Beyonce in Vrettos Vrettakos Couture at the 2014 Brit Awards

Posted on February 20, 2014

Bey serves up Bey.

Beyonce performs at the 2014 Brit Awards 2014 in London in a Vrettos Vrettakos couture gown accessorized with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.


We wrote yesterday that Katy Perry’s one of those female pop stars who’s managed to transition from cartoon sex doll (because most female pop stars are pretty much forced to go the crazy/sexy route anymore) to chic, grownup woman and noted that the only other two we can think of off the top of our heads who managed the transition are Gwen Stefani and Queen Latifah. Bey’s name came up, to which we wrinkled our noses in disapproval.

Look, she is a diva and a goddess and insanely talented, beautiful and charismatic. We will still be talking about Bey in ten years and probably ten years after that. She has earned almost every accolade thrown her way. But she is not, as far as we’re concerned, chic in her style. She’s fierce in her style – and there’s a huge difference. For someone like Beyonce, the message when she dresses is “Look at me. Look at how sexy/fierce/intense I am. Never stop looking at me.” It’s not about the clothes; it’s about her. The clothes are a tool to keep you looking at her and to maintain a very well-managed image.

Chic is when someone puts on something that is so beautifully designed and made, or so well put together, or so fascinating in the way it pushes boundaries that the message becomes “Look at the wonderful taste I have. Look at how well I model this garment. Look at the choices I made in accessories and jewelry to complete the look.” It’s not just about the wearer and it’s not even just about the clothes. Chic is about the wearer in the clothes. It’s about the relationship formed by the union of the two, as well as the ability to interpret the outfit well.

This is a long way of saying that this look is classic Beyonce. It’s sexy. It’s divatastic. It’s “all eyes on me.” But we wouldn’t call it chic. That doesn’t mean we think it’s tacky, though. It’s dead-perfect stagewear. She really looks spectacular.

[Photo Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty Images]

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  • That is without question THE color for her. Dayum but it looks amazing next to her skin.

    • ecallaw1977

      And DAYUM, those curves…

  • SewingSiren

    My Pretty Little Mermaid doll. From the Dollar Store,

    • Ohmygosh, I think I had a Little Mermaid doll with outfits in this material! Actually, I was given two different ones (possibly by the same person at different events), and I remember both their heads popping off shortly afterward. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were dollar store finds (or the bargain bin); given that by the time I was old enough for Barbies the Little Mermaid had been out for at least a few years. On the bright side, Ariel’s disembodied head and headless body were excellent additions to spooky scary playtimes. #tangent

    • CupcakeTrudy

      Lordy, I want to take some scissors and cut off about a 1/2 foot (at least!) of that fried hair*.
      But, I’ll at least give her this: the Little Mermaid could only dream of working a booty like that! it’s magical and out of even Ursula’s magic powers!
      * No idea, what sort of “hair” this really is.

      • sojourneryouth

        Finest Shih Tzu, of course.
        That was really bitchy, but I am sooooo sick of long unbeweavables!

    • what not

      Augh, thanks for that: I was thinking slinky and metallic, and now I’m thinking itchy.

  • @Biting Panda

    She’s very pretty here. I love that dress for a stage performance. I’m a bit bummed she’s back to the Barbie hair.

    So someone….cough Hughman cough…. got me turned on to her Flawless video. Holy sheet, I am obsessed. Pretty Hurts is also really, really good. You should check both out, if you have not already.

    • Evan

      I like this look too. And I love “***Flawless,” but I’m not crazy about “Pretty Hurts.” I like the video more than the song. I think that it’s one of the weaker songs and that it doesn’t really fit the album because it’s kind of generic compared to the others. I love “Partition,” “Haunted,” “Jealous,” and “Superpower” though.

      • @Biting Panda

        I haven’t checked out those others.
        Yes, I think it’s the video for Pretty Hurts that sold me. I suspect it will be the next radio release, it’s generic enough and a complete opposite feel to Drunk in Love.
        I go back and forth on my feelings for and about her. I try to take her one song at a time.

        • Dadoong21

          Partition is her next single, but PH will most definitely be a single. It’s radio ready and that video has the most effort put into it on the DVD. So it would be silly not to utilise that. And also not forgetting the relatable message of the song!

          • Alfred Cox

            Love both, but I live for Partition. I will say that Pretty Hurts is by far the most accessible single on “Beyoncé”, but Partition is just so much better on all levels.

        • Evan

          My problem with her is that I think she’s kind of fake. A couple of her producers/songwriters have been interviewed and said that she demands songwriting/production credits, and thus a percentage of songwriting royalties, if they want their songs to appear on her albums. I find that unethical and almost like blackmailing. She and her fans also try to pretend that she’s classy, unlike say Rihanna, because she’s friends with the Obamas and because she “acts” classier, when she’s shown underboob on magazine covers before and I think Rihanna’s style is actually less tacky even with all of the skin that she shows. Her music also really isn’t any less carnal than Rihanna’s as well. Plus, she and Jay-Z tried to pimp out their baby by getting Blue Ivy trademarked and she showed up at two different vegan restaurants wearing fur and leather in a cow hide pattern. Stuff like that just makes me not like her personality.

