Hailee Steinfeld at the Miu Miu Women’s Tales 7th Edition Event

Posted on February 13, 2014

Sometimes you can have just a skosh too much synchronicity.


Hailee Steinfeld attends Miu Miu Women’s Tales 7th Edition – “Spark & Light” Screening – at Diamond Horseshoe in New York City.

Miu Miu Spring 2014 Collection

But we can’t hate. It’s (mostly) an adorable look. We think it’s too matchy and coordinated, though. The coat looks better on the runway, where it isn’t paired with a whole bunch of other pink pieces. And to be honest, with those pink boots, there’s very much a “Marcia Brady takes up hooking” vibe that doesn’t quite play in the so-called real world. We guess what it comes down to is this: we really like everything she’s wearing and we think all the pieces suit her well. We just don’t think they should all be paired up in the same outfit.

We want to wallpaper our bathroom in that backdrop.




[Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images, IMAXtree]

    • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ foodycatAlicia

      Hopefully in 15 years she’ll look back on the shape of the toe and heel of those boots with the sort of horror that I am feeling looking at them now. Love the blouse, love the coat.

      • zenobar

        To say nothing of their disturbingly porcine shade of pink. But agreed on the blouse and coat.

        • ballerinawithagun

          Porcine, perfect description of that weird shade of pink! She is adorable though.

          • zenobar

            Oh yes! *She* is adorable. I hope I didn’t come off sounding like the young lady was in any way piggy. :

            Those boots though. They are serving up vinyl-pork-fetish realness.

            • Melanie

              That is my new favorite phrase- “vinyl-pork-fetish weakness” ! LOL

      • FrigidDiva

        I wouldn’t mind the boots quite so much if they were brown like the runway model has on, that pink just makes my teeth hurt.

        • Trent

          Agreed. The brown boots would make her less Marcia Brady and more Laurie Partridge.

      • Stefanie Argudo Mackenzie

        The outfits with the boots are disturbingly 60’s-70’s Braniff Stewardess like….

      • DominoEstella

        The heel on that boot is just awful. They ruined a perfectly good GoGo boot.

    • Anna

      Everybody wants to be a cat. Because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at.

      • Bill Curtis

        Loved that movie.

        Do mi so do, do mi so do…

        • Anna

          I watch it at least once a month.

          “Because I’m a lady, that’s why.

          Oh, you’re not a lady. You’re nothing but a sister!”

          • Violentcello

            I have the soundtrack on my iPod, which I will surreptitiously skip when driving with other people in the car but sing VERY loudly when I’m by myself.

            • Anna

              That’s awesome! I didn’t even think to download the soundtrack. I must do so immediately.

            • Loramir

              That is totally me and the Mulan soundtrack. I swear “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” was MADE for singing at the top of your lungs in traffic.

            • KinoEye

              If I’m around people of my age, who grew up watching Mulan and the other Disneys, all you have to do is say “Let’s get down to business” and someone will chime in with “to defeat the huns!” Seriously, I’ve witnessed this in several different groups of friends. Love it every time.

      • MK03

        Ricky ticky ticky…

    • elemspbee

      Love it all.

      • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

        And she’s clearly loving the way she looks.

      • ana170

        I do too! If there’s a problem, it’s with the backdrop she’s standing in front of. The outfit itself is just about perfect.

    • HVM

      This is so fun! She’s young enough to make it work.

    • Bill Curtis

      A skirt in the darker blue of the blouse print would have been perfect IMHO. But it still looks fun and (retro) fresh.

      Had to giggle at your “in the real world” comment. I don’t want to live in the real world. I want to live in the Marcia Brady, Hooker world.

      • IMNAngryLiberal

        So many people would.

      • formerlyAnon

        the Marcia Brady, Hooker world.

        I’m not sure I want to live there, but I’m fairly certain a short visit would be better than good drugs.

    • sweetlilvoice

      Love, love that coat. Adorable. Agree that the boots have a slightly chunky 70s hooker vibe. Regular heels would be better. I want that backdrop too! It is just charming. And I like how it looks like she has ears when she’s standing against it.

      • kimmeister

        The ear illusion is my favorite thing about this whole scene!

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          Me too!

    • Ginger

      So I just spit coffee on my desk over the “Marcia Brady takes up hooking” comment. I should know better…

      • Cheryl

        Marcia Brady wasn’t a hooker?

