their audience can tell the difference, but to me it feels tone deaf and awkward.

  • sienna elm

    That would be a big fat NAY. (although I do like the yellow spotted booties)

  • Capt. Renault

    Personally, I like Jean-Paul Gaultier’s McDonald uniforms from Fifth Element more.

    • AthenaJ

      LOVE that movie!

  • KinoEye

    OHHHHHHHHH, who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Ronald McDonald! Yellow and red and all stripey is he. Ronald McDonald! His fried food and clownishness, something you wish. Ronald McDonald! Used as a design element, he’ll make you sick. Ronald McDonald!

    These accessories confuse me so much.

    • random_poster

      Kudos to giving that a whirl. I totally heard it to the tune, which I admittedly know all too well.

      • KinoEye

        Spongebob’s been in my life for 10 years now, so that theme is permanently burned into my head. I remember watching the very first season, before it got weird and unfunny. Yes, I am an adult woman with a job, criticizing the later seasons of Spongebob Squarepants. But they really aren’t very good from what I’ve seen.

    • Glam Dixie

      I think the age 8 and under children of the wealthy will be sporting the soft drink cup purse and happy meal box purse, and the Spongebob backpack but I don’t think they are going to hit it off with the adults with that kind of expendable income. It’s all very silly, really. They look like they should be for sale at Gymboree or Toys R Us.

    • E. Sevilla

      i actually sang that :(

  • RescueMe23

    Would you like fries w/that?

    • formerlyAnon

      Yes. Actually, I just want the fries. Damn my subconscious and its subjugation to decades of brand associations.

  • @Biting Panda

    LOL – Nay.

  • Alyssa

    Um, nay. I would like the yellow & black polka dot shoes & booties, if they didn’t have the label in the dots.

  • wisdomy


  • IMNAngryLiberal

    No …. just no

  • lesmaha

    No no no.

  • LadyCelia

    I would totally rock the Spongebob booties. The rest? No. Not for anyone over 15.

    • Amykl

      My 4 year old son LOVES this entire collection.

  • Becca M.

    These are like hot topic “ironic” tee shirts, etc that tweens sport when they go through the anti-establishment phase. except really expensive. yeah, i’ll pass…

  • MinAgain

    No. And I don’t want fries with it, either.

  • Vivi N

    Okay. I admit it. I want the Happy Meal chain strap purse. You got me.

  • gabbilevy

    The accessories from this collection work far better than the clothes. Some of those bags and shoes are really fun, whereas with a whole dress it’s just TOO much.

  • Sif

    Fan BingBing is going to WERQ those motherfucking sunglasses

  • JulieK

    I really can’t NAY this loud enough. I hate every single piece.

  • Rhonda Shore

    Did McDonalds endorse this line?

  • ritalinsmoothie

    Jeremy Scott: 1-trick pony, so nay.

  • kmk05

    When first seeing the thumbnail I thought, ‘OMG HAHA MCDONALDS’ but then I scrolled down and it actually was McDonald’s. And… Well. NAY. They treat their workers badly, and the class of women who has never stepped in a MickyD in her life is gonna be free advertisement for them? ALL THE NAYS.

    • Constant Reader

      Something about women who can pay Moschino prices ironically wearing these items goes a little to far toward mocking those who eat at McDonalds and buy Spongebob logo wear at Walmart for me to find it amusing or appealing.

      • SewingSiren

        Right. Kind of like Marie Antoinette dressing as a shepherdess.

        • omg_dora

          Exactly like that!

          Let them eat Happy Meals.

      • kmk05

        You phrase it much better than I ever could.

        • Constant Reader

          Thanks! I wasn’t sure if it came across as I intended. :)

  • shanalee

    i’m usually on board for whatever wackiness moschino’s up to. this though? NO.

  • decormaven

    I’ll just go dig from my dear departed auntie’s costume jewelry for big, bright beads. Not wearing a commercial for corporate brands. Nope.

  • IRVN

    Hell to the NAY

  • Fanny_Trollope

    No. So much no. A world of no.

  • Blair Sylvester

    Yay to look at nay to buy

  • Kristina, TweeValleyHigh

    I love kitch all the way, but not into it.

  • MoHub

    Did Moschino pay any royalties to Mickey D’s and the Spongebob people? If not, I’m hoping for a massive copyright-infringement lawsuit.

  • Mary Sinning Poole

    Do all the MickeyD’s things smell like fryolator grease?

  • random_poster

    This is the kind of stuff that Stacey and Clinton would have you toss into the trash bin.

  • boweryboy

    NAY! NAY! NAY! They’re fun for the runway (as were most of the clothing) but unless you’re 5 years old or under (or an insufferable fashion victim) it doesn’t translate to the real world.

  • Stefanie Argudo Mackenzie

    Like you have to ask?

