“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Beijing Photocall

Posted on March 25, 2014

Apparently, all three of these stars stopped by this photocall briefly, as they all had other events to attend.


Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans attend a press conference for their new movie “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” in Beijing, China. Samuel L. Jackson is wearing Giorgio Armani. Scarlett Johansson is wearing an Antonio Berardi dress paired with Christian Louboutin shoes and Tesiro jewelry. Chris Evans is wearing a Gucci sweater paired with Rag & Bone pants and Frye shoes.

Scarlett has a cocktail party she simply must dash off to; Chris will be attending the birthday party of a friend’s child, and Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t have time for your motherfucking questions about where he’s going from here.

Pregnant lady in a peplum. You gotta respect. Also: Chris fills out sweaters nicely, but who finds that surprising?


[Photo Credit: ImagineChina/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES]

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  • crash1212

    Scarlett looks great and Samuel L. Jackson can do no wrong. As for the other guy….eh.

  • Sarah

    Wow. She looks amazing! Samuel L. is doing an incredible Smurf impression.

  • @Biting Panda

    Maybe it’s a China thing? Maybe dressy casual is all the rage? Maybe they are just slackers who flew *around the world* to be slack. I don’t fuckin’ know.

  • I like Chris Evans’ shoes, and he continues to fight the good fight on hem length.

    • Lucía Gavello

      And I must tip my imaginary hat to that grooming, he’s never moved my ladypants but that’s objectively a great beard-hair-sunglasses combo.

  • MilaXX

    I think they all look pretty good even if they are going to different events. Bonus points for Chris putting some sunglasses on to hide his resting bitch face.

  • Capt. Renault

    I’m developing a theory that Chris accidentally grabbed a hot iron with his hands once, and that’s why we never see them. It’s all CGI’ed out for the movies.

  • bunnybstuff

    I dunno, I think Chris fills out the sweater a little too much. The top and bottom halves look like two different bodies.

    • CupcakeTrudy

      My husband is shaped like that. Looong arms and torso, incredibly wide shoulders, small waist, narrow hips, short legs. Shaped just like his pet bulldog.
      Its impossible to find clothes that are neither about to burst a seam nor in need of significant alterations. And yet, he rarely sees a tailor.

      • bunnybstuff

        I should say, my comment wasn’t meant as a body snark – I would be perfectly happy if my husband had that body! I just think the tightness of the sweater makes him look odd. Chris looks great in a suit, to me. And I feel your pain about husbands and ill-fitting clothes…

        • CupcakeTrudy

          Your comment didn’t come across as body snarking at all! And it IS an unusual body, truth be told!

    • kimmeister

      I think the disproportion would have been mitigated by wearing the dark color on top with a lighter color in the pants.

      • fursa_saida

        Yup, the pants are disappearing into the backdrop.

    • kirkyo

      He really does have superhero arms now. No CGI or suit padding required.

      • eandh99

        he has to look like that – Avengers 2 filming has already started, Jeremy Renner is in Italy, they start Scarlet’s scenes next week.

    • what not

      I’d have gone with a different sweater: He looks literally inflated around the shoulder/upper arm area.

  • vitaminC

    Mmmmm, sweater meat.

    • demidaemon


    • SportifLateBoomer

      DELICIOUS. Want.

  • Anna

    LOL, I have no idea what Samuel L. Jackson is wearing, but it’s kind of awesome. The colour looks great.

    And these are the best outfits I’ve seen on Chris and Scarlett during this poledance.

    • demidaemon

      Sad but true.

  • Gatto Nero

    I hate peplums, but she makes a good case for them here.

    • Coleen

      I agree. I am very rarely a peplum fan, but this look is great.

  • RussellH88

    I am so glad Samuel L. Jackson is immortal because I’d be so upset if he left this world.

  • B_C_J

    Scarlett looks fresh faced & lovely & appropriate for a daytime movie related events
    Chris Evans looks a tad too casual but there is no denying he looks polished .
    Samuel Jackson looks like he is wearing a track suit & a chef’s hat. I admire this man’s talent but this outfit is inappropriate.

