Ryan Reynolds and Sienna Miller on the Set of “Mississippi Grind”

Posted on February 04, 2014

Okay, here’s the totally mean thought that popped into our heads when we saw these pictures:

Sienna Miller and Ryan Reynolds seen on the sets of “Mississippi Grind” filming on the Creole Paddlewheeler on the Mississippi River in New Orleans.


“Is it a movie about famous people that no one seems interested in?” Because these two are living examples of hype over results. It’ll be interesting (and possibly hilarious) to see how they market this one to the masses, the majority of whom have said “No, thank you,” to these two plenty of times.

Just to keep this in the realm of style commentary: she looks great as a red head.  It really sets off the bone structure of her face.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews, Katryna/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES]

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  • Karen Belgrad

    Is she wearing a terrycloth straight jacket?

    • sagecreek

      That coat SHOULD be cute. I mean, the asymmetrical zipper, the tabover at the top. But you are right. That coat is not cute. Maybe it’s the color?

      • pepper

        Off colour, too baggy, and you need be really tall to pull off a look lie that. A short, modern hairstyle would also help.

      • Cheryl

        I think it might be the colour. I loved the red bath mat that can’t remember who it was was wearing. It was pretty shapeless too, but I was quite enamoured with it, and thought it was cute.

        • muelonil

          I think the color is definitely a contributor to the not-cuteness…it kind of looks like a dirty bath mat.

        • marlie

          I think the red bath mat was Emma Roberts. I still think it was ugly, but it at least had some personality.

    • random_poster

      I was thinking more bathmat than terrycloth, but yes to straight jacket!

    • YoungSally

      No, bath mat straight jacket.

  • sagecreek

    “Because these two are living examples of hype over results. ”

    Oh, so so true!

    • I can’t even recall if I’ve ever seen a movie with Sienna Miller…I want to say she’s in “Stardust”, but it could be that other British blonde who did that one movie and that one star….

      • sagecreek

        I do feel bad for her, because honestly the only fact I can ever recall was that Jude Law slept with their babysitter. Which is crappy of me, I know.

        • I thought she was the girlfriend after the babysitter? I think his ex-wife’s name is Sadie.

          • sagecreek

            See? I’m 110% Sienna ignorant.

          • … I take that back – she was the girlfriend when he had the affair with the nanny, but the children’s mother is called Sadie. And Sienna was shagging Daniel Craig at the time. Thanks wikipedia.

        • Kent Roby

          AND, Jude was filming in New Orleans during Nanny-gate; I sat next to him at a restaurant back then while he talked with his fellow-Brit dinner mate about Boxing Day.

          • Kent Roby

            Come to think of it, both Miller and Reynolds have already filmed in New Orleans before (separately).

      • Anna

        She was in that dreadful (imo) remake of Alfie. She got the Edie Sedgwick look right for Factory Girl, but that was about it.

      • Sobaika

        I liked her as Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl and Tippi Hedren in that HBO movie. She’s not untalented, her accents are pretty much spot on.

        • Cheryl

          She was darn good, as Tippi Hedren.

        • Sly

          I really liked her as Tippi Hedren, she’s talented, but some roles given to her don’t show that off. And I like Ryan.

      • It is her. That’s the only thing I have seen her in (I think).

      • PlethoraofBooks

        She’s in Stardust as the annoying one that Tristan thought he wanted, She was in Layer Cake too, with Daniel Craig.

      • She was in Casanova, I think? The Heath Ledger one, not the David Tennant. And I thought she was in I’m Not There as the Edie Sedgewick character, but now I’m pretty sure that was Michelle Williams. Oh well.

      • Anne At Large

        She is in fact, and I was surprised how great she was as the awful Victoria (I think that was her name)

        • I thought that playing a self-absorbed pretty girl just wasn’t too much of a stretch.

          • Anne At Large

            A fair point.

      • kimmeister

        I’ve only seen her in Stardust (although I don’t remember her at all) and that silly GI Joe movie.

      • duneboi

        I thought she was brilliant in Factory Girl.