          • demidaemon

            I agree with everything here and add this: Rihanna just seems like she’d be a lot cooler to hang out with than Beyonce. Beyonce is that girl who worked hard after being poor but now acts a little snooty about it. Rihanna just seems to be the cool chick who is always cool and laid back.

          • Evan

            Beyonce grew up middle class actually. She just pretends that she’s from the hood. Whereas Rihanna is actually from the hood in Barbados. Sometimes I get the feeling that Rihanna is probably a mean girl, but she’s also just effortlessly cool and seems like a lot of fun. Rih has a lot of personality and I feel like Bey doesn’t have much personality.

          • NinjaCate

            Rihanna is not from the hood. She grew up in St. Michael. The only thing less hood is the actual capital. Oh my goodness.

          • Sunraya

            Ever since I saw the video from her concert when she fell down the stairs and sang (haha!!) all the way down, I find it hard to take her seriously as a performer. Good performers do NOT lip sync at their concerts. What hogwash!

          • SophieB210

            Totally get why she strikes some as fake, though I kind of appreciate that she presents a polished image in public. Rihanna acting raunchy all the time isn’t really any more honest than Beyonce “acting classy.”

            Also, lots of major recording artists – Madonna comes to mind – demand writing and production credits as soon as they have the clout to do so, because that’s where the money is. The pay structure in the music business is the most messed up in the entertainment industry by far.

          • KiP07

            I agree. Beyonce can come off a bit pageanty in terms of how she dresses and the answers she gives in interviews, but I think it is because that is her version of professionalism. I don’t personally relate to it all that much, but I respect it. I also think she tends to get more flack than others for things that are common in the music industry even among well-respected artists, but I guess that just comes with the territory.

      • Sobaika

        I liked Pretty Hurts I guess, it just felt very Destiny’s Child. Not something she’d be putting out today.

        The entire album is pretty strong though. My favorites are Flawless (obvs), XO, Drunk in Love, Partition, and Blow.

        • Evan

          Yes, I like “XO” and “Drunk in Love” as well, but “Flawless” and “Partition” are the shit. I think “Superpower” might be my favorite song on the album though. It’s a real grower and the lyrics and production are great. Frank Ocean did a wonderful job with that. And I love “Haunted” cause it’s kind of indie R&B and the video was definitely inspired by Madonna’s “Justify My Love” video. As you said, the whole album is pretty strong. The only song that kind of feels like album filler to me is “No Angel.” I just haven’t been able to get into it.

          • SophieB210

            I love Superpower too, it has an awesome 70s soul vibe. Agree on No Angel, but oh man I dive for the skip button every time Heaven comes on. But my very favorite is Yonce, video and song. Joan Smalls just owns, period.

        • stephbellard

          The whole album is stunning. I can’t stop listening to the lines, “I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me…”

    • Alyssa_T_Robot

      i’m pretty sure she recorded ‘flawless’ as a personal favor for me 😉 it’s a great gym song too.

      • Alfred Cox

        I woke us like dis. I woke up like dis.

    • fursa_saida

      As far as I’m concerned, if someone ever bizarrely asked me to justify the amount of attention we have collectively lavished on Beyonce, I would just put on Flawless and walk out. That song/video is PERFECT.

  • I hope she sticks with fierce for a long time because as long as she’s doing fierce, it means she thinks she’s still in the game.

  • Evan

    Wow She’s actually wearing something I like!

  • ConnieBV

    For me the zenith of Bey chic style was that pink purple and orange minidress she wore for the Crazy in Love video. Then things took a turn. A divalicious turn, but yes, a HARD LEFT AT DEREON ST.

  • That colour is stunning. But just imagine her with Solange’s ‘fro… that would be incredible.

    • Anna

      Totally onboard with that. She looked amazing with one in Austin Powers.

      • KinoEye

        Loved her as Foxxy Cleopatra. She rocked that ladyfro, which happens to be one of my favorite styles for African American women. I wish it would come back as a fashion trend, but I bet it’s ridiculously difficult to maintain.

        • Anna

          Me too, absolutely love it. A barista at the funky local coffee shop across the street from my work rocks a badass one and has the coolest style.

          • Tatiana Luján

            Fros are sexy.

        • OhSheila

          It absolutely is a trend with real people. It’s not an everyday look for those with natural hair because maintenance and that perfectly circular 70’s Afro is so hard to obtain, but she could easily wear an updated facsimile of her Austin Powers wig.

          • KinoEye

            That’s good to know! I just don’t see it too much where I live, I suppose. Most ladies I see wear their hair natural, which I also love. And I can hardly imagine how difficult it would be to get hair to cooperate with that style, but wigs are a good alternative.

