Sandra Bullock in Roland Mouret at the 2014 Directors Guild Awards

Posted on January 27, 2014

“Gravity” star Sandra Bullock attends the 2014 Directors Guild of America Awards at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City, California in a Roland Mouret dress accessorized with a Roger Vivier clutch.




[Photo Credit:, Andrew Evans, Janice Ogata/]

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Fabulous until you get to the shoes. No, no, no.

      • ChaquitaPhilly

        What shoes??

    • International Model

      Sandy is being sponsored by Good Year?

    • NurseEllen

      Amazing! Her hair hasn’t been flat ironed and parted in the center with a cleaver! What a nice look for her, soft and pretty, and beautifully offsetting the chiseled lines of the very sculptural dress. Nicely done, although the lipstick is a little de trop.

      • DaringMiss


    • @Biting Panda

      The hair is good. It’s nice to see a departure from the stick straight.
      The lips are strikingly bold. Normally I don’t like such a dark lip, but that is a good shade for her.
      The dress is interesting, but it’s too long.
      The shoes are a horror. Why Sandy, why?

      • mshesterp

        My first thought was “adorable little cocktail dress!” until I realized it was full-length. For some reason the fabric screams cocktail dress to me. The Minnie Mouse shoes will always be a NO.

        • SugarSnap108

          The fabric does scream cocktail dress. Full-length, it just looks too heavy and tarp-like. And the shoes ain’t helping.

          • scoobynacks

            A tarp is a good description. I can picture buying one out of that fabric and using it to cover something. The texture and the construction of the top made me think of duct tape.

      • demidaemon

        That last line needs to be skywrited daily in LA and NY.

        • @Biting Panda

          If all the ladies are going to flash their sternums, at least once, in 2014, they owe us necklaces!!

    • marlie

      Not great, but way better than what she wore at the SAG awards. The dress just needs to be smoothed out, and I wish she had on some interesting jewelry, or a fun clutch, or something. But I can tell from the little bit peeking out that I hate the shoes. I like that shade of red, but it’s a skosh too harsh on her. But she’s wearing a lip color, so no real complaint from me.

    • teensmom99

      If there was ever a dress that cried out for jewelry, this is it. And while I’m glad that she doesn’t have pin straight hair, this just looks messy.

      • filmcricket

        That’s why I actually like the pin-straight hair on her, whenever she zhuzses it it looks messy.

        • teensmom99

          I see your point but I cannot condone pin straight hair under any circumstances! I think beautiful earrings might have elevated the hair do from washerwoman to “I know I’m wearing thousands of dollars of clothes but I want a casual updo.”

    • lunchcoma

      It’s fine, but she needed to go with either something strappy or with something that didn’t have a platform and wouldn’t be seen under the dress. As it is, that little slice of toe is disconcerting.

      Gosh, I’m feeling picky today.

    • ojosazules

      I like the cut of the dress, but the fabric seems a bit cheap. Her hair seems like a mess, too. I do not understand turning down opportunities to be dripping in jewels. I’d be turning compost and looking for kindling with a big honking sapphire and diamond tiara, and some emeralds with rubies on them given half a chance, so mine is not the voice of reason.

    • Sarah

      Looks a lil bit like she’s wrapped in Teflon. Bad shoes, nice neck-up.

    • foodycatAlicia

      I like it but she really needs a bracelet.

      • SugarSnap108

        Yes – or some jewelry, of any kind. Please.

    • Glam Dixie

      Floating lips, it’s all I can see.

      • demidaemon

        ME TOO.

    • Anna

      Oh, I get it. She’s going with the Gravity theme. This dress represents the vacuum of space.

      • demidaemon


    • Jane Donuts

      Tragedy on the shoe front. Otherwise, I can’t really hate. It’s understated but it works.

    • Sally Spannagle

      She’s been looking very, very sad lately. That’s never a good look.

    • megohd

      I’d love to see a post with all of her awards season dresses. I feel like I’ve seen her in several versions of this same gown.

    • Carla_Charlton

      She is one of the few women who can pull off a strapless dress so that it doesn’t look like it’s smashing her boobs down and/or needs to be hiked up. Also agree that the softer hair flatters her.

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      LOVE the hair.

    • MilaXX

      Standard, but I understand she has to pace her RC looks until the Oscars.

    • Janet B

      Love her hair and makeup, the dress is okay, but the shoes are bad.

      • Glitterberries

        I agree completely. I especially love her lip color, but those horse hoof shoes have got to go! When will this awful trend die already?!

    • flightier

      She keeps picking textiles that photograph cheap. That green dress looked like wrapping paper, this looks like sparkly burlap.

      • barbarienne

        I have a groundcover tarp for working in my garden that might be made of this same material.

    • ShaoLinKitten

      This dress does nothing whatsoever for her bustline. It makes her look flat chested.

      • Madam Von Sassypants

        I don’t really see how that’s a bad thing?

        • Lori

          There’s nothing wrong with actually being flat chested. There is something wrong not being flat chested, but having your chest mashed down this much. If the dress fit correctly that wouldn’t happen.

        • sagecreek

          Do we have issues? Yes, in general, seeing a lovely woman who is not flatchested looking flatchested is a bad thing.

          • Madam Von Sassypants

            No issues, I just don’t see why the bewbs should always be at their perkiest. I know that I’d LOVE to appear flat chested for a day or two, pending the outfit. I think if you can get away with it, totally utilize the versatility of your mammaries. If you can push ’em up, you should just as easily be able to squash ’em down.

