Yea or Nay: Miu Miu Fall 2014 “Nuts and Bolts” Shoes

Posted on March 11, 2014

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (0)Miu Miu Fall 2014 Collection

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (8)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (9)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (10)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (11)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (12)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (13)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (14)

Miu-Miu-Fall-2014-Shoes-Accessories-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (15)





[Photo Credit: IMAXtree]

    • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

      um, ship them all to gaga and rhianna and be done with it…..maybe a SWITON or a CATE in there, but not for anyone else.

    • @Biting Panda

      I can’t with the sweaty foot boots!! I don’t like any of them, but those boots are a stank waiting to happen.

      • marlie

        You can tell that they’re already sweaty inside, in just the few minutes that the models have them on. EW.

        • Kristin McNamara

          AND you can tell how poorly/tightly they fit the models’ feet. My sister (who almost cracked her way into the biz a few years ago but had hips that were 1″ too wide. Oh the horror.) once told me that models have to wear whatever size shoe is given to them. (So if you have size 10 feet and you’re supposed to wear 8’s walking down the runway, you shove your damn feet in the 8’s and walk your ass down that runway.) This shocked me a little bit (perhaps naive, I’m not sure) because of all the things to fake fit on… I mean, you can change the size of your belly, your thighs, your butt. These are all possible alterations. But FOOT BONES?! Who can change that?! Make a closed-toe shoe TRANSPARENT and we can all see that these poor girls’ feet are being squished into things they should not be squished!

          • Paigealicious

            I learned that on ANTM. Tyra always said: “Model through the pain!”

      • Sarah

        Yeah, nothing hotter than a fog of moisture inside your shoe for the world to see. Gross.

        • ccinnc

          One of the blue pairs looks like sweat is actually POOLING inside.

          • Sarah

            Nothing like a moist ham smashed in a plastic bag for a foot. So very sexy.

            • Qitkat

              Reminds me of painting a room with vinyl gloves on. On a hot summer day. Pretty soon your gloves are sliding around on your hands. I’d rather get paint on them.

      • schadenfreudelicious

        yup, a steamin pile of stank…

    • Patrick Cleary

      Someone in the fashion industry has a real broken ankle fetish.

    • Evan

      Nay, unless you feel that your shoes need a walker.

    • J-Ko

      I know I’m “nuts” but I’d wear the booties in the rain.

      • AwwwTrouble

        Maybe with socks to avoid seeing the sweaty condensation? (nuts! I see what you did there!)

        • J-Ko

          Socks! Brilliant! Not so nucking futs after all.

      • altalinda

        Don’t wear them in a thunderstorm. These are designed to conduct electricity right to you.

    • marlie

      If it weren’t for the hardware, many of these would be a “yea,” but as-is, they’re all a big fat NAY. Though there’s no way that the clear plastic boots would ever be a yay.

      • tereliz

        Totally agreed. The heel hardware is a little too incongruous next to the satin and brocade. The red pump comes closest to working because of its simplicity in the upper, but if the silver buckle echoed back to the heel I could call it a better design. I get it’s about juxtaposition, but there’s nothing to create unity between the two parts of the shoe.

        And those boots? Not even if the heel was made of real unicorn horn. Sweaty stank foot is not chic.

        • Qitkat

          Fantasy unicorn shoes. I’d like to see that.

        • DTLAFamilies

          I like it with the bare black shoe because it adds interest and the heel isn’t too high, but otherwise, hell no.

          • tereliz

            I like the upper on that one, but the heel reminds me of medical equipment instead of just a door stopper. *shudders*

        • sojourneryouth

          Totally agree. The red pumps are the only ones I would ever consider wearing. The rest are masochistic fem-bot shoes.

          • tereliz

            REAL Stepford wives shoes. ;)

        • kimmeister

          I think the hardware works best with the plastic boots, because at least that way it all has sort of a utilitarian feel to it (to be worn with fun socks of course, not barefoot, ew.)

          Totally agree with you on the incongruousness of the other ones though. Too bad, because some of them are pretty cute up top.

        • Kristin McNamara

          I get “mental patient chained to their own jumpsuit” from the navy blue satin-y one. Something about that sheen next to the bolts, and the white tie on top. Not sure why that reminds me of a jumpsuit but, meh. *shrugs*

      • barbarienne

        I’m the reverse. I hate most of the main shoe parts of the shoes for being too twee, but I’m tickled by the nuts-n-bolts heels. I think this is definitely a question of a person’s individual tastes.

