Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso at “The Monuments Men” UK Premiere

Posted on February 12, 2014

We’re guessing that roughly 25 minutes or so prior to these pictures being taken, they were in their kitchen, in sweats, taking turns eating pasta out of a pot while standing up because neither of them felt like getting a plate, when one of them said, “Oh SHIT. We’re supposed to be at a movie premiere!”

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso attend the UK Premiere of “The Monuments Men” at the Odeon Leicester Square in London.

Just a guess.

Or maybe, since this is London, their plane landed a half hour ago and they got dressed in the limo on the way over. Whatever the explanation, they both look utterly unprepared to be standing on a red carpet.

That’s one cheap-looking dress. Matt, let her have the Gold Card and do a little shopping, mkay?



[Photo Credit: Zak Hussein/]

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  • Danielle

    I HATE that clutch.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      It’s ridiculously long, does she have a baguette in there, a folding pool cue, umbrella?….

      • Jacob Bowen

        ….I would totally carry a baguette in that purse. If it fits, why not?

        • Marise Phillips

          I thought it might be her flute case?

  • Diego!

    Luciana NO! Ese vestido te queda horrible! (I say it in Spanish since she is argentine as I am). Matt, you are all wrinkled. What’s up guys??

    • CPK1

      le queda fatal!

      • Diego!

        Es un espanto y el color es horrendo 😛

        • AnneElliot

          “Espanto” es mi nueva palabra en Espanol para hoy. Muchas gracias!

          • Diego!

            De nada! 😀

    • Lucía Gavello

      Y ese pelo! I think it’s all frizzy because that cheap fabric is staticky… watch out! one spark and the whole thing can go up in flames!

      • Diego!

        El pelo es onda gitana pero le queda horrible. No Luciana, no!

  • Mimi


    • Trent

      What is UP with them? Did he think he had on a short-sleeved shirt under that jacket (and was at some after-work barbecue) and decided to push them up? Was he watching a “Miami Vice” marathon? The hell?

      • Mimi

        One of them is almost up to his elbow and the other is covering his whole wrist, my god.

    • mickiemonkey


  • marlie

    He looks like a “regular dude” at an after-work get-together. And… I don’t know what to say about her. Her dress looks flammable.

    • SugarSnap108

      I hope she made use of its flammability at the end of the night.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        It’s her favorite perfume – Flammability, by Calvin Klein. The spray bottle is cleverly shaped like a fire extinguisher, and the picture on the box has raging flames behind the name.

        • madscntst

          Um, do they sell that at Macy’s?

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            Yes – at Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Saks – wherever fine flammables are sold.

          • kittenwithaquip

            You’re killing me.

            They both look kind of cheap and tacky, but at the moment, the fact that I am wearing a flannel nightgown and had mini-Snickers for breakfast/lunch makes me kind of like that about them. This is my “They’re so cute and unpretentious” moment. I promise not to have any more for at least a week. I need celebrities to show me the life I will never live, not show me how a red carpet would look if my husband and I got invited.

          • Heather

            I like to think that my sweetie and I would look better than this (well, sartorially speaking, anyway) if we were on a red carpet. Not that that will ever happen, but still.

        • TropiCarla

          Umm … I kinda really want that perfume.

        • fursa_saida

          Please tell me the “diffusion line” version is Accelerante. Shaped like a gas can.

    • sojourneryouth

      She never seems to get it right. Luciana is lovely, but always has 2 or 3 things wrong with whatever sartorial and hair/makeup choices she has made. Everything about her look right now is JWoww

      • Erikita

        You are SO right she never seems to get it “just right” clearly she has no stylist – seems to grab whoever is available in the city a premiere is at. He hair is messy, what’s with the silver barette in the back of her ear…hello atleast get a black one to blend in with the hair. Also that clutch should have it’s own twitter account – will the real designer please stand up and claim this ensemble. As for Matt’s sleeve..what a bad wife Luciana is to not tug it down for him but what does she care she is out on almost a week long hiatus from their kids while her mom takes care of them in LA. That is why Jennifer Garner will never be BFF’s with this former barmaid – Jennifer doesn’t need to babysit her hubby at all out of country events, she is very content staying home and being a normal house wife. If you thikn about it, Lucy didn’t strike gold in any of these UK MM premiere outfits…the white Prada dress with burgundy heels…um no, the black Armani dress with the messy side ponytail (failing at imitating Camila Alves very nice recent side ponytail at an award this week) then this wierd lace ensemble with ugly earrings. No, no, no Lucy!!

