W Magazine – The Movie Issue

Posted on January 07, 2014

These are kind of disappointing. With a lineup like this, you’d think these covers would all be knockouts, but it didn’t really shake out that way. Walk with us.


Jennifer Lawrence, Oprah Winfrey, Lupita Nyong’o, Matthew McConaughey, Cate Blanchett, Amy Adams for W magazine, styled by Edward Enningful, photographed by Juergen Teller.


First off, we’re going to be the ones to get out ahead of this one. It’s time to make a strong declaration, darlings, and here it is: The flat Polaroid effect is now officially over. Please stop using it, magazines. We don’t want to pay a subscription to a magazine that looks like a million Pinterest accounts. Harrumph.

Also: Amy Adams probably burst into tears when she saw her cover. We’re assuming. That’s some pretty un-Cate styling on Cate Blanchett. Lupita looks gorgeous, proving that it’s difficult to take a bad picture of her. Oprah will probably have several people destroyed for this, although truth be told, lighting aside, she looks pretty great here. And you have to admit, they nailed McConaughey’s style. J Law looks really annoyed with us right now.




[Photo Credit: Juergen Teller for W Magazine]

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  • Latin Buddy

    My FB pictures look more stylized, higher quality, and more fierce than these

    • leahpapa

      These look like the unattractive shots a frenemy posts and tags you in. Not that I have any of those, mind you.

    • mshesterp

      What in the hell is up with the lighting? Who thinks that’s good? The MM shot looks just ridiculous, like he was shot with an iphone.

      • 3boysful

        They all look really amateur. In a not good way.

      • Faerie Nuff

        This is what happens when you have all the light coming from one direction (the same direction as the camera), and it is WAY too bright. They could have been using very expensive photography lighting, but it has the same effect as the overpowered flash that comes with many instant cameras. It flattens out your subject and looks like crap. When I first saw these, I thought they were Terry Richardson’s work. He uses this “technique” all the time. It’s a stupid trend and I can’t wait for it to die.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Please. My Catster pictures look more stylized, higher quality and more fierce than these!

      • Adrianna Grężak


  • WildHyacinth2

    Of all the pictures they most certainly took of Amy Adams why on Earth did they select a picture where she’s coping a feel of herself? Someone at W Magazine really doesn’t like her is my only guess.

    • NOLA_gal

      Copping a feel of herself, and not at all pleased with the outcome!

      • MoHub

        And I just thought she was trying to keep the girls from escaping.

    • Spreecord

      Forget Amy Adams. Why did they select a picture of Cate Blanchett that makes her look like a minor politician’s trophy wife?

  • crash1212

    Best J Law hair ever.

    • Ginger

      Truth. It makes me miss my own short hair (when it was cut in much the same manner). It looked fantastic, but man was it ever a bitch to style on a daily basis! Whoever said that short hair is easier never had my hair (TONS of body to it and always wants to curl/wave in the most unflattering manner).

      • teensmom99

        Yes but totally wrong hair and make up for that bathing suit or whatever that outfit is.

      • Kerri

        Exactly. I have hair about her length right now (and have had some variation thereof since I chopped it off in high school). I love it; I look best with short hair like that, but man, it is NOT wash and go hair. On an average day (when I leave the house), there at least 4 products in use, plus a blow dryer and straightener. But it’s worth it. Most of the time….

      • crash1212

        I know exactly what you mean and couldn’t agree more. I loved my short hair while I had it, but it was a bitch to style every single damn day! I used to laugh when people would say how much easier they thought short hair was….as they tossed theirs into a pony and went on their way!

        • Constant Reader

          Me too! I used to use two or three different products to get my thick, curly hair to behave — and then, living as I do near the coast, most days all bets were off as soon as I left the house. But it was still better than anywhere between chin and shoulder length, which is basically a 45-minute to 1-hour hairdo — so basically I just settled into looking horrifying most days until it was long enough for a ponytail.

  • MilaXX

    Sheesh! I really don’t like these. Of all the covers Lupita’s is the only truly pretty one. Matt’s is a good runner up. It’s not great, but I think it captures the look he’s been going for (and failing) on the RC lately.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QFW22QV426LUOEPGASPZJWJMDE MishaFoomin

      That’s exactly how I feel about the Matt pic. I love that suit, and yet he looks like a douche. I’d like to see that suit on someone else, to make it look fabulous.