        • I will take you up on that! I just watched the documentary on Candy Darling (Beautiful Darling) and need more…

          • duneboi

            I just saw that doc, too!

      • Myra Amler

        She was in Stardust, the object of Tristan’s desire. Thought Michelle Pfeiffer looked way better than Sienna Miller in the movie.

        • Confession: I love Michelle Pfeiffer. Suzy Diamond. Titania. Stephanie Zinone. Not only does she look flawless, she is endlessly entertaining and underrated for her chops as an actress.

          • Myra Amler

            First thing I ever saw Michelle Pfeiffer in was Ladyhawke. She was simply stunning. You are right about her being underrated as an actress. She performs well across genres.

          • Isabeau!

          • Myra Amler

            Navarre! Now I want to watch it again.

          • “Hawke by day – lady by night. Ladyhawke!” I may do the same.

          • in a pickle

            I had a screaming crush on Rutgar Hauer and ended up, circa Lady Hawk era, running into him, getting into a long conversation, and mortifying myself in front of him. 🙁 LOL

      • She was Victoria in Stardust. Also perfectly cast as the Baroness in G.I. Joe, as the part only required the ability to spectacularly fill out a catsuit.

      • AnneElliot

        She was also in a short-lived British TV series called “Keen Eddie” which I loved but sadly only lasted one season. It’s about a snarky NY cop who gets sent to London, a fish-out-of-water type of show. Sienna plays a spoiled rich girl who is his housemate. I loved the show and thought she was pretty good. Other than that I only remember her from Stardust.

    • sagecreek

      Hey, look, I got a downvote for simply quoting our Unks!

      Someone sure is cranky today.

      • leahpapa

        (Stage whisper: Methinks there is a troll in our midst…)

    • Anna

      I just don’t get why they keep trying to make Sienna Miller happen. I don’t irrationally hate her per se, but I find her highly irritating. It’s not 2004-2006, enough already with her.

  • Imasewsure

    That being said, I do like his outfit – esp. the shoes… and I would not have recognized her with this hair… if I cared more about her career (she has one, right?), I would care… maybe they will make good character actors later in life (yes probably no)

  • Latin Buddy

    I ALWAYS post this when I see this girl but tis’ true…I REALLY started to dislike her BECAUSE she was the reason Grace Coddington’s amazing 1920s work was set aside so that Anna/Mario could give this generic star more pages for an expensive Rome spread that was still subpar to a Parisian inspired 1920s shoot done in NYC (Watch The September Issue)

    • Carleenml

      watch The September Issue just because.

    • KinoEye

      Yes! Saw that doc a few weeks ago and was blown away by Coddington’s work. She’s a genius. Sienna’s photos were lackluster at best, and I will never understand Anna Wintour’s love for her.

    • Evan

      I came away thinking that Grace Coddington is the current brains behind Vogue and that Anna is mostly the face. Or am I not giving Anna enough credit? She must be somewhat smart in order to do good business, but I don’t think she has anywhere near the creativity or sense of style that Grace has. All you need to do is take one look at some of the clothes she wears and you ask yourself, “How is this woman stylish enough to be the head of Vogue and the arbiter of taste?”

  • Glam Dixie

    Hype over results is the nice way of putting it I guess. That there looks like a snoozefest. Imma go feed my baby cows who are cuter and more interesting than these two. I do like her red hair though. Catch y’all in a bit.

    • Lori

      Baby cows!

      • Glam Dixie

        Four of the little devils. They’re so cute and they love their bottles so much, they make me smile.

        • Lori

          I’m pretty much dying from the cute just thinking about it. Definitley more enjoyable than contemplating Reynolds and Miller, the walking yawns.

          • Glam Dixie


  • filmcricket

    She does look good as a redhead, but I would never have recognized her. She looks like ScarJo and Connie Britton had a baby.

    • filmcricket

      Actually, scratch that, do you know who she looks like (and how ironic is this)? Like Sadie Frost.

      • Anna

        I thought Sadie Frost too!

    • kimmeister

      I totally thought she was Anna Kendrick at first.