          • sojourneryouth

            SO true! I wore a magical Angela Davis to a friend’s dinner party, and I had to bring a pick with me and pick the dents even every time I was hugged or sat down. A dented ‘fro is not a happy ‘fro.

        • marlie

          You have to have the right kind of hair (isn’t that always the case, no matter what?). I have natural hair, but mine will never ‘fro.

          • Sarah

            I have Caucasian hair, and it will. I thought it was such a curse to keep it from doing that that I let it dread up for 13 years. Now I keep it tamed, but I spend time doing it, because Library World is not a place where people accept hair that is deemed Out of Control. Sometimes, though, if it’s a day off, I’ll just let it. ‘Cuz, it’s my genes, man. I’m not ashamed.

      • I had forgotten that!

    • Ginger

      And you’ve just hit on my issue that I’ve been trying to put into words without sounding hateful or offending people…because it’s a serious question. It’s my understanding that she and her husband are passionate about African Americans and bettering their lives. Why, then, does she not promote the beauty that is unique to black women? Their hair, their innate fierceness, their own style and image…it’s all something to be celebrated. It seems to me as though she actively tries to simulate white style, both in hairstyles and clothing.

      • JasmineAM

        Just my two cents: not all black people have Solange type hair. Im black, and my hair is nothing like the fro she rocks. Mine wont even puff up enough to achieve it. Not only that, what is “white style”? Are we as black supposed to wear nothing but urban clothes? Black people come in all styles, hair textures, colors; we aren’t a homogenous group. Hell, my mom is Mariah Carey’s color, and I’m colored like Gabrielle Union.

        • Ginger

          That was just a generalization. See, that’s what I was trying to avoid…sounding like an ass. It still came out. 🙂 I don’t think anybody should conform to one specific look just because they’re a certain color. White style wasn’t my best use of words that I’ve ever come up with. Forgive me.

        • MsKitty

          I agree. I stopped relaxing my hair 8 years ago and have worn braids and twists before settling in medium height afro I currently wear. That said, I would never pass judgment on a sista whose hair looks like it’s been laid by the gods courtesy of the heat or chemicals. At the end of the day it’s just hair. It always amazes me that Black women seem to be the only group of people that don’t have the freedom to wear their hair any which way without scrutiny. I mean I’ve seen some posts of people going in on Blue Ivy’s hair. SMH.

          • JasmineAM

            I’ve always been jealous of the girls that had hair that let them rock braids! Every time I’ve tried braids, they come loose within a day.

          • AnnaleighBelle

            I agree. I’m white and I have an African-American daughter (adopted). She has really tight curls. The entire time she was little, I had so many people feel free to comment on how I did her hair – I preferred to put it in little rubber banded lattice pattern on the front to keep it neat, then into one or two afro puffs. Sometimes it was all I could do to hold her still long enough to just pull her hair into a puff.

            Anyway, I remember Angelina Jolie getting judged because Zahara’s hair was (apparently) natural.

            White people can curl or straighten or color or cut hair, or wear blue, green, brown, gray contacts and it’s just a style choice. When a person of color does it, they’re self-hating or not representing properly.

      • Clearly, I’m not African American, but I think that whatever causes she may hold dear, Beyonce is a business woman. And I really don’t think she is going to get Beyonce-level sales with Erykah Badu hair, unfortunately.

        • @Biting Panda

          Wait! You’re white?????

          • I KNOW. Who’d have thunk it?

          • kimmeister

            And you’re not American? You with your clobber and dummies and such?

          • Australian residing in England.

          • kimmeister

            I know, hon, it was a joke. 😉

          • Sorry – totally went over my head! I was sure we’d covered that before… And it’s too late in the day for me to claim I’m still asleep!

        • Ginger

          But isn’t that a shame (if Beyonce really wanted to rock the Erykah Badu hair)?

      • CPK1

        I dunno, I think Bey has pretty much her own fierce style that many try (and fail) to imitate

      • Dadoong21

        Can it not be black/white thing? She can wear whatever hair she likes. And she does celebrate her African side, watch her Grown Woman video. Not to mention Bey’s first solo song/video [Work It Out] had her rocking an afro after all!

        She doesn’t have to stick to her one lane. She’s bigger and more of a person than her hair.

        • Ginger

          Like I said earlier, I didn’t choose my words wisely and for that I do apologize. I’m certainly not one to categorize people based on color, no matter how it may have come across in my post. I was just curious. Like @KinoEye said above, she looked so amazing with an afro as Foxxy Cleopatra.

          • Dadoong21

            No, don’t apologise! I understand you were curious and it wasn’t coming from a place of ill intent! I had to throw in my 2c was all. I usually type a bit blunty, I try to work on it, but I guess it can’t be helped sometimes? Ha! For that I am sorry.

          • Ginger

            You type blunty too, huh? I get myself in SO much trouble with work emails sometimes. I’m glad you threw your 2c in!

          • Sunraya

            Nobody messes with Foxy Cleopatra. Where have you been?