    • AnguaVonUberwald

      Hers is pretty because it is taken in (mostly) natural light. Oh yes, and she is so stunning cameras wouldn’t dare take a bad picture of her for fear of angering the camera gods.

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    Why is Amy Adams giving herself a breast exam on the cover of W? Good Lord. I style my dogs better in their little winter coats than these shots are styled.

    • Justine

      She’s got to keep those puppies healthy! They get a lot of coverage in American Hustle!

      • eowyn_of_rohan

        I doubt her breast exam would get far — hard to feel anything through that flammable-looking 1986 prom dress she’s got on.

        • Sarah

          She is getting ready to hurl, she hates that dress so much.

  • SophiaPehawkins

    Lupita looks gorgeous. Seriously other-worldly.

    Why pay photographers so much money for work that I could do with my phone or even with a film camera?

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    Also, why is Galadriel wearing a Yeti?

    • NOLA_gal

      It’s obviously a dyed tauntaun, not a Yeti!

    • mshesterp

      I didn’t even know it was her until I read the caption. Weird shot.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Did the Yeti do her hair and make-up as well?

    • http://phantomminuet.blogspot.com/ MinAgain

      And why did it lick her hair?

  • Karen Belgrad

    Wow… someone at W really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hates Amy Adams. Have they not forgiven her for Cruel Intentions 2?

    • Sobaika

      She made up for it with her guest appearance on Buffy.

  • @Biting Panda

    Heads should roll over this. Instagram nightmare!!

    • Sobaika

      My instagram looks better than this.

      • @Biting Panda

        i believe that.

    • ecallaw1977

      My thoughts exactly. I actually did a Control+F to see if someone else had used the word “fired” before I commented.

  • Diego!

    I think both Lupita and Amy won here, Both of them look gorgeous. I can’t say that about the others… including Miss Cate :(

  • mmebam

    Amy Adams: “Oh no! My dress is falling down!”

  • ChaCha_70

    Nailed it TLo.

  • Sarah

    SO, do we think I can get a high-paying position as a fashion photographer taking crappy snapshots? Because I’m ready. Screw my photography teacher and all that aperture and exposure time business. Polaroid is where it is AT. (I really hate these. And I hate the idea of what would happen if I DID sneak up on Oprah for an unflattering snapshot, because I don’t think she’d like it.)

    • marlie

      If you snuck up on Oprah and then published this photo, we’d never hear or see from you again.

      • Sarah

        RIGHT? So glad I’m not responsible.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          You’d be left for dead in a drainage ditch in NJ.

    • tereliz

      Meanie! Don’t you know Juergen Teller took these right after a glaucoma test? Those drops mess me up too.

    • demidaemon

      If this is what they expect of you, I would probably say that they would not hire you because you would clearly cost too much money.

  • Justine

    I have less of an issue with Amy Adams touching herself than I do with her terrible hair styling

    • nowlo

      I think they were going for a raw, edgy look (i.e. Terry Richardson’s style) by pairing a couture gown with greasy-looking hair, but it’s just plain ugly. And that is some seriously bad lighting. It looks like they put her under interrogation lights.

      • Aurumgirl

        But why would you emulate Terry Richardson at all? Maybe Oprah should disappear this photographer.

  • nannypoo

    I was thinking that’s not a very good picture of Claire Danes when I realized it’s not a picture of her at all. It’s not a very good picture of Cate Blanchett either.

  • Scimommy

    Lupita looks beautiful. Everybody else is… varying degrees of strange.

  • theblondette

    Whaaaat? I get that they’re trying to make them look like retro snaps from a Christmas party, but there are ways and means of doing that. And this is not the way. Everyone’s make up is terrible. Lupita only looks good because she is a luminous goddess – the rest of the pic is flat and uninteresting. Everyone else, meanwhile, looks shitty, though I guess it’s nice that for a change the white people are chalky and the women of colour look like they have unedited complexions.

    • theblondette

      As a side note, I love that I have seen at least 3 separate references to Terry Richardson in the comments, all written in the tone of utmost disdain.

      • http://thatswhatthemoneyisfor.wordpress.com/ lizlemonglasses

        There should be no other tone when referencing Terry Richardson. /gavel

        • marlie

          The kittens DO have taste, after all.

