Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada at the 2014 Goldene Kamera Awards

Posted on February 03, 2014

It’s Monday morning and we’re dragging our asses. Let’s keep this assessment simple, shall we?

Gwyneth Paltrow attends the 214 Goldene Kamera Awards in Berlin, Germany in Prada.

Great dress. Weird head.

Color, shape and shimmer are all working like gangbusters from the neck down, but we’re torn over which looks weirder up top; her chunky hair or her not-quite-symmetrically-applied lashes? The effect makes her look tired and crazy at the same time.




[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

    • mmebam

      This is the best I’ve seen her hair look in ages.

      • Lilah

        I think the color is fantastic on her.

      • kimmeister

        Also, score +1 for having visible eyebrows.

    • CPK1

      let’s not forget the pale lipstick which is doing her zero favors here

      • Diego!

        Word, but at least it’s a glossy one. The one she wore last week was non-existant.

      • BayTampaBay

        I think she needs heavier make up with dress.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          that is such a glam dress that more dramatic makeup and hair could have worked with it.

      • CT14

        I was just going to say a stronger lip would have worked wonders.

    • Diego!

      Psycho star on the red carpet… Honey, who’s your team? Are they enemies of yours? Fire them! You look wacko! Great dress btw!

      • Victor Beiramar Diniz

        looks like carrie post shimering-pig-blood-bath…

        • Shawn EH

          Carrie the Musical Revival, from the producers who brought you Kinky Boots!

    • NurseEllen

      Her hair is too yellow, her makeup seems nonexistent, her neck is too bare, her hem is too long, and she looks rather disaffected. Great dress but not being carried off at all, IMO.

      • HM3

        Hair is WAY. TOO. YELLOW.

        • Spreecord

          Her hair is the same shade of yellow as mine, and I’m only just finished the first round of lightening it. She ought to slap whoever does her hair.

        • housefulofboys

          Hate the yellow, but I have to give her props for not flat-ironing it for the first time in, what? years!

      • sojourneryouth

        Agree. I like the dress, but something is off about the bust as well. I don’t know if the fit is a bit of, but don’t her girls seem on the low side? G is starting to give me the Julia Roberts, “I can wear any old schmatta and look AHMAZING” vibe now.

        • Carrps

          I still remember her in that movie where she played MIchael Douglas’s wife that he was trying to kill. She was wearing a soft (angora?) sweater, and obviously no bra. Her tits were at her waist. And how old was she then? The perils of going bra-less when you can’t pass the pencil test….

      • makeityourself

        Disaffection is her specialty, NurseEllen. She’s been working on it for years.

    • Snoskred

      The levels of my boredom with this look cannot be described. Cardboard Cutout Gwyneth.

      Though I like the sparkle. :)

    • Tatiana Luján

      I like the head.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      And her hair looks like a crayola color.

      • CT14

        But the curling iron is an improvement over the usual poker straight, center part, fried hair style.

        • Kiltdntiltd

          That I will surely grant you!

        • poorellensmith

          You beat me to it: it’s nothing short of a revelation to see her with something other than the flat ironed hair, regardless of the problematic color.

        • housefulofboys

          I just finished typing the same thing. Should have read yours first.

    • deelup

      Phoning it in on a rotary.

    • Carla_Charlton

      About that hair– the color is too brassy and the style looks tired. I think her makeup looks ok and she looks really, really fit, but the dress doesn’t seem to fit correctly in the bust.

      • MishaFoomin

        Yes, the bustline is doing her no favors.

        • scoobynacks

          Ugh, I didn’t notice it til you said that and now it’s all I can see.

    • Anna

      She looks tired and not into this event at all. Where’s the smugness, Gwynnie? I’m into the sparkly dress but it looks like she let Apple do her hair.

    • 4JJ

      The message seems to be that she is too busy and non-superficial to worry about such things as a good makeup, straight eyelashes or any jewellery. A great dress and pretty hair can take a girl, especially when she’s a woman approaching middle age, only so far.

    • sagecreek

      She’s just phoning it in these days, isn’t she?

