Vanessa Hudgens in Beverly Hills

Posted on January 31, 2014

Looking at this getup, we alternate between laughing and rolling our eyes, but ultimately a begrudging form of admiration rears its head.


“Gimme Shelter” star Vanessa Hudgens out shopping with a friend in Beverly Hills, California.


Laughing. Well… just look at her. She looks like such a dork. And none of her whites match. Literally not one.

Rolling our eyes. Because every single thing about this is so attention-seeking and affected. The booties with no laces? The sheer skirt paired with the oversized sweater and slouchy hat? Come on now, girl. That’s just silly.

Begrudging admiration. Because whatever faults it has, it’s still a look, and a (sort of) put-together one. She didn’t quite achieve what we’d call “style,” but we can’t fault her for not caring. We would notice any gal walking down the street looking like this.

Then we’d silently judge her.





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  • rkdgal

    Looks like someone’s getting serious about defending her Fug Madness title…

  • Diego!

    Yoko Ono esque?? WTF is this look? Honey, it’s time you seek attention for your work. You’re already a grown up.

    • Imasewsure

      That’s what I saw…. I looked at the thumbnail quickly and said yeah to a Yoko post… Vanessa’s got fashion balls to say the least…. she will grow out of this look (but we’ll always have YOKO!!)

      • demidaemon

        It’s sad, because when she strips down the look (and the extensions!), she looks beautiful. All I see here is Crazy.

  • Kathy

    I’m channeling my mother here, but I hate the transparent skirt over the short skirt look, and Lord am I tired of dangerous footwear. Put some shoe strings in your shoes and tie them up before you break a limb!

    • SugarSnap108

      Your mother and I could be great friends.

    • Imasewsure

      And here’s my mother’s voice… “Aren’t you going to wear a slip with that?” And of course my answer was always a wordless glare (and no slip of course).

    • kimmeister

      The skirt looks like something a 7th grader would wear to her first school dance in 1994.

  • SewingSiren

    Agreed on all counts. Especially the last one.

  • Gwynn Freund

    My 19 year old daughter and her friends would love this look, from head to toe.

  • Saturnine

    I don’t know if the whites have to match completely; they can have the same underlying value and still work together. It’s the sheer skirt that’s too cool for all those warmer whites. Oh yeah, and the boots, which might be a bit *too* warm.

  • SugarSnap108

    The unlaced white boots lend that touch of Tonya Harding.

    • Thanks for that! LOL!

    • MikeW_Vegas

      Tonya Harding reference just in time for the Olympics!

  • MK03

    Painstakingly selected from only the finest Dumpsters in LA.

  • Adrianna Grężak

    She looks silly, but also on trend – too many girls dress like this in NYC. I actually don’t mind the off-whites though

    • Rhonda Shore

      She looks pretty! I like this look for her, better than her tacky looks.

  • jtabz

    Another point of begrudging admiration: she totes the same purse in nearly every picture TLo posts of her. Doesn’t always go with the outfit, but it makes me think she’s more down to earth than this boho-hum ensemble suggests.

    • random_poster

      Or no one is lining up to lend her anything, and she must make do.

      • save_the_hobbit

        She’s got a big movie coming out soon, I doubt that’s true.

    • stickee

      That’s been her bag forever though. She has that Balenciaga in different sizes.

  • acevedob

    It remains me of: A. a small child playing dress up with her grandmother’s hippie clothes OR B. a bride hiding out, after she left the groom at the altar, as Vanessa Hudgens dressed as a bum. 😉

  • sagecreek

    Why does the lack of shoelaces bug me so? Why?

    • kimmeister

      Perhaps because if normal people wore their shoes like that, they’d constantly be tripping right in front of you?

  • Tracy_Flick

    At least her tongue’s in her mouth and she’s fully dressed. Thanks, Miley, for lowering the bar.

  • VCR1

    The “Yin Yang” glasses are laughably horrible. I’m actually embarrassed for her…

    • AnguaVonUberwald

      First thing I noticed! And laughed at! I actually thought they were those holographic ones at first, so you have eyes over your eyes.

      • VCR1

        Yes! The kind you get at a joke shop! They do look like those!

    • They are the only bit of this I really have a problem with (and the lack of bootlaces).

  • Janet B

    That could my teen!
    She told me last night that Vanessa is one of her “style inspirations”. My response was something along the lines of how interesting I find some of Vanessa’s clothing choices.

    • MilaXX

      How very tactful of you!

      • Janet B

        I have a lot of practice, lol

    • Did you tell her that if she wears lace pants she’s never leaving the house again?

      • Janet B

        No, too busy with the leggings are not pants conversation, it’s been ongoing since freshman year.

    • Evan

      If I ever have a kid, I’d be terrible. I’d tell them straight to their face that their style inspiration is tacky lol And then promptly introduce them to Audrey Hepburn or if they need someone more relatable, tell them to use somebody like Emma Watson as a style inspiration.

      • demidaemon

        I probably would too.