        • Ginger

          Remember the line from that horrible Brady Bunch movie they made several years ago? It went something like “She’s harder to get into than a Pearl Jam concert.” Don’t ask me why I remember that line because I have NO idea.

          • demidaemon

            I loved those Brady Bunch movies for some reason.

            • KinoEye

              They were delving into the so-bad-it’s-good territory. I think one or the other is on Netflix now… I know what I’m doing tonight.

    • Poeta Paz

      It works because she’s young, but adults should not attend this look. I do not like the pink-eye eye shadow, though.

    • Leah Elzinga

      keep the whole shebang but swap in those AWESOME brown boots instead. I’d consider that fixed.

    • Daisy Walker

      Much too much. Like our Dear Uncles said, break that stuff up–several outfits worth of looks there.

    • zenobar

      I LOVE the cats. I really do. But I loathe the fabric of the skirt – it looks like that horrible spongy 1970s double-knit polyester.

      Of course, that’s probably exactly what they’re going for here, so.

      • formerlyAnon

        Re: skirt. Yes, and yes.

        It makes my skin crawl and I have to force my eye to stay on it.

    • Danielle

      I want that coat. Give it to meeeee.

    • clatie


      • lamamu

        Actually, I think it’s quite cute and completely age appropriate. The skirt is longer than the runway version, so there is very little skin on display. In all, I’m not seeing “pedo-chic” as there’s not an ounce of sexual vibe to this ensemble.

        • clatie

          Well, I think it’s juvenile and cutesy-poo and awful. But thanks for sharing!

          • lamamu

            That’s an opinion I can understand and respect. “Pedo-chic?” Not so much. You’re welcome!

            • demidaemon

              Quite frankly, the idea that “pedo-chic” might exist freaks me the hell out.

    • @Biting Panda

      Kitties! Squeeeee!

      • KinoEye

        How on earth did this get a downvote? This is maybe the most benign comment ever… unless there’s someone out there who isn’t excited by kitties, in which case their opinions are invalid.

        • @Biting Panda

          Fuckin’ dog lovers.

          • Ginger

            I’m a dog lover. :'( I didn’t downvote you. I love you! No, really…I love ALL my fellow BK’s despite their love of cats (which I loathe) and our political differences!

            • @Biting Panda

              I love dogs. People need to get a sense of humor.

            • Ginger

              Let me clarify. I was joking. Sorry!

            • @Biting Panda

              NO!! Honey, friend of mine, not you!! I knew you were joking.

            • Imasewsure

              We cat lovers support your right to have this adorable coat in puppy as well

          • FrigidDiva

            And you get two downvotes for that too. Yeesh. Maybe the arctic vortex is sucking the sense of humor right out of people.

        • not_Bridget

          In cyberspace, nobody knows you’re a dog. Until you give a downvote to a pro-cat post…

          • formerlyAnon


            • NYCGlamourpuss


    • MilaXX

      I think the look would have been better if those boots were brown or black suede. It would have pulled it back from being so twee. Obviously I like everything but the boots. Also I have a small bathroom, if they sold that backdrop as wallpaper, I’d splurge and buy it. It’s seriously cute!

    • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

      That pink in the coat is not her bestie. But I love the outfit, sans coat. So if you re-did your bath with this backdrop, would it be a Bitter Kitten paper job?

    • jw_ny

      It’s obvious that the entire outfit was styled/made to match the logo/backdrop…to be over-the-top…cartoon-y. She’s a walking billboard, which was the intention. It’s cute in this one singular instance…but never again.

      The kitties not lining up at the button area…really bugs me. I can see not matching at other seams, but front and center should be aligned and be one kitty…not one with 3 eyes.

      • Grumpy Girl

        Completely agree on the kitties not lining up! Makes this a coat that should not be worn closed–and why would they do that on purpose?

      • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ foodycatAlicia

        It looks like on the model it would line up – the buttons are centred over kitten faces.

    • Tatiana Luján

      It’s a fun look. I dont mind the matching pinks.
      Her eye makeup is terrible.

    • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

      I want the wallpaper too. And that coat, please.

      • kimmeister

        The color combo on the wallpaper is totally eye catching. I like it much better than the combo used on the same print in the coat.

        • formerlyAnon

          But then, I loathe the coat.

    • Alyssa

      Love the coat and blouse…skirt, not so much. I also want that backdrop, but shrunken down on a clutch.