            Love that scene!!!

      • cocohall

        Have you seen the Chris Rock movie about hair? It is absolutely fascinating. A window not just into American black women and their hair, but also where all the hair for weaves comes from (India – shaved off women as part of a religious ceremony and then sold for big $$$). Hair, because you CAN change it and color it and cut it, is such a important tool for any person to express his or her own sense of self. Skin color, features, and weight are much harder to manipulate (but not impossible, but still not something you can do in just day and be ready to head out that night). I would never judge Beyonce for playing around with her hair styles; wearing a fur coat to a vegan restaurant is open season however. As for this particular Beyonce look, I don’t like the sleeve detail. But that is just a quibble. She, like JLo, understands her brand. She looks good. This is a woman, after all, whose stage alter ego is named Sasha Fierce. Not Sasha Fashion.

        • julnyes

          I wasn’t as blown away with that Chris Rock movie as most of the people I know. I thought he let a lot of interesting balls drop (I wanted to know more about the lack of Black people in the Black hair business). I found some of the barber shop talk ridiculous and it was left completely unchallenged (one guy blamed black women’s weaves for a lack of intimacy in relationships because he couldn’t run his hands through her hair. As if fingers in hair is some sort of barometer for healthy relationships)

          I also feel like the competitive hair show sections of the movie belonged in an entirely different movie and should have been cut out.

          I know he isn’t a documentary film maker or a historian, but maybe he should have brought some of those people in for the project.

          After the movie came out I had a number of non-black people come up to me and say how the movie made them understand black hair and really it doesn’t and that annoys me.

          • I see what you mean – and I agree that there were some things he should have pursued. I believe the first woman millionaire in America was a black hairdresser, so how you go from that position to the domination of the Korean suppliers would have been really interesting. But for me having read some stuff about the fetishisation of black women’s hair I still found it interesting and a gateway into something I don’t understand. I’d had no idea just how much money was involved, for example.

          • julnyes

            Yes, her name was Sarah Breedlove (Madame C. J. Walker)

            The movie definitely touched on some things that would be a good starting point, but it never delved deep enough on any of those topics to my satisfaction (but maybe he wasn’t even trying for that and maybe that is an impossible task)

          • He should do a sequel. I want to check in with his little girls and see how they are navigating life!

          • julnyes

            That would be interesting.

          • marlie

            I agree about your assessment of the movie, but I think it’s one of those things where even if non-Bladck people gain a *little* bit of knowledge and understanding, it’s not a thorough education, but it’s better than nothing. It’s a start.

          • cocohall

            To be sure, Chris Rock is first and foremost, a comedian, and the movie was skewed toward humor and general male bewilderment about how much time and energy and money women put into their hair. My husband has been seeing the same barber since he was 18. He is 56. I keep telling him he better hurry up and go bald because his barber is going to retire soon. He has had the SAME haircut for nearly 40 years. I can’t even being to tell you how many hours I have logged getting my hair cut, colored, body-waved, etc. In general, all my friends regardless of race, wish their hair was different. And we all spend a lot of time and money trying to achieve “good” hair, whatever that means to us. The alchemy of the beauty shop. The techniques may be different, but we all want to believe that we are just one process or haircut away from fabulous . . . .

          • marlie

            My boyfriend (who is white, and bald), was baffled when I told him that I have friends (of all races) who go to one salon for color, a different one for a cut, and maybe even a third for a blowout. It makes no sense to him. But that’s a “woman thing,” not necessarily a race/ethnicity thing.

          • I have never heard of that! My friends put up with bad cuts for years because they can’t be unfaithful to their salon!

          • marlie

            Cuts and color are too pricey – and it’s such an obvious & important part of one’s appearance – to not get what you want and what you pay for.

            It’s awkward the first couple of times going to one place after you’ve clearly been to another, but I’m sure most stylists would be happy that you’re still sticking around at all.

          • One of my friends changed the route she walked home from work so she didn’t have to go near a salon that she’d cheated on!

      • Sobaika

        JasmineAM and others have you great answers so I’ll just add my two cents here:

        She’s very much about black representation and has been for years. Her band is entirely women of color, her latest visual album features more dark-skinned black women than you seen in pop culture’s entirety, she keeps Blue’s hair natural. How she presents herself shouldn’t take away from that.

        I would bet my entire life’s savings that she would NOT be as successful if her presentation wasn’t this mainstream. She doesn’t exist in a vacuum and I’m not sure it’s fair to pick her apart that way.

      • marlie

        One’s hairstyle shouldn’t necessarily be an indication or where one lies on the “Black pride” spectrum. And while it’s important to recognize that no one should feel pressure to “conform” to a western standard of beauty, one should also have the right to do what they want with their hair, makeup, clothes, whatever. That doesn’t make them any less of an advocate for the things they believe in.

        FWIW, I didn’t take your question negatively. But advocacy – of any kind, and for any issue – comes in many different shapes and forms.