  • Blair Sylvester

    they have sinned against Cate!! what the hell did they do to her? she looks like an impersonator. They should have to feature real housewives and the Kardashians for 12 months as penance for this grave sin.

  • shirab

    So confusing, so much to dislike here… Lupita at least looks good, and she isn’t posing in a corner of someone’s first post-college apartment like Oprah and Cate and even JLaw seem to be. JLaw looks frightened, as if she is being forced to be in the photo at gunpoint. And I’ll echo the sentiments about the mystifying the boob grab for Amy. Is that necessary to keep her dress up? Also, is her earring really sparkling in the light or was that an added effect, like the kind they do in Barbie advertisements?

  • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ foodycatAlicia

    I love Cate’s smile and Jennifer’s sun suit/bikini thing. And am pleased to see that the stylists share my douchecanoe perception of McConnaughey.

    • snarkalicious

      “Douchecanoe” for the win.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        Yes, although “Doucheboat” still remains as my favorite. That’s a combo “douchebag” and “dreamboat”, which is a combo of a guy who, although he’s clearly a douchebag, he’s still hot.

        • demidaemon

          I will have to work that term into conversation sometime.

        • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ foodycatAlicia

          That’s a good one!

  • jilly_d

    What in the actual fuck is this.

  • Sobaika

    JLaw looks hungry, Oprah looks like an exhausted woman inviting you to eat Thanksgiving dinner after hours of slaving, Lupita looks very fresh and young, I can’t with McConowhatever, the Great Cate looks like a drunk socialite, and Amy Adams’ shot looks like something from a Terry Richardson reject pile.

    • KinoEye

      Just wrote almost the exact same thing about the TR reject pile. We’re on the same page, you and I.

  • Garcia Loca

    JLaw cover looks like she was startled by Uncle Terry whipping it out.

  • KinoEye

    This passes as professional fashion photography? Really? These all look like rejects from a Terry Richardson shoot. Maybe it’s because I’m feverish and sick, but this is rage-inducing. Why would you pay anyone hundreds of thousands of dollars for something that looks worse than the work of talented amateurs I know? Juergen Teller, you fail. Hard.

  • bookish

    Poor Amy Adams looks like she drank too much after prom and is about to hurl all over.

    • Katesymae

      …after waking up passed out on the neighbor’s lawn.

  • NMMagpie

    There is no excuse for the poor quality of these shots, much less for the inane editorial justification for them. The days of the Instamatic being cutting edge for photography are over.

    I am sorry for Amy Adams; that is a craptacular choice of images.

  • boweryboy

    Juergen Teller uses the same harsh lighting technique as Terry Richardson, but at least Teller has actual talent to back it up. Although these photos prove differently, he did a playfully awesome W editorial with Laura Dern a few years back that I enjoyed.

    • KinoEye

      Good to know he’s got talent when he’s not aping what’s trendy. These pictures are just dreadful.

    • tereliz

      Agreed about Teller’s use of lighting, but usually his subjects aren’t so blown out and flattened (Oprah looks like a cardboard cut-out above). And in comparison to TR, his backgrounds are usually more interesting, too. If they’re white or plain, they’re not stark white, there’s usually some interplay of highlights and shadow. Then there’s that tiny bit of softness, whereas TR’s are usually pretty hard-edged. I love that you use the word “playful” because I think Teller typically captures something personal about his subject—as opposed to the forced playfulness or TR’s portraits.

      Teller would probably not be too worried that so many folks here thought his photos were by TR, but maybe he should be?

  • jw_ny

    Amy really needs to have photo approval rights written into her contracts from now on…

    • Mary229

      Honestly, whoever was responsible for that cover seeing the light of day deserves to be fired. She deserves way better than that kind of treatment. They all do.

  • Heather B.

    I don’t get this. Any of it.

  • Nicholas

    Did the photos include a ransom note?

    • Sarah

      Send us yer $$ or we will continue to torture Amy Adams’s chesticles! LOOK AT HER HORROR!

  • Emily Smith

    Amy Adams looks like she just woke up on the morning after senior prom during which she got drunk and/or high and is trying to walk home to her parents house while holding her dress up without her shoes because god knows where those ended up.

    • marlie

      HA. I edited my comment to say “walk of shame” before I read everyone else’s. Spot on. Drunken post-prom is equally as accurate.

  • SewingSiren

    Cate looks positively ghoulish! Amy is trying to ween and experiencing painful let down. Jennifer and Lupita on the other hand look marvelous! The others merely okay.