  • pepper

    He still has a career because he’s a good actor and he’s charming, funny guy. She’s a mediocre actress devoid of personality.

    • RebeccaKW

      I have always found him very funny. The only movie she was in that I can name is…well, identify anyway, is one of the GI Joe movies…the first one, I think? And I haven’t seen it.

      • demidaemon

        Apparently, she was also in Stardust, a movie that I actually love, but totally forgot that she was in, which shows her memorability.

  • kayleymaybe

    Is she wearing a zip-up bath mat?

    • in a pickle

      is there such a thing as a bath math crossed with a straight jacket?

  • Renaton

    Finally a film about gay hook-ups with cellphone apps.

    • Evan

      Love that Scissor Sisters album cover, btw.

  • AnnaleighBelle

    For some reason I can never recognize Sienna Miller. Whenever I see a picture of her I’m like, “who is that?” until I read the caption.

    I actually like Ryan Reynolds. Left over from “Waiting,” I think.

    • Anna

      He was great in Waiting, he’s got some decent comedic chops.

    • @Biting Panda

      That movie. Bless! It was such an accurate portrayal that I’m sure those who never served time in the industry can only assume it’s an exaggeration.
      I’ve been a RR fan since Two Girls, A Guy and a Pizza Place. I think he should come back to TV.

      • tereliz

        LOL, I’m friends with the guy who hocks a loogie in the gravy. I haven’t worked in food service since grad school(and only part time) and I’m so glad I never have to go back to it because that movie is so true to life it’s scary!

    • JasmineAM

      Loved him in Buried. Not a lot of actors can a make an interesting movie that takes place solely in a box.

  • ralish

    It also looks like they really don’t like each other.

  • marlie

    She does look good as a redhead, though now she resembles Noomi Rapace. And that’s a FUGLY coat she’s wearing. He’s cute, but there’s nothing interesting about his look, and generally, he doesn’t really float my boat.

  • Cheryl

    I know there is some contouring going on there, but man she has beautiful cheek bones.

  • crash1212

    Almost didn’t recognize her with the darker hair…I like it. On the other hand, I love her coat. Love. Actually, here entire outfit is way cute. As for him, I find him entirely good looking, but I just don’t care about him and I certainly wouldn’t go see a movie because of him. That sounds mean…but there you have it.

  • KT

    It’s an indie movie, so it’ll likely get a festival run and then possibly a wide release if it’s picked up. Smart direction for these two to go in, since “Big Hollywood Star” hasn’t really worked out for either, as you noted.

    They both look pretty good, though it looks like they’re working on two entirely different sets.

  • Danielle

    That coat offends me.

  • MzzPants

    My opinion is that Ryan Reynolds should’ve stayed on TV. He seemed to shine a little brighter there.

  • Kate Andrews

    Also: American Hustle’s lesser cousin, judging from the title and the star wattage.

  • Shawn EH

    More interested in the crew guy with the elaborate ponytail.

  • MilaXX

    Um, I like her coat. That’s all I got.

  • Pennymac

    Love her coat. Can I just confess that I detest booties? Really, really irrationally hate them, especially with dresses. There. I’ve said it. Whew. I feel so much better already.

    • Lori

      My sister in bootie hatred! Totally not irrational.

  • quiltrx

    See, here’s what popped into my head…so, Ryan just gave the ‘how ya doin’ nod to ponytail guy, who had been leering at Sienna. Then there’s a big thought bubble over Ryan’s head, “I wouldn’t screw her with YOUR dick.”

  • I don’t know. I think she looks kinda terrible. Her hair colour looks like mine did after that tearful episode with a drug store colouring kit. And her makeup looks circa 1985 what with the contouring and brows. Maybe the film is a period piece?

  • Perigee

    This movie could have been titled “Bland and Blander.”

  • Is it a movie about Debbie Gibson? Cause the chick in those pictures looks a lot more like her than Sienna Miller.

  • Yawn.

  • Swiftlytiltingplanet

    Umm…I like her coat?

    • me too! she looks like a high class hooker working the docks in sub zero weather. she has on a bondage suit underneath. he looks like an ordinary slouch.