        Also and unfortunately, they’ve put two disparate tastes together, and it isn’t working like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

      • anneland

        Agree. Although my daughter does have some of those clear Docs that she wears colored socks with. It’s cute. BUT she is 13.

    • Lori

      Not just NAY, but oh hell, NAY. The bolts are ugly and the shoes are clearly dangerous and uncomfortable. Plus, you can see the sweat pooling in those ghastly see-through plastic boots. No one wants to have that kind of foot sweat or see it on anyone else, because it’s nasty. I do not even want to think about the smell when you take those things off.

      • Alicia

        Not just oh hell, NAY but FUCK NO.

        • TheAutisticStepmom

          Fuck NAY!

        • Jessica Freeman

          That was my initial reaction and then I scroll down and see this! Love it!

      • E. Sevilla

        omg i cannot unsee the pool of sweat

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      Finally, the perfect footwear for my late night jaunts to Home Depot!

    • Anna

      Huh, who knew that if I just applied myself more in shop class, I could’ve been a footwear designer.


    • Coralie

      The way those clear plastic booties show off your stank foot sweat via condensation is horrendous. Who would want that?

    • MK03

      Well…at least they’re sturdy?

    • Glam Dixie

      Prosthetic heels? Nay

    • Stella Zawistowski

      Between this and the Chanel grocery bags, what’s with all the expensive “ha, nice gimmick” (if you even get “nice” in there) accessories? I just can’t ever see how I would want to shell out a month’s rent on a joke that might be clever ONCE.

      • Little_Olive

        Same here. “Novelty” is not what one looks for when looking for high-end clothes.

    • MilaXX

      As art, I would like these shoes. In real life? NAY! The bots look like the rain boots my nana used to wear, and the shoes are cute in the front but that nail heel looks ugly and painful.

      • SewingSiren

        My granny also had the plastic rain boots, but she most certainly had the good sense to wear them on top of regular shoes. Further more she did not have a big dry wall screw in the heel of it either.

    • nycfan

      Looks like a broken ankle in waiting, no thanks

      And ewwww on the sweaty plastic booties

    • rissa42210

      Absolutely not. The defining element of the shoes are ugly, and any the shoes that feature condensation as a visual are unacceptable.

    • Harry

      Can you guys PLEASE post this collection, it was incredible!

    • appliquer

      Stupid design.

    • International Model

      Too literal – of course these shoes are going to screw up your feet.

      • TheAutisticStepmom


    • filmcricket

      Oh seriously, fuck off, Miu Miu.

      These are great art, but as wearable items? NAY.

    • KinoEye

      Yay! Miu Miu has finally make expensive footwear I can wear in the shower! No more athlete’s foot from the locker room when I’m sporting the see-through blue booties.

      As a former cellist, all I think when I look at some of these heels is that they need a rockstop to keep from slipping around on the floor.

    • sienna elm

      I love the concept of the hardware but the styles should be more in keeping with the industrial look. A few of the slippers here are cute. The plastic boots must be the ‘Nuts’ that go with the bolts.

      • Annistella

        true dat.

    • MishaFoomin

      NAY. If you want to do hardware, then match them with some badass leather shoes. These do not go. And who wants to show off their foot sweat condensation??

    • DKBB

      Nay in every possible way you can say it…those are the ugliest shoes I’ve seen in ages!

    • Sarah

      Just because you CAN make a shoe with nuts and bolts heels, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. HIDDY.

      • Imasewsure

        Agreed! I call that the “Mariah Principle.” Just because you can hit a note, doesn’t mean you should…

    • Tanya Wade

      I’m sorry, but I’m sick of being fucked with by these Single White Female shoes. If anyone is making cute flats or a classic pump, call me. Otherwise, I’ve had it with this fuckery. I am not an Ace Hardware.

      • NurseEllen

        Brava, Tanya! Well said.

    • silvertreese

      Most of them kind of look cool, albeit ouchy. However, the steamy boots freak me right out.

      • E. Sevilla

        thank you! i thought they looked cool too, especially the fourth one. i like otherwise normal-looking shoes with weird heels. with you on the boots too.

      • ampg

        I’m with you – I like the pretty-with-an-edge thing, especially when a designer can do it without totally ruining the line of a shoe (unlike, say, those Lego shoes from a while back). The plastic boots are beyond awful, though.

