Aaron Paul on “Good Morning America”

Posted on March 13, 2014

See? Was that so hard, Aaron?

Aaron Paul promotes his upcoming movie “Need for Speed” on the ‘Good Morning America’ show in Times Square, Manhattan, NYC.

We’re sorry we called you a douchebag the other day, but come on; we had no choice. You showed up at your movie premiere dressed like you were out for a beer run while ladies who attended the same event sported heels and shapewear – because they would have been criticized if they hadn’t. A button-down and a pair of leather shoes was the least you could have done.  You shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that dressing appropriately is only something you need to worry about when you’re on TV. Red carpet pics have a long shelf-life and a massive worldwide audience. Put the minimal effort in.

The suit looks cute. It’s hard to tell when there are no standing shots, but it looks like it might be a skosh too small. And that’s absolutely the wrong footwear for this look. Still; baby steps. Positive reinforcement. Have a cookie.


[Photo Credit: Jose Perez/PacificCoastNews]

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  • MikeW_Vegas

    Totally adorkabke

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    The too short pants and how small he seems overall in proportion to that chair are not doing him any favors…

    • FrigidDiva

      Yeah, I was just going to comment that he looks like a little boy dressed for church in his Sunday best that’s a touch too small because he had a growth spurt. The shoes are hand-me-downs from his older brother.

      • David Kresner

        Yes but that exact look has been a “thing” for at least 5-10 years now. Thank you Thom Browne.

        • d4divine

          At least the Thom Browne looks is neat and clean…Paul looks like he slept in that suit….which is possible considering the ungodly hour stars have to show up for that show

  • @Biting Panda

    i wanna cookie….

    • SierraDelta

      It’s ALWAYS time for a cookie. . .

  • That’s a kick ass suit.

  • TrixieConQueso

    Jesse Pinkman became an actor and is doing the best he can.

  • Imasewsure

    Great suit and the pictures are really cute… He’s redeemed and de-douched for now (even with this cash-grab stinker on his resume)…

  • marlie

    I really like the suit, and I love the shoes, and I don’t necessarily have a problem with them together.

  • Kathy

    Not only has he had a douchectomy, but he looks kinda cuddly here.

  • Mothra

    He seems to have figured out that brown is a nice color on him, but it shouldn’t be his ONLY COLOR. I saw him on Conan last night, also in a brown suit and it looked way too tight. But the shoes were better then.

    • MilaXX

      He wore green tweed on Graham Norton

    • He has been dressed properly on every talk show on every network for the last two weeks. Methinks the outfit he wore to his premiere was a nod to the movie itself and not douchebaggery. Don’t the lady folk often dress thematically for their premieres?

      • No, the ladyfolk don’t necessarily dress thematically for their premieres. They pretty much wear gowns and dresses across the board, regardless of the genre. The only time this comes up is when a man shows up dressed like crap.

        • “The most they will do is try and find a dress that evokes the genre of movie.”

          That’s what I meant.

  • MK03

    This looks more like his style. He looked like he was strong-armed into that outfit from yesterday.

  • carpediva

    Oh, bless this post. I confess the “douche” one cut me real deep, as I love me some Aaron Paul. I had a whole defense of him written in my head before I got over myself.

    (Okay, it was along the lines of: “Despite many WELL-deserved Emmy’s, this boy’s biggest claim to fame thus far is 2nd lead on a basic cable show about meth dealers. Yes, that show was the awe-inspiring Breaking Bad, but as far as why he would do “Speed”: this is top-billing in a DreamWorks film. Not only is that the biggest play and exposure he’s ever gotten, but I’m guessing he prolly didn’t get mega-rich from all that AMC money. Plus he (perhaps naively) strikes me as someone who has zero clue about the whole image thing: I mean, who was he going to learn from? Known fashionista (my beloved) Bryan Cranston?”)

    But the Uncles have taken pity on him, gently schooled him on his mistakes, and given him positive reinforcement on how to move forward. Yes, gods bless us, every one!

    • St. Ace

      I maintain that he was expected to attend that premier in a leather jacket, because that’s what expected from male actors in an action/high speed movie. It’s not Aaron Paul who dresses like a douchebag, it’s his character, but unfortunately it’s his character that needs to make an appearance.

      • I think that’s some very creative reasoning as to why he dressed like shit.

        Sandra Bullock didn’t show up dressed like an astronaut for her premiere. Everyone would have laughed at her if she did.

        • Jacob Bowen

          I think, if I was Sandy, I would have TOTALLY showed up in the spacesuit and then done a drag queen reveal to a beautiful gown on the RC.

        • St. Ace

          But isn’t it also a red carpet truth that male stars are given a different set of expectations? They don’t have to appear as polished as female stars must always look. In fact, female stars who dress the best are the ones who manage to look glamorous while still referencing their character, but male stars only have to reference their character.

          If George Clooney had dressed up like an astronaut, would as many people laugh at him?

          • “But isn’t it also a red carpet truth that male stars are given a different set of expectations?”

