Vanity Fair Magazine: “Game of Thrones” Cast

Posted on March 13, 2014

And now your Pretty of the Day: The cast of Game of Thrones being fierce as shit (which is kind of their thing):

“Game of Thrones” stars Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, and Peter Dinklage cover the April 2014 issue of Vanity Fair magazine photographed by Annie Leibovitz.


Season four cannot come fast enough. We’re in a TV drought at the moment.



[Photo Credit: Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair Magazine – Video: Vanity Fair via YouTube]

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  • Laurel

    So you guys didn’t like True Detective either?

    • Tom and Lorenzo


      Actually, we loved it, but it’s over.

      • elizonthelam

        I haven’t watched this season beyond episode 1 since i’m now on the wrong side of the world and NBC’s streaming services are annoying/graduate school has taken up all my time previously used to watch too much TV, but Grimm is lots of fun and might appeal. Pretty sure seasons 1 & 2 are on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

  • another_laura

    Try “The Americans”! And hey, Mad Men and GoT are next month, right? Not too far away. Are you interested in House of Cards? (I watch too much TV)

    • Paigealicious

      I second “The Americans.”

      • unpious

        Thirded. So good. So very, very good. I’ve only had time to watch the first ep of this season, but as soon as I get some clear space I’m catching up.

        • Julie D

          Yes, T&L, please watch and blog the Americans! It’s excellent in so many ways (and a great early 80s period piece). Season 1 is on Amazon streaming and Season 2(going on right now) is in FX On demand.

    • Sarah

      HOC season two knocked my socks off. Highly kickass.

      • MilaXX

        I liked season 2 HOC but was a bit underwhelmed. once it ended. Each ep had many overall WOW moments, but it was too much. I wanted them to lose at some point.

        • Sarah

          I see what you mean but I just saw a particular WOW moment last night that involved the VP and his wife and another guy, if you know what I mean, and I was pretty blown away. Didn’t see THAT coming.

          • MilaXX

            Ah yes, episode 11. Yes that was a wow moment. Like I said there were lots of shockers and wow moments, but reflecting back as a whole it was too much and they sort of canceled each other out.

          • Sobaika

            So, I am a very lazy person and can lose several days wrapped up in a blanket while streaming Netflix. I’ve started taking my iPad to the gym with my so I can at least mosey on a treadmill while getting my fictional character fix.

            Let’s just say that moment almost had me falling off the damn machine.

          • Sarah

            Yeah, my fiancé had already watched it but re-watched for me and he laughed really hard at my eyebrows and how FAR they went up my forehead!

        • FrigidDiva

          I’ve heard that a lot and felt similar the first time I wathced it, but to me season two was sort of like the second act of a three act play, the first act we see him introduced and struggle, the second act he gets what he wants, and the third act, I think he’s going to lose it all. I love binge watching on Netflix, but I hate it too–I sat and watched the whole season 2 in a day and now have to wait another year for the third one. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • marlie


  • kittentoes

    Peter’s hair is fantabulous!

  • Paigealicious

    God, Jon Snow is so BORING. Loving everyone else though!

    • rosie5215

      You know nothing, Paigealicious.

      • Paigealicious

        LOL! I am probably in the minority, but I just do NOT find him that attractive and his acting is wooden. I much prefer Nikolaj.

        • fursa_saida

          Nope, I’m with you. I’m starting to develop a complex where I get annoyed just looking at his eternally-scowling-in-confusion face, which I feel kind of bad about, but there it is.

        • Coolekat

          I love The Hound

        • International Model

          I feel the same way. The only time I liked him was when he is in a scene with Arya or Ygritte.

      • Sarah

        I only read the books and have never seen the show, but I agree. Jon Snow is a kickass character.

        • rosie5215

          To be fair, he is a better character in the books than how he is written on the show. In the books, you get a much better sense of his torn identity; on the show, he can seem overly sulky and petulant.

          • Sarah

            This is actually why I don’t watch the show. I am a die-hard fantasy nerd, and when your standard epic quest w/dragons tends to go soap-opera-esque even in the BOOKS, I don’t really need to see it on screen. I want orc-fighting and magic and total escapism, not human machinations. I get enough of that in real life.

          • rosie5215

            I just started watching the show two weeks ago, and have been enjoying my own mini-marathon ahead of season 4. The show is actually a really good adaptation of the book, with very few missteps. I read one commenter who noted that HBO is basically the editor that George Martin should have had when writing the books. TBH, I’m hoping that HBO can streamline and improve on books 4 & 5, which were IMO not nearly as good as the first three. Never has so little happened in so many pages…

            But, yeah, GOT is definitely more about political maneuvering than magic. But it is definitely entertaining!