        • sojourneryouth

          Totally. It’s sad because she is obviously putting in SOME effort, but to no avail. I mean, she clearly tried to find a nice contrasting colored earring to make the outfit more interesting, and totally failed. And that clutch should have it’s own purse version of the Island of Misfit Toys–it’s completely redonkulous. If she actually cares how she looks, and she seems to, why NOT get a stylist if she is always going to events with her husband? Sure isn’t like she can’t afford it. She’s making herself look like a wannabee when she is actually firmly established.

  • @Biting Panda

    Jesus. The shiny McCounaghey Alves condition is catching.

  • nannypoo

    The likelihood of that pasta scenario being true is one of the things I like best about them.

    • @Biting Panda

      I like them too.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        I do like them very much, but I’m just having some fun at how rumpled they look.

        • Wendi126

          Hey, they have four daughters 12 through 3 years. That will make even the famous look rumpled…insane…tired.. They seem very hands on parents and each other:)

          • Mimi

            JESUS, I am so out of the loop, they have four daughters? I thought they just got married a few months ago omg

    • Nikko Viquiera


  • OR they’ve read some of the reviews and said “fuck it”.

    Flop sweat – #bemeordomebingo 😉

    • @Biting Panda

      Ok brilliant kitten, where’s my card? : )

    • AnneElliot

      I saw it this weekend. Meh.

      • Heather

        A bummer. As an art historian, I had such high hopes for this movie!!

  • Janet B

    Her dress could have traveled in a small carry on.

    They don’t seem to care about our need to see them looking gorgeous on the RC.

    • alyce1213

      I think it came rolled up in her clutch.

  • Kent Roby

    I don’t understand how someone is capable of standing there with one sleeve pushed up on the red carpet; I’m sure that us BK’s would all check for such problems for any random Instagram pic at any party we attend.

  • MzzPants

    All of Savil Row is having a seizure at the site of that suit.

    • Kayceed

      I always think of London as the epicenter of masculine elegance. I am weeping bitter (kitten) tears.

  • SugarSnap108

    London be damned, I believe in the pasta scenario. I like that they’re ‘regular’ people, but regular guys should have a decent suit that fits (and should take the Herculean effort to pull down an errant sleeve).

  • Anna

    Yikes. They should’ve just stayed in for second helpings of that pasta.

    The fabric was unwanted even by ’80s sitcom wardrobe departments, baffled as to why it was turned into a dress in this century.

  • mjude

    HA! I like the pasta scenario!

  • ovarB

    The color of her dress blocked against the red and white backdrop is making me dizzy and feeling nauseous!

  • Tatiana Luján

    I don’t like her hairstyling. Is it me or her hair is too long and juvenile? It makes her look dated.

  • Rand Ortega

    The Pasta Scenario. The title of my next screenplay. That dress was gorgeous in 1985, which is when it was obviously made. C’MON, KIDS! 1 of you is a movie star. The other is smokin’ hot. Make nice with the gifts you’ve been given.

    • VioletF.

      “Make nice with the gifts you’ve been given.” Love it!

  • embers618

    Why would you do that to your suit sleeve? I can’t imagine any scenario in which you would need (or want) to push up your suit sleeve but leave your shirt sleeve as is. I like those colors on him, though. I always think of him as the “whippersnapper” of Clooney’s posse, but he looks like he’s got some silver fox potential here.

  • Shawn EH

    Send her to Zac Posen, and him to Todd Snyder, each with their black Am Exes.

    • demidaemon

      Oh man, I just saw an advertisement for them. SO AWFUL.

  • KinoEye

    Matt’s expression in the second photo says it all. “Bwahhhh RED CARPET.” They both chose poorly.

  • dawnboo

    Based on the way he’s looking at her in the last photo, I’m thinking maybe sex in the limo on the way to the event. Lucky girl!

  • Qitkat

    In spite of all the issues, the colors are lovely together.

  • deelup

    Probably another George Clooney prank. “Yeah, Matt- your clothes will be waiting at front desk.”

    • Alyssa

      I love reading about George Clooney’s pranks…Vulture did a history of them the other day, and it cracked me up.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        George Clooney pranks are awesome. I remember a few years ago right after Julia Roberts had her babies, she and George and the whole cast of the “Oceans” movies were in the audience at some awards show. And Julia had just had the kids, and so it was BOOBS all over the top of her dress. So George gets up on stage to present some award, and he’s riffing with the audience the way he does. And he goes, “Julia, how are you? You look lovely tonight.” She thanks him. He says, “How are the twins?” She says, “They’re fine, thank you.” He goes, “Good, good… and how are your son and daughter?” I DIED! I mean, it was such a cheap joke, you could see it coming a mile away, and still I howled!

        • AnneElliot

          I read that during the filming of Monuments Men, Matt made the mistake of telling George he was trying to lose weight, so George got the wardrobe department to secretly take his pants in an eighth of an inch every day, so he thought he was gaining weight.

  • msdamselfly

    I think the dress is lovely

    • deelup

      The color is fantastic.