  • Nicole Little

    YEA! One accessory paired with a cute outfit would be really fun!

  • therealkuri

    Sooooooo, NAY.

  • marlie

    Is there really a question? Hell to the no.

  • moxie_lady

    Hell yay! I love how playful these are. I’ll take any of the shoes and those sunglasses, thanks.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    NO. That is all that needs to said.

  • Barb Ray

    I find it almost all of it unbearable, except that yellow plastic belt, the earrings, necklace, and inexplicably those glasses. But I have a thing for bold plastic accessories (think Bakelite).

  • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

    The SpongeBob accesories are fun, but the rest is pure… ‘muricah.

  • Jessica

    No. No. No. Please no. If it looks like it should be sold at Claire’s or Charming Charlie, I’m out.

  • Jess Collett

    I really love the fastfood handbags and I am a sucker for bright and unusual sunglasses. The rest of it…. I can take it or leave it, save for those yellow polka dot shoes. I am also a sucker for polka dots, and they look really bright and fun.

  • gsk241

    If any of that crap costs more than $4.99 it’s overpriced.

  • Ashleigh

    LOVE IT. Love the quality of the pieces and the sheer craziness of it.

  • Cheryl

    Hell NO! And I love eccentric, weird, and strange, but this is simply infantile. Childish, and pandering to the lowest of the low. Call outs to the crap food, and crap culture. I hate it, except for the polka dot boots, and that because there is no Sponge Bob on it.

  • Sylvari

    This is a no. It’s not fun, it’s not ironic. It’s just old and tired and high end “Tinkerbell sweatshirts for my five year” old type wear.

  • MaggieMae

    I have a fondness for quirky, but this is just unattractive and trying too hard.

  • myandyleigh

    Nay! NAY! A thousand times NAY! I know they’re trying to make an important commentary on our consumer-driven society (or at least that’s what I hope they’re doing) but I cannot sign off on all this tacky crap. My youngest granddaughters, aged 6 and 8, would love those SpongeBob accessories, but there’s no way in hell that I’m going to spend my retirement money to provide them with a SpongeBob purse. NAY!

  • Ann VerWiebe

    I would definitely the Happy Meal purse. And wear the Sponge Bob shoes. They’re kitschy.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Big Ol’ NAY for me.

  • Chuck Barthelme

    McNay. I’m NOT lovin’ it.

  • Aidan B


  • Nice_Shirt

    What the….what? No. Go home, Moschino, you’re drunk.

  • International Model

    True Fact: McDonald’s teaches their employees to salt the fries in the shape of the golden arches. This is what I took from three weeks of glamorous fast food life.

  • Sara Hottman

    What. The. Fuck. Inspired by the Wal-Mart tweens section? Absolutely nay.

  • Monabel

    Coarse and obvious.

  • clatie

    Infantile. No.

  • RedRaven617

    Moschino has a line for Target now?

  • Imasewsure

    Polka dot pumps are always a yes for me as are Sponge Bob purses and accessories. Kind of enjoy the first two McD’s bags too but not the rest.

    A muted YEA – for all the young rich hipster celebs among us anyway… I’d buy the SB wallet for myself though

  • Lex

    Looks like the same crap i buy for my small daughter at Target

  • kategs

    There’s a food court hot dog “restaurant” whose uniforms are these colors. That is the ONLY place where these should be seen.

  • BayTampaBay


  • Sobaika

    One the one hand: I have serious thoughts about a world populated and consumed by the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum being comodofied by Moschino.

    One the other: I kind of want that fries phone case. Also, Spongebob!

  • SarahVN

    I…these are horrifying and awful.

  • Judy_J

    If I was 13, I’d think this stuff was cool. At my actual age, I’d just look silly with these accessories.

  • Deborah Lipp


  • NMMagpie

    All I can think of is: Pop Specs.

  • DominoEstella


  • Jaeda Laurez

    The Mickey D’s items are ugly. But my child would LOVE that Spongebob purse, and I’d probably love those polkadot booties and heels.

  • KES4K

    I cannot think of two cultural icons I hate more, so NAY. Ugh.

  • Laylalola

    It is a really fucking sad commentary on the state of fashion when a designer is essentially copying McDonald’s uniforms — not even using them as inspiration but doing almost literal copying of them — and it’s on the runways.

  • Cee Layton

    Hahahahahaha! No.

  • myristica_fragrans

    i like that impractical drink bag and the last shoes. i think most of this stuff could work with less heavy handed styling.

  • Zeee

    Absolutely not. No. Nope. Nuh-uh. No.

  • Kelly

    Commodification run amok. Well, amoker than usual. A sad commentary on late-stage capitalism. That said, I want the SpongeBob booties.

    • Gatto Nero


  • Julie Chase

    What the shit am I looking at?