      • @Biting Panda

        Oh, oh, oh, the blouse fabric is also a cute little dress, worn by Alexa Chung. I want that backdrop in digital form, right now.

        • KinoEye

          It would also make an adorable phone cover, were the print scaled down just a little.

          • @Biting Panda

            Uh oh, guess who just changed her twitter background? It’s not as good a cell cover, but I’ll never give up the one I have. I’ll make due.

            • KinoEye

              Hmmm. I’m gonna have to find a way to work the kitties in somewhere in my digital life. I have a black cat, so it reminds me of when he peeks around corners before launching a stealth attack on me or the dog.

        • Alyssa

          They make such fun prints! And how much better would work be with that as a my backdrop? My daughter would get mad I took her picture down, but she doesn’t see my work computer very often.

    • Jessica Freeman

      Definitely like the outfit better without the coat. Those boots are on the trashy side of the boot spectrum.

    • KinoEye

      The backdrop is too cute. But yeah, Marcia Brady goes hooking is a good way to term the vibe I was getting. That, or Winnie Cooper gets a job as a back-up dancer at the Whiskey A Go-Go. I can’t even tell you how much I hate that wonky, busted-looking heel.

      • boweryboy

        Winnie Cooper absolutely!

    • boweryboy

      She looks like she’s dressed for a themed costume party.

      That Miu Miu collection is so literally late ’60s/early ’70s that it’s not meant to be worn as styled on the runway. A piece here or there paired with something more contemporary is the way to go. And HELL NO to those hideous shoes (yeah, I yelled that part).

      • numenah

        Back in the day, we called them granny boots, and I had a pair in pink suede from Biba! The heel was 2″ You are quite right about how anachronistic the entire look is, but I am smitten with nostalgia.

    • ConnieBV


      • ovarB

        And we bitter kittens do not “meow meow” we “Miu Miu.”

        • Qitkat

          Don’t forget one of TLo’s cats is named Miu Miu ;-)

          • Constant Reader

            Which is seriously the best cat name ever… and I say this as the proud owner of a tuxedo kitten named Fred Astaire.

      • decormaven

        Genius call.

    • Sally Spannagle

      Looks cute – from the back!

    • abishagijh

      It’s also very cute that in the first photo the backdrop has given her kitty ears.

    • jilly_d


      • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ foodycatAlicia

        Haha, apparently someone doesn’t care for swearing!

        • @Biting Panda

          Apparently someone just has a thumb up their ass, in general. Maybe it’s an eastcoaster, this side of the country is going a little weather crazy.

        • jilly_d

          Those downvoters are cordially invited to please piss off.

    • crash1212

      Cat prints for a company called Miu Miu? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Also, I love this look even with the pink boots.

    • colleenjanel

      I was loving the boots… uuuuuuntil the turn. They would have been better in the brown though.
      The backdrop is AWESOME! But obviously I like snarky looking cats! ;-)

    • Haley Buchanan

      The coat is the best piece, but the whole look is adorable on her!

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      Oooooo! I want the Bitter Kittens Wallpaper. Love the outfit, too!

    • ovarB

      I can haz kittehs??

    • Janet B

      Not an outfit for any other venue.
      My 10yo self would have loved those boots.

    • Kristina Sadowski

      As a nearly 31 year old woman, I say this with absolutely no shame: I really, really want that coat.

    • Jacob Bowen

      I feel like those are the boots my sister, at age 7, would have thought were SO cool, but I NEVER allow her to commit that fashion crime.

    • Valdri8

      I want that wallpaper too!

      The double cat faces at the closure is making my couture-seamstress Nana’s eyes twitch in heaven.

    • Silly Grrl

      I’m almost 40 and I’d beat up a nun for that cat coat.

      • mjude

        I have you beat in the over 40 AND plus department but I would join you in finding that nun!

        • Silly Grrl

          Also plus! I forgot to add “in fat sizes” to my sentence.

      • kimmeister

        Much better than beating up a cat for a nun coat.

    • MzzPants

      Awww, leave her be. She looks adorable.

    • Anne Meek White

      It’s Boo Boo Kitty!!

    • mjude

      omg that coat is adorable.

    • MK03

      I want the entire outfit. ALL OF IT.

    • JulieTy

      I just LOVE it that in photos 1 and 3 she actually looks like she is sporting kitty ears.