    • Ediths_Head

      Agree completely. It seems to me that the Empress has no clothes on her head. It’s as though people have been literally blind when they look at the top of her pictures for the past few years. Not only is the long blond hair tacky-looking – it literally looks cheap though I know it cost more than my car – it is also unflattering to her, which is the most anti-chic thing possible. It washes her out and never will do any different.

    • Danielle


    • sojourneryouth

      I think Bey is too attached to this brand of fierceness to wear her hair natural on the regular, especially for a performance. Far too many people still think natural hair is not elegant, professional, or acceptable. The needle is shifting, but as a Black woman who has a pretty extensive network of friends of all kinds, it can be depressing how intolerant some people can be about this issue.

      • I’d think that the Brit awards would be a good space to do it, if she wanted to try. It seems less contentious over here. I just think the silhouette of that slinky dress would work really beautifully with a big afro.

  • RussellH88

    I’d accept all of the Illuminati conspiracy theories if it meant that Beyonce has a hand in controlling the world.

  • EveEve

    Bringing up Bey? Ahem. Guilty. S’okay. Whatevs. If Katy Perry is a young woman who transitioned “from “wacky cartoon character with boobs” to ‘grown-up woman with sophistication'” can we not at least give a nod to Beyonce for a pretty profound transition from her early days? My vote on Katy Perry is still out – she’s still doing the wacky cartoon character on stage, but Beyonce has moved far beyond her Destiny’s Child wardrobe. Thank God.

    • RussellH88

      Beyonce has moved into Eternal Goddess Queen territory.

      • Dadoong21

        Sounds like her final Sailor Moon transformation.

        • RussellH88

          Now I’m mentally casting other pop stars as the other Sailor Scouts.

          Dorked out Katy Perry is my choice for Mercury, I think.

          • demidaemon

            This is fun! I’m thinking Miley as Sailor Venus (she is the predominantly sexy one). I’m not sure of having Beyonce as Sailor Moon, though, just because that automatically makes Jay Z as Tuxedo Mask and Blu Ivy as Sailor Chibi-Moon, and I just don’t think he’s cute enough for that role. Sorry.

            Now Beyonce as Queen Beryl or Sailor Pluto, that I could get behind.

          • RussellH88

            Beyonce would be an awesome Sailor Pluto. Madonna could be Queen Beryl.

            Even though she’s not a pop star, I think Amanda Palmer would be an awesome Sailor Jupiter. Or maybe Rihanna.

            I don’t know who Lady Gaga could be. She’d probably wear a weird cat outfit and be Luna.

          • demidaemon

            Lady Gaga has to be a villain, too! She should be that one from the circus season who was like an old/woman man that transformed into a beautiful yet evil woman! Although Gaga as Luna would be hilarious.

            I still don’t know who I would pick as Sailor Moon. It would probably have to be Taylor Swift, who fits Sailor Moon’s combination of oatmealness with obnoxiousness.

          • RussellH88

            That was Zirconia, I think.

            Taylor Swift could work as Sailor Moon, or maybe Christina Aguilera?

            Pink would also be a great Sailor Jupiter.

            This is getting me jazzed for the Sailor Moon reboot that’s coming up. They also made a live-action Sailor Moon which was so camptastic. I loved it.

          • demidaemon

            I know! I just want them to keep the whole Zoisite/Malchite dynamic from the original series. I would love Pink as Sailor Jupiter. Really, the hardest ones for me to cast are the Outer Scouts, especially Uranus and Neptune. They need to have that sexy together dynamic. Although, considering Shakira and Rihanna’s new video, maybe they are the answer.

          • RussellH88

            Pink could pull off Uranus, I think.

          • demidaemon

            Definitely. But who could be her violin playing Sapphic lover?

          • RussellH88

            I don’t know. She’d have to be pretty classy. Maybe Florence?

          • demidaemon

            Oh, definitely. I love that contrast.

          • RussellH88

            We haven’t even discussed Sailor Mars.

          • demidaemon

            I know. I’m thinking Selena Gomez, actually. She hits all the right notes, for me.

          • RussellH88

            I can see that.

        • Nikko Viquiera

          Oh my god! I loved Sailor Moon! I’d watch it just for transformations!

    • I’m not sure why we have to ensure that all celebrities get complimented equally. Isn’t it enough that this post is pretty much nothing but compliments?

      • MilaXX

        It’s the Power of the Bey Nation. They are super loyal King Bey can do no wrong in their eyes.

      • decormaven

        It’s the Compliment Tea Party Syndrome. “You get a cookie, and you get a cookie, and you get a cookie…”

      • EveEve

        Yikes, I didn’t mean to imply that. Yesterday when you asked the BKs if we could think of others besides Gwen and Queen Latifah who’d made the transition, Victoria Beckham and Bey came to mind. But yeah, Bey is more fierce than sophisticated, and probably always will be.

        • kerryev

          Was Victoria Beckham’s Posh Spice ever really a cartoon character? Serious question. I just remember her in cocktail dresses.