      • Cathy S

        Oh good, it isn’t just me. I love the color too.

  • jw_ny

    He just doesn’t have a clue about how to dress his body or present himself on the RC.

    • quiltrx

      He does always look kind of shlumpy on the RC, doesn’t he? He needs a stylist (does he even have one?) who always keeps Tom Ripley pics close at hand for reference.

  • MilaXX

    I miss hot Matt Damon. Her dress looks like she made them out of curtains bought at Family Dollar.

  • Tracy_Flick

    That dress looks like she got it off a mannequin at Joann Fabrics, in the cheap polyester section. They seem likeable and jet-lagged, though, so I give it all a pass. Not an “in,” more like a “look politely away.”

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Jesus, they look like they slept in those clothes on the way over!

  • Carolyne

    I think he borrowed his suit from a homeless man….

  • MK03

    Oh, Matty. You’re better than this.

  • Violentcello

    To me, she looks infinitely better than he does. Was there really no one around to whisper, “Dude, fix your sleeve.”? Or are these the kind of people who will let you be photographed with spinach in your teeth?

    • kimmeister

      His wife, at the very least, could have whispered to him about the sleeve.

  • I saw pictures of all of them at this event and I think George Clooney is trying to make all the guys show up without ties and undershirts. Fortunately most of them didn’t listen to him, unlike Matt.

  • Gatto Nero

    But that gaze in the last photo is so sweet. (So shoot me.)

  • Imasewsure

    She looks better than he does but that is not saying much… that is one awful, wrinkly and boring suit!!

  • quiltrx

    LOL good guess on what they were doing! The dress for me was a total “I love that colorOMIGOD that looks SO cheap.”
    Maybe their luggage got lost and these are the results of a 15 minute shopping trip.

  • alyce1213

    If her dress were’t shiny, I’d like it very much. The color is beautiful on her and the fit is good.
    He looks like a regular furfuffled guy. I can’t hate.

  • clatie

    I am one of the few people who does not think he is good looking, but he really does seem like a good guy. I love that he married a civilian.

  • Joy

    I think the next time I have to attend a work event with my husband I’m going to tweet you guys a picture of our outfits. I’m sure my excitement and rush to get out of the house away from the babies will blur my fashion sense as well!

  • Allie Carter

    I love how they look at each other though… Makes the clothes not matter.

  • River

    You’re totally right, of course, but I also kind of love that about them. I mean, not from a fashion perspective but gosh, they are adorable.

    • Dagney

      Agree. They look like the kind of people who understand the red carpet is part of the job of being an actor, not the end all, be all of their life.

  • H2olovngrl

    Is it so wrong that I love the idea of them eating the pasta out of the pot, while sitting on the kitchen counters, chatting about their day? Or maybe sharing some Dreyer’s straight from the carton?

  • Trickytrisha

    They seem to be so NOT the typical Hollywood couple, for which I can excuse many a wrinkled suit and lack of tie. Love the dress color on her.

  • tintashoopa

    This is why I come to this site – TLo you really are funny!!

    It’s such a treat to read your comments and think “huh?” Then scroll down to the pic and think, “Ha, I see”!!
    Thank you so much for a good laugh.

  • Jacob Bowen

    I have literally ZERO explanation, but I will ALWAYS have the biggest crush on Matt Damon. He was my first male celebrity crush, and I would love to share a bottle of wine and a hotel room with him for one night…he seems like SUCH a sweetie.

    • demidaemon

      It’s probably because he seems so accessible. Hint, hint. 😉

      • Jacob Bowen

        He and Ben, you know…(unfortunately Tumblr wasn’t around when their bromance was at it’s peak)

  • she’s lucky she had that gorgeous purple on hand. did he pull his suit out from under the bed?

  • Jean Beaton Leavitt

    Maybe they got caught in the rain..or no freebies because Matt said the Elgin reliefs should go back to Greece. The Brits are not pleased….hid all the umbrellas.

  • VicD

    A friend of mine sees them all the time in the mornings walking their kids to school. They’re real. And I guess they look the way a lot of us might if we pulled it together at the last minute – which is rather likeable. It suggests they have better things to do than spend all day getting ready, and I’m OK with that.

  • Airline lost their luggage.

  • Sugarbeetle

    Gold? Sweeties, that boy has a Centurion Black Card. I’m certain of it. The kind of card where if you have to ask how you get one, you don’t qualify.

  • Corsetmaker

    Find last nights Graham Norton show to watch, really do! It was Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Hugh Bonneville. Then Paloma Faith at the end. They were all drunk by the end, and all having a genuinely good time. Best chat show sofa I’ve seen, perhaps ever!
    Oddly he looked much better on that and they’d all come straight from the premiere.