  • Ginger

    I had a negative physical reaction to every single photo. It’s a good thing that I haven’t had my lunch yet.

  • formerlyAnon

    This is a great McConaughey shot – captures him. I think Ms. Lawrence’s head is fabulous, the body a bit washed out. Love her hair. Ms. Adams looks distressed and as you say, probably was more so when she saw this. The rest are kind of expected, though I’m used to seeing more flattering photos of Oprah. (Maybe because the only ones I see are in her own magazine.)

    • marlie

      Oops. wrong comment. 😛

    • Sarah

      It is fun to imagine that Cate is so fabulous that she hangs out in the kitchen, next to the microwave, with a feather boa and diamonds on. I still want her to be better-lit, though.

      • demidaemon

        All of them deserve to be better lit. That’s probably the number 2 atrocity here.

        The number 1: These covers were greenlit.

  • marlie

    Lupita wins this round, though it’s not that much of a victory. JLaw’s picture is washed out; I could have taken a better one of Oprah in the living room at Christmas; I can’t with McConaughey’s douchiness and sleazy-looking suit; Cate looks like a drag impersonation of herself; and Amy looks like she was photographed while she was in the middle of getting dressed. Outside.

    • marlie

      Wait – Amy looks like she was caught doing the walk of shame.

  • Lilithcat

    I’m assuming it’s done because that huge “W” takes up the entire upper left hand side of the cover, but it’s weird that they’re all leaning to the right. It makes it look as though the photographer couldn’t hold his camera straight.

    And what are these weird settings? Oprah looks as though she’s at a no-tell motel, Cate’s in a kitchen(?), and Amy’s in the weeds next to a parking lot.

    Heads should roll.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Lupita’s cover is the only one I’d go out and hunt down on the newstands. Poor Amy Adams. Poor, poor Amy Adams. And what have they done to Cate? Jesus, she looks more like a drag queen than the *actual* drag queen I have as my avatar!

  • TAGinMO

    I will say that I find the complete lack (or very, VERY judicious use) of Photoshop refreshing. They look like people instead of wax-museum figures. But what would be so wrong with looking like well-lit, professionally-styled people, as opposed to people in my Instagram feed?

    • marlie

      Look at you, trying to find the silver lining among all this crap. 😉

    • kimmeister

      I’ll bet JLaw wishes they had ‘shopped the strip of skin that is pinching out between the top and bottom parts of her outfit though.

      • TAGinMO

        Truth be told, I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out. And besides, it’s just BARELY convex over toward the left, and it looks better than such a strip would look on 99.9% of the population in that pose. JLaw doesn’t seem like the type who would obsess/stress about it.

      • jennifromcali

        I thought that same thing! “Of all the times NOT to Photoshop.”

      • marlie

        I don’t know… it’s so inconspicuous, and it’s so NORMAL. When you bend your body, you get little bulges (for lack of a better word) like that. Her body is working like a normal body does, rather than the plasticized, over-smoothed pictures we normally see.

  • frannyprof

    What did they do to Cate?????!!!!!

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    Maybe this is some sort of meta-commentary about making glamorous people look un-glamourous heading into the award season…No, just some really bad pictures. Amy Adams is making me feel a bit uncomfortable, like maybe she is about to be assaulted.

  • Kent Roby

    These are giving me Terry Richardson creepiness. Yuck, I think I’ll go take another shower.

  • http://twitter.com/irmaladuce_l8ly IrmaLaDuce

    Cate looks like Norma Desmond. .

  • Candigirl1968

    Had the Instagrammy photos been in the inside pictorial, it might have been ok, but they just don’t work as covers. I really do like Oprah’s pic, as it takes her from OPRAH to a beautiful friend you might take a picture of at a party (who promptly makes this her Facebook profile pic because she looks GOOD).

    To crib Beyonce, I am convinced that Lupita woke up like this. She’s simply allergic to bad pictures. By contrast, that shot of Amy is criminal.

  • MoHub

    Even Cate isn’t pulling this off, and it pains me to type that.

  • bellafigura1


  • gabbilevy

    Go to hell, Terry Richardson. This is your fault.

  • A Certain Someone

    Poor Amy. She looks like she’s doing the walk of shame after being date raped at prom.