    • Dadoong21

      I agree, Katy’s nowhere near “transformed”. Her newest video (due today) has her wearing grills under the pseudonym Katy Patra….

      • Sobaika

        I’ve only seen stills from it but I can’t remember anything recently that has been more rage-inducing.


    • Alyssa_T_Robot

      i am a huge proponent of the beyonce > katy perry argument – HOWEVA… i do agree that bey’s appearance is more aimed toward whatever makes her look insanely gorgeous versus what makes her look ‘chic.’ and i’m fine with that. i like my beyonce extra fierce with a side of sexay, let katy perry be ‘chic.’

  • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

    “She is a diva and a goddess and insanely talented, beautiful and charismatic. We will still be talking about Bey in ten years and probably ten years after that. She has earned almost every accolade thrown her way. But she is not, as far as we’re concerned, chic in her style.”

    DAMN RIGHT, TLO. If anything, it’s Solange who occasionally works the chic in her look, but it’s just not in Beyonce’s wheelhouse.

    • marlie

      YES. Bey will never be adventurous or creative in her style, not the way that Solange is. That’s just not her thing.

  • TippiH

    She is the definition of va-va-voom here: hourglass figure, blinding sparkle, bigass hair, killer smile…all is right in the world

  • CeeRich

    Love this. Great color and the sleeve detail makes it more interesting despite my hatred of all things “illusion netting”.

    • 3boysful

      For me, there is something about the sleeve that says “(much) more mature and beloved singer/actress who doesn’t like her arms anymore.” I would love the dress as a sheath. Fab color.

  • Jessica Freeman

    She looks fabulous in that dress. Great color on her.

  • KinoEye

    Nailed it 100% on her personal style. She’s always been Sasha Fierce, after all. I still remember being blown away by the fierceness in the Naughty Girl video when I was about 13. She’s stunning here, and this look is pure Beyonce.

  • nycfan

    Love the color, don’t get why the sleeve is just above the wrist, makes it look too short somehow.

  • Gatto Nero


  • I feel like, if your style still inspires drag queens to imitate it (unless they’re Raja-level sophisticated), you’re probably still stuck in “cartoon sex doll” territory, style-wise.
    ETA: Raja may be the very example of a “chic” (by the above definition) drag queen, and I can’t think of another; I feel like RuPaul is chicer in menswear looks than drag looks which are all very much in the FIERCE (and FABULOUS) mode.

    • MilaXX

      Ru is a perfect example. In menswear he’s chic, but dragged out as Auntie Ru she is diva fierce. Just think about when she steps onto the runway during Drag Race.


        • boweryboy

          I can’t wait for the RPDR season premiere Monday, and most especially TLo’s recaps. The LogoTV app is sneak previewing the first episode. There are a few minor tweaks to the competition, but not to worry it takes nothing away from the show itself. It does add an extra level of drama.

          • IT’S ON MONDAY?! Fuck, I have the bar exam on tuesday and wednesday. Oh well, thanks for the reminder to DVR!

          • marlie

            If I don’t say so before then – GOOD LUCK!! xoxo

          • Good luck!

          • demidaemon


            Sorry, superRPDR fan here. I’m not downloading the app, so as long as you don’t spoil the results I’m fine with any info.

          • boweryboy

            *SPOILER ALERT*

            It’s really nothing major. The season premiere is split into two parts: the first 7 queens compete in Episode 1 and some one is sent home. Then the 7 other queens will compete in Episode 2 and some one is sent home. Episode 3 is when the remaining 12 queens meet each other. Also, there will be no immunity for anyone this season. However, the LogoTV app stops at the end of Episode 1 just when the bottom two queens are about to LSFYL. There’s a message that says, “You didn’t think we were going to give it all away, did you?” So you still have to wait until Monday to find out who goes home.

          • demidaemon

            I see. That’s interesting, but it does give everyone a bit more feedback right off the bat and let’s us get to know the contestants without getting overwhelmed.

            I was going to watch the late showing tonight, after The Voice, but my lovely satellite provider just suddenly up and removed the channel after I had paid for it. So, I probably won’t get to watch it online until Wednesday at the earliest. *shakes fist ineffectually*

          • boweryboy

            I don’t get LOGO at all. So I have to wait until Tuesday after work to watch the episodes. It’s the hardest thing ever to not read TLo’s recaps beforehand.

          • demidaemon

            I know. Their post is taunting me from the home page. I must resist the urge.

  • ovarB

    It is the old adage of the clothing doesn’t make the woman, the woman makes the clothing.

  • Alyssa_T_Robot

    pssht i’d rather be fierce than chic any day of the week 😉 #queenbeyforeva

  • deelup

    I will support most any celebrity with hips who chooses to emphasize them. Thank you Beyonce.

  • Leah Elzinga

    that is some Destiny’s Child realness right there. I fully expect that there are two other versions of this dress just outside the frame.