  • Anni

    I want that happy meal bag, if only as a throw-back to my childhood and the plastic mcdonalds kitchen play set I was gifted at the tender age of five. (My family always knew i’d go far.) I wouldn’t wear it, just hang it in my closet and bring it out to reminisce about when my kitchen had a play-fryer every so often. Nay to everything else.

  • m3grrl

    All these do is remind me of trademark law. How is that fashion fun?

  • greyhoundgirl

    Beyond McHideous. Cultural references can be fun, sure–but not crass commercialism.

  • quinoista

    I love how this mocks those obsessed with logowear.

  • Lori

    Nay. Making a joke is one thing. Making a joke collection is another.

  • demidaemon

    I kind of weirdly love these, for their shamelessness and wit. YEA!

  • LaSylphide

    Aside from HB-C, who is going to wear these things? Yea for bright colors and silliness. Nay for cheap looking, plasticky junk no normal human would be caught dead wearing (aside from HB-C, of course).

  • GeoDiva

    Just say no.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser


  • majorbedhead

    Wow, I didn’t know it was possible for fashion accessories to offend me on so many levels! Well done, Moschino. You’ve pushed ALL the hate buttons.

  • Evan

    No way in hell. Not unless you’re Katy Perry or you want to spend hundreds of dollars on Spongebob merchandise that you could probably get at Target.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    The accessories were my favorite part of the collection. However, I have carried a coin purse shaped like a hamburger for almost a decade now and even I can’t imagine wearing any of these. I could have done the SpongeBob booties until I saw the shadowed logo in the spots. Too much.

  • Mona_Visa

    Haute couture clown wear? It feels like a joke taken too far. That said, it made me smile, and I think the red quilted McPurse is kinda adorable.

    And it goes without saying that I wouldn’t dare wear any of it unless I was bone thin.

  • Amy D

    hideous… all of it

  • formerlyAnon

    NOT ENOUGH NAYS. All the nays. Oh no. Nothing like being the walking billboard for not one, but TWO commercial enterprises at once. Moschino-Spongebob doesn’t even have the alliteration going for it that the other does.

  • Martin Leon

    The McDonalds inspired ones are too tacky for me. I feel like I’m seeing a joke “McDonald’s fashion” post in Tumblr.
    The Spongebob is ok.

  • Nancer

    Hell to the no.

  • Qitkat

    Haute couture for the day care set.

  • LJCdoc

    Mostly hell no, although I must confess to liking the shoes.

  • ovarB

    Bah dah dup bah bah…I’m hatin’ it.

  • OffToSeeHim

    It’s bad that I want all the shoes, and that Spongebob weekender, right? I know it’s a huge character flaw, possibly indicative of deep emotional turmoil, but I just can’t HELP it! Really it’s just the two pairs of pumps, if that helps – not all the shoes. But the WEEKENDER! Wantwantwantwantwant!!

  • E2_Remote

    “You know what I really want? A $4,000 Spongebob valise,” said no one ever.

  • lalahartma

    Another LOATHE.

  • kittentoes

    When I was 4, my dad made me a “purse” out of an animal cracker box. He cut the string, spliced a longer piece in, put beads on it, and hung it around my neck. So I would have an emergency snack. I always knew my dad was awesome, but I didn’t know he was a top fashion designer.

    • Tracy_Flick

      I want that purse. And to give your dad a hug, because he sounds awesome.

      • kittentoes

        He really is. This collection is not.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    I am a tall, fat, hairy middle-aged gay bear dude. I would rock the fuck out of those glasses.

    • E2_Remote

      Finally, something we can all say YAY to!

  • Kate4queen

    I’m less yay or nay and more WHY???

  • Susan Velazquez

    I feel like these overpriced accessories should be on the Walmart shelves for eight year olds. That being said, I still kinda want that Happy Meal purse just for the kitsch value.

  • judybrowni

    Other than the booties or the yellow heels with spots, this whole line of accessories was designed for four year olds, right?

    And I’ll be able to buy ’em at Target in the kids department, right?

    If not, then NAY NAY NAY.

  • Cindy Bartlett Zigler

    NAY!!!! no way would I go around in accessories that look like they just fell out of girl’s McHappy Meal!! WTF, Moschino?? So not for the real world! Ugghh!

  • JauntyJohn

    Fast food super villain.

  • Noah

    FUCK. THIS. Fuck it hard. Fuck it long. Fuck it to hell. Just fuck it out of my sight.

  • mcbishop

    So, Moschino is licensing McDonald’s and Sponge Bob? How very odd. I wonder who the customer is.

  • seelebrennt


  • altissima

    Yay … For 7 year olds or Miley Cyrus. Otherwise: Nope.

  • Trickytrisha

    Cannot imagine who thought this was a good idea. Dreadful, disgusting, and downright unpleasant. Or cute, darling, and downright adorable if you’re a pre-adolescent.