  • teensmom99

    Isn’t it a little too soon for Cate to enter her Joanne Whorley phase? And Oprah looks like an unretouched cover of O magazine.

  • Nancer

    What a waste of all this beauty and talent. Shame on W.

  • mjude


  • stubbornthoughts

    Lupita looks gorgeous, but more like a model than a movie star. Cate looks like she’s in drag. This whole shoot is atrocious.

    POOR AMY :-(

  • MK03

    Thanks, Terry Richardson. See what you’ve done? You’ve ruined fashion photography, maybe forever.

  • Judy_S

    At least they used the red-eye remover. Mostly.

  • elemspbee


  • http://www.ellenciompi.com/ NurseEllen

    Amy Adams……….good Gawdawmighty.

  • Jecca2244

    i feel like W’s been tanking for a while….look i get that every magazine shouldn’t be vogue (who often misses the mark) but these photos aren’t flattering. i miss the old W…might be time to clean house a bit. especially with them cutting 2 issues. i stopped subscribing because i could literally leaf through the issues in 5 minutes…so little text these days.

    • MaryMcClelland

      I feel like it’s been going down since Joe Zee left years ago. It never quite found its stride to me after that. Vogue is also in peril but I’ve accepted that years ago. Wintour will never go out until she’s taken out.

  • decormaven

    Thanks for posting these pics, if only to save my hard-earned dime for another mag’s pre-awards photo shoots. The quality of these photos is beyond bad. I hope Amy Adams snags a bushel of awards and denies any follow-up shots to W. Payback is due!

  • filmcricket

    MM’s and Lupita’s are the only ones that even remotely work here. Hers because it’s her, MM’s because the flat, vaguely amateur-porn-ish vibe suits him quite well. The rest of these are tragic.

  • Rhonda Shore

    I like J Law’s hair in this shot, I’ll say that.

  • StelledelMare

    For a second I was wondering if Terry Richardson took these pictures and was surprised to see this wasn’t his work. I too can’t stand that Polaroid effect. All of the pictures are just bleh.

  • mlurve

    The Matthew Mcconaughey one is straight up hilarious

  • jen


  • Cheryl

    I was just reading how some idiot teenager has been hired by Hermes, Converse, Fiat, Levi’s and Nike, because her photos have this supposedly edgy look. I completely agree with TLo, this low grade, porn look just looks tacky and tired. I love Jennifer Lawrence’s retro swim suit, and cute hair cut, but they have somehow managed to make this very pretty young woman, look burned out and apathetic.

  • Imasewsure

    Yes Pinterest… these look like photos I could have taken… really bad although I guess we should applaud the lack of retouching!!

  • madge

    Worst American Apparel ads ever

  • ashtangajunkie

    I take better photos of my dog with a point-and-shoot in the living room. These covers are awful. How disappointing.

  • ThesisMonkey

    God help us, Cate looks like a commoner.

    • MaryMcClelland

      I know! A commoner in a Marilyn Monroe halloween costume.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    I really still hate JLaw’s hair and I’m mad at whoever told her it was a good idea. Please bring back the long hair, Jen. And McConaughy officially embraces the shiny suit as his trademark, so he apparently it’s here to stay. Agree about Amy, Cate, and Oprah. Lupita is the best of the bunch by a lot.

  • LipstickForPigs

    Welp. If “Trippin’ Balls” was the theme of the photo shoot, they certainly nailed it.

  • verucaamish

    I’m just glad that W magazine realizes actors of color exist. Take THAT Vanity Fair.

  • Nika E

    This is bad business. Wow. I cant believe these got approved. JLs face is gorgeous but she has no expression other than “whaaa?” Oprah’s shot looks like a test or outtake shot, like she wasn’t ready. Matthew looks fine. Lupita looks like as a goddess as usual. Cate is verging on bad drag and poor poor Amy. Her pic literally made me say wtf. I thought these were Terry Richardsons doing and I agree that he has basically ruined fashion photography.

    • GillianHolroyd

      but she has no expression other than “whaaa?”

      Quoted for truth.

  • CT14

    I thought Amy Adams was Nicole Kidman at first.

    That is not a compliment to the photographer.

  • MannahattaMamma

    Dear god. They took some seriously pretty people and basically lo-jacked them. We ALL know that no one photos Oprah’s chins and lives; and when did Cate get Steve Tyler’s lips, and then Amy Adams – what, did she kill the photographer in a former life? Holy hatchet job batman.