    • ovarB

      I’m feeling the urge for a tetanus shot. Perhaps it is the proximity of sharp objects angled into the foot. And EWW!! Can you see the condensation in those boots?? Blech.

    • SewingSiren

      I screamed when I saw the steamed up clear plastic rain boots. I screamed again when I typed that.

    • Nancer

      Oh for F–s sake. Why do designers do this, do they think we are lemmings who will follow them over the fashion cliff? These shoes are seriously whack. Some of them had potential until they stuck that fugly heel onto them. Designers, please. Stop. Just stop.

    • ccinnc

      The little red pumps are kinda cute.

    • ballerinawithagun

      The brocades are stunning, but Nay!

    • stubbornthoughts

      Gross and painful, both literally and figuratively.

    • Danielle


    • Stubenville

      The fashion victim who buys the vinyl booties gets exactly what she deserves.

    • TheAutisticStepmom

      Nay! I need a decidedly more badass upper if there’s going to be a creative heel. I like the nuts and bolts, though.

    • Pennymac

      Hell to the Nay!

    • Chickadeep

      Jeeeezus, NO. They’re trolling us.

    • Tess Danesi

      Yay for the runway or as an art project. Nay for any possibility of wearing into the real world. Kind of a shame, since those brocades with kitten heels would be adorable and covetable.

    • NMMagpie

      No. It looks like a stunt.

    • Harry

      I mean maybe they wouldn’t condense if you wore a cool pair of socks underneath??? I mean I don’t think Miu Miu had the thought of these being a daily piece for anyone, or to troll us. They are fashion designers, did you see the collection? There were plastic transparent coats. It was a part of their vision and more power to them for getting it out there. I am sure there are some gals who would covet these shoes. I mean they are ridiculous, but that’s kind of the reason why.

    • Susan Velazquez

      Okay I was prepared to have an open mind but I just can’t get behind those heels. Oh, and those plastic boots are horrendous. It looks like something you’d wear for an ABC party (anything but clothes)

    • Jessica Freeman

      Fuck no.

    • Qitkat

      This confirms it. Shoe designers have officially Run Out Of Ideas.

    • Lauren

      Oh god those plastic boots! That’s a perfect way to walk around in your own sweat all day while simultaneously removing a layer of skin from every inch of your feet. *cringe*

    • ThaliaMenninger

      Hell to the no.

    • NurseEllen

      What an odious combination: techno/steampunk inspired heels and heavy gauge plastic see-through boots, worn barefoot. Odious? I should have said ODIFEROUS. Yuck! NAY!!

    • KayEmWhy

      Why! Hella Nah!

    • Pepper Pan

      Someone mixed the materials list with the hardware store shopping list…

    • TheLaurenJean

      Why couldn’t they have put this heel on a pair of kick ass boots, instead of these monstrosities?

    • Blair Sylvester

      some of these kind of work but I dont like the ankle boots or the naked shoes.

    • Capt. Renault

      “Listen to me, lady. I got your foot in a f*ckin’ vise. I’ll squash your foot like a f*ckin’ grapefruit if you don’t give me a name. Don’t make me have to do this, please. Don’t make me be a bad guy, come on.”

    • MW

      um, NAY. Also the plastic boots are the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a while.

      • boweryboy

        Right? Especially the second to last photo of the blue boots. You can see how steamy inside they are.

    • deelup

      This is a look for the museum and runway. Not for real life.

    • smayer

      I like the heels. It’s as if you peeled away the leather covering to see the support system inside.

    • MarissaLG

      Even if these all had normal heels they’d ALL get a nay from me.

    • NDC_IPCentral


    • ashtangajunkie

      God-awful, as my mom would say.

    • Coleslaw McGraw

      I love everything about them BUT the weird heel. Also, someone get those shoe models a sandwich. They call all share the one, but they are scary skinny.

    • Gatto Nero

      Miuccia, what’s with all the industrial gee-gaws this season?

    • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

      Nice to see McGyver found a job in Miu Miu.

