Anna Chlumsky in BCBG Max Azria at the “Veep” Season 3 Premiere

Posted on March 25, 2014

Filthy dresses! All the rage this spring! For that “prom queen battling zombies” realness!


Anna-Chlumsky-Veep-Season-3-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Anna Chlumsky attends HBO’s ‘Veep’ 3rd Season Premiere in Hollywood, California in a BCBG Max Azria dress.

Anna-Chlumsky-Veep-Season-3-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Anna-Chlumsky-Veep-Season-3-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Anna-Chlumsky-Veep-Season-3-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Anna-Chlumsky-Veep-Season-3-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)


We get “tea-stained” as an aesthetic. You know; old-fashioned, shabby chic, daintily deshabille; that sort of thing. It’s not our bag, but we get it. This? This is “pot of coffee-stained.”  Don’t get it at ALL. We try to not overuse this word but this dress is just plain ugly.




[Photo Credit: Peter West/ACE/]

    • Hallie


    • Boop

      I admire the style, but it’s not working here. The make up is really bad too. Anna is so lovely but the light is not hitting her features well.

      • kimmeister

        That is not photography makeup for sure. Poor thing looks like a zombie.

        • demidaemon

          I was going to say homeless vampire, but that’s pretty much the same thing, right?

    • KT

      Yeah, none of this is working for me. And that is some seriously sad DIY makeup.

      • Vaniljekjeks

        Yeah as bad as the dress is, the makeup is even worse. The lack of blending and wrong shade of concealer is doing really weird things to her face.

    • Constant Reader

      I like the idea of the dress. I even think I like the main fabric. The main problem is that the underdress is two colors and the taupe color of the bottom half is making the whole thing look dirty. Not to mention it’s just short enough to look like it shrunk in the wash when the attempt was made to get the coffee out. Bag and earrings don’t go at all and she deserves better makeup.

      • ballerinawithagun

        The main fabric is one those I have to pull myself away from at the Fabric Shows. So lovely in the sample and then you make it up….

        • Constant Reader

          You’re probably right. I’m a newbie seamstress so I bow to your greater wisdom. :)

    • KinoEye

      Her arm is freaking me out in that last shot. It’s mostly the angle the picture is taken from, but I’m pretty sure arms aren’t supposed to bend that way.

      • schadenfreudelicious

        It makes it look like her head is on backward..

        • Rhonda Shore

          It does! This dress is ugly in a whole variety of ways and it’s not just about the color.

        • demidaemon

          How appropriate. She embodying The Exorcist, one of which is desparately needed for this dress.

      • ballerinawithagun

        Isn’t that odd???

    • schadenfreudelicious

      Can we please end this consumptive/conjunctivitis eye makeup trend immediately… it looks good on exactly no one…

    • Sarah

      The lining is all rucked up which doesn’t help either. If the skirt was fully lined, the top was laying smooth, and the brown-ness was gone (i.e. blue & white) I could be okay with it – for a kid’s Easter dress.

    • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      Her eye makeup isn’t helping matters. Zombie prom princess, circa 1978.

      • PastryGoddess

        Someone told her that color would bring out her eyes. They neglected to instruct her on how to apply it

      • Wendi126

        Yes- i was thinking zombie Stepford 1975 bridesmaid with her head facing the wrong way.

    • NMMagpie

      That clutch is amazing.

      • demidaemon

        I bow to your ability to see something positive.

    • Lori

      Aside from the fact that it looks dirty, the length of the underskirt vs the overlay is also really weird. As others have said, the make-up is also bad and the purse makes no sense with the dress. Head to toe just not good.

    • Carleenml

      yabbut…it’s spring. and she’s not wearing Fall 2014 blue velvet. Kudos.

    • marlie

      I’m not trying to be mean, but this looks very similar to my sister’s 20-something-year-old first-communion dress that my mother recently dug out of the back of a closet. The lace overlay on her dress had this weird grey-ish or brown-ish tinge to it, just like Anna’s dress.

    • hughman

      “My MeeMaw’s dress was white, sure. But after 40 years of her and Grandpa smoking in that house, well…”

      • Imasewsure

        I’m cracking up… “MeeMaw”… :) :)

        • KinoEye

          I had a MeMaw. Apparently that’s a very southern thing, because I don’t hear it much above the Bible/Sun Belt.

    • PastryGoddess

      The most glamourous girl at the Rumspringa

    • mdcoon127

      Disagree – love it and she looks amazeballs in it.

      • Shawn EH

        It’s definitely more chic than some of her previous appearances, and her hair looks good!

        • VicD

          Her hair is freaking FABULOUS.

          • demidaemon

            You guys are all crazy.

            • Shawn EH

              Quite possibly, but blue and brown don’t have to look dirty together. And that last look of hers was so much worse!