  • KinoEye

    Hahahaha. Oh please.

  • Jennifer

    scroll down FUG.

    but the top half is pretty enough, no?

  • This can only mean one thing – someone has recreated the 1995 spring Delia*s catalogue collection!

    • jen_vasm

      Lisa Bonet did this look 20 years ago much better.

      • Rule one of dressing like Lisa Bonet is “Be Lisa Bonet”. That woman is a walking masterpiece.

      • Tanagra

        Lisa Bonet is exactly who I thought of, but she had that otherworldly quality that made her clothing weirdness work.

  • Fraught

    I kind of like all of it except the no-laces in the shoes. Untied/loosely tied laces, sure, go ahead. Otherwise, i like the youthful, boho, slouchy look.

  • The thing that irks the most are the sleeves covering her hands. Unless it’s freezing, then I try to do that too, but since it’s Beverly Hills it’s unlikely to be cold enough for sweaters that cover your hands. The next is the unlaced booties. Just waiting for her to take a tumble. Overall, I can’t hate though, it’s a look that only the very young or very eccentric old can get away with.

    • MilaXX

      I dunno know about the shoes. These are celebs that are trained in the art of wearing 5 inch heels 2 sizes too big. I don’t think a little thing like missing laces will cause her to trip.

      • I’m probably inserting a little too much of me into that scenario. After 40+ years of constant heel wearing, and proclaiming how platforms make higher heels so comfortable, I’m ready to eat my prior words as I stumble along in 2 inch heels 🙂

    • demidaemon

      If she were 70+, I’d be like, “Ok, I get it.” But this is so Chosen and Particular (capitals for a reason, people!), that I just can’t.

  • paginatrix

    I’m enjoying the I-can’t-actually-see-through-my-silly-sunglasses-so-I’m-looking-over-the-rims business.

  • twocee

    Bag lady chic. That scarf(?) tied around the purse is just ridiculous.

  • BayTampaBay

    Love the skirt!

  • MilaXX

    Bless her heart, she tries so hard to to rock that sort of boho/70’s/hippy chic and almost always missed the mark. She should just hire Nicole Ritchie to help her out. That said, without the sunglasses this almost works. The glasses just take it straight to try hard costume-y.

    • random_poster

      I thought that about the glasses too. It’s better without them.

  • kategs

    oddly, I rather like the sweater/skirt combo. it’s the rest that’s a no.

  • Chris

    This outfit looks foolish- that must be said first and foremost, but I will give her this begrudging “compliment.” Among a sea of young starlets who seem to change their style according to whoever gives them a free dress this week, I feel like this crazy boho look she frequently pulls out reflects her personal taste. It’s admittedly bad taste but it seems to be some reflection of her personality not just “hey wear this because you got it for free.” As they like to say on Project Runway she has issues “with taste.”

  • fursa_saida

    Would not have recognized her. I have no idea why, but even in the pictures without the glasses she just doesn’t look like herself to me.

  • hmariec19

    I’d say she looks like a homeless person, but that would be insulting to homeless people. I’ll just settle for a derisive snort combined with an eye roll.

    • demidaemon

      At least a homeless person would have a good reason to dress this way.

  • EEKstl

    Sweater up: Cute. Sweater down: Makes the Olson Twins look polished.

    • Constant Reader

      Definitely giving Mary Kate Olsen Bag Lady Chic realness.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I’ve got nothing.

  • clatie

    If I wore this out, I would be thrown in a mental hospital.

    • Cheryl

      And it would get me thrown out.

    • laura

      Whereas this looks like she just escaped from one.

  • Cheryl

    Hmmm, lots of nitpicky things I don’t like (like the silver grayness of the overskirt, with the warmer tones) buuuuuuuuut, I kind of like it. The yin/yang symbols on her glasses are funny. I don’t mind humour in dressing, but wonder if that is what she was going for.

  • Anna

    Umm….OK? I don’t think even the Olsen twins and/or Sienna Miller could come up with this look.

  • That dirtbag on her head… ugh!

  • Qitkat

    While this is on one level ridiculous, on the other hand I kind of like it. You can get away with mismatched monochromatic items in home decor, especially the eclectic look, or the rather tired ‘shabby chic’ look, so I wonder if that aesthetic is what inspired her to try this out.

  • Jean Beaton Leavitt

    Change the all white to all black and cast her in AH Coven….oh wait too late. 🙁

  • Rand Ortega

    Despite the fact she is INCREDIBLE in “Gimme Shelter” (& Rosario Dawson is even better. Though doubtful, I hope this movie is remembered next Oscar or, at least, Indie Spirit season), this is yet another VH hippie concoction that needs to go right back into her grandma’s closet. From the laceless booties to the clashing Stevie Nicks scarf on the bag, it’s crap thrown against the wall to see what might fashionably stick. None of it does.

    • demidaemon

      I saw a clip of it and I was impressed. She is seriously unrecognizable in the role (both in looks and performance), and that is a major compliment to everyone involved in the film.