    • emilyaGoGo

      So, no denying I’m nuts (anyone else use that already?) – but if the heels were put on a basic/clean shoe, I’d love them. Then again, I rely heavily on well-fitting jeans, simple tops, and accessories with funk.
      The funk, however, should NEVER come in the form of sweaty-pedi boots. *gag*

    • Cheryl

      Hah! Well they made me laugh, so there’s that, but to actually wear, no, non, no! The mixture of pretty and hardware isn’t working for me. Now, with a harder, edgier, boot those screw heels might look kind of steam punkish and interesting. The sweat box boots, bring new meaning to cruel shoes.

    • boweryboy

      I like the idea of them, which is usually the case with most of Miu Miu/Prada shoes, but NAY.
      On a related note, I hope you guys post the Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection. It was possibly one of the most staid and low-keyed Miu Miu collections in a long while. There’s still a lot of WTFery, but there’s also a lot of lovely, simple, wearable items as well.

    • Danielle

      I really like the hardware, and I think it’s a good idea. But I don’t think it goes with the the rest of the pretty shoes. Keep the concept consistent. Most of these look like you broke the heel off your favorite shoe, so you went into the garage to see if you could find something to rig up and save it.

    • Imasewsure

      I wish there was something stronger than NAY for these stupid concept shoes… On the plus side though, when your heel gets caught in a grate, you can just go to Home Depot for a new heel

    • Paula Pertile

      They’re a cool conceptual art project. But they don’t expect anyone to actually pay big bucks and WEAR THEM, do they?

    • icm

      Are they screwing with us ,WTF!

    • BobStPaul

      Is there now a prize for which designer can create the ugliest shoes?

    • Zeee

      I kinda like the red pumps. Not sure what i’d wear them with, though. The see-through boots make me want to run away screaming. Can you IMAGINE how they’d look by the end of the day? Not only ugly, but disgusting too.

    • JauntyJohn

      Bitch, please.
      Nay – and criminal charges should be filed for some kind of crimes against humanity for the rotisserie bag booties.

    • unbornfawn

      So many ugly shoes between these and the Prada from the other day.

    • Crystal

      Stupid. Stupid and pointlessly weird.

    • WittyCism

      At Stepford, but the Wives aren’t quite done just yet.

    • Cindy Bartlett Zigler

      The t-strap Mary Jane shoes – I want them ALL! The clear plastic booties on the other hand – nasty! Who wants to see smushed toes and foot sweat!? :-P

    • Laurieandclaire

      Are we being punked by designers this season? Moschino, and Chanel gorcery bags, and these? Really?

    • Kitten Mittons

      I really like the concept. I hate the outcome.
      Totally nuts.

    • Trickytrisha

      Either these designers are bent on showing their utter contempt for their clients and the fashion world at large, or it’s a competition between design houses to see who can come up with the most batshit crazy designs and have fashion peeps ooh and ahh over them – which amounts to the same thing, I guess.

      • Nancer

        I am totally with you on this! Just think of some of the whacked out things we’ve seen lately…. Chanel “Supermarket” bags, Moschino rip-off logo bags (Sponge Bob, anyone?), and those Burberry Prorsum Etsy Bags! Not that I don’t like Etsy, I do, but come on! These are top design houses putting this crap down the runway!

        Ok, thanks, I just had to vent a bit. :]

    • ojosazules

      Yea. Mostly.

    • zob rombie

      A lot of comments are talking functionality which I totally get and if I were reviewing on that it would be a big nay. But it’s a total yay for me in terms of the actual aesthetic, I think a lot of them are really cool designs that use the bolts to an interesting end. I think the subtler use of the hardware tends to work better so more of the misses have more intensely atypical heels. So, yeah I get that they’re probably to be shipped to Solange or someone with the needed quirk to integrate them. But I might try and snag a pair for my drag persona because honey on the right queen that is a shoe to live for.

    • ShaoLinKitten

      The way the plastic is fogging up from foot sweat totally grosses me out. Ugh. Who would want to sport visible foot condensation? GAG.

    • another_laura

      Did anybody see Naomi Campbell on Graham Norton the other night? She was talking about many things, including that she doesn’t do that many runway shows, saying the shoes made it hard. That’s all I can think of looking at these. The shoes make it hard.

    • Heather Galaxy

      Yessss but no to the booties!

    • JynxTheCat

      Screw you! heels – the update Fuck me pump?

    • DominoEstella

      god NO. N.O.

    • Alyssa

      I feel this has already been established…but NAY! Some of them would be really pretty with a normal heel though.

    • Theater Pimp

      The nuts and bolts heels are very cool but the show part looks cheap and the vinyl is a definite NO.