    • marlie

      At least it’s not “white t-shirt and ratty jeans”-casual. Hm. Maybe I just have slightly lower expectations for our guystars.

      • demidaemon

        After Johnny Depp yesterday, it’s pretty impossible not to.

  • M_E_S

    I find it difficult to be critical of Chris Evans, like, at all. *Sigh*. I’ll be in my bunk.

    • Nancer


  • WendyD

    Excuse the bad meme, but Chris’ sweater is made of boyfriend material. mmmm snuggly.

    • random_poster

      Nothing bad about that!

  • Kent Roby

    Please tell me where Chris’ friend’s child’s birthday party is being held; I’ll take him a Captain America doll while I play with the real thing.

  • Bridget Smith

    I really love Scarlett’s makeup. It’s very, “Isn’t my face just GREAT?”

  • Jessica Freeman

    I think this is the best Scarlett and Chris have looked during the pole dance. Samuel L. Jackson gets a pass because he’s mutha fucking Samuel L. Jackson.

    • Shawn EH

      For real.

  • wisdomy

    Chris Evans looks like he’s wearing George Michael’s Adam muscle suit.

  • SewSophie

    Chris Evans looks more comfortable here than he has at any other event that he had to wear a suit.

    • Frank_821

      oh so true. He’s like that guy who’s more of a nice goofball next door who can relax and be more personable in a situation like this

    • FrigidDiva

      I think the sunglasses help tremendously. Maybe he should just pull a Michael Kors and wear them all the time.

      • Faerie Nuff

        I think you’re right. He always looks like he’s squinting directly into the Sun at most red carpets. I bet his eyes are as sensitive as mine. Sunglasses would probably help.

  • decormaven

    You’re right- most relaxed, and at ease looks for all of them. Her dress works, he’s cute in a sweater, and Mr. Jackson is himself. Always!

  • TropiCarla

    ScarJo looks like she could be Kerry Washington’s sister in that 3rd shot.

  • Catiline

    Scarlett looks fantastic. Super fresh and pretty.

    Evans is a little underdressed, but he looks neat and trim, and seems to match the casualness level of the other two. And I like his shoes. Sam Jackson gets a pass because a) he’s Sam Jackson and b) I like that color suit.

  • The older he gets the more entertaining I find Samuel L. Jackson with his take no bullshit attitude and dated wardrobe (Hello, the ’90s called. They want all the clothes back. All the clothes – especially the hat).

  • She looks fantastic, pregnant or not, but she gets bonus points for looking that good while she’s growing an energy-sucking vampire (said with love).

  • Call me Bee

    For some reason Chris Evans has douchbag written all over him.

    • CT14

      It’s that smarmy douche “smile” he has on the red carpet.

  • KinoEye

    AHahahahahahah, “Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t have time for your motherfucking questions about where he’s going from here.” Truly. The man has gotten to the point where he doesn’t give a flying f*ck about what anyone thinks. But I don’t think he had far to go — if I remember right, he kidnapped a mayor or some sort of politician when he was with the Black Panthers. Love that second picture from the bottom where he’s pointing out something super interesting to Chris and Scarlett.

    My first thought on Scarlett: “Honey, you’re pregnant. If there was ever a time to take a break from 4-inch, platform heels, now is the time.” Her head looks the best I’ve seen it in ages.

    Chris is about to burst out of that sweater. No complaints here.

    • demidaemon

      On that Sam Jackson story: What? Really?

      • KinoEye

        I double-checked; it wasn’t a Mayor, but a college board of trustees. “In 1969, Jackson and several other students held members of the Morehouse College board of trustees (including a nearby Martin Luther King, Sr.) hostage on the campus, demanding reform in the school’s curriculum and governance. The college eventually agreed to change its policy, but Jackson was charged with and eventually convicted of unlawful confinement, a second-degree felony.”

