Jennifer Lawrence for Miss Dior Spring 2014 Ad Campaign

Posted on February 24, 2014

We’ve been pretty vocal about our opinion that serving as the face of the Dior brand hasn’t been to Miss Jennifer’s benefit on the red carpet; not all the time, anyway. Too many clunky dresses or styles that simply didn’t suit her. She’s a lady who needs simplicity in her look and the current Dior style doesn’t support that.

On the other hand, you let them style her for a shoot and suddenly they know exactly what to do with her.


Jennifer Lawrence for Miss Dior Spring 2014 ad campaign shot by Patrick Demarchelier.


Absolutely gorgeous.




[Photo Credit: Patrick Demarchelier for Christian Dior]

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  • Kathy_Marlow

    I have goosebumps. She looks stunning.

    • Charlotte Sanders

      Whoa, I actually said that outloud @ these shots… That fourth shot looks like a Botticelli painting or something from the Renaissance. Wow

  • NMMagpie

    Stunning. She looks her actual age and timeless all at once.

  • Griffinqueen


  • What I want to know is how she manages to have cute round cheeks when smiling and the perfect high cheek bones when her face is in repose. That’s some great bone structure.

    • isapaiva

      She usually has just the cute round cheeks, but fashion mags demand cheekbones, so they make them with contouring plus Photoshop. I think Jennifer is absolutely beautiful, but that’s what I hate about Photoshop, it creates these literally unattainable ideals, because in real life no one has both, and that’s fine, beauty comes in different ways.

      • Ceur

        I have to comment on this, because as far as I know (!), I do exist in real life, albeit as a freak of nature. I know this is some serious contouring and Photoshop, but I have both. When I smile, I look like a chubby baby. When I’m neutral or serious, I look like a depressed model. It’s possible.

        • fursa_saida

          When I was thinner, my face was like that too. Now most days it’s mostly roundish all the time, but sometimes there are bonus days where my cheekbones show up for work.

  • RussellH88

    My love for this girl is boundless.

  • gayle

    I have loved all her print ads for Dior. If she could just do the ads and then wear whatever she wants on the red carpet everything would be fine.

  • KirFla

    BRB, off to have my brows done.

  • sugarkane105

    Love all the pictures, except for the third. She looks frail in that one.

    • ralish

      I agree. Every time I see that third photo, I want to reach out and give her a hug and tell her it will be all okay. She looks especially empty (my non-model industry word.)

    • Charlotte Sanders

      Really? To me there is such a haunting and beautiful sense of longing in her eyes. She models the way only a fine actress or gifted fashion model can. That is a lovely shot of her for me, it makes me feel such a rush of emotion. Sadness is one of those emotions.

  • Glam Dixie

    She needs to gimme back my snakeskin purse, right now. That’s supposed to be mine.

  • susan6

    Weird…in the color photos she looks a bit exhausted, but the black and white photos….probably taken within minutes….look awesome.

  • sojourneryouth

    She looks great, but only really looks like herself in the first photo.

  • Alyssa

    Wow…she is simply beautiful!

  • your face

    “They know exactly what to do with her.” Translation: photoshop the shit out of her.

    • You obviously misinterpreted what we said. Conceptualization has nothing to do with photoshopping. L

      • your face

        Sorry, didn’t mean to be rude. I’ll edit my comment.

    • alyce1213

      I think they actually showed restraint in photoshopping these. They left some imperfections and moles, which are usually obliterated.

      • Adrianna Grężak

        As a (very) freckled person, I love seeing them in editorials!

  • lecoffeeaddict


  • crash1212

    These are good cuz you can’t see the clothes.

    • demidaemon

      I never thought of that until you pointed it out. How very true.

  • So. Playing Cate Blanchett’s daughter soon?

  • ChaCha_70

    Those black and white photos are absolutely gorgeous.

  • Skippymom1

    That face. Wow. Breathtaking.