  • DesertDweller79

    No. Eek. The whole McDonald’s association is cringe worthy. I can almost see some fun in the SpongeBob stuff. But, still no.

  • save_the_hobbit

    I mean some of them are cute in a sort of trendy way…but they all look like stuff you could pick up in the kid’s section of walmart.

  • Bailey Debruynkops


  • crash1212

    I want ALL the Sponge Bob’s. All o dem.

  • trisker

    Hate. Amused by spongebob a little…

  • mrspotts66

    i need the happy meal purse. and maybe the soda purse.
    the rest can go bye-bye.

  • Raymond Dnomyar

    I’d wear them ironically. If they were given to me for free.

  • Sara__B

    Nay for me, but all of you go right ahead.

  • Daisy Buchanan

    The Happy Meal and Soda purses would be fun, but the rest? Blech.

  • MightyMarshal

    I think I like most of this but like I’ve said 100 times over, it lacks refinement or a sense of luxury.

  • JynxTheCat

    2 words: Grow up. Peter Pan thinks these are immature.

  • shazziz

    if you’re either Japanese or under 15 this is acceptable- otherwise get some therapy- ( STYLE therapy that is…)

  • icm

    Think of all the hot fries I could buy for the price of that fughly handbag! And they would come with their own bag with the golden arches on it as well. Clearly for the stupid and rich.

  • guest2visits

    No thanks, I’m a grownup. Happy meals, garish cartoons and clowns rendered in pricey couture? For who?

  • BackseatDriver

    Dotted heels and boots, and the yellow necklace and belt… those are almost subtle. Everything else is bonfire-worthy.

  • crashtestbonnie

    LOVE the french fry phone case! The McD stuff is a lot of fun… I wouldn’t pay the obscene price tags for it, but fashion needs more fun stuff. I was a kid when Happy Meals hit the streets so I might have a bit of nostalgic bias. I have 3 small children so Sponge Bob is my personal nemesis and that part of the line is lost on me. ;p

  • BLauD


  • Judih1

    Infantile clothing, which would be cute at a Forever 21 store at Forever 21 prices. Outside of that PASS

  • Guest

    Fuck no. And that dark haired model is unattractive as well. What the hell? Terrible terrible terrible. Fuck them.

  • Alloy Jane

    I would say yes to that cell phone case if it was Frylock. And yes to the swiss cheese shoes if they had Jerry poking out of one of the holes. As it is, I consider McDonald’s the enemy and Spongebob is too dumb to tolerate for more than moments at a time.

  • Lindylou

    Glad I didn’t waste too much time formulating that McDonalds joke in between seeing the thumbnail and clicking through to the post.

  • Danielle West

    Hell to the nay.

  • unbornfawn

    Cringing my own self. But I know some twenty-somethings who would love this stuff to pieces.

  • somebody blonde

    The sunglasses and the spongebob shoes are pretty fabulous, but I can’t imagine anyone older than Kiernan Shipka really looking anything but stupid with the rest.

  • kerryev

    Respectively about 30 and 12 years too late to be clever but well executed. Except for the yellow striped blouse, which is spot-on hilarious.

  • JulieTy

    Not for a million dollars.

  • mjmiller77

    oh ffs, no. looks like something for a 4 year old.

  • Harry

    Actually love the McDonalds esque pieces, seriously. Yeah it’s too theme, but I know girls who would own them and people would turn their heads in a heart beat and tell them of their bravery. It’s like the hamburger phone in Juno, give it to the right girl (aka the quirky friend we have who doesn’t give a fuq) and I think it would be brilliant. The spongebob stuff though…gagging…..ugh

  • beebee10

    NAY NAY NAAAAYYY. Dollar store rip offs.

  • NinjaCate

    Tacky as FUCK.

  • FridaStaire

    YESSSS! Popped my cork, I couldn’t have a bad day with that coffee cup bag!

  • Sara McDarby

    Total NAY. Silly in not a good way. I can’t say it’s ugly but I can say it looks stupid, and would look really stupid out in the real world. Although Katy Perry did look kind of cute…

  • KT

    I can’t.

  • suzq

    While they’re calls to popular culture to some, to others, it’s a walking advertisement. Why not just load the celebrity up like a NASCAR driver?

  • TheFashioniStyle

    Fun conceptual design, but very hard to wear everyday.

  • mdcoon127

    So very no again.

  • Sabin

    How are they not going to get sued?

  • amanda lynn

    nay. no. seriously?

  • Mags

    It reminds me of every single outfit worn in Absolutely Fabulous…

  • Sara Brams-Miller


  • Pterodactyl111

    What kind of fuckery is this?

  • Mousentrude

    Yuck. Anything that associates itself with McDonalds is a big NO, with a capital NO, underlined in NO-ness. Even as a joke. I like the polka dot shoes though.