        ETA: And excuse me — he wasn’t a Black Panther, just affiliated with the Black Power movement. He was also an usher at MLK’s funeral.

        • demidaemon

          WOW. Somehow, that made him infinitely cooler, and I much prefer the college trustees one, for obvious reasons.

          • KinoEye

            No kidding. There are times where I wish I could hold the local school district hostage when they won’t give me information. Or are just generally frustrating.

          • demidaemon

            Same here, except for me it’s the deans at my school.

  • jw_ny

    Hot damn…Chris looks fine here. I’ve got a bit of a pet peeve for V neck tees under V neck sweaters. Typically I’d suggest a round collar on the tee, but in this case, I suggest he just take the tee off and let his muscles (& nips) shine under that tight sweater. I don’t care how douchey it’d look. 😉

    eta…oh, there are others in these pics?

    • Jacob Bowen

      That’s funny, cause I have a pet peeve for round collars under a V neck sweater, I don’t like being able to see an undershirt.

      • jw_ny

        I don’t like a visible undershirt either. I was assuming Chris’ is a tee though, not an undershirt, but, now that you mention it, it likely is an undershirt. I make sure my tee is a color though so there is no confusion. Either way…I don’t like his being visible. 🙂

  • SusiePamudji

    These pictures of the three of them together are so delightful to me. They’re mismatched, but each look good in their chosen outfit. I can’t hate.

  • Frank_821

    Oh Samuel L Jackson has gotten to that point of not giving a flying fuck. He got to that point a while ago. I still like him as an actor but I was always annoyed when he berated the NY Times critic on twitter for not falling all over himself over the first Avengers film. And then when the film gross 2 billion he got cocky and acted justified for attacking someone for simply doing their job

    • Rand Ortega

      When reporters can’t tell the difference between him & Lawrence Fishbourne, can you blame him for not giving a flying fuck?

  • Jaeda Laurez

    Captain America comes out on my birthday and I can’t think of a better present than Chris Evan’s shoulders. Scarlett looks super cute here. Sam L looks exactly like himself, which is neither compliment nor condemnation. He simply is.

  • Vanessa Reyes

    Chris looks a little hunched or is it because his shoulders are so sloped. I just think he would look better if he pushed his shoulders back a bit.

    • kimmeister

      “Shoulders back, tits out” applies to men and women alike!

  • Beardslee

    I always think women look slightly ridiculous in contrast to men at these things. Men get to wear sleeves and dress for the weather. The woman is always in tottery heels and a sleeveless dress.

    • AnaRoW

      I’m not sure that’s a rule but I agree it does seem to happen a lot.

  • Nancer

    I could totally snuggle into Chris Evans in that sweater. Oh, who am I kidding? He doesn’t need the sweater!

  • Danielle

    Pregnant in peplum, mere mortals stood no chance.

  • Joanna

    She looks exhausted lately. Not that I blame her.

  • I need to find that friend’s child’s party.

  • Kirstin McAulay

    Wow, wonder when Chris E is due on the Avengers set cos they are some Captain America type shoulders there… this is NOT a complaint by the way… his shoulder/waist/hip ratio is amazing! Full credit for looking comfortable when his anxiety means he should probably be on meds (cough*xanax*cough)

    Scarlett looks good, the peplum is doing fabulous things for her and Mr Jackson is Mr Jackson… cannot WAIT for this film!

  • Glam Dixie

    Samuel L Jackson looks like he showed up in his jammies, and I don’t care if he has time for me, he looks silly. ScarJo and Chris both look pretty good. I’m glad he opted for sunglasses.

  • Little_Olive

    Samuel is on his way to assist an apendectomy. On the Enterprise.

    • demidaemon

      At least it will be quick.

    • MsMajestyk

      Or the new chef in 10 Forward. Guinan’s new bistro.

      • Little_Olive

        Good one! I’d had problems with the hat.

  • Shawn EH

    I love Chris’s slacks and boots, he looks much hipper than his recent spate of stuffy suits! Samuel is not about to be questioned about his fashion; his common theme is usually quite simple: he likes blue.