            Not here they’re not. We pride ourselves on holding the men up to the standards we hold the women to. Are you arguing that we shouldn’t?

          • St. Ace

            Oh, no! True equality is what T. Lo is about!

            The problem is that outside of this site, there is definitely a double standard that influence how male stars dress. Was wearing a leather jacket to a movie premier a good idea? Of course not. Is it Aaron Paul’s personal choice though? Maybe not.

  • Heather

    Too tight and pants are too short? Odd because I don’t think he’s remotely tall… is this a kid’s suit? (Reminds me of that episode of The Office where Darryl asks Michael if he’s wearing a “lady suit”)!

  • ashtangajunkie

    Cute in a suit, but I especially love the faces he’s making.

  • tereliz

    MUCH better. Love that windowpane plaid on him. Wish the tie was a color.

  • Marie Sea

    I also liked his suit on the Graham Norton Show. I don’t think one casual outfit for a screening to members of a film society is any reason to call douche. I mean it’s not like it was a premier or something.

    • MilaXX

      I don’t think he’s a douche, but he does deserve a slap down for that outfit for the screening. That was a look best kept for when he’s not promoting his first post BB movie role.

      • Marie Sea

        True, he should have just skipped the screening. Most principles don’t attend those things. Even the ones that do the Q&A for them generally just slip in the back door. I’m sure this is part of the reason. Show up in a suit with an audience full of jeans and t-shirts would make him a douche to the attendees. Show up in jeans and a t-shirt makes him a douche to fashion bloggers.

        • MilaXX

          The compromise is a nice pair of jeans and a blazer. He’s been in the game long enough to know better. His costars were in gowns and 6 inch heels. He looked ridiculous.

          • Marie Sea

            That would have been worse. All the men got together and the all wore leather jackets. It was their theme. They talked about it to the press. Emme Rossen has a short dress, not really a gown.

          • There’s nothing wrong with wearing a leather jacket at a screening. But the henley shirt and the sneakers were lazy and douchey.

          • Marie Sea

            T&L totally agree. The douche call, which I don’t agree with, is based on the choice of sneaker/leathers/tshirt and not as Mila is saying the premier/womeningowns douchery. Not really arguing against someone calling douche. We all get our opinions. But don’t’t call it for an imaginary event. Call it for a fashion choice within the parameters of sneaker/leathers/tshirt. I do think that the DJ on the step and repeat for that event gets my douche award.

  • KinoEye

    There’s my cute, put-together Aaron. Attaboy.

  • BeeBeauNYC

    Fantastic suit. I bet he also looks great naked.

  • MilaXX

    Find his Graham Norton picture.He looked really cute there and the pants fit.

  • FrigidDiva

    He’s cute in this suit, but I just can’t with this movie. They’re trying SO HARD to make this moive a thing, but it just feels like a more serious version of The Fast and the Furious–at least that franchise seems to realize it’s own cheese factor.

  • Ashleigh

    I just want him to take it all off…but that’s a whole other website!

  • kt

    When did good posture fall out of fashion? My parents were very strict on it, and as a result, compared to others in photos I look uptight, and yet, his suit wouldn’t be doing that if he were holding his spine straight. (get off my lawn, I’m old)

  • decormaven

    He needs to learn to sit on the hem of his jacket to give him a nice shoulder line.

  • Janet B

    Nice suit!

  • Spicytomato1

    I give him points for effort here even if the execution is kinda ill fitting. He looks like he put this together himself, which in and of itself is cute. Mostly I’m just glad to see him around and not fading into obscurity.

  • kimmeister

    If it’s too small on him, then maybe he can save the cookie for after he changes out of it.

  • SierraDelta

    Wow! Quelle difference! The footwear is stupid, though.

  • JynxTheCat

    Very David Arquette less long face

  • d4divine

    I do not understand that man’s appeal. The fact that he plays a bad ass is hysterical and shows how far removed from reality Breaking Bad was…not a fan of either. On a fashion note, he looks rumpled and uncomfortable.

    • carolclark12

      He didn’t play a bad ass. He played a sensitive, sympathetic, slightly dumber than average guy with no ambition or goals; someone who wanted someone to love him. He was living his life, cooking low quality meth, selling to his friends so he could afford to cook some more. Then, he met Walter White, who became a huge bad ass and thoroughly unsympathetic and unlikeable person.
      As for his appeal, nah, I never got it either. He looks like he’s 14 and weighs 80 pounds. Not appealing in a man, at least to me.
      (Can you tell I really LOVED Breaking Bad? 🙂 )

      • d4divine


  • BitterOldQueen

    Well I think he’s adorable in anything, but he does seem to be showing a propensity for slightly-too-small suits that may become irritating over time. He was on “Graham Norton” in a suit clearly intended for a slightly younger child; there’s this; and he’s done other appearances doing the “growing boy” look. It may get tiresome if he doesn’t find a stylist or tailor soon.

  • Terri Terri

    Most annoying movie title!!!!