    • Mrs. Julien

      It’s like her Oscar dress grew up.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Love this dress, she is in a torpor.
      Referring back to Katy Perry from last week. This is the way the blue/silver dress should have been cut, it would have been sensational.

    • lrober03

      She looks like someone dragged her away from an island vacation to do this event. She’s tan, freckled, and still got the beach waves in

    • Gatto Nero

      Great dress. But why such a pale face and lip with every look lately?
      Hair looks seaweedy.

      • newleaf1

        Seaweedy. Good word for it.

      • Imasewsure

        I’d say she is morphing in to Darryl Hannah, no?

        • formerlyAnon

          God. Now I can’t unsee. Though Ms. Hannah was a little more robust looking than Ms. Paltrow.

    • Chris

      I just don’t think this color dress is working for her at all. Her skin is so ruddy it just looks like the dye from the dress got all over her skin. The same dress in a different color that would set off her tan, not compete with it would have looked much better.

      • alyce1213

        I thought the opposite. She should keep the dress color and change her skin color from oompa-loompa orange.

        • Chris

          Or that. Either way the colors are too close.

    • Jessica Freeman

      Its all so…strange from the neck up. The dress alone is stunning, but Gwyneth is not making it sing.

    • barbarienne

      I can live with the hair. The eyes are killing me. Maybe it was a bad flight over, and she was thrown into the clothes and ushered to the venue straight from the airport.

      • PhillyDeb

        I totally agree with this. I think her makeup looks ghastly–I was wondering if she had the flu.

    • filmcricket

      This is her version of the American Hustle fad. I would like to see real lipstick, some earrings or a necklace, and a bracelet, at least. A disco dress and a fit bod can only take you so far.

    • nannypoo

      That wistful, dreamy expression is annoying me even more than her shitty hair.

    • Lilithcat

      Honestly, I am so perplexed about people who wear glamorous gowns and yet leave their hair looking as though they just rolled out of bed.

    • Dan_In_NYC

      I love that close-up shot, which is the classic “I just can’t be bothered” loop Gwynnie’s so known for. Her hair looks good, but this all feels very daytime to me minus the dress. More dramatic makeup and some jewels, perhaps? You’re wearing floor length sequins, after all.

    • Jaeda Laurez

      I don’t like the hair- it’s not enough. The dress is… okay, but I don’t like that obvious seam at the waist. And then you add no jewelry and “naked face” on top of it and I like it even less.

    • MilaXX

      I have more of an issue with her orange skin clashing with the dress color, but I agree the head looks weird. Also? Dead lips

      • Lilak

        Color wheel clash, for sure.
        As for the hair (w/ apologies to those for whom the look comes naturally): I’m waving my torch in the pit … “Asps. Very dangerous.”

    • kayleymaybe

      I don’t mind her hair at all, but that’s probably because that hairstyle is similar to what my curly/wavy hair does naturally.

    • cocohall

      I stand by my descriptor of last week: urine yellow hair. I don’t know anything about being blonde, but how hard is that to fix? I mean, given that you are living in a land with designer dresses and red carpets. Don’t these sorts of folks travel with their own hair and make-up people? Her people either hate her or have been TOLD that this is what Ms. GOOP wants and to shut the F up. And if you are going to pay homage to American Hustle, you have to work the whole look and not just the dress. The rest of her looks like she is ready to pose for a Sundance Catalog in a cute boho top and jeans. Next to a horse. On a mountain top.

      • demidaemon

        I think, even for us meager peasants, this hair color situation is an easy fix. It might cost you a bit of money, but it’s probably well within the realm of affordable. GOOP has no excuse for this travesty, especially as a supposed “style maven.”

        • cocohall

          Exactly! I mean she has undoubtedly paid the equivalent of the GNP of a small country to Tracy Anderson to sculpt her body; is there no $ left over for hair?

          • demidaemon

            If this is the result, maybe? I don’t know. She is one of the worst hair offenders who regularly appears here. You think someone would show her these pictures and say, “Maybe you need a hair makeover?”

        • Anna

          Funny isn’t it? Considering that this is a woman who routinely recommends outrageously expensive items to her readers.

    • marlie

      The head and body aren’t going to the same event. From the neck up, she sort of looks like she just woke up. From the neck down, gorgeous dress in a beautiful, extremely flattering color.