  • julnyes

    I think they are all doing quite nicely in their individual wheelhouses.

  • gloriana232

    ScarJo looks GREAT.

    As for Evans, I feel like guys who have torsos like that might want to go with a pattern or at least some texture … he obviously has an excellent body, but his entire upper half looks like a muscley beige blob.

  • mjude

    TLO says….”Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t have time for your motherfucking questions about where he’s going from here.” LMFAO!!!!!!!

  • kipper

    Going out on a limb here and guessing that none of your gay male readers will have a problem with what Chris Evans is wearing…..

  • Imasewsure

    Good for Samuel L. for not giving an F and all (but he looks really stupid and I am soooo tired of this look on him).
    I’ll be attending that b-day party with Chris just to look at his pecks through the cashmere (and for the cake of course)

  • VicD

    I think they look fine … SLJ for the win though!

  • FrigidDiva

    Can’t wait for this movie to come out, it’s the perfect date night movie for me and the hubby. He gets to stare at Scar Jo in black spandex and I get to sigh over Chris Evans’ amazing upper torso as it’s clad in his Cpt. America costume. He really does fill out that sweater exceptionally well.

  • marlie

    LURVE Chris in a sweater. That is all.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    Yes, that sweater is nicely packed.

  • KendraMR

    If Chris attended the birthday party of my friend’s son this past weekend, I would have actually showed up and been the first one there. Damn, he can fill out a sweater!

  • Pennymac

    “Scarlett has a cocktail party she simply must dash off to; Chris will be attending the birthday party of a friend’s child, and Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t have time for your motherfucking questions about where he’s going from here.”

    Bowing down, TLo. You guys are spot on!

  • ScarlettHarlot

    That sweater makes Chris Evans look like he’s a foam figurine or something. I think it’s the color, it would probably be fine with a pattern.

  • demidaemon

    Chris Evans—WOOF. That is all.

  • CT14

    I now find myself searching Chris pictures to see if he always looks smarmy. He’s almost relaxed in the last shot.

  • Clash D

    Compared to the tassle-tits dress and the overstuffed red thing she’s worn several posts back, this is practically a WERQ for ScarJo. I have no idea where Samuel L. Jackson is going but he looks good here too.

  • Jecca2244

    lol at the friend’s child’s party. so true.

  • Rand Ortega

    I love what Samuel L. is kickin’. Especially the suede shoes. He looks cool, sporty & stylish. That’s his look.
    Chris could’ve turned up the style volume to 8 instead of the 6.5 he’s doing. He’s getting by on bod alone.
    ScarJo looks delicious. But is peplum STILL a thing? I thought it had gone away by now.

  • Ashleigh

    Chris, it’s MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!! and that sweater looks amazing on you!

  • Sofia

    samuel is good at what he does onscreen, however typecast he may be. but this outfit is kind of silly. his body is obviously in good shape, i would have loved to see him in a beautifully tailored slim suit here. WITHOUT THE HAT.

  • Trickytrisha

    Lawrence Fishb…. oops, I mean Samuel L. Is soo freaking cool. Miss Scarlett is looking great. That other guy is kinda cute.

  • fananafanafophalec

    anyone who can wear louboutins and a peplum while pregnant deserves MAJOR props in my book

  • Jesse T Szynal

    Collected Threads has a fix for Chris’ and jw_nw’s issues with undershirts. Just sayin..

  • Patrick Cleary

    Samuel L. Jackson looks like a tube of Crest, but somehow, it’s working?

  • That is my fave Scarlett look this week. She should be wearing peplums. She isn’t even 30.

  • Elizabeth Szubert

    Chris Evans needs to shave and then we’ll talk on if we’ll keep him. He’s one of the few celebs I like that cannot do facial hair well. Both he and Jeremy Renner both need to learn that clean shaven is better for them.

  • Pablo

    I need that black widow movie to happen!

  • I love this post!! I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through. And yeah, I don’t really know what’s going on with Chris Evan’s shoulders.