          • Sarah

            Yeah, I didn’t really like the books that much for that reason. I SERIOUSLY offended the friend of mine who recommended them by not reading the last couple out of disinterest. She made me a laminated map to follow along, no kidding! It was like I kicked a puppy when I told her they didn’t float my boat. I figure I’d enjoy the show more for the pageantry and visuals, and maybe I’ll watch it sometime (marathon like you!) in the future, but it just isn’t a priority for me.

          • Elizabeth Phillips

            Wish someone would give ME a laminated map to follow along!

          • sagecreek

            I liked the books, but I did skim over some of the peripheral story lines. Much like I did years ago with The Two Towers.

            What? I’m a philistine :)

          • Sobaika

            You’re physically hurting me. I really dug books 4 and 5. Jon Snow got a personality! And the MARTELLS!


          • Jean Beaton Leavitt

            I totally escaped into GRRM’s world and years ago JRRT’s world. I have been searching for more like it and have read some good books since but there is no place like Westeros.

          • Sarah

            I guess I’m a JRRT purist. The first, the best, all others are Johnny-come-latelies, IMO. You could try Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, which is pretty epic stuff, and also very complex and involved.

          • In_Stitches

            Did you finish the wheel of time? Books 6 to…what, 10? were such a slog, but I’ve been reading them since I was 11, so not finishing wasn’t an option. Now there’s a show ripe for HBO.

          • Sarah

            Oh gosh, no. I got to like 7 and just had to much to do. I will finish eventually though – I do care, but jeez those books are long 😉

          • In_Stitches

            I’d say wikipedia up to the last three and pick up from there. Hell, taking the time to read the wiki’s on them’ll be hours…

          • Alicia

            I read the first Wheel of Time and gave up. I assume they improved, but that first one was just throwing all the tropes at the wall and not even bothering to play around with any of them!

      • International Model

        Ygritte is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Nicholas

      Having to give voice to Jon Snow is a pretty thankless acting gig, I reckon. Snow’s great in writing, but I imagine he’s a bit of a dope, when you have to do a live-action version.

    • Elvira

      Are you happy now?!

      • Paigealicious


  • Glammie

    I’ll just take Nikolaj and tuck him over here by the couch. He’s tall, cute, has a golden hand, what’s not to like?

  • rosie5215

    One of the few book adaptations that enhances rather than degrades the source material.

    Also, the young actors on this show are incredible, Arya and Bran in particular. Charles Dance and Maisie Williams’ scenes are brilliant.

    • Sam Smith

      Arya is my favorite, in the books too.

  • hughman

    It’s refreshing to see a dragon really work color in a mag spread.

    • Heron

      Especially next to that slab of wood Jorah.

    • Lucía Gavello

      Forget the spread! I want to read that Alan Cummings interview BY LIZA MINELLI. Those are dragons right there and we KNOW they can work color!

      • Danielle

        Took the words right out of my mouth!

  • jilly_d

    To quote Donna Meagle, “Everyone on that show can GET IT.” SOOOO much fine for one cover.

    • anneland

      Yeah, I’d give it up for any of that. Looking at you, too, Tyrian.

      • jilly_d


  • majorbedhead

    So, I just started watching this show the other night, and I get it now. Holy shit. It’s awesome. I don’t quite get what the hell is going on yet, but lots of sexy sexy stuff and weirdness and those white walker things and I’m kind of hooked now.

    • Jessica Freeman

      Yea, this isn’t my typical genre of TV show but after much coaxing from a few friends and finding out it was TLo approved, I figured I’d try it and am so very glad I did.

    • bookish

      The first season makes a lot more sense on second watching.

  • International Model

    Waiting for Gendry’s Torso to get a spread.

    • Skulldugg

      I would buy multiple copies.

    • prisma

      I was ENRAGED that during the sex scene between Melisandre and Gendry they showed every last bit of Melisandre and we didn’t even get the slightest glimpse of Gendry peen, even though she had just climbed off of him. ENRAGED. Although someone at another board that I read commented that ye olde bikini waxer must have been busy back in Westeros.

      • Skulldugg

        “The King’s Landing Strip,” I believe it’s called.

        I’m very irritated at the lack of full frontal male nudity on the show. Season 3 added brothel scenes that weren’t in the books, with the required nudity, but we can’t get more naked men? A little more equality would be appreciated.

        • Coolekat

          A nice shot of Daario Naharis would be a great start to the season.

        • jilly_d

          RIGHT?? I think way back in season 1, we got a quick full frontal on Theon, one of the most disgusting characters in the story. Where is the Jon Snow sausage? The Jaime jerky? The Daario dangle? And I’m stealing the phrase “Gendry peen” from prisma. I need to find a way to work that into my daily lexicon.

          • prisma

            I’m glad I could contribute to the greater good today!

            Seriously, I think the only full frontal we saw this season was from Hodor. HODOR. No words.