            Not that this dress does that perfectly, but I think we tend to be quicker to critique when an outfit makes a woman appear flat-chested than when they make her ladies appear 3x their actual size.

        • ShaoLinKitten

          I just saw Gravity in 3D two days ago and I can say, she is definitely not flat chested. That dress is just mashing her down in a most unflattering fashion.

          • kimmeister

            She’s not particularly busty either, and the Gravity wardrobe could have very well included padded bras.

            • ShaoLinKitten

              There is a scene with her in a tank top where you get a pretty good idea of her endowments. No, she’s not busty, but with a supportive garment, she would have some shape. I am looking over her past red carpet looks, and she is not flat chested. This dress does no favors to her natural shape IMO.

            • kimmeister

              I, too, saw the movie in 3D.

    • luludexter

      yawn. I like the hair though she looks pretty.

    • Kelly

      I often think she chooses looks that are too severe, but here, at least from the neck up, she looks softer and appealing. Messy or not, the hair is flattering.


      Why are these ladystars so allergic to wearing a necklace?


        or bracelet? Or both? I think both would help this look a lot.

    • sagecreek

      Oh, dear! See what happens, unks, when you make fun of her in color? She resorts to the whole dismal black thing. Now go and Sin No More.

    • Qitkat

      For some reason, her face/hair in these pictures reminds me of Lady Cora.

      • sagecreek

        Hee! Lady Cora should be so lucky :)

    • Sarah V.

      Honey, we can see your vulva, the way that dress is pulling across your hips.

    • Jaeda Laurez

      She needs jewelry and somebody to do her hair. and to go up one size on the bottom. Love the red lip though.

    • Nanaia


    • Imasewsure

      This would have been perfect as a short dress… a bit too much of a glittery black column as is

    • boweryboy

      With better hair, makeup, and a statement piece of jewelry she could have knocked this out of the park.

    • shaziz

      love this! wish she had a metallic shoe though…

    • WoodnSalt

      This dress does nothing for her whatsoever! It’s too tight in the hips and there is no support in the bust. Of all the dresses, in all the world, she walks in this one?

    • Danielle

      From the neck up, Atta Girl.

    • quiltrx

      She looks pretty, but the fabric looks cheap and the dress seems under- and over-designed at the same time, if that makes any sense.

    • andi56

      That dress has an unfortunate pucker at the back, around her waist. I sympathize, since I’m swaybacked, and this happens to me. BUT NOT WHEN I’M WEARING A GAZILLION DOLLAR DRESS! And girl, don’t go out of the house again without fixing your hair.

    • LeelaST

      Boring despite all the construction detail on the bodice (which you can’t see because “black.”) Were all the hair stylists busy?

    • formerlyAnon

      She looks good. Better if her face came closer to matching the rest of her skin tone. Perhaps it did when not being photographed.

    • bellafigura1

      Harsh, Sandy, harsh.

    • Clydette Wantland

      Sort of looks like a garbage bag fabric.

    • jw_ny

      I typically like bad ass Sandy BUT…If this gown wasn’t so ass hugging, I’d like it on her…want to hike it up at the bust too. Not crazy about the intensity of the lipstick…too severe. Really like her hair tho, and a diamond tennis bracelet, or bit of wrist bling, would’ve been a good touch.

    • Melanie

      that shade of red lipstick is glorious on her.

    • greymain

      Would it kill these women to put on a bangle??? Jewelry designers must be committing suicide.

      • Suse

        And whatever happened to necklaces?

      • Jessica Freeman

        Or necklace or any statement piece. It’s like jewelry is “out” for the fashion world. HOW?!

      • demidaemon

        That’s the only good explanation for the dearth of jewelry I’ve seen lately.

    • annrr

      I think she found her perfect shade of red lipstick, but her foundation is too light.

    • Daisy Walker

      It’s so nice to see some actual COLOR on the lips. Now, Sandy, let’s work on jewelry…

    • Jessica Freeman

      How does one move in this dress? It looks to be restricting around the legs.

      It wasn’t so bad until I got to the satin shoes.

    • Deborah Lipp

      LOVE the lipstick.

    • cheekypinky

      Elegant–best her hair has looked in a while. But, oh, Sandy–would it have killed you to wear a strappy sandal in a jewel tone?

    • PhillyDeb

      Normally I would say that a look like this is dull, but I think she looks unbelievably beautiful. Can anyone identify the lip color? I just love it on her. I am over the bare looking lip for the RC.

    • Diego!

      She played safe and it worked. She looks great! :)

    • demidaemon

      This is totally the wrong length and her head looks all kinds of wrong. She looks unnaturally pale and that lipstick is not helping.

    • cocohall

      She just looks like she is phoning this one in. She is too much of a pro not to turn up, but she knows it’s Cate’s year and she is just a footnote to this awards season. I think she looks fine. And better than the SAGs.

    • bertkeeter

      Should I give her Michael Costello’s phone #?

    • kategs

      wow folks! I think she looks stunning. And for those of you criticizing the shoes? How the heck can you tell from 1/4 inch of toe box? sheesh.

    • d4divine

      She looks fabulous…I almost forgive the black horse hooves…almost

    • lillyvonschtupp

      Beautiful dress, great lip color. But she needed some bling.

    • NBG

      Girl this IS your lip color! But who stole all your jewelry?

    • Jeff Warhurst

      Her hair is way too dark.

    • Andrea Lentz

      I LOVE this!!!!

    • EEKstl

      She looks great. Hair and makeup are fabulous.

    • guest2visits

      She looks beautiful – nice change-up on the usual black with an interesting textured fabric.