  • SugarSnap108

    You are being very kind, TLo. These are appalling. Half of these celebs look like they have the flu. And they managed to make Cate. Blanchett. look harsh.

    Only Lupita emerges unscathed, due to impenetrable awesomeness.

  • Bradio311

    This photography is unforgivably bad even if that’s his aesthetic. It comes across Terry Richardson trashy and not hip or edgy in the slightest.

  • Lilyana_F

    Yeah, that Polaroid thing on a cover just looks stupid. Lupita is gorgeous, though.

  • Sam Smith

    I like the Matt and Cate shots, especially like Cate’s b/c its really different for her. Agree, no flat lighting though.

  • susan6

    Yeah, my first thought was “why did they use such unflattering light” but it is indeed the flat polaroid effect. I guess they’re going for deliberately unposed snapshots….”Stars! They’re just like us!” No. That’s not what sells a cover. Lupita lucked out due to having better natural lighting. The others need to punch their agent or their stylist or the photographer. And Matt needs to eat more.

  • ceceliadid

    Cate Blanchett as Nan Kempner mentoring a new fashion designer who works with wigs.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOctocornNetwork International Model

    The popularity of flat, white lighting needs to go. The only person it does favors for is the photographer who doesn’t have to pay for a good assistant.

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    That’s the worst I’ve seen Cate look in anything ever.

  • http://thatswhatthemoneyisfor.wordpress.com/ lizlemonglasses

    “Let’s pose Oprah by my dorm room miniblinds!” Wha–?

  • VicD

    This is the final nail – Matthew M appears to single-handedly be attempting a return of Sansabelt slacks. Check his last couple of posts including the tacky gold tuxedo and the badly fitting gray tuxedo; he seems to be favoring the same shape with tight beltless pants and too short/too tight jackets. This color is gorgeous on him, but I’ll take the plaid Vivienne Westwood silhouette over this any time.

  • hillmad

    WTF? Outrageously bad.

  • Anna_Cecilia

    OK, I guess this disproves the hypothesis of Cate Blanchett being able to make just about anything look good. It may be some sort of blush/nude hue, but it still looks like Big Bird’s discarded plumage.

    And oh, Amy. What is that? I’m mortified for you.

  • MzzPants

    That lighting always screams ‘Terry Richards’ to me.

  • Jaeda Laurez

    Lupita looks stunning, and Matthew…looks like Matthew. Everybody else is bleh, except Amy who looks like she just saw herself on the cover.

  • River

    UUGGGHH. They need to Stop printing these Instagram-y pics like they’re editorial worthy photos. Awful.

  • LadyLuck777

    Oh wow. These are horrible. They look like magazine covers from the 70’s that have been left in someone’s damp basement.

  • Shawn EH

    Joing in the chorus of yelling at Juergen Teller for trying to be Terry Richardson. Fake casual is so fake.

    • tereliz

      Technically I think it’s the other way around, but TR’s work is so over-exposed (pun intended) and prolific these days it’s hard not to see his inspiration in Teller’s pics.

      • Shawn EH

        Oh God, Teller is my age. Hmm, but Richardson is only a year younger. We’re all creepy old dudes!

  • Kate Andrews

    Hate it. Like, I wouldn’t actually post any of these on Instagram because I’d be worried the subjects would be offended.

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    Gawd, poor Amy. She’s in that difficult phase where her damn youthful looks don’t go with her damn maturing career.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    Is it wrong that I’m still faintly heartbroken by JLaw’s haircut?

  • ConnieBV

    J. Law’s hair is the only winner here. The rest should sue. I don’t want to look at Cate Blanchett and think Hillary Clinton. NO.

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    Digging Lupita in the Dior. They should consider hiring her. She’s perfect for Raf’s botanical asylum.

  • anotherkate

    Why would a professional photographer DO this to people? I’m personally offended on all their behalves. Lupita looks great and Jennifer at least looks posed and like she’s meant to be modeling something, but the rest seriously look like the shots you take ahead of time with a shitty camera just to double check whether your nipples show through the fabric. Poor Amy Adams! Honey, we know that that shit ain’t you. You are lovely, and this is bush league. HARUMPH.

  • http://www.wordydoodles.com WordyDoodles

    “The flat Polaroid effect is now officially over.” YES. Thank you. The Terry Richardson effect wore me down long ago.