  • colleenjanel

    #1, 2 & 4 are breathtaking! #3 looks like it was photoshopped wrong. something odd about her jaw area.

  • Danielle


    • tonibaloney

      I’m SO glad they didn’t Photoshop her freckles and moles into oblivion! Real skin – HUZZAH!

    • MilaXX

      I love freckles. My grandmother had them. Sadly I didn’t inherit them.

  • Blair Sylvester

    I think it says everything that in most of the shots her face and the accessories are at the forefront and the clothes are in the background . That’s not really an approach you can take at an award show

    • filmcricket

      Exactly this. I’m not looking at any of the stuff they’re selling, I’m just looking at her face. Which is great news for her, not so much for Dior.

  • Stella Zawistowski

    DAT BAG.

  • Kate Andrews

    That blazer is great.

  • Maryanne525

    Those photos have SOUL! She looks incredible.

  • fananafanafophalec

    I think part of the disconnect is that physically she’s perfect for the Dior brand but her public persona is so far from what is required for the vaguely avante-guard, lush dior aesthetic. Dior demands much more poise, dignity, and grace than she almost ever serves in public

    • Blair Sylvester

      I dont think anybody including Marion Cotilard and Cate Blanchett have enough poise, dignity, and grace to overcome the terrible clothes that Raf has been putting out lately. I think Dior under Raf has really lost the plot other than the shoes and bags which I guess is there bread and butter.

    • boweryboy

      I think it’s because she’s expected to elevate butt ugly clothing to glamorous levels. If a trained professional model can’t do it, then a gorgeous ladystar barely stands a chance, and us mere mortals have no hope at all.

  • alyce1213

    Gorgeous. When a face like that comes with talent and humor like hers, plus what appears to be a head on her shoulders, it’s just magic. She’s one of a kind.
    She’s not just today’s girl, she’s got legs.

  • Clash D

    The photos look lovely …but she looks so stoned and sad. Girl needs a break.

  • formerlyAnon

    That hair they did for her!!!!! It sets off her face beautifully without being either ho-hum or drawing too much focus. Whoever had that idea deserves a promotion with salary increase and whoever executed it, a raise.

    • therealkuri

      Yep, it’s so weird how well the hair looks. Because I should hate this messy style, but it looks perfect to me here.

  • Yolanda13

    Stunning. STUN. NING! Loving the styling of these pictures.

  • Sobaika

    These are beautiful, I like them even more than the first campaign. Really fresh and breathtaking.

    As others have mentioned, the reason these work so much better than red carpet shots is because they’re primarily of her exquisite-but-noticeably-contoured face.

  • Aidan B

    Yup, they should have her on a strictly cosmetics/fragrance/accessories contract, and leave the gowns to someone who’s better suited to the current Dior frippery. She is beyond gorgeous here and she never looks CLOSE to this good on the red carpet.

    • makeityourself

      JLaw is so curvy — even if Dior were turning out more traditional Dior designs, they would look better on someone more hanger-like. I am currently scrolling through my brain trying to think of ANYONE who could wear Raf’s current collections.

      Still thinking . . .

      • Aidan B

        Lol, exactly.

  • Kent Roby

    JLaw is killing it, even without a bow and arrow.

  • mjude


  • Betsy

    I love her and I hope she is and stays as unaffected and fresh as she comes across. If she doesn’t, I’ll be crushed.

    • DuBey2

      like your avatar (or whatever they’re called). Missing that show —cannot wait 1 year….

  • stubbornthoughts

    CHILLS. That second shot – holy crap.

    She’s normal girl pretty. And that’s a massive compliment.

  • marlie

    J Law looks gorgeous here. But it’s rather telling that the clothes are mostly not visible in this shoot.

    • I was thinking that – use a beautiful girl to sell the brand, without getting into the messy details of the clothes sucking arse recently.

    • Jessica Freeman

      My thoughts exactly. This could be any photo shoots.