  • elirt

    She just looks like she’d be tedious to be around.

  • NBG

    it looks like she ripped the blades off of ice skates and made them into shoes.

  • Tatiana Luján

    “Look, they all go together because they are sort of white!”

  • LeelaST

    My other fashion-pose hate (in addition to the “hands framing pregnant stomach”) is waif-like creatures hiding their hands in over-sized sweater sleeves. Just can’t. The booties & skirt here are just awful. Cute sweater, glasses & hat.

  • It’s cute.

  • SummerSquash

    Total Laundry Day look.

  • kittenwithaquip

    “Like a Virgin” via Janis Joplin? Now there’s a weird mashup.

  • ScarlettHarlot

    But those glasses are just a big NO. No, not now, not ever.

  • decormaven

    The phone call was from her PR team to let her know the silly sunglasses were garnering guffaws from the paps. That’s why she took them off.

  • AmeliaEve


  • allcapsERINN

    She looks like a meltdown waiting to happen. 🙁

  • Nancer

    I love seeing the youngsters trying out new looks! So sure, this is affected and silly, But it’s a look, and it’s adventurous, and it’s fun. Trust me, there will be much more negative feedback slung when she’s 40 than now, when she’s 20!

  • lobsterlen

    Here sunglasses have reflective ying yang symbols on them. How trippy?!?! I suppose she shops in head shops.

  • boweryboy

    I sorta kinda like the top half. The bottom half is tragic. Swap out the bottom half with a pair of skinny jeans and some boots with laces, and it could be a win for me.

  • There’s not enough irony on the planet to excuse those sunglasses. Yes, you made us look. But you also made us mock. No points for you.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    She’s ridiculously young, cute, rich and famous. I actually like this look on her…even more than I like her as a performer!

  • marlie

    There’s not a single part of this outfit that I like. Nothing.

    • kimmeister

      I think I might be okay with turquoise ring (assuming that’s what it is), but that’s about it.

  • CatherineRhodes

    She looks ridiculous. High-end bag lady.

  • crash1212

    I love this. It’s so HER.

  • Paula Pertile

    Oddly enough, the only thing that really bugs me is the scarf on the purse.

  • elemspbee

    you forgot the nails. But the face–so pretty

  • AutumnInNY

    How is she walking in boots w/no laces? They lift right off your feet. Crazy and impractical.

  • judybrowni

    So, that too-long-sweater-sleeves is still a thing?

    Good, because I have short arms.

  • Joanna

    At least she’s not doing the duck face . . .

  • Trickytrisha

    I like it… sue me. (but don’t rescind my BK membership card!)

    • manina

      I also like it, a lot.

  • poorellensmith

    If you squint at the booties, imagine they have laces and flat heels and are slightly cuffed, you have the booties the divine ms. Molly Ringwald wears in the opening scene of Pretty in Pink. For that reason alone, I have love.

    The rest of this outfit, however, is shit.

  • Emilee Clark

    That skirt. ugh. Looks like its made out of some weird 90s era K-mart curtains and a slip.

  • ojosazules

    I hate that skirt. And the granny boots with no laces just really suck.

  • save_the_hobbit

    She always annoyed me in her HSM days, but I don’t mind her much now. Honestly I just sort of love anyone that looks like a hippie stoner that can hold down a good job.

  • cocohall

    God Bless Her! She got into her dress up box and put on everything! There is nothing accidental about this – I would be so curious to watch the selection and editing process – which piece did she start with? What did she try on and discard? How did she know when she was done? Of course she is trying to get attention – she has, what I assume she hopes will be a career changing film out. This is not the time to deploy a pair of jeans, a cammie, and a cute sweater. This is the time for STATEMENT DRESSING that will get you in all the mags, shows, and here on TLo. Much like Rebel Wilson wearing her cat sweater and red plaid pants that happened to coincide with the debut of Super Fun Night. So, Miss High School Musical, Mission Accomplished!

  • littlemac8

    I don’t know how silent my judgment would be!

  • m3grrl

    She lost me at the shoes.

  • lesmaha

    Ok, but I really love the sunglasses….

  • Orange Girl


  • MaggieMae

    BOHO chic?

  • Dagney

    Love. Because it’s weird and clearly her.

  • Andy

    I sold her those Yin Yang sunglasses from the store at work at in NYC…Patricia Field…about a week ago. So cool to see her rocking them!!

  • Leo Incredible

    I find the look endearing. she definitely goes for this look a lot, so I gotta admire the commitment. I mean, she’s a pretty girl, she could go the style route of so many other young bland starlets, yet she often doesn’t.
    And i don’t have a problem with the shoes, they seem to be made without laces. It would be way more “floppy” looking if she was an idiot and took the laces out.

  • Sam Smith

    This seems so 1980s Gunne Sax.

  • demidaemon

    Judging incredibly over here. This is a hideous look. Vanessa, you’re crazy. Go home and try again.

  • Clash D

    From the waist up, she looks great, rosary beads and all. But…creepy nails.