  • xmixiex

    Well said uncles! She does look FIERCE. the fit on her shape is unreal.

  • Dadoong21

    I may be bias because Beyonce is EVERYTHING, but that is one beautiful dress. Still pictures don’t do it justice, honestly. In HD, how it twinkled as the lights hit it and the camera swirled around. Gorgeous, perfect for a performance.

  • jilly_d

    Hair’s looking a little crispy but she looks great in that color. And it must be said – DEM CURVES.

  • MilaXX

    True, Bey’s clothes almost always scream DIVA.Thankfully she has the talent to back it up, but I rarely see chic.

  • ashtangajunkie

    This is gorgeous. I enjoy Beyonce’s commitment to her fierce-as-shit appearance. Whether she’s wearing the bodysuit from her Grammy’s performance or a sparkly evening gown, she is always hotter than hell.

  • decormaven

    Definitely a powerful stage look. The hairstyle is not my favorite, but it pairs well with the dress. Serving it up diva style!

  • ModernDowager

    Excellent breakdown of “chic” vs. “fierce”

  • boweryboy

    Was Queen Latifah ever a cartoon sex doll?

    • conniemd

      No, but she was an image of rapper/tough girl and now seems serious and mature.

      • boweryboy

        That’s what I thought, but I had to double check.

  • MaggieMae

    SIgh. Why can’t MY curves be in all the right places? Totally agree about chic vs. fierce.

    • You aren’t wearing the right underwear. Bey has some serious foundation garments on under there!

      • MaggieMae

        My dear Alicia, you are being far too kind! Even the best foundation garments could not transform me into a curvalicious fierce woman! I will just have to work with what I’ve got! But, sigh, those curves!

      • Sobaika

        I used to think that too but… She’s walking around very close to naked in the Drunk in Love video and the only difference is that her waist isn’t this defined (by a teeny smidge). Genetics – and the lack of trainer and nutritionist and career that banks on my looks – did me wrong!!

        • Hush! 😉

          Anyway, you can see the underpinnings on this one.

    • kimmeister

      I have long wished one could export curves from one part of the body to another. Also, height. I’d take 2″ away from my torso and add them to my legs. I’d take the extra padding in the thunder thighs and calves and move it north to the bust. Then boom, clothes would magically fit me better!


    Love her but she will NEVER be a style icon

  • Kent Roby

    I see that Bey is sticking with Rupaul as her style icon.

    • Imasewsure

      Love me some Ru – and new season of Drag Race on Logo starting Monday! Maybe Bey can get some new looks out of it… we’ll all just be reveling in the shade!!

      • Kent Roby

        I no longer have Logo, so I’ll have to rush to see the episodes online the next day… a gal I know (Bianca Del Rio) will be competing, so it’s going to be hard to avoid spoilers! Incidentally, Bianca/Roy is also a really talented designer currently working for a Broadway costume production house who could just a easily compete on Project Runway.

        • Imasewsure

          That’s so cool. Bianca is now my favorite of Ru’s girls since she has official Bitter Kitten support! Go Bianca!!

  • B_C_J

    I agree, chic, she is not. However glamorous, show-stopping, powerful she is.

  • DTLAFamilies

    I’m in the tiny minority on this, but Bey is one of those celebs who just doesn’t do much for me. She’s beautiful and talented and I like her music okay, but that’s it.

    • sojourneryouth

      It’s not that tiny a minority. It’s just that those who LOVE or HATE Beyonce are louder right now than those of us who are just “meh”.

  • sleepycat

    I’m going to agree that Bey is in another field and not what would be typically known as chic. I think the outfit is cheap looking, but she looks good. I have never been the biggest fan of her music (my tastes are in folktronica, trip hop, and indie pop), although she is talented.

  • shelley514

    I’m a member of the Beyhive STILL even though I’m completely bored with Queen Bey’s look. So wish she would get out of tacky land in her clothing choices. She and Mariah Carey must fight for the most tacky “look at me” gowns. And those horrendous blond barbie doll wigs are OVER. Someone get Bey that memo!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I think Mariah wins that battle-she always defaults to eye-searing cleavage. TLo’s reading of Beyonce seems right on point-she’s choosing clothes that play up the image that she’s created for performing.

      • marlie

        Mariah defaults to too much cleavage, too tight, too short, ALL AT ONCE, ALL THE TIME. She “beats” Beyonce by a mile.

        • filmcricket

          Mariah is basically Heidi Klum with pipes. Although she does tend to default more to black or leopard print than shiny, I guess.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I’m just going to chime in that Mariah does beat Heidi in the too short, tight category. Mariah’s got the pipes and she doesn’t need to do the full hoochy look as often as she does.

    • livesarah

      Yeah Mariah wins every time. She doesn’t even manage to get out of Tackyland these days.

  • Violina23

    You guys have a really great way with words when explaining this stuff….I’m not terribly fashion forwards, but I do find the industry fascinating. If you wrote a style book, it’d probably be pretty kick ass. You are still the first people to explain what “couture” meant in a way that made sense to me.