    • MarieLD

      For all those Project Runway contestants that claim they like to mix the hard and the soft. The gritty and the feminine.

    • Angel Ratliff

      Nay, a million times, NAY.

    • Katie

      The shoes are ok. I like the uppers on some. The clear plastic booties? That is a joke right? An inside one or something that I don’t get? Tragedy.

    • Julie Chase

      Nope, I’m already prone to falling down. I don’t need expensive ugly assistance to do so.

    • LJCdoc

      varying degrees of hiddy. Those transparent galoshes are probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and now I have to go boil my eyeballs.

    • Carolyne

      A few seem okay – the ones that only have the heel hardware. But the ones that also have that screw parallel to the ground are pretty hideous.

    • Yosa Addiss

      Love! Send me a pair of pumps with a low heel pronto!

    • conniemd

      Apparently all the designers handbag and shoe departments are on crack this year. It’s like everyone trying so hard to be innovative they’ve arrived at ridiculous. that’s a NFW nay as in No Fucking Way I’d be caught dead in these nightmares.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Fun(ish) to look at, though in the end all I can think of is that childhood right of passage of stepping on a nail and getting a tetanus shot.
      Also, someone will wear these.

    • lalahartma

      Hell no.

    • KT

      It’s actually a cool idea in theory, but I think the execution is coming up short. A lot of these shoes are just plain ugly or basic (or both) to my eyes, and it seems like the nut+bolt infusion is there to make them look more interesting. Sadly, a Home Depot heel isn’t going to make red satin sandals or plastic foot bags suddenly look chic. If the nuts and bolts were applied to more fabulous shoes, we could really have something here. Good start, Miuccia – but back to the drawing board you go!

    • LeelaST

      Did a hardware store go out of business?

    • Den Milano

      Nothing says chic as sweaty feet.

    • vitaminC

      Foot sweat condensation. My goodness.

    • lynnlee

      Ew! Those are awful! They look like your boyfriends smelly dog ate the heels off your favorite pair of shoes and your boyfriend “fixed” them for you.

    • mmebam

      These are nuts! I’m going to bolt…

    • sagecreek

      Not on my floor, you don’t.

    • Miss Ruth

      Downstairs neighbors everywhere are shrieking in horror…

    • Vanessa Reyes

      MacGyver for the House of Miu Miu

    • abishagijh

      And who thinks actually being able to SEE foot sweat is a good thing?

    • Little_Olive

      Fun shoes! So, no.

    • JES

      The primary function now seems to be “Brand Recognition”.

    • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      They’re interesting, but they look painful.

    • Synnae

      The red leather pump yes. The plastic boots never. All the fabric pumps/sandals, wish they came in a normal (kitten/stilletto) heel because I like the fabrics, design and colour.

    • Judy_J

      Nay. They ruined perfectly lovely shoes with that hideous “nuts and bolts” heel. And the plastic booties are just plain ugly. When I was a little girl, my mom had plastic rain booties that she kept folded in a little pouch in her purse. They were more attractive than these offerings.

    • formerlyAnon

      Not to my tastes, so a personal Nay, but I can think of some young ones who’d like some of them – though none of them can afford Miu Miu.

    • The Versatile Chef

      OSHA does not approve of these heels.

    • barbarienne

      I hate most of the shoes, but I rather like the nuts-n-bolts heel design.

    • judybrowni

      Are they fucking kidding?

      Fashion victim alert! Edina Moonson wear!

    • crash1212

      Jesus. I suppose they’re OK for editorial work, but those plastic booties need to have a hole drilled at the toe so all the sweat that collects will have someplace to go. Big old NAY.

    • Maryanne525

      On their own, they’re fascinating. Artistically, quite an interesting combination of the feminine and industrial.

      In a gallery, intriguing. On a foot for everyday wear? Not so much.

    • ellatheingenue


    • Gloriana Reginata

      The only one of these that works in any way is the red satin sandal, which is delicate enough that the raw industrial look of the bolt counts as witty repartee. As for the transparent plastic boots, there should be an Oscar for combining such impracticality with such ugliness.

      • Susan Velazquez

        Agreed. The red sandal is the only one that works

      • boweryboy

        That’s the only one I liked too.

    • DesertDweller79

      Um, wtf? I grew more and more aghast as I scrolled down. NAY.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Oh, hell to the no.