      • StarburstLady

        I love it, but that’s because I love the dirty, gothy-baby doll quality of it. Pair it with a crown of dried roses and some deathly pallor.

    • crash1212

      UG. LY. Also, I hate the sheerification of dresses with every fiber of my being…the only thing that makes it worse is when it’s just the last foot of a really ugly dress. This is just awful from tip of head to bottom of sheer. I’m beginning to dislike those faceted clutches, too. Humph. This put me in a bad mood. I need coffee.

    • International Model

      The dress loses the “ugliest thing in these pictures” contest to that backdrop. Anna Chlumsky deserves prettier things around her than this.

    • Alicia

      That’s what you get for having a mortuary cosmetician as your MUA.

    • MilaXX

      Now we’ve gone from sheer over minis to sheer over midi? Nope

    • Darcy H

      Honestly the dress got a pass because I was mesmerized by how bad her makeup job is…

    • elemspbee

      love the contortionist pose in the last pic.

    • decormaven

      What is bugging me is the bodice under the lace overlay. It’s got a wrinkle, which makes me feel she’s wearing a cheap camisole. The whole look is off, including the consumptive eye cosmetics. All the bad trends came to roost here.

    • Ashleigh

      Who’s idea was that ridiculously busy background? NOTHING looks good against bright, ugly paisley – not to mention the goldenrod shag rug?? W T F ?

    • Anathema_Device

      It just looks so cheap. And dirty.

    • lobsterlen

      That dress with that paisley background makes me nauseous.

    • Qitkat

      Does this remind anyone else of a shower curtain duo?

      • Kitten Mittons

        Yes, indeed. And it needs a dose of the scrubbing bubbles.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Worst make up ever…. put this in the archives for the year end round up.

    • Christina

      The person deciding HBO’s step and repeat backgrounds should be fired.

      • demidaemon

        Truly. On par with the last bad one…was it the after Emmys’ party? I forget and yet do not.

    • Kristen

      The make up is horrible. The dress is ugly. Go home and try again tomorrow.

    • MilaXX

      You know what? Take off the sheer, floral overlay and I might like this. Anna does better with non fussy pieces.Then she just needs someone to do her face better.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      And it could have been so pretty!!! That is what is killing me. oy

    • VicD

      I don’t mind this. I guess I just have a soft spot for her – you know, losing her best friend Macaulay Culkin to fatal bee stings at an early age and all. And, her hair is fantastic – so sleek and looks so healthy, and the color appears to be natural. She could do hair product ads. I’d buy whatever she’s selling if my hair could look like that.

    • StillGary

      is it tea stained or just flesh showing through light blue netting?

    • demidaemon

      WTH? It looks like a stained drape over a slip. NO.

    • Dagney

      This is the week I bitch about stylists…I swear…How could anyone in their right mind look at this woman and think a flowery, flowy look is appropriate for her? She has a fierce, Linda Fiorentino-esque face and a statuesque appearance. She needs angles and lines, not froofy.

      • demidaemon

        She may like froofy, though, which may the problem her stylist is having with her. I always blame looks like this 50% on the stylist and 50% on the starlet.

    • snarkykitten

      The top looks like the go-to design for pre-teens in the late 90s. You know, tank top because you want to look kiiiinda sexy but sheer over top because you’re 13

    • prettybigkitty

      Too bad, because if the lining had been more sheer, or white it coulda been a winner.

    • Skippymom1

      I wish the under dress had been full length and the over had brighter blues in it. It isn’t as horrible as tea stained zombie, but I will agree, the make up is not there. I thought she was a lot younger than she was until I saw the *smile* lines around her eyes.

    • Ramon Figueroa

      When did she turn into Kristen Johnston? Doing Night of the Living Dead, that is.

    • Lily

      Who did they hire to do that make-up? The same person who pancaked the stiffs in “My Girl?” Honey, the morgue look went out with the 80s. Try again, please.

    • Gatto Nero

      This looks so dated.
      And that brown eye shadow is not her friend.

    • Beardslee

      My daughter actually tried this dress on during the prom dress shopping ordeal. The nice clerk at BCBG asked to see her in it. The color was great on her and it is not dingy in person but she hated it with a true passion.

    • R. L.

      Terrible makeup. Shelooks like she hasn’t slept in a week.

    • Crystal

      She’s really pretty but I hate this. That makeup is awful.

    • Tracy_Flick

      Man, she looks intense. I’m just going to back slowly away.

    • DuBey2

      No to all of it. Girl that is not your makeup.

    • Danielle

      Lord, no.


      I sorta like it. I can’t help it. I just do.

    • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

      Shiver. No.

    • Morales Mike

      Kristen Johnson’s lil sister.

    • Sam Smith

      Can’t wait for Veep.