    In other words, I totally get what you are saying here… She looks amazing, but it’s not exactly a fashion moment we’re witnessing…. Just a “Beyoncé in her natural habitat” moment 🙂

  • Lesley

    I’m all for Queen Bey but the dress is kinda tacky in my opinion i despise sheer netting and anyone else thinking that weave came from one of those stands at the mall? not my favorite look from her

  • KayEmWhy

    Not a fan she always looks tacky or a step from tacky.

  • hmb

    I just read that that dress she wore to the Grammys was a mannequin 2/4…i just don’t understand how! She’s so curvy, how in the hell?

    • J. Preposterice

      you can be curvy and small. i would guess that she’s curvy enough that (like me) she would take a different size by waist measurement than by hip measurement, which can VERY noticeably change your waist/hip ratio. You wouldn’t think an inch or two would make that much visual difference, but it does.

  • Julaine Haraden Morley

    Dearest TLo – I’m rendered nearly speechless by the beauty & intelligence of your compare & contrast of chic vs. fierce fashion ethic. While I adore your snarky humor and delight in your fashion overview, such a display of real insight is thrilling. I bow down.

  • marlie

    I get – and agree with – your assessment 100%. Bey looks good – great, even, but she’s not causing anyone to look at style or fashion differently. No one looks at her and says “the way she paired those items is imspired.” Actually, I wouldn’t even necessarily say it about KP (even though she HAS evolved), but it absolutely applies to Stefani.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    I liked this until I saw that seam running down her arm. That took it from fierce to just ok. I guess I should admit that I really can’t stand her which colors my opinion.

  • Cheryl

    Like the dress, hate the barbie hair.

  • PRFan

    Every year she gets a little bit whiter. By 2019 she’s going to look like Reese Witherspoon.

  • kt

    She looks fabulous here. And it’s a huge stretch for me to say as she gives me the strongest see you next tuesday vibes. For the PR team that tries to wrangle her interviews, my apologies. However, Girl that is absolutely your dress.

  • Lolo

    Y every one on pretty hurt case. It us one of the best songs on the album because of the message yes it’s not a duper dance/turnup track but that’s the beauty of the song. It’s a true beyonce dong and had she not but herself somewhere on this album then she woulda just cheated herself. That song is do her lyrically and instrumentally don’t believe go listen to dangerously on love, half of bday, I am..not Sasha fierce, and 4 and you’ll see the connection of the real her vs the eviction of Sasha

    • Trickytrisha


  • Clash D

    I would reallyreallyreallyreally like to see her trying a different hair colour other than ‘blond’.

  • queeniethebold

    i agree with and applaud everything TLo has said here, except for the part about “insanely talented.” To me, she is a brand that is insanely well marketed. But … talented? No. Not really.

  • demidaemon

    Agreed. Beautiful gown that hits her in all the right places. A style icon? Not so much.

  • Alfred Cox

    Sexy. Flawless. Goddess. Gla-MOUR. Beyonce. What else to there to say?

  • Trickytrisha

    This is miles above her usual stage wear. The usual pop star uniform that she wears – fishnets and bejeweled, lacy leather swimsuit – IS tacky as hell. Here she’s looking lovely and toned down.

  • elirt

    I’m not digging how much lighter her skin and hair are getting. It’s unfortunate to me.

  • livesarah

    Horrible hair. Great diva dress. Super-strong shapewear!

  • formerlyAnon

    The dress is great. But, yes, we do all know that’s a wig. But couldn’t she have spent money on a wig that looks like real hair under the lights? I’m pretty sure you can get them, especially when you are insanely well off.

  • Sunraya

    She looks great here. And tacky. Of course. She always does, just like Heidi Klum.

  • GeoDiva

    Perfectly said.

  • murt

    Yeah definitely – also Beyonce never really ‘transitioned’ in terms of her clothing choices – she still dresses basically the same way that she did in Destiny’s Child – she just doesn’t need to coordinate with Kelly and Michelle anymore.

  • quiltrx

    That’s a great dress…but that is one busted-looking wig.

  • Judih1

    Well said – which is why I SO LOVE your fashion analysis

    • Madam Von Sassypants


  • NinjaCate

    Completely agree with everything you said. I was having this discussion a while back about Beyonce vs. Britney in terms of who has a more memorable/iconic style, meaning outfits/costumes that place them firmly within the context of pop culture. Britney has a LOT of those (basically everything she’s ever worn in a video or to the VMA’s) while Beyonce has maybe two that I can think of: Single Ladies leotard and MAYBE the Love on Top tuxedo from the VMAs. Oh and the Dangerously in Love denim shorts and tank. Maybe.

    But the point is, you guys are spot on. With Beyoncé, it’s about HER and remembering HER. With most other people it’s about the impact that outfit makes in that one moment.

  • RescueMe23

    Number 5 on my irrational hate list.