    • imakeart

      The boots remind me of a toilet in my aunt’s house. That can’t be good.

    • Carolyne

      I love the photo where the cat ears on the wallpaper are lined up almost perfectly to look like they’re hers!

    • lunchcoma

      I had those boots when I was 17. You’d never know it, though, because I’ve destroyed all photographic evidence. I would suggest that Hailee do the same.

      • Imasewsure

        I had them in white in 5th grade (the Marcia years)

      • formerlyAnon

        I wanted them in late grade school, but never even asked. I knew they were beyond my parents’ comfort zone.

    • cmb92191

      My early 70’s self would have cut one of my kindergarten classmates for that coat . (Hey- I lived in Trenton–entirely possible!)

    • Richard Banger

      That skirt is ADORABLE!

    • Patrick Cleary

      Men never get coats with awesome kitties on them. I am angry at the world for this.

      • Cheryl

        You know, a friend of mine, a male, bought and wore pants (more like tights, but whatev) with kittens floating in outer space. He would be so all over a coat with awesome kitties on it. He’s very slim, he probably could get into this Miu Miu coat.

    • almondemy

      She looks like she is cosplaying, and I mean that in the most complimentary way, actually. I adore that skirt, and I secret love that she was standing so the cat ears lined up with her head. Intentional or not, I loved it. Oh, full disclosure, Hailee can currently do no wrong in my book.

    • marlie

      This is really cute, for her. And for this event. Otherwise, I think it would be too Miu Miu overload, but I like it in this case.

      • Gatto Nero

        And it’s easy to overload on Miu Miu.

    • Tanya Wade

      THAT. COAT.

    • jen

      Those boots are cramazing and I want them. Hee, Marcia Brady takes up hooking.

    • Beth Rogers

      Anyone else think she should have scooted over a smidge to her left in that first photo, so that the cat ears on backdrop would have lined up better with her head? Totally would have completed the look.

    • Qitkat

      Wallpaper for the win.

    • Charlotte Palmer

      looks like she has kitten ears in the top pic, love the coat!

    • Cheryl

      I love it, except for the shininess of the boots. If the boots had been the same shade, but suede instead of whatever that is (vinyl, patent?), I would have liked them, but I have a thing for corset type lacing. I thought she was wearing kitty ears at first, but realised it was actually the backdrop that everybody including me seems to be coveting. I’m sure the photographer positioned her like that, unlikely it was a coincidence.

    • DTLAFamilies

      When your eyeshadow matches your coat, blouse, skirt and boots, you’ve gone too far.

      • formerlyAnon

        When THOSE are your coat, blouse, skirt and boots, you’ve gone way past too far before you get to the eyeshadow!

        (IMO, obviously lots of people disagree.)

    • Violentcello

      LOVE the coat, although I think I like the longer length on the model. I don’t like the collar of the dress peeping over the coat, though. I keep wanting to shove that down.

    • Deb Oswald

      I’m just wondering how the model can walk down the runway looking so surly when she has a CATCOAT on?? Lol, sorta made my day. (I know that is how they are supposed to look, but it seems like such a joyful coat)

    • Cynica

      I WANT the cat coat the model is wearing. I’ll be 53 next Friday. How pathetic am I?

      • Tlazolteotl

        I’ll be 43 in a couple of weeks and I want it, too. Happy awesomeness knows no age barriers.

      • Imasewsure

        Just pair with combat boots and you will be a kick ass 53!

    • http://www.avclub.com/users/genevieve-koski,4300/ Genevieve Koski

      Oh God, I’m getting Garden State flashbacks.

    • MikeW_Vegas

      Soft Kitty, warm Kitty.. Little ball of fur….

    • formerlyAnon

      Funny you should mention wallpapering your bathroom. My thoughts, in order of occurrence:
      “I don’t get Miu Miu.”
      “I REALLY don’t get that coat.”
      “Why would you want to wear a coat that looked like fussy wallpaper in ’50s bathroom colors?”

      I so do not get Miu Miu.

      The backdrop appeals to me more than that coat.

      • demidaemon

        It’s okay. I don’t get her either. I love cats, but I’m getting a bit freaked out by the number in the pics above.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOctocornNetwork International Model

      “Little to the right, Hailee…little to the right…little more — BAM. You now have cat ears!”

    • Mimi

      Every girl in the world needs a coat like that. Clawing through my screen to get it, brb.