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    J’adore. She should make that crop permanent.

  • MilaXX

    Pretty she really does look great with a clean face. The only shot here I’m not loving is the navy jacket one. It looks slightly stretched in an odd way.

  • Lesley

    in the words of beyonce “flawlessssss”

  • Susan Velazquez

    Of course she looks good here–she’s not wearing those awful, awkward dresses. If Jennifer Lawrence could fulfill her contract with Dior by just carrying their bags around (label out of course) then she’d be golden.

  • Amelia Ross

    why do i feel like they photoshopped her mouth to make it bigger?

  • mrspotts66

    “stunning” is the only word i can come up with.

  • AvaLehra

    I love her. I would love her in anything. Also, if I wore my hair when it was that short like hers, it would have looked as if my cat had licked the side of my head. On JL, flawless.

  • Lauren

    She is stunning! Does anyone else find it odd that there is barely any clothing visible? That even Dior knows that her and their clothes dont mix that well?

  • kimmeister

    The last shot is my favorite. I like the way I handled her eye makeup. Too often, the heavy makeup she wears on the red carpet makes her look cross-eyed.

  • Hoffa_w_HerHead

    This doesn’t look like JLaw. At all.

  • KinoEye

    Wowza. Truly, the best photos I’ve seen of JLaw have been the Dior ad campaigns. How odd they can’t get it right in three dimensions.

  • CC06

    Is it just me, or do these pictures of her remind you of Natalie Portman to an incredible degree?

  • sagecreek

    Lovely photos, no doubt!

    I still don’t think she much fits the brand…she does her best as girl-next-door/quirky outsider/angry alienated girl. I just don’t see her as the glamour gal at the ball.

  • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

    That’s some serious FACE being served on those pictures.

  • Stacey Summerville

    I love love love all of the pictures (of course, it’s JLaw), but the photoshopping in the third picture is unfortunate. Like, where are her shoulders?

  • ashtangajunkie

    That second photo is ridiculous – so very pretty. I love these shots – the clean face and “undone” hair is perfect.

  • PeaceBang

    Hair color envy.

  • E. D.

    I really don’t like these at all. The Photoshop eyebrow lift makes her nearly unrecognizable.

  • kcnitch


  • andreawey

    lovely, except it must have been annoying how the wind kept changing…..

  • murt

    Wow – those are beautiful pictures.

  • quiltrx

    I like these…and I kind of want some sugar daddy to buy me that insanely-colored bag!

  • demidaemon

    Too bad we know she’s wearing Dior to the Oscars. prepare everybody. Prepare.

    She looks awesome here, though.

  • veleri

    Is it me, or in some pic she reminds of Diane Kruger?

  • fursa_saida

    I think I figured out what’s weird about #3. Her shoulders look way, way narrower than I believe they usually (actually) are. I don’ know what happened there–I suspect photoshop + the cut of the jacket’s shoulders (and the high curve of the collar in the back of the neck)–but it makes her look like she’s turtling up in fear.

  • Sally Spannagle

    She is so gorgeous. Her lovely almond shaped eyes are mesmerizing!

  • Paula Pertile


  • Sarah

    Stunning. She is breathtakingly flawless. I LOVE the “less is more” makeup trend here.

  • DeTrop

    She’s beautiful – whoever she is. I guess the real JL wasn’t available.

    • veleri


  • p_capet


  • Erika

    I don’t like it…

    The hair they could of done so much with it for it being short (I am a hairstylist I know this).

    I do love the natural make up.

    But she always has the same facial express in all the Dior ads that I’m so over it.

  • Sam

    I don’t know why I’m loving her brows so much. Please, someone gimme some support!

  • Michelle Gennari

    What a face!!! She’s amazing.

  • tintashoopa

    She’s definitely going to last as the real deal – no one hit wonder for her. I, of course, can tell that by the first picture!

  • Some serious face-giving skill going on here.

  • Nicole

    she looks sooo amazing