  • Trickytrisha

    Even in the best of the bunch – Lupita – you can barely see her eyes and the glare on her forehead and under her eyes is distracting as hell. Is it physically possible for cleavage to sit as high as Oprah’s? At least they gave Jennifer her “real” upper thigh and a tiny belly roll. Cate is un-Cate. Amy WILL sue. Matthew… well, let’s just say, added to yesterday’s pics, he’s pretty much got the sleaze factor down to a T.

    Maybe somebody’s 10 year old nephew took these shots?

  • http://phantomminuet.blogspot.com/ MinAgain

    I like it, but I imagine that Matthew’s suit can be seen from the International Space Station.

  • KT

    Awful!!! These are all so unflattering and awkward — yes, the flat look absolutely needs to go. J-Law looks like she’s about to be attacked; Oprah looks stoned (for shame!); Lupita is still managing to look very pretty but could still look so much better; McConaughey looks like a shiny plastic Ken doll; somehow Cate Blanchett looks garish and clown-like, two adjectives I would have never thought to use for her; and Amy Adams……. should sue for this.

  • Cz

    Juergen Teller needs training on Instagram filters.

  • editrixie

    What the everloving fuck. Microwaves? Cheap mini-blinds? Why would you do this? Other than to make it look like Terry Richardson took all these photos? I get the idea of juxtaposing big celebs against the ordinary, but come on, that’s not only been done to death, you stick an Instagram filter over it and call it a day, you’re making it even more five minutes ago.

  • http://frankbettecenter.org/ sleah_in_norcal

    amy adams: “oh my good, i just almost drowned!”

  • Sunraya

    I kind of thought Amy’s was supposed to be funny. At least I see she has some personality, as opposed to her red carpet appearances. Cate B’s is dreadful. Jennifer lawrence’s is ugly – ugly bathing suit, or romper, or whatever the hell it is. It is just ugly. No opinion on the rest of them.

  • Susan Velazquez

    Lupita’s photo looks like a Polaroid from one of her fabulous vacations while everyone else looks like a mess. If this was a Miss America pageant, Lupita would win the crown and Miss Photogenic

  • Tatiana Luján

    i love Lupita’s picture.

  • Joanie

    Amy Adams looks like she just got home from her walk of shame and realized how bad she looks. Cate looks…awful.
    If you’re paying big bucks for photography for you magazine covers, hire someone who isn’t infatuated with Terry Richardson’s style, please.

  • Jacob Bowen

    JLaw’s hair, McCouaughottie, and LUPITA are clearly the winners here!

  • Chartreusite

    Lupita wins this round hands-down, but wow oh wow is that picture of Amy bad. Matthew’s picture is also pretty terrible, but it’s pretty accurate to who he is, I guess. The polaroid effect isn’t even striking, what’s the point? To make the photos look more intimate? I don’t want to feel close with Cate Blanchett, I want her to blast me in the face with her fierceness.

    • demidaemon

      That last sentence should be sent to every fashion magazine editor in the world!

  • pookiesmom

    WOW, this is terrible. Amy Adams should sue. Just shockingly bad, all-around.

  • Veronica1022

    There is just too much bad here to deal with, especially without two or three cocktails first.,

  • GillianHolroyd

    I didn’t recognise Cate Blanchett at first. I thought it was a NY socialite (whose name escapes me at the moment but she died a couple years ago) or Lynn Wyatt.

  • CeeQ

    These are terrible! Amy’s being the worst! How did they make Cate look so odd?!? What the hell, W Mag?? Go home. Try again.

  • altalinda

    Amen, amen, amen.

  • understateddiva

    Oprah looks fantastic here – I hate the Poloroid-style lighting on the other stars, but after the glamour filter on her show and the airbrushed perfection of her O covers, she looks so radiantly real here.

  • quiltrx

    I’m pretty sure that’s a drag queen doing Blanchett.
    Lupita wins this round, but it’s none of the others’ fault that they look yucky. LOVE J Law’s hair, too bad about the rest.

  • kerryev

    Cate’s makeup appears to be pool-hall hand chalk but I love the giant smile and mild crazy eyes.

  • http://victoriapavlova.com Victoria Pavlova

    Cate, what have they done to YOU? And WHY?

  • Marc Goudy

    I totally agree. My dog could have done the same thing by accident with my old smartphone.