    • RussellH88

      That skirt is way too twee for me.

    • CatherineRhodes

      From a dressmaking perspective, the fabric on the coat should have been cut so the kitty pattern lines up. Would have been easy to do. As it is, looks very sloppy. Tsk, tsk.

      • Gatto Nero

        Yes. Shame.

    • Gatto Nero

      Yes, too much twee, though she makes it work somehow.
      Cat ears in place — check.

    • Synnamin

      j’adore that wallpaper and that coat!

    • Mudskipper

      Who did the pattern cutting layout? What with all this ‘double vision’ on the front when the coat is buttoned? For the money this coat costs they can do better job.The one is FIRED!

    • GoAwayKardash

      Delightful! Love it.

    • kat89

      I love how she was positioned so the cat ears were directly behind her head…

    • ThaliaMenninger

      I want that coat so bad I can taste it.

    • http://www.readbarbara.com/ ReadBarbara

      Love those boots (not to worry, I realize they are for people decades younger than I).

    • andreawey

      I love how she has kitty ears in the first picture! love the boots!

    • paintedfish

      love how she has kitty ears in the first pics, hate how the pattern doesn’t match when the coat’s buttoned up.

    • Tracy_Flick

      I love the coat. Love. The outfit underneath it seems a little to literal mod. The boots take it into Easter Twiggy territory.

    • Sam Smith

      Aw she even has kitty kat ears, I wish there was a front shot without the coat so i could see more of the blouse, etc. from the front.

    • demidaemon

      I love the look without the coat. With the coat, I have a feeling similar to the one when I visited a house, when, suddenly, over a hundred cats came out of nowhere and began encroaching on my vehicle. Basically, The Birds, only with cats. I’m having a bit of PTSD about it, and it’s creeping me out.

    • kittenwithaquip

      The Garanimals kid in me likes it, except for the way the pattern doesn’t perfectly match up when the coat is buttoned. Makes my eyes twitch.

      • 1carmelita

        I thought that too, but I suspect that they wanted to make sure the kitty face was placed in the center of the pocket flaps and worked from there. The pattern match on the rest of the coat is pretty amazing.

      • GillianHolroyd

        My guess is that the coat is not meant to be worn buttoned up, not in FashionWorld. And it’s from the *Spring* collection.

    • http://armchairauthor.wordpress.com/ LesYeuxHiboux

      If she’s not the face of this brand, she ought to be. I adore the print on that top. The skirt might be a bridge to far with everything else going on, and they definitely went overboard on the pink, but I agree that all of the individual pieces look good on her. Even the crazy boots. Is there a flat version of those things? Cuz if Aunty Miuccia is handing them out, I’ll take a pair in blue or yellow.

    • Nikki

      Holy Marc Jacobs 2003 big buttons, anyone?

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      She’s young enough for this to be hilarious in a good way.

    • Trickytrisha

      Pretty danged darling look for her. Just enough tongue in cheek to leaven the twee.

    • minervathena

      Has anyone noticed that in the first and second pictures, the alignment of the cat ears are almost perfectly positioned behind her head? That would have been far too precious if they were actually going for that.

    • Carly Clement

      I love this outfit because she commits to it.She knows it is a lot of look but is pulling it off because she is that sassy 17 year old who knows that she has limited amount of time to be able to wear outfits like this! Love, Love, Love (even the boots!!!)

    • quiltrx

      I agree it’s a lot of look, but I enjoy the individual pieces (though the boots might be a bit much for me).

    • LeelaST

      Love how she’s standing almost exactly in front of the cat ears. Cute look.

    • kerryev

      The skirt takes it from adorable to too precious.

    • kittentoes

      Love the coat, love the wallpaper, feel the skirt looks like it has a button down maxi pad on it.

    • Emily Fette

      totally a Garden State moment

    • icm

      more meow meow than miu miu I would say ….purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pretty kitty

    • yethica

      I think the boots in an oxblood color would have been far more effective.

    • rarero

      PG coat porn

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      The wallpaper makes her look like she has kitty ears! Aside from that, no quibbles from me about either look – adorable!

    • RescueMe23

      I love it all! There – I said it.

    • martha

      I want to wallpaper my world in that backdrop!

    • cocohall

      If not now, when? She’s the perfect age for this (I have twin daughters the same age) and she looks adorable.