    • poorellensmith

      These are just fugly. Unless you’re Rhianna.

    • GeoDiva

      Those boots are the grossest thing I have ever seen.

    • Sara Brams-Miller

      Nay. My feet hurt looking at them. Blech.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i like the concept, but most of the shoes themselves look like ugly early sxties. and they could have been much more creative with the heel styles.
      you’d better have truly beautiful feet to try the see through boots. that is some stanky style!

    • J. Preposterice

      These shoes manage to somehow be both too pretty for me (they’re quite feminine, and I’m more into an androgynous style most of the time) AND too ugly for me (I love hardware, but this is…not the hardware I would have gone for with the lines of these shoes).

    • Lilyana_F

      Sweaty plastic boots. So very NAY.

    • Nicole Little

      More nay than yea, although the home depot heel looked kinda cool with the kid’s rain jacket material boots.

    • Aidan B

      OK, they’re just fucking with us now, right? Right?

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      NAY. Too one trick gimmicky. It’s a shame, too, because with a different heel a lot of these would be beautiful, which is not a word I typically associate with Miu Miu.

    • peachy

      that’s a big, fat, stinkin’ NEGATIVE from me on the nutbolt heel. damn, some people will just buy any ole thing with a label on it.

    • majorbedhead

      Jesus wept. No.

    • SierraDelta

      I’m always looking for chic ways to carry my tools.

    • Sabin

      So are the supposed to be ironic? Or something…

    • somebody blonde

      Yea on both pairs of red ones and the dark blue booties, nay on everything else. I’d like the nuts and bolts heels more if the rest of the shoes weren’t so delicate and pretty. Sometimes that kind of juxtaposition works, but not in this case.

    • Amykl

      Some Etsy gal is totally going to copy these using “vintage!” 1990s Salvation Army mules and Mod Podge. UPCYCLED!

    • understateddiva

      Yay. I’m not bored, and some of the tamer ones would be quite the conversation piece at work!

    • Ma. Gabriella Dutari

      Nay to boots (specially the transparent plastic ones), yay to everything elseee

    • YoungSally

      Having seen a couple of foot surgeries — these are a little to close to what happens to your foot when it gets rebuilt after a bad fracture. NAY

    • tintashoopa

      Kinda clever,when the shoe part on top is cute!
      I could do without the “watch my feet sweat” boots.

    • MM4321

      yay – yet a new form of torture for women

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      I think the heel is really fun and something I would try…except that the heel does not gel with the rest of any of these shoes.

    • Sara McDarby

      Sadly nay. The shoes are so pretty, but the nuts and bolts look kind of cyborg-y and creepy.

    • quiltrx

      So…I must tell the story for my hopes for these shoes. You see (does anyone else have this?), if I sneak a peek at work, the thumbnails are REALLY weird. Like an extreme closeup of something in the background (they’re normal at home). So I couldn’t see the thumbnail shoe.
      I was SO excited by the name of the line. I was picturing lots metal parts, and some bad-bitch tough-looking shoes.
      You can imagine my disappointment at “adorable Audrey shoe repaired by Tim the Tool Man Taylor.”
      And don’t make me start on those nasty, sweaty boots.

    • FridaStaire

      I love looking at them, and don’t want them. Win-win!

    • save_the_hobbit

      I came up with a very similar idea to this once when I was very, very stoned.

    • R.A.

      Satan has come to life in shoe form.

    • Bradio311

      Hell yeah!

    • Claudia Fernandes

      wtf happens this year with shoes??? i want see shoes i can buy or wear, for god sake

    • anonylind

      Blech. Take an otherwise pretty shoe and then muck it up with spare parts.

    • Deborah Lipp



      Some nice shoes made stupid. Jeez.

    • lesmaha

      Hideous. Nay.

    • kerryev

      The red pumps and the blue satin boots are almost a Yea, but the rest are ill-considered.

      On second thought, I keep scrolling back up to look at the mid-heel brocades. Why do they have to sport such aggressively wrong trim?

    • Ann VerWiebe

      Too gimmicky.

    • kategs

      I love the shoes, the juxtaposition of soft/hard. However, the boots? No.

    • Mousentrude

      Would never wear any of them, but confess I like the shoes. The boots, on the other hand, are downright awful. Sweatiness aside, they still look really cheap and nasty.

    • demidaemon

      NAY. These look like death traps.