          • Aidan B


        • sleah_in_norcal

          we can always hope that the horselord comes back from the dead.

        • Aidan B

          I would have loved to see a little more Khal Drogo. Good God, Jason whatshisface is fine.

      • International Model

        Thinking about it logically, Littlefinger probably owns a chain of them.

        …and I had the same rage. The plot line that I follow the most closely is Gendry’s struggles with keeping his clothes on.

  • MilaXX

    I’m excited for the show to return as well.

  • cabins8

    But where is Margaery??

  • fursa_saida

    I dunno if you actually want a suggestion, but I’ve been informed that a lot of what’s great about True Detective is also what’s great about Hannibal, so there’s that.

  • a_liking

    when did the Lannisters become redheads? what? Dany’s gown is gorgeous, though.

    • gabbilevy

      I think they’ve been Leibovitzed.

  • Bridget Smith


    I don’t get HBO, so I’m a few seasons behind of Game of Thrones, plus I’ve read the books so I can keep up with the cultural conversation without watching. But I’ve been itching for Hannibal for MONTHS. I highly, highly recommend it, if you can stand horror. There’s a lot of horror, both physical and psychological. But it’s so gorgeous and so fascinating and so well-acted. Season 1 is on Amazon Prime, and you’ll want to get caught up, but we’re only two episodes into season 2 so far.

    • Supernumerary

      Not to mention that Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal is impeccably dressed.

      • Bridget Smith

        Oh my GOD yes. THOSE SUITS. THAT OFFICE.

        • Supernumerary

          Yesterday Gillian Anderson did a Reddit ‘ask me anything’ thread. Someone asked her what Mads smelled like. Her response: ‘Tweed.’

          It kind of adds to the whole Hannibal mystique. (And Anderson’s character also has an excellent wardrobe!)

  • berkeleygirl

    You clearly are not watching The Americans – one of the best shows to arrive in long, long time. Spot-on production detail, great writing, and inspired performances… After Tatiana Maslany, Keri Russell is far and away the finest actress on television.

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      Yes we are. Bored now.

  • In_Stitches

    If you haven’t seen Orphan Black, I can’t recommend it enough (now free, on Amazon Instant! (as I’ve said about 12 times in the past week)). A realistic take on sci-fi that focuses more on the human element, with action, mystery and comedic elements woven throughout each episode, it’s a real treat. The acting is pretty top notch as well.

  • Tanya Wade

    I want to know why Nikolaj is wearing regular street clothes, but that’s a quibble. I think we’d all like to see him out of them, anyway.

    • bookish

      That short hair is really throwing me off…he looks completely modern.

  • Sam Smith

    I feel like I’ve been reading GOT for six months. I read books 1-5 after seeing the HBO show and then I just read them again since I missed so much the first time around. I am ready for the show now.

  • Jessica Freeman

    I’m still on season 1 via netflix DVD, but I love this show so much. It’s pretty impressive how, with such a large cast, it’s still a very very good one.

  • Aidan B

    I binge-watched all three seasons in less than a month and am not sure if I should be proud oft his or not. However, I can now join the ranks of the other hordes of obsessed viewers. Can’t WAIT for season 4!! Not sure if I want to start on the books, though. What do we think, kittens?
    Also, the photos are pretty great, but since when is Circei a redhead?

    • Sofia Lopez Garcia

      The books are AMAZING. I have read all five and cannot wait for book six. However, the next few season of GoT will deviate quite a bit from the books, I have heard. But still, fantastic reading. I highly recommend them.

  • AnaRoW

    How can you be in a TV drought when Justified is airing right now? If you need to fix that, the first 3 seasons are streaming on Amazon Prime.

  • Judy_S

    Oh, the music on the video got me drooling for the season to start.

  • Laylalola

    The guy who plays Jamie Lannister has been kind of overshadowed by all the huge personalities in both the fiction and real life but he sure is attractive on that cover. (Sometimes he’s almost too good looking — I’ve actually wondered before whether he was the model the animators of Shrek based their evil Prince Charming-type guy on.)

    • bookish

      Yes, during the first season he looked exactly like the Shrek character.

  • judybrowni

    Where’s Arya?

  • Angela Lehmann

    I always think “Mockingjay” when I see Littlefinger’s pin.

  • E. Sevilla

    HAHAHA OMG @ that post-processing. you work that bankruptcy, annie leibovitz!

  • omg_dora

    They didn’t even have to name the photographer. Awkwardly posed people badly photoshopped onto a cheesy beach = Annie Leibovitz.

  • gefeylich

    Kit Harrington is such a boring lox. The rest look appropriately intense, including Headey, whom I loathe.

  • samo_samo

    Peter Dinklage!

  • Melissa

    Do you guys watch Hannibal? It’s gorgeous and getting me through my own TV slump alongside Vikings.