    • acevedob

      She does look a bit tired. I actually like it, and I’m not a fan of glittery, shiny anything.

    • boweryboy

      I’m more in awe that this is Prada.

    • foodycatAlicia

      That dress deserves better.

    • Cheryl

      Not a Gwynnie fan, but damn I think she looks good here, albeit a little tired. The dress is gorgeous on her, and I like the chunky slightly curled hair. The only thing she needs is a good nights sleep.


        and maybe a square meal. And a necklace.

    • SugarSnap108

      Totally agree on your dress/head assessments, and would add that a touch of jewelry wouldn’t kill her. Still, I think this is a lot better than her norm.

    • Malibufire

      Not crazy about the underarm blorp. If Gwennie gets it, what hope is there for the rest of us?

      • kimmeister

        ‘Blorp’ – I love it! (The term, not the actually thing it is describing.)

    • oatmealpie

      That seam across the middle bugs.

    • megohd

      This dress is literally dazzling, but this is still an utterly boring look.

    • unbornfawn

      Have to agree with my gay uncles. Great dress. It looks like she forgot to go to hair and make-up. She could have knocked this out of the park. Instead it looks more like the next morning.

      • Sue Shea

        yes! the red carpet walk of shame.

    • NBG

      The second day looking hair and makeup are making this look like a sparkly nightgown.

    • International Model

      This is a good imitation of Amy Adams in “American Hustle”. Great job, Eve Harrington!

      • decormaven

        “I’m just a carbon copy you read when you can’t find the original…”

    • judybrowni

      Would it kill her to sport some lip color with that killer dress?

    • Richard Banger

      Malibu Barbie got married, had kids, and joined the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    • lobsterlen

      Is there some sort of moratorium on the lady stars wearing jewelry? I know its a very sparkly dress but it needs a little something. A bracelet, a ring … something. It doesn’t even look like she is wearing a wedding band.

      • demidaemon

        If the last six months are anything to go by, I would say yes. Or their is some sort of jewelers strike or something. It’s depressing.


      C’mon, borrow some jewellery! I like jewelley and it would help this dress a lot. Looks like she’s trying it on in the store. Or, judging from the noisy backdrop, at her local arena.

    • tereliz

      Thought it was Heidi from the thumbnail. So yeah, this is the best I’ve seen GOOP look in a while.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      The hair’s a little weird, but such a refreshing change from the ironing board/yoga hair she usually sports. The dress is mostly working, but her makeup people are clearly imploding. Still, credit where it’s due: much improved here.

    • scoobynacks

      Sometimes I wish she’d do a show on HGTV trying to tell people on a budget how to redo their kitchen and entertain. The lulz would be so great. Let’s make “GOOP TV” happen, Gwynnie!

    • bertkeeter

      Awesome dress, VERY weird head!

    • demidaemon


    • E. D.

      Hair has improved, but all I’m seeing is sun damage.

    • Carly Clement

      I LOVE this look! Such an amazing dress and I like the hair and at least the makeup is a bit more obvious, and with the gloss on the clear lip it isnt too washed out and it matches the dress!

    • Suse

      No jewelry at all?

    • formerlyAnon

      Great dress, though I’d like more between neckline and chin. Necklace, wider shoulder straps, SOMEthing. Surprisingly, I like the rather lame draggly curls. But great dress notwithstanding, I’m now officially sick of seeing her. At least dressed up. Sick for all time. I get no charisma off of her photos and she’s neither interesting nor stunning enough to make up for that.

    • AutumnInNY

      She’s looking very Anne Heche-ish in some of these shots.

    • Stefanie Mackenziews

      She looks like she sincerely just got out of bed after a roll in ze hay Schmidt someone. Dress was on the back of a chair, toss of the head, a little face paint in the limo to the venue; that’s it. Yawn, and let’s get through this, m’kay?

    • Clash D

      Dressed but looking naked. A bracelet of sorts would have made a lot of difference.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      Tired and crazy it is.

    • Beth Ann

      Love that dress on her! She looks like she’s thinking, “